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Extraordinary Silk Plant Sky Gardens

artificial plant sky garden Sky gardens have become a popular landscape choice for roof tops on buildings, restaurants and lounges, often competing for deck space. A green wall effect created with UV rated outdoor artificial plants creates ambiance in an otherwise dull high-rise building outdoor area. These silk plant garden decks utilize vertical plants to maximize a restricted area, withs a curtain of artificial plants against vertical structures. Whatever the type of chosen sky plants, a vertical plant garden can pose challenges that professional landscapers have to grapple with to ensure a visually stimulating atmosphere without limiting space.

[more] sky garden plant conceptOpen sky gardens are subjected to the ravages of the very harsh environment of heat, strong winds and adequate water supply, along with sometimes a challenging accessibility to maintain living plants and constant temperature fluctuations. In our example of an extraordinary sky garden, artificial plants were installed on a partially covered food court deck area. The outdoor rated silk plants were vertically placed on part of the deck and also covered outdoor concrete columns, which added visual interest to the atmosphere and enhanced the height of the ceilings. artificial roof top plants

Initial considerations of using tiered planters and growing live plant creepers on wire mesh were some of the ideas explored to cover these outdoor concrete columns. However, an artificial plant solution was the most cost efficient and the most practical. Studies of the site revealed that light would not be adequate for living plants to grow on the deck area. Artificial plants with outdoor UV protective properties could withstand the heat, harsh winds and temperature fluctuations of the high rise column's vertical surfaces. Although silk plants do not require very much maintenance, the green wall was mounted on tracks to enable accessibility for the maintenance team.

This fake plant green wall is an example of how high rise landscape limitations can be solved with quality plants and creative thinking.

Mimicking Nature’s Vertical Gardens With Artificial Plants

silk plant wall covering

Vertical greenery has been adopted as a standard feature in high-rise buildings. It helps to provide aesthetic relief from the harsh urban environment by providing a softening effect, creating a welcoming and friendly indoor living space, and contributing therapeutic benefits to our busy and stressful lifestyles. Many factors including site constraints, cost and maintenance need to be taken into account to create a successful green wall indoors. An example of would be the vertical silk plant wall over the Asia Square Tower One Food Garden located in Singapore.

artificial wall plants

For the Asia Square Tower One site, there were three major considerations:

• Firstly, the site is completely under shade and the use of a living plant wall would require artificial lighting.

• Secondly, maintenance is a major issue due to the height and location of the vertical wall covering over a food court with no practical access for routine plant maintenance works.

• Thirdly, the appropriate planting media had to be taken into consideration for plants to grow well. The vertical wall had a large surface while the barrisol had a curve, slightly sloping surface.

Technical issues concerning mountings and load of the frame, growth media and plants were factors which require professional engineers’ design details. Besides cost considerations, using green living plants also pose other issues such as irrigation water dripping and pests. green wall specifications
The design architects from Denton Corker Marshall specified the selection of silk plants to be used at the walls to express the depth, color and tile covering patterns on the surface.

In the end, the two green walls of artificial silk plants were found to be the most practical and sustainable solution. vertical silk plant garden

Most importantly, all the indoor artificial plants used are fire-rated and meet the stringent fire safety codes.

These magnificent vertical green artificial gardens now adorn over 230 square meters overlooking the concourse of Asia Square. Mimicking nature’s wall of plant greenery, this silk green wall stands as an outstanding and beautifully executed solution to meet the unique and demanding design requirement of the client.

Reproduced with the permission of Earthscape Concepts Pte Ltd, the originator of the proposal based on the broad design of the project Architects DCM & A61

Commercial Silk Int'l
Commercial Silk Int'l