Artificial Ferns & Artificial Fern Leaves for Indoor Waterpark


A vacation resort in Minnesota wanted artificial fern trees and artificial fern leaves to anchor the look and feel of a 12,000 square foot indoor water park addition called Thumper Pond. The resort owner’s vision also called for artificial evergreen trees like pine, spruce and sequoia, along with ground cover plants and vines, to feel like a continuation of the natural beauty surrounding the park. Commercial Silk Int’l was contracted for the design, build, and installation of the artificial fern trees as well as every other plant, tree and leaf product.


Working closely with the design and installation crew at Commercial Silk Int'l, the Resort selected artificial ferns and leaves that reflected the natural habitat of the northern Minnesota outdoors. The trees were positioned to accentuate the structure of custom man-made rocks, to define a lazy river path, and to provide a life-like scale to the water park.


The artificial trees installed throughout the water park created a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere. The pine trees and artificial ferns give life to the north woods theme and provide nice color and texture contrasts while defining featured areas.


Ottertail, MN

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