Decorative Grasses & Ornamental Grasses for Outdoor Landscape


The owner of a double flat home in San Francisco was researching outdoor decorative grasses and ornamental grasses for the home exterior in order to solve a few problems. First, there were the hassles of fitting a watering schedule into a busy professional life. Second, his previous greenery had been prone to vandalism, partly because the street where the home resides sees a lot of pedestrians at all hours. The resident desired a maintenance free outdoor landscape solution resistant to tampering, and decorative and ornamental grasses from Commercial Silk Int’l fit the bill.


Upon studying the environment, it was determined that decorative grasses in vibrant shades of orange and red could be matched to work with the brick pavement near the home. Those same shades would also provide consistent splashes of color all year long.


The ornamental grasses were placed on plant containers high enough to be out of reach of vandals. Since outdoor grasses do not require maintenance and can be crafted with Commercial Silk Int’l UV protection, the resident can expect the decorative grass material to appear vibrant and healthy for quite some time without any watering.


San Francisco, CA

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