Artificial Rainforest Plants and Trees for Adventure Aquarium


The Adventure Aquarium was looking to create a two story Amazon exhibit named Irazu Falls using artificial rainforest plants and trees. The exhibit was to include a massive waterfall pouring into a deep pool filled with hundreds of Amazon River fish. One of the major challenges in the creation of the exhibit was to find a company that was capable of not only designing, building and installing an artificial rainforest habitat, but one that could also build the rainforest artificial plants and trees using fire retardant foliage.


Working closely with an exhibit fabricator, the Commercial Silk Int’l project team designed a jungle themed rainforest habitat using an extensive line of proprietary Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR™) artificial foliage. The design included the use of Spanish Moss to replicate aerial roots growing from the limbs of a large fabricated tree. In addition, a grove of oriental artificial bamboo trees and various tropical ground cover was used to create a dense, lush rainforest effect.


Commercial Silk Int’l successfully designed, built and installed the entire rainforest, providing visitors with an authentic and life-like jungle experience. The artificial rainforest plants and trees were crafted with fire retardant materials that passed strict New Jersey fire code requirements. Installation was completed in three days, providing for minimal interruption of normal aquarium activity.


Camden, NJ

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