Whether its our room or workplace, don’t we all just love to bring interesting accessories for display? Elements which are special, tell our story and cheer us up through good and bad times. Same should apply to your commercial property. You should bring in design elements which are distinct, add a touch of grandness to the landscape and reflects your culture and personality. And if you’re looking to style up your business space and create an ideal environment which fosters bright ideas and connections, then we have something perfect for you – our Preserved Boxwood Cone Topiary. Stately, refreshing and full of life, our collection of Preserved Boxwood Cone Topiary can blend in any setting and are perfectly suited to formal as well as casual business spaces.

Whether you have a traditional or modern space, contemporary or eclectic setting, these artificial Boxwood Cone Topiaries work beautifully in any landscape style and create a dreamy, surreal setting. A great way to create a standout interior or exterior commercial landscape, our silk Boxwood Cone Topiary will let you be creative with your setting and bring character to it. No matter where you place them, these topiaries will bring attractive color, exclusive form, fresh look and feel to your business space without any hassles. Our Boxwood Cone Topiaries are crafted using premium quality material which gives them a highly realistic look and feel.

These faux Boxwood Cone Topiaries can be perfectly displayed in atriums, lobbies, entrance spaces, reception areas, office buildings, retail and hospitality spaces, entertainment facilities and any other space which you want to create a wonderful design in. An easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your business space, our selection of fake Boxwood Cone Topiaries will help you create a landscape which will impress everyone. They are extremely durable, do not require constant maintenance and will be an inspiring presence in the setting till times to come. Easily refresh a dull corner or an uninspiring lobby with these cone topiaries. You’ll be chuffed.

Whether you’re looking to create a calm hang out space in your cafe or want to create a charming space to sit and enjoy the evening, want to create a soothing office floor or a peaceful spot for the elderly or healing patients, we have a collection of Boxwood Topiaries which will help you create the right environment.
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SIZE(S) SHOWN 20.8''

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