Artificial Bougainvillea - Add Colors to Every Day in Your Office

Silk Bougainvillea

Every business grows basing on a certain theme and has its own stories. Other than the people engaged and the service provided by the professional space, decorative accents greatly influences in conveying the business theme and maintains to hold the brand image. In this aspect, greenery helps the best. Nothing can elevate the ambiance of any corporate space more than the amazing beauty of the blooms and lush green foliage. Commercial Silk collections of artificial Bougainvillea are the best for interior landscaping projects. These elegantly beautiful vines have colorful flowers that act as a treat to the eyes.

Over the years people have been decorating office space with many accessories. Flowers and plants take a major part in decoration and interior plant maintenance services. People feel more relaxed near nature. Studies also reveal that when people find them surrounded by natural elements, they become relaxed and productivity also increases in a natural environment. Another great advantage of these natural elements is that they make one cheerful. Even, ailing patients are found to recover speedily when flowers and plants are installed near the hospital bed.

Commercial organizations of all nature and styles face tough competition and for this reason, they need to create a buzz about them and attract onlookers and customers for the growth of the organization. Using artificial topiary outdoor accessories and other landscaping elements help to make any commercial exterior impressive and this is vital as, in most of the cases, a beautiful first look helps to create brand loyalty.

Artificial Bougainvillea wins hearts of everyone

Having gardens with flower and lush green lawns is a long-standing landscaping mode. Over the years the owners and designers of various types of commercial organizations are flaunting colorful flowers and other greeneries for creating an everlasting bondage with their customers, clients, and guests. Among all the flamboyant vines and flowers, Bougainvillea holds a prime place with its amazing beauty. The multicolored Bougainvillea takes only a blink to attract the visitors and hook their attention permanently. When you complete the exterior and interior landscaping of a commercial setting with artificial Bougainvillea, it helps to explore the full potential of the business. Combined with artificial topiary outdoor landscaping elements, these flowering vines overwhelm your customers with their aesthetic appeal and keep them charmed.

Can be used almost anywhere

The appeal of the artificial Bougainvillea is so overwhelming that these can be used for exterior and interior landscaping of any commercial organization. Whether you are the owner or developer or person responsible for landscaping massive corporate houses, large shopping malls & arcades, posh hotels & restaurants, exotic bars & casinos or be it a luxury resort, airport lounge, spa, amusement park, hospital or any other type of commercial space; using Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea helps to add a dash of style and elegance to the entire setting. Having exterior landscaping done with artificial topiary outdoor elements you can elevate the ambiance to your profession to the next level. Aside from the large commercial settings, artificial Bougainvillea is also relevant for home decorations.

Artificial Bougainvillea scores over real plants

While landscaping the professional spaces, the owners and landscape designer always prefer to have a landscaping element that costs less in terms of exterior and interior plant maintenance services. The Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea is practically a no maintenance option. Being made after the natural versions, the artificial Bougainvillea looks absolutely like the live plants and as such favored by all. These are independent of sunlight and so, you can install them even in a dimly lit corner or in underground office spaces, which is not possible with natural Bougainvillea. High-quality plastic materials are used in manufacturing enabling these to withstand different climatic condition. They are also made fire retardant by impregnating special chemicals through injection molding during the manufacturing process. Finally, they never shade leaves nor wilt or die to keep you free from worries of replacement. 

Variants offered

Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea offer vibrant color when used in combination with other landscaping plants and trees. You can have these in the plant, vine, and bush for indoor and outdoor landscaping projects with Bougainvillea flowers in vibrant hot pink, orchid and yellow colors. These are available in various sizes from 10 inches and above. Multistem Bougainvillea tree (tangerine) is also available.  These have high-quality polyester leaves that look realistic. These lifelike flowers and bushes can also be had in customized sizes for meeting specific landscaping needs.

