Artificial Twigs, Twig Decorations, & Faux Banyan Tree for Rooftop Bar


The first of its kind in San Antonio, the IVY Rooftop bar and lounge is a contemporary, stylish night club catering to a mature clientele. For the lighting and decorating, the owner wanted something that hadn't been done in San Antonio before, and sourced Commercial Silk Int'l for artificial twigs, twig decorations, and a giant faux Banyan tree for the rooftop to make the club stand out from the competition.


Indoors is an expansive bar, both energetic and charming with natural wood and stone materials. Overhead -- at the bar or from the plush lounge couches -- the ceiling lights are adorned with three custom lighting fixtures made of artificial twigs and branch decorations, each eight feet in diameter, resembling birds nests and providing for ambient, soft light.

The outdoor lounge offers an area to relax with a drink, dance, or just hang out. Waiting for guests outdoors is the rooftop centerpiece, a custom manufactured artificial Giant Banyan tree over 25 feet tall. Surrounding the tree are six contemporary cabanas served by a fully staffed bar. The artificial Banyan brings a unique atmosphere to the rooftop décor while minimizing the landscape expenses and ongoing maintenance costs associated with live trees.


The artificial twig ceiling art creates a natural coziness, softly lighting the indoor bar scene. The outdoor picturesque view of San Antonio's north side is illuminated underneath the large branches of the faux Banyan tree. Patrons have quickly taken to the IVY Rooftop, which with its artificial plant and twig decorations offers a vibe not found anywhere else in San Antonio.


San Antonio, TX

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