Artificial Forest Trees and Artificial Forest Plants for DNR Exhibit


After three years of fundraising, the Minnesota DNR was ready to complete an expansion at its Minnesota State Fair building using forest artificial plants and trees. The exhibit expansion called for a wildlife wing featuring a walking tour that displayed featured Minnesota landscapes from grasslands in the south to forests in the north.


Commercial Silk Int’l was contracted by a theatrical theme development company to recreate the indigenous Minnesota landscapes using proprietary IFR™ (Inherently Fire Retardant) foliage. The Commercial Silk Int’l project team worked closely with the client to integrate the artificial forest plants and forest trees into the main components of the exhibit, including faux rocks, murals and set props.


Through the use of a variety of indigenous artificial foliage, plants, and trees, Commercial Silk Int’l was able to recreate authentic, natural looking Minnesota landscapes that provided environmental learning experiences for visitors.



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