Enjoying many benefits is possible

All professional settings are mostly full of materials like concrete, glass, metals, etc. and these geometric elements suck the beauty of any place making it a modern jungle. For creating a unique identity through landscaping, pseudo-natural elements like artificial Bougainvillea offers a graceful solution.

  • Add floral beauty: Being artificially made the Commercial Silk Bougainvillea keeps its bloom throughout the year, in any climatic condition, adding an amazing floral beauty to the commercial space.
  • No allergic reaction: Many people are sensitive to pollen and flower scents. As these are fake, these do not produce any allergen and hence, no fear of allergies.
  • Easy cleaning option: Only periodic dusting is enough to keep their hue for long. This makes exterior and interior plant maintenance services easy and simple. 
  • Safe: These are made for TehrmaLeaf foliage that passes all standard fire tests and conforms to state fire laws making those safe for both interior and exterior landscaping projects.
  • Limitless portability: These are soil independent and come in the standard base making these portable. You can use these at any place you like.
  • No mold formation: Being fake, the Silk Bougainvillea does not grow any mold or suffer from water damage.
  • No insect attack: Unlike natural flowers, these never attract any pests and your customers and clients remain free from insect attacks.

How to Live a Healthier Lifestyle: Ten Easy Changes You Can Make

In today's day and age, we lead a highly hectic and fast paced lifestyle. It becomes so much important to catch up with the ever so changing demands of the modern life that we often forget to see the fact that our health is the most important factor for staying in the race.

But living healthful does not mean you have to modify your routine drastically. There are simple changes you need to make, and it can make a huge difference in the way you feel.

We list down some of those

1. Early to bed early to rise.-This a phrase is as old as it gets! Getting up early has its benefits. You get up feeling energized, happy, and enthusiastic and mornings set the tone for the day. You have more willpower to do any exercise or any important work. Also, there is less distraction in the morning as it is quieter than any other time of the day. So you can also make a list of to do tasks and chalk out a plan. Prioritizing will make things easy for you.

2. Workout-This depends on the kind of workout you want to do. Some people like to do aerobics or dance, some of them like yoga, meditation. Others like to hit the gym and do weights or the treadmill. Any exercise you choose is anyways going to have a good effect on your body. It is a great energy booster, increases happiness levels, reduces the rate of heart diseases naturally and helps to keep your weight in check.

3. Have a healthy meal- This starts with breakfast, you should regularly have iron rich food.

Not consuming enough iron can lead to fatigue and depression. Keep the energy up by including oatmeal, lentils, cereals, nuts, whole grains, and tofu. Also, there are some amazing health drinks which will boost your metabolism and detox your body.

We provide you a list of some of them

Peppermint Green tea-The mint and lemon help in inflammation and greatly contribute to the metabolic activity.

Strawberry smoothies- Helps strengthen your muscles and the milkshake increases your protein intake

Apple smoothies-Apples is a great ingredient for detoxifying and energizing your body. They reduce the amount of fat your cells can absorb.

Other drinks which help boost metabolism and lose weight are coconut water, black tea, and different kinds of fruit smoothies.

4. Cut out the television time-It is extremely tempting to switch on the television once you are back from work. But watching the television will add more stress to your eyes. Instead, you can sit quietly listening to some soft music, or simply indulge yourself in some hobby. It can be anything from gardening, cooking, reading books, and painting.

5. Exercise at the desk-Can't take out time especially for exercising? Not a major problem. You can always do small exercises at your office desk. They can be simple neck rotation, keeping your eyes closed, or simply putting your head down with eyes closed. You will instantly feel rejuvenated by this small break and will able to do the same work with more zeal.

6. Stay hydrated-This seems to be a simple task but it's not. Why? Because we tend to have our food regularly but not regular intake of water. Set the alarm after every one hour to help you remind that you have to drink water. It removes toxins from the body. It relieves fatigue and is a mood lifter. It also helps to improve your digestion.

