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Delightfully attractive and wonderfully versatile- Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Considered to be native to the Himalayas, the flower of any tree of genus Prunus is known as a cherry blossom. Currently available in abundance in the temperate zone of the Northern hemisphere, these flowers are frequently spotted in several countries such as India, Europe, Japan, China, West Siberia and Canada. Much like the real flowers, the artificial cherry blossoms are bursting with shades of a captivating pink. The petals of the faux cherry blossom are absolutely life like; however, unlike the real flowers, the artificial ones bloom throughout the year.

Add some color to your landscape
Adding these phenomenal artificial botanical products to your landscape will bring a burst of colour and a magical appeal to the surroundings. These gorgeous artificial cherry blossoms are best suited for hotels, restaurants, residential, commercial and government buildings. They can also be added to the landscape of theme parks, amusement parks and water parks. A large number of event planners and wedding planners use these cherry blossoms

Benefits of using artificial cherry blossoms:

  • Cherry blossoms shed a lot of flowers and petals once the season of their bloom is over. Incorporating faux cherry blossoms in your landscape frees you from the hassle of cleaning up the mess
  • Cherry blossoms are prone to acquiring diseases, which result in utter and complete destruction of the plant and flowers. The faux cherry blossoms on the other hand will not get bogged down with such diseases. The artificial cherry blossoms also prevent bug and insect infestations.
  • The artificial cherry blossoms are crafted with appropriate materials that make them fire resistant. They are also UV protected and water resistant. They do not fade or lose their colour when exposed to excessive sunlight when placed in outdoor landscaping. Additionally when added to outdoor landscaping their water resistant feature makes them tolerant to rainfall.
  • Unlike real cherry blossom plants, the faux ones do not require pruning and maintenance.
  • These faux botanical products are very reasonably and affordably priced. A large quantity of these flowers can be added to your landscape or interiors without burning a hole through your pocket.
The faux cherry blossoms are available as stems to be put in your vases, or even in beautiful and sturdy pots that can be added to your landscape. They look particularly fabulous with wooden or neutral interiors.

Mangrove Trees Awe- Inspiring, Domineering and Classical Landscaping Products

Mangrove Tree A true green landscape is never complete without the addition of some exotic tropical trees. And if you’re one who seeks completeness in everything, then this Artificial Mangrove will be the right addition to your exquisite green interiors. It adds a grand detail to any kind of interior landscape, but it’s much more perfectly suited for large interiors such as mall entrances, hotel hallways, reception halls, etc. The sheer size of the replication and the detailed crafting of the tree will definitely grab the attention of any of your visitors. Commonly found in the saline coastal soils of the tropics and subtropics, mangroves are a variety of large trees and medium sized shrubs. These trees are tolerant of salt and have adapted themselves to live in harsh coastal regions and thrive on the waterlogged mud. Faux mangrove is available in all shapes and sizes making it easier to utilize them for any kind of interior landscape design work. Whether you need to adorn the hallway with 8 foot tropical trees or add subtle hints of greenery to the corners and pathways with small bushes, with these professionally crafted artificial trees, you should have no trouble doing them. Also they are very lightweight and can be easily transported and moved around, making interior landscaping much more enjoyable.

These artificial mangrove landscape products have been skilfully recreated to resemble the real trees as closely as possible. Once these are arranged properly in their setting it is very difficult to tell apart these artificial landscape pieces from the real thing. An intriguing feature of mangrove trees are their “breathing roots”, their roots instead of spreading out in the ground like normal trees change direction are poke out of the soil. These roots are therefore called breathing roots for they remain above the ground to take in air, which is impossible to do from the extremely saline soil in which they live.

