Artificial Indoor Trees for LivInn Suites Hotel Renovation


LivInn Suites, an extended stay hotel, was considering a major renovation of their indoor pool area with artificial trees and plants. The client’s concerns with the existing pool design were the high operating costs to maintain and service it, the potential liability of guests jumping from the balcony into the pool, and both the non-functional space and the outdated design.


Commercial Silk Int’l surveyed the scene and made a bold suggestion to eliminate the pool entirely and replace it with a north woods “park-like” setting complete with a gazebo, seating areas, a water feature, and a variety of artificial trees. There would be strategically placed planter beds to eliminate expansive areas of brick and create more intimate spaces. The gazebo would have artificial foliage and be surrounded by lush artificial plantlife. After seeing the concept drawings and the cost benefits, the client immediately got on board with the plan to replace the pool with artificial indoor trees.


Commercial Silk Int’l manufactured and installed a variety of 18’ large artificial trees -- Birch, Red Oak, and Scotch Pine -- to help reduce the room noise created by the tall warehouse ceilings and provide a pleasant area for guests to relax. in the end, the hotel courtyard was transformed from a rundown pool area to a vibrant indoor park with a gazebo, replete with low maintenance and cost-efficient indoor artificial trees.


Fridley, MN

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