7. Stop comparing-Who got a promotion? Who has the best designer dress? Who went on an exotic vacation or celebrated his/her birthday in a 5-star hotel. The list is endless. With social media entering our lives it has become but natural to compare ourselves with others. Now every small update about one's personal life is all over your profile, and you tend to think the obvious. Why does she get everything in life? And why not me? First of all, stop feeling down due to someone's enjoyment. Everyone's life, situation, ambitions, aims are different. You probably have no idea what the other person is facing in real life just because his social media profile has a lot of holiday photos. Count your blessings. Think there are others in this world that face far more serious problems than you do.

8. Nature therapy-Plants are a great mood lifter. You can keep plants in your house, room or in your office space to keep a positive ambiance. They help keep your room decorative but at the same time not being very over the top. But it's difficult to maintain real plants. You can always keep artificial plants at such times. They are easily available in the market. You can keep them as silk floral centerpieces, or beautiful ferns in big flower pots. Fake moss looks extremely artistic if kept with red silk roses or any other decorative item piece.

9. Stay positive-Start the day with full of hope and enthusiasm. Obstacles are an inevitable part of our lives. And they are not going to get solved by worrying or thinking. Instead of face any problem or difficult situation with positivity and hope in your minds. Don't over think and take each thing as it comes. Remember you don't have to carry the entire world's burden on your shoulders.

10. Finally, love yourself- Always keep telling yourself that you are the most amazing person and that you can tackle any responsibility with ease. There will be many out there to make you feel down by saying nasty things, comparing you with others, being unpleasant for no reason at all. Remember such people are themselves in secured about something in their lives and they derive pleasure by discouraging people. Ignore or cut out such people from your lives.

Keeping Children at Ease at the Doctor's Office Made Easy

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No child loves going to the doctor's place, but some are extremely scared. The most common and not so surprising reason is no kid likes to be handled by a stranger apart from his/her loved ones. And it gets worse if your child has to get shots. It can be a confusing and at the same time a stressful experience. The fear of going to some unknown place and being handled by an unknown person can be an uncomfortable feeling for your toddler.

It's not about how well-behaved the child is, how well prepared the parent is or how well experienced the pediatrician is, your kid is not at all going to be enthusiastic about going to the doctors. However, this anxiety decreases along with age. Or rather their pattern of showing fear may reduce. Older children may remain silent while the younger ones will act it out. Acting out can be screaming, yelling at the doctor and the parents.But as parents, you can make an effort to reduce if not eliminate your child's fears.

Here are some tips which will assist your child to overcome the doctor phobia and make his next visit to the doctor a peaceful one

1. Accompany your child-Always make sure that you go with your child to the doctor's instead of grandparents, friend, relative or anyone else. It will ease his/her anxiety at least mentally and will be more confident about being at the doctor.

2. Role play the act-If your child is old enough to understand that he is going to the doctor's, you can act out the entire process in a fun way. It can be with his favorite toy, his friend or simply you both (The mother and the child) so he will be aware of the fact that it's not that scary visiting the doctor. You can play the part of the patient and then take the turn of the doctor to play.

3. Justify his fears-This is a tough call for parents. Many times we tell our kids not to be afraid and that everything is okay and that there is nothing to be scared of. But instead, these things can feel them worse because they think we aren't listening to them or we do not understand them. If they tell you that they are feeling scared about a particular thing talk it out, ask them why they are feeling scared. Talk about their fears and support them without telling your child how to feel.

4. Make your child comfortable-Each parent knows his/her child well. How to make your child comfortable rests solely on the parents, and they should know what will make their child mentally relaxed. For e.g. - make him/her wear his favorite clothing, let him/her carry the favorite bag which he/she likes.Don't fuss over that what your child should be wearing and what he should be not.

5. Bring his favorite toy-Does he likes his favorite red car? Or she fancies her pink doll? Carry these things while visiting the doctor.

