Indoor Artificial Trees for Decoration for Dilly Dally’s Toy Store Decor


Dilly Dally’s Toy Store recently expanded to a larger retail space and wanted an indoor artificial tree for their decor that busy children could interact with and explore. It was important that the decorative tree bark not be able to be pulled off and pose a danger to children, which would conveniently extend the life of the tree as well. The custom artificial tree would double as a fun design decoration with toy animals hanging from the branches.


The toy store’s interactive setting called for an artificial tree with a durable structure that would eliminate vandalism and any and all possibility of tipping over. Commercial Silk Int'l designers constructed an artificial Red Oak tree with a centralized steel structure atop a base plate anchored into the floor. Due to being in a retail setting with busy young clientele, the tree was created with fire retardant foliage to provide consistent fire protection for years to come.


Commercial Silk Int’l successfully designed and manufactured the indoor artificial Red Oak tree with decorative stems for maximum durability. The sculpted stems also allowed for easy shipping and assembly on site. The Oak tree was constructed and installed without complication and positioned in an alcove near a large front window of the toy store, where it continues to delight kids and clientele of all ages.


Rogers, AR



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