Artificial Boxwood Hedge

ABoxwood foliage developed by Commercial Silk is ideal for making a silk topiary hedge, a boxwood bush, a silk boxwood spiral or even an artificial boxwood mat. The boxwood (buxus) variety of foliage is a type of evergreen and is commonly used in outdoor formal gardens. The boxwood leaf is rounded and creates a very elegant design and is very popular with designers and architects when specifying fire retardant plants for hospitality projects.

Commercial Silk outdoor boxwood foliage is manufactured with a UV inhibitor impregnated into the silk foliage. Our indoor silk boxwood foliage is made with a flame retardant and has a Class A fire rating. Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are great for creating visual screens or disguising things. We can build custom hedges or window boxes using our boxwood bush foliage or our artificial boxwood mat foliage.

So whether you have an interior or exterior project, our artificial boxwood foliage is an ideal solution for creating silk topiaries, bushes, hedges, plants or trees.

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