These landscape products are exact replicas of the real plants down to the smallest details, even their unique roots. Whether it is the lounge, lobby, reception or an office it is now easy to decorate them with artificial mangrove landscape products. These faux mangrove landscape pieces are made of fibreglass, plastic and fire retardant

The Many Benefits of Having Awe-Inspiring, Domineering and Classical Landscaping Products
The landscape products are made of the highest quality material that perfectly imitates the original colours of the natural plants. The stem, trunk and roots are manufactured with the utmost attention and thus make for beautiful visual display. There are other reasons why faux mangrove is perfect for your mall or hotel. For instance-

  • These pieces are sturdy and durable and are thus perfect for a busy venue.
  • They require little to no maintenance and so they are cost effective.
  • With exceptional details these are some of the most exotic pieces available and are guaranteed to enhance the beauty of the atmosphere they have been placed in.

Recreate the environment of the tropical riverbanks and coasts with the faux mangrove landscaping products. Affordable, durable and exotic, these pieces require very little maintenance and are thus some of the most popular pieces available on the market.

Savor the Unmatched Joys of Indoor Landscaping with Faux Bamboo Palms

Bamboo Oriental Grove Getting the right landscape for a corporate house or a mall can be a taxing task and one that involves a lot of thinking. That’s because most of these places do not have the personnel to take care of natural plants and landscapes. In this scenario, artificial plants or artificial landscaping products are the best bets for interior and exterior landscaping of malls, hotels, corporate house as well as theme parks. The perfect artificial plant for this purpose has to be the faux bamboo palms.

The exquisite appearance of the bamboo palms
The mere presence of these elegant artificial bamboo trees is enough to mesmerize those who see them. Bamboo is essentially a member of the grass family. All of these are different in look and structure but add the similar elegance to the personality of the place. With breathtaking designs, these artificial botanical beauties are available in varying sizes and they are coated with special material to make them weather proof and fire retardant. However their tough manufacturing journey does not mean that there lose their soothing effect. The bright shoots and leaves look as good as the real thing and when they are installed properly in the right places it becomes nearly impossible to tell them apart from the real. They will look exquisite placed near the entry way of any big organization. Be it the reception, lounge, lobby or an office these magnificent faux bamboo palms on special request by the customer.will be perfect for decorations. These artificial bamboo landscaping products are well suited for any of these places. Being the tallest member of the grass family, bamboos grow very tall, almost reaching heights of three or more meters. The beauty of the forests has been skilfully captured by these products. It is an awe-inspiring sight to watch a bamboo plant standing tall and proud studded with bright green leaves. Now recreate this sight in an environment of your choosing.

The Many Benefits of Having Faux Bamboo Palms
The benefits of having faux bamboo plants that unfailingly vivify any landscape that they are placed in are multifarious.

  • Details With its near life like replication of the real thing these are some of the best pieces available on the market for indoor landscaping. The plants are an exact replica down to the last leaf despite their size. Faux Bamboo conveys an air of awe-inspiring splendor to decorate and enhance any venue.
  • Durable Constructed out of plastic, fiberglass and fire proof material these pieces are extremely durable. The main body is made quite sturdy and the leaves are made of plastic. The pieces are thus perfect for use in a busy venue.
  • Maintenance The maintenance aspect of these plants is almost negligible; no extra effort is required to maintain them. In conditions where it is very difficult to give time for maintenance, the faux bamboo aces the list.

These are excellent low maintenance pieces that are quite sturdy, beautifully made and quite affordable. Landscaping has never been more fun. These are the best faux bamboo pieces available on the market.

Adding Laurel trees to any landscape

Australian Laurel Tree Adding Laurel trees to any landscape, be it indoors or outdoors, give the surroundings a pleasant, park-like appearance. Best suited for the landscaping of hotels, residential buildings, amusement parks, theme parks and government buildings, these artificial trees have the potential to bring the property to life. It is a well known fact that landscaping can be an extremely costly affair if not done practically. However, the use of these gorgeously crafted artificial products for the purpose of landscaping can reduce your expenses to a great extent. Faux Laurel trees can be used for decorating the lobbies of hotels, residential buildings and also for the purpose of indoor and outdoor landscaping.

