Faux Boxwood Hedge Decor for Four Seasons Hotel Balconies


Overlooking Seattle’s Elliott Bay and Puget Sound, the Four Seasons Hotel provides spectacular views from the Ackerly balconies in each water facing room. Wanting to frame the Bay and Sound vistas while creating private balcony spaces that blocked the intrusion of other guests and hotel goings-on, the Four Seasons designer contacted Commercial Silk Int’l to discuss faux boxwood decor options, including the possibility of using faux Boxwood hedges on each balcony.


Commercial Silk Int’l project managers determined that the artificial Boxwood mat product would be an ideal solution, since it could be tiled together seamlessly, reduce waste, and be completely assembled on site. The faux Boxwood hedges would also be weather-worthy and could be custom fit to balcony specifications, making Boxwood decor a slam dunk.


The faux Boxwood hedges achieved the goal of framing the stunning views while creating more privacy for hotel visitors. Hotel staff were happy to discover that there would be little plant maintenance, that the Boxwood decor would last several years due to its UV protected foliage, and that the faux hedge material would withstand Seattle weather conditions.


Seattle, WA

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