Artificial Trees and Live Plants for an Interior Mall Landscape Design


General Growth Properties, owners of the Eden Prairie Center mall in Minnesota, decided that a major mall interior landscaping renovation was in order to take advantage of overwhelming growth in the Twin Cities southwestern suburbs and to keep up with major regional competitors like the Mall of America. It was important that the artificial or live interior mall plant material compliment the upscale look and feel of the overall design.


Commercial Silk Int’l worked closely with management to understand the focal points of the mall in order to use live and artificial plants and trees that would create and define unique spaces within the shopping center. Once the focal areas were addressed, Commercial Silk Int’l worked with the client to understand the specifics of the overall design, including colors, textures, heights, shapes and budgets.


In the food court, Commercial Silk Int’l incorporated 20’ artificial Black Olive trees, which provided an elegant and distinctive setting that the mall could call its own. In addition to the artificial trees, Commercial Silk Int’l incorporated a variety of understory live plants to enhance authenticity and add a nice blend of color and texture to the mall interior. Seating booth planter beds with a variety of plant species were included to help create visual screens between the seating areas, which further defined the unique and intimate spaces within the food court.


Eden Prairie, MN



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