Luxuriant Green Appeal of Faux Laurel Trees
Despite the deceiving name, Australian Laurel Trees are not originally from Australia, but they have been introduced to the land Down Under, and are now available in abundance. The Australian Laurel tree, more popularly known as camphor tree, camphor wood or camphor laurel is native to China, Vietnam, southern parts of Japan and Korea. This evergreen tree typically grows to the height of approximately 66 to 98 feet. The leaves of this gorgeous tree when crushed release the scent of camphor. Further, the leaves have a lustrous appearance about them. The tree produces berry like fruits and small white flowers during the season of spring. Faux Aussie Laurel trees are designed and manufactured to showcase all the aesthetic attributes of their real counterparts.

Benefits of Adding Faux Laurel Trees to Your Landscape:

  • Enhance the Beauty of the Surroundings The Laurel trees are so brilliantly crafted that they bring about a classy and chic air to the area that they are placed in. Additionally, the trees are available with sturdy plastic pots that match almost all kinds of interiors and they can also be made available in decorative steel pots on special request by the customer.
  • Low Cost Low Maintenance Another fabulous benefit of these faux botanical products is that they require absolutely no maintenance. They do not shed leaves in the event of a season change, they do not require re-potting and they do not require sunlight and water. The limited maintenance results in low costs as the purchaser is not required to hire a skilled expert to tend to the trees. In addition to this, the artificial trees are so reasonably priced that the buyer won't feel a pinch when purchasing even a large quantity of these trees.
  • Fire Resistant, Water Proof and UV Protected Crafted with suitable materials, these faux trees are not only water proof and UV protected but also fire resistant. They can be placed in both indoor and outdoor landscaping and remain unaffected by the rays of the sun. The trees can withstand torrential rainfall and are even fire resistant to a certain extent.

Preserved Palms - the most beautiful additions to your landscapes.

Vertical Wall Garden Not many landscaping products manage to gather as much excitement and attention from landscaping experts as do preserved palms. Enjoy the most superb blend of convenience and class in the form of preserved palms for your exterior and interior landscapes. These palms bring to your buildings the vibes of a cool oasis, and transform the dull and drab outlook of any corporate headquarter into something livelier and more attractive. The designs of these palms are enough to bowl you over right at the first sight. On top of that, there is the stunning quality of the leaves and the other parts of the palms. All the materials used in these artificial preserved palms are commercial grade, and ensure the longevity of the product. When you are certain that your landscaping palms would continue to add life and beauty to your exterior and interior landscapes, you would certainly find the one time investment into them worth making. Apart from the amazing features discussed here, these preserved palms also come with the added benefit of being light weight, which lets you do what you want in terms of placing these palms where you please, which is certainly a benefit that you can’t even dream of enjoying with real palms. This is not where the benefits and advantages of artificial preserved palms over real versions of these botanical beauties end. The following section convinces you further about the viability of opting for preserved palms.

What makes artificial preserved palms so popular?

The beauty of real palms, at a fraction of the cost –
If you’d enquire with a landscaping expert, he would tell you how expensive it can be for you to have a palms in your exterior and interior landscapes. However, artificial preserved palms make your dream a reality, and that too at extremely affordable costs.

Absolutely zero maintenance issues –
These being artificial versions of the beautiful real palms, there will not be any need of watering or pruning, something which can relieve you from the expense of hiring a gardener.

Dust and pests will not disturb the elegance of these palms –
Being inorganic in nature, and made from special materials, these palms never let dust or pests defame the beauty of these landscaping classics. Not only does this ensure that your palms continue to shower the blessings of vibrancy on your landscapes, but also mean that you will never have to waste time in cleaning these palms.

No overgrowth problems to drive you crazy –
Managing towering palms that refuse to stop growing can be tough. With artificial preserved palms, there are no such hassles as you already know precisely what you’re getting into.

