Boxwood Ball Sizes (left to right): 16.5", 18.5", 9.5", 12.5" Topiary Boxwood Ball Detail12.5" Ball in Urn (Overall height 25"), 18.5" Ball in Urn (Overall height 38"), 16.5" Ball in Urn (Overall height 32") 9.5" Boxwood Ball in Planter Sizes: 15"H x 13"Dia in Black Rust (left) and Verdigris (right)12.5" Boxwood Topiary in Planter Sizes: 15"H x 13"Dia, 25"H x 19"Dia, 19.5"H x 15"Dia, 15"H x 13"Dia16.5" Fake Boxwood in Planter Sizes: 15"H x 13"Dia, 25"H x 19"Dia, 19.5"H x 15"Dia18.5" Topiary Ball in Planter Sizes: 25"H x 19"Dia (Antique Cream), 19.5"H x 15"Dia (Gray)Ten 9.5" Boxwood Balls in our Large Excelsior Rectangle 48"L x 24"W x 24"HFaux Boxwood Balls in Lighted Planters
Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls are handcrafted by expert silk plant and topiary tree manufacturers. Ranging in diameters of 9.5", 12.5", 16.5" and 18.5", each Boxwood Ball goes through our custom quality checklist to ensure that only the finest artificial ball topiaries are used for decorative use in wholesale and commercial designs. These artificial topiary balls are manufactured for use indoors. However, our team can custom make Boxwood ball plants to your specifications. Our silk tree and plant products can be engineered to be fire retandant for interior use, as well as UV rated for a durable topiary outdoors. Every business has its own narrative and culture which throws up unique landscape design opportunities and optimization techniques. Whether its your consumers or employees, they are always inclined to work with and impressed with businesses which feel inviting, safe and happy. And it doesn’t take a lot to create such a space. Neither finances nor time. You just need to introduce design elements which are chic and inspirational and go well with your narrative. And if you’re looking for such decorative accessories, then we have something for you – an exclusive collection of artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls which will give you a distinct and an immaculate landscape design. A great way to bring a defining aspect of British gardens in your landscape without squandering finances and time, these artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls have stunning visual appeal and will illuminate your business space with their timeless beauty.

Boxwood has been an ever-present element defining landscape areas and borders since centuries. Our collection of silk Boxwood Topiary Balls combine the grace and elegance of Boxwood with fun and quirky shapes and some of the most interesting planters to give you stylish and lively landscape. Perfectly suited to any commercial space including retail and hospitality spaces, office and government buildings, healthcare and senior living facilities, casinos and entertainment areas, these faux Boxwood Topiary Balls will add an artful touch to your space. An ideal option to bring some energy and year-round round interest to your commercial landscape design, our artificial topiaries blend in any space seamlessly and will carve out a look which you intend with ease. Available in a range of sizes and styles, our artificial topiary balls are handcrafted from finest quality material and as such they look incredibly lifelike. They can be used for decorative uses in a range of commercial designs and will continue to give you a joyous space till times to come. These faux topiary balls are highly durable and efficient, do not require constant maintenance and can also be custom made for outdoor uses. Whether you’re looking for a stately presence in your commercial landscape or want to line the entryway/pathway with vibrant elements, our fake Boxwood Topiary Balls will spark the imagination and give your visitors a memorable space to cherish. A delightful collection of decorative accessories which add a sculptural touch to the landscape, our topiaries can transform any uninspiring space and make it look grand.
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SIZE(S) SHOWN 9.5'', 12.5'', 16.5'' AND 18.5'' DIA
ADDITIONAL SIZES 9.5", 12.5", 16.5", 18.5"
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