Savannah Grass
Outdoor Artificial Savannah Grass is crafted using our UV Resistant outdoor Grass Foliage. Our outdoor artificial grasses are ideal for plantings on exterior rooftop gardens, near building entrances and for creating visual screens without the maintenance and cost associated with live plants. Outdoor artificial grass plants can be custom made, and we also manufacture a variety of outdoor artificial plants like our Ribbon Grass, Barberry Bush, and English Ivy Bush.

Any decorative accent which makes your commercial property welcoming and brings an aesthetically pleasing and warm looks to it is worth having. And if those design elements do not require time and finances to flourish, then it’s just perfect for business spaces, isn’t it? Looking for such a decoration which will be a minimal presence in the setting yet help you craft a contemporary-chic commercial landscape? If yes, then we have something for you – our collection of outdoor artificial Savannah Grass. Subtle decorative elements which will bring flair and dramatic looks to your outdoor setting, this outdoor artificial Savannah Grass collection will elicit surprise in the setting and give you an incredibly relaxing space. A great way to create a soothing backdrop for your outdoor hangout spot or seating area, this faux grass will be a delightful presence in the setting.

If you’re looking for some ornamental value in your commercial landscape, then nothing comes better than grass. An epitome of casual, eye-catching style, grass is known for its minimal yet striking presence and for their ability to bring a calming bliss to any landscape. And this is exactly what our outdoor silk Savannah Grass will bring to your business space. Not only this beautiful faux Savannah Grass will bring your business space grace, but it will also let you be creative and allow you to pair it up with other plants and flowers with ease. This fake Savannah Grass is perfectly suited for display in in a range of commercial landscapes including office and corporate spaces, government buildings, healthcare and hospitality spaces, casinos, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, airports, colleges, schools and others. Our Savannah Grass collection is fashioned from premium quality material which gives them an incredibly lifelike color and texture. They look petite and delicate but are highly sturdy and will be a long lasting, striking presence in your outdoor landscape. Crafted using our innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments, this faux grass is inherently fade resistant. You can use it outdoors without worrying about the color loss due to sun, wind, water or snow.

Our Savannah Grass boasts of charming, delicate looks and will be reminiscent of breeze filled mornings where the foliage radiates its shiny appearance and the grass sways along in the calm, cool breeze. Now that’s one heart-warming imagery, isn’t it? And who wouldn’t love to create such a scenic picture in their outdoor landscape?
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