Crisp and Classy Beauty Faux Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood Topiaries Boxwood topiaries are ideal for exterior landscaping. Classy and crisp faux boxwood topiaries tend to be suitable elements for exterior landscaping at commercial places like restaurants, hotels, theme and amusement parks as well as at domestic dwelling areas. These topiaries can be installed alongside a promenade. These can also be installed at your lawn or backyard. A Boxwood topiary appears to be elegantly natural, and is mostly in the form of trimmed hedges. Artificial boxwoods are made up of high quality silk. Their glossiness appeals to onlookers. Contemporary Boxwood topiaries are available in a variety of shapes and can fit within a specific space allotted to artificial landscaping.

Elegant faux boxwood topiaries for exterior decoration
Boxwood topiaries can be installed on either side of a main entrance or alongside a promenade. The full shiny leaves of artificial boxwoods need no care or maintenance. The high quality silk of which it is made up retains its luster and shine for long. Faux boxwood topiaries may be installed at gardens and lawns. If there is an artificial fountain or spring, silk Boxwood topiary can be installed circling it. Faux boxwood topiaries can also be planted outlining a patio.

Benefits of installing classy faux boxwood topiaries

  • The quality silk of which boxwood topiaries are made of retains its luster for long without needing any maintenance
  • You would not need to water it or trim it
  • The silky variants do not attract pests
  • The high quality silky material is fireproof and water resistant
  • The artificial silk trees also resist dust and pollution and stay glossy for long

Silky boxwoods for commercial landscaping
Boxwood topiaries made up of high quality silk serve the purpose of commercial landscaping superbly. These can be installed at office buildings. A theme park can be encircled with boxwood topiaries. Amusement parks that have swimming pools or lakes would be highly benefitted with such sort of decoration. Boxwood topiaries are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. As these are artificial, you would not need to trim these occasionally so that they fit within the allotted space. If you fantasize of being surrounded by nature or dream of building your business headquarters over plush green fields, then simply opt for artificial landscaping with silky trees and shrubs to get close to your fantasy practically. Artificial plants can also be used for floral or fruit arrangement at occasions.

Faux boxwood topiaries can be installed in various geometrical shapes. However, if you want something livelier, you can get these artificial boxwood topiaries organized in the shapes of animals like that of an elephant, a deer or other herbivores. These tend to be unique and compatible ideas for landscaping with faux boxwood topiaries. The crispy edges of artificial boxwoods and their silky texture compel passersby to take a look at these and consider your decorative ideas praiseworthy. Boxwood topiaries have served as suitable elements for landscaping from a long time and are still in vogue.

Make your Building’s Gardens Delightful with Artificial Black Olive Topiary Rectangle Preserved trees

Vertical Wall Garden

Hardly anyone would prefer missing a chance to be close to nature. Plush greenery and pretty blossoms fascinate every creature. If you dream of building your commercial quarters on plush green fields with a huge lawn aside, there’s a suitable opportunity for you to accomplish your dream. The thought of giving in tiring efforts to grow an attractive garden may turn one off. However, this does not cut off one’s wish to be close to nature. An affordable alternative to this is in the form of Preserved trees. Artificial trees do not need maintenance but stand efficient to shower your living area with greenery.

Artificial black olives to vivify your garden
If you own a small garden or lawn, which you want to decorate with plush green plants you may opt for landscaping with artificial black olive topiary rectangle Preserved trees.Preserved trees. Trees appear decorative if they are arranged in a uniform shape. However, it is not possible to sustain a decorative or geometrical shape of a plant without trimming it frequently. People hardly have the time to give in so much of efforts and time in gardening. Artificial olive trees come in distinct rectangular shape that never gets deformed. This uniformity in the tree’s shape, when matched with glossy green leaves, silky olive fruits, proves to be ideal for exterior landscaping.

Preserved black olives for commercial landscaping
Artificial landscaping at commercial places like theme and amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, offices would be quite beneficial.

