Outdoor Boxwood Garland Detail (UV Rated)
When it comes to decorating a business space, business owners don’t know where to draw the line. Some go with extremely minimal decoration which hardly create an impact whereas some try too hard and end up overdoing the space. And its not just the quantity of decorative additions but the quality too. There are a variety of business decorations to choose from and a whole lot of creative ideas on using them. And if you’re looking for decorative accessories which will be just ‘right’ for you and help in creating an ideal outdoor landscape, then we have something for you – our artificial boxwood garlands. Combining the grace and tradition of boxwood with the fun and style of garlands, this artificial outdoor boxwood garland will suit every decorating style and needs. Whether its festivities or some special occasion or everyday display, our silk boxwood garland is perfect for outdoor display and will greet your visitors with their warmth and style. Perfectly suited to business entrance space, office or store front, exhibition or trade shows, hospitality or healthcare facilities, universities or any other commercial project, this faux outdoor boxwood garland will help you create a setting which you and your visitors will absolutely love. Adding our outdoor fake boxwood garlands to your doors, walls, windows, fences, gates, or any space is a quick and easy way to introduce fun and zest to the landscape. They are highly fun and crafty and can be creatively used to create a delightfully personalized style statement.
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Our sales representative has been a tremendous help to me in locating a tricky product for a tricky project ! His fast response and willingness to keep searching for the right solution to my project has been excellent!

3/13/2013 - (Royal Oak, MI)

Manufactured using UR rated boxwood leaves, these boxwood garlands are ideal for outdoor use and can be used effectively in any commercial project. Whether you use them to wrap columns or around other foliage, they will keep your space fresh and inviting. Our silk garlands are crafted from premium quality material and you can be assured that they can withstand harsh weather conditions without suffering color loss. Highly realistic and durable, our faux boxwood garlands do not require constant maintenance and will bring drama to your landscape till times to come. If you think that you have a lackluster landscape in your hands and you want to change it, then here is the answer. Our artificial boxwood are great when it comes to making a space cheerful and energetic. Just introduce them in your outdoor landscape and watch them light up your setting literally and figuratively.

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