Fake Birch Branches, Logs and Trees for Medical Center


Part of an addition to the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center called for several unique planter beds, including a tri-tiered planter encased in an inner stairway. Fake Birch branches, logs, and trees had already been installed in the rest of the facility to the delight of hospital administrators, who were impressed by the authentic feel and low ongoing maintenance costs. The plans called for the fake Birch northwoods theme to be extended to the planters in the new addition as well. Commercial Silk Int'l was contracted to provide the artificial plant and tree materials as well as full installation services.


Working closely with hospital staff, the design team at Commercial Silk Int'l specified many northwoods inspired tree and plant materials, including artificial Birch trees, Aspen trees, Pine trees, Privet bushes, Flowering Dogwood bushes, and artificial grasses. In order to show how the final design would look and feel, visual representations were provided using digital imaging, allowing for the concept to be seamlessly approved.


Commercial Silk Int'l installed the artificial landscape, successfully extending the northwoods theme to the new addition. The tri-tier planter was filled with fake Birch branches, logs, and trees, creating a two-story focus that accentuated the height of the facility. All artificial trees and plants were manufactured with Inherently Fire Retardant foliage and passed muster with state fire codes. Last but not least, the project came in under budget, once again delighting hospital administrators.


Crosby, MN

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