  • Guests would be pleased to dine at a restaurant that is elegantly landscaped
  • Hotels may gain commercial benefits if the place is artificially landscaped to charm guests
  • Office buildings may opt for such artificial landscaping to please visitors and develop a suitable work-environment
  • Artificial landscaping at theme and amusement parks would greatly please visitors
  • Artificial landscaping at commercial places serves well in pleasing guests and visitors

Elegant artificial black olives for startling exterior and interior landscaping
Artificial black olive trees possess silky green leaves and glossy olives. You would not need to take care of these artificial plants, water them, fertilize them or trim them. Exterior and interior landscaping can be elegantly executed with installation of artificial olive trees. These artificial plants are available in a variety of shapes. Your building can be elegantly landscaped with artificial plants irrespective of the space you allot for the purpose. You may possess a small or a large plot for landscaping, but it can be easily landscaped with artificial trees.

Artificial landscaping with Preserved trees can be a smart idea. If you want your living area to be painted by some elegant strokes of greenery, simply opt for artificial landscaping with rectangular black olives topiary.

Beautiful and feathery - Artificial Asparagus promises heartwarming sights in your gardens

When you ask if it is possible to make your garden look picturesque without having to invest as much work, the answer is "yes, definitely". The age old idea of weeding, draining and regularly maintaining the garden is quite out of the books in contemporary times. The concept of artificial plants has raged the spheres of interior decoration, so why not extend it to that more than perfect garden of your establishment as well. In this regard Artificial Asparagus deserves a special mention. A place that has the potential to look a little closer to nature soothes the eyes of the passersby and hence boosts the footfall. Vertical Wall Garden

The Asparagus Appeal:
Since medieval ages, asparagus ferns have claimed their space in the most well kept gardens. However with them comes the intensive care process too. But you should never have to compromise on beauty. The advanced technology brings to you the most delicate and elegant faux Asparagus with the same dainty, feathery shoots, the appealing soft green branches that are found in the real Asparagus, however at no cost of maintenance.

Earlier the reach of faux plants including artificial asparagus was only till the strategically hung pot on the portico or till the window sill and window box. Right now their dominance can be felt in the gardens of hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments too. The concept of reserving the soil for “real plants” is obsolete. As long as the silk plants, like the artificial asparagus which are extremely realistic and add to the beauty, they deserve a place in the garden.

Transform Your Garden:
While growing the perfect asparagus shrub you need just the right amount of light, aeration and course of fertilizers whereas these extremely realistic but faux Asparagus demand none of that. They are sure to enhance the beauty of your garden space. A patch of green, may it be small or large can have the equal potential of adding an extra appeal to the establishment. Imagine walking down the road, amidst the concrete jungle and spotting a well kept garden. Who can deny the immediate attraction felt? People are bound to be a lot more attracted to the place, be it a hotel or office or a casino. They will be drawn towards the place and not long when they begin to boost your business too.

The Right Choice: The faux asparagus provides a large number of reasons to you for choosing them over their real counterpart. That may include:

  • No requirement moving the artificial Asparagus around for the optimum temperature and sunlight.
  • The faux asparagus ferns do no die or wither and as a result are not dependent on extreme optimum soil conditions and specialized fertilizers.
  • No requirement of repotting, as the real asparagus ferns almost always demand.
  • Easily shifted from place to place.

If you want your garden to look elegant then the artificial but deceivingly real Asparagus is your plant of choice. They add the cherished charm to your garden at affordable costs, and without any hassle.

Attractive and elegant - Artificial Bougainvilleas

Over the years people have trusted marvelous and flamboyant plants and foliages to create the first impression. Even Harvard Business School says that it takes less than 5 seconds for somebody to form the everlasting first impression. For an office, a mall, hotel or restaurant, the first impression is one of the foremost things that last. The landscape and décor of your reception of the office will create a deep impression and frame the first opinion in the hearts of your clients or customers. Gardens and flower beds are time tested methods of beautification of commercial spaces. But in this 21st century people hardly have the time to regularly water plants, clean them and make sure they are free of pests. And as the days have passed, designers have been more inclined to replace real green by the equally beautiful artificial varieties. These days, most organizations use artificial trees and topiaries to liven up the ambience and add a green factor.

