Artificial Birch Trees In Unique Holiday Display


A leading health and wellness company wanted to create a visually compelling holiday display for its brightly lit office lobby using unique winter trees and colorful flower arrangements. Their architect, who spearheaded the effort, initially considered artificial Paper Birch trees for their creamy white bark but settled on artificial White Birch trees, which would provide a more visually impacting contrast with the bright and colorful flowers. Commercial Silk Int’l was contracted to provide the fake Birch trees for the lobby display area as well as the poinsettia flowers.


Commercial Silk Int’l began by working with the architect to identify the fake Birch tees and decorative plant containers that would work best with the lobby holiday decor. Color, texture, size and style were considered, so that when used in combination with the white papery Birch bark and the colorful poinsettias they would evoke a holiday spirit. Once the fake Birch trees and plant containers were specified, our design team created a landscaping plan for the office building lobby, and provided it to the architect through the use of photo imaging and product sheets.


Commercial Silk Int’l delicately installed the artificial Birch trees after regular business hours. The health and wellness company employees were pleasantly surprised by the new addition, which quickly became the focus of the lobby winter display.


Minneapolis, MN



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