Vertical Wall Garden

Winning hearts with Artificial Bougainvilleas
You will be amazed to know that flowering bougainvillea plants that have taken your breath away more than once in the lobbies of offices or entrances of a hotel, are actually not real, but silk plants. The advancement in technology has made it impossible for laymen and onlookers to distinguish real plants from artifcial ones. These multi hued pink, crimson red and yellow flowers that keep your attention hooked are made out of fire resistant and mould proof material. These faux Bougainvilleas have extremely realistic details, starting from the flower colors, the fine bracts, to the articulate vines. They require almost no maintenance; however add to the charm and serenity of your foyer or reception just as a real plant would. You will be stupefied at the amount of options you can get when it comes to varieties of artificial plants. You can choose from the options of the silk bougainvillea trees, vines or plants to beautify your office. The artificial foliage is completely hassle free, probably their best feature is their longevity. They do not grow and hence do not wither. They bear flowers all the time. You really do not have to wait for the flowering season or switch the plants according to the time of the year.

Why silk Bougainvilleas over real ones?
There are many advantages of using artificial Bougainvillea plants, besides the ones already mentioned.

  • They are easily maintained in low light areas and not just that, they will even brighten up those drab, neglected corners of the room.
  • They do no attract pollinating insects or pests like other real plants do.
  • They are completely environment friendly; they require no pesticides and generate no allergens.
  • The material used is UV protected and does not show any form of discoloration.

A beautiful potted Bougainvillea plant on one corner of the reception desk or at the very entrance adds elegance to the entire set up. A bright, greener environment in the office or restaurant will attract more clients and customers. What better way to boost the positive energy of your employees and clientele at almost no cost and maintenance, than artificial Bougainvilleas!

Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliads – exotic elegance for your landscapes

Commercial places such as shopping malls and multiplexes are designed in such a manner so that they always attract visitors. Therefore, it is very important that the interior and exterior landscaping should be done perfectly. Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad can greatly enhance the overall ambience of your landscapes. The best part of these landscapes is that they are available at extremely affordable prices. They can play a very critical role in enhancing the interiors and exteriors of your commercial space. This product can greatly add to the overall beauty of your commercial space and give it that swanky look which you have been searching for.

Flaming Sword Bromeliad

A class in itself
Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad is a cut above the rest among all artificial plants and is very popular for its blood red color. You can easily implant this attractive piece of plant in any area of your commercial place to have exactly the same kind of ambience which you have been dreaming for ages. The visitors will always feel that they are in a paradise which is full of red flaming plants. Even though these plants are artificial, but the quality of materials used will give them the feeling of being among real botanical exhibits. These plants don’t need watering and are very portable so you won’t be having any problem in moving them to different corners of your commercial space. Moreover, you don’t have to use pesticides in order to maintain them. Since they are artificial, there is neither growth nor decay, so these plants are always value for money.

Variety to overwhelm you
Since different commercial spaces have different requirements, Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad pots are available in all shapes and sizes. The designs of the pots are very trendy and are tailor-made for any setting, be it a shopping mall or a multiplex. Some pots are deliberately being made extremely big in size so that these can get easily placed into big shopping malls.

A world of customization
You can easily customize your own commercial space with the help of these Flaming Sword Bromeliads since these plants are highly flexible and can be placed anywhere to enhance the interiors of your commercial space. You can place a bunch of those near the entrance of your commercial space. This will be a grand way to welcome the visitors. The smaller ones can also be placed at the corners of the dining or exhibition room. The pots can also be ordered and built as per your requirement. There are a variety of containers for each and every setting. The containers are predominantly made of steel or plastic but if you want to order a container of different material, you can easily find one.

Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliads have come a long way and they are a sure-shot investment to decorate your commercial space. The fact that you can easily mould them as per your requirements makes it all the more rewarding to have them in your commercial space.

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