6. Make your child something to look forward to-Don't make going to the doctor's place as some huge task or an extremely important work for your kid. Just tell him that's it's a normal thing to do, and it's not something overly difficult. Take your child to the nearby park after the visit to the doctors. Offer him a small gift like a pencil, a sticker or an ice-cream once you are back home. Knowing there is a reward after a stressful situation makes it easier for your child to deal with the more tense parts of the visit.

7. Bring his favorite snack –Does he appreciate cookies? Or she likes her favorite snack bar? Bring them along at the visit. It will make him feel more relaxed and at ease while facing the doctor.

8. Make the overall experience of going to the doctor's place a positive one-Instill in your child trust and good feelings about the doctor. Do him realize that he is going to give you proper medicines and that it will make him/her feel better.

9. Art therapy-You can take his/her coloring books at your next doctor's visit. As there is mentioned above, don't make the visit to the doctor's some task or important work. Art therapy works wonders, and it helps your kid's mind relax from the nervous feeling. Girls are fond of different flowers, and nowadays in the market, you get many kinds of attractive flowers. You can gift your little girl a lovely bouquet of artificial orchids or turquoise flowers. Or even better a nice bouquet of silk roses will make her day. The benefits of gifting your girl an artificial bouquet is you can keep it in her room as her reward, so she will remember it while going to the next doctor visit. It will be a positive influence on her making her doctor visits a less stressful one.

10. Don't make going to the doctor's like some punishment- never say to your kid that if he misbehaves or does not listen to you, then you will take him to the doctor or worse the doctor will give him an injection. This statement of yours will make matters worse, and the child may develop his fear into a phobia about the doctor.

11. Appreciate your child-If your child cries, starts shouting or over reacts never try to put him down by scolding or reprimanding him. Instead, appreciate that he/she is a brave and a strong child and that he can get through the visit very easily. If you as a parent stay positive, it will also help your child to stay active.

12. Tell your child what to expect- Never bluff your child saying you are taking him to the park or a ride and then take him to the doctor. He /she will develop a distrust for you which will increase his fear about the doctor even more. Instead, explain to your kid what is going to happen.

Artificial Caladium Plant

Caladium Plant hspace=

Add a splash of splendid colors to your landscapes with Artificial Caladium plant

Decorating the interiors is a great option for any business house, which is eager to offers its employees a better work atmosphere. Moreover, one should note that such a situation also helps to boost business volumes. One can speak to people running business malls and the general feel is that, there is more customer footfall in properties, where the interiors are well decorated. Hence, one can certainly think on these lines and a great option will be to look at developing internal landscapes. It adds great value to the dull interiors.

One must however note that developing green landscapes can at times look a bit dull. Too much of green all around can at times create a negative impact. Hence, in such a scenario going for artificial landscapes can also be a good option. The artificial option allows one to color contrast to the proceedings. Moreover, one is spared from the issues of draining, weeding and maintaining the garden space regularly. In an office environment where work pressure can be extreme, one may just not have time to look into such issues. Now, if the use of artificial plants is the desire, then one can certainly try out Artificial Caladium Plant at some places of the entire landscape area.

What is it exactly?

It is a small sized plant, but its positivity lies in the fact that it can highlight certain sections of the landscape. In fact, mall owners will love to place them right at the entrance. They are also perfectly suited right at the entry point of theaters, restaurants and a host of places. It tends to attract people passing by and as a result the mall or the theatre certainly receives better footfall.

What makes it highly popular?

It is natural that one will be inclined to know more about its features and the reasons as to why this should always be the preferred option for anyone looking to attract attention. It is the presence of large heart shaped leaves with an extensive range of color intricate designs on them, which has made all the difference. The Caladium plant is originally found in Brazil and Central America, but the artificial option is equally effective. The artificial leaves are able to duplicate the original one to perfection.

A perfect replica:

Therefore, it brings us to the next point that it is a perfect replica of the original. There have been plenty of instances when visitors into a theatre or a mall have been confused. The size of this artificial plant can be anywhere in the range of 23 to 28 inches. Therefore, while placing the order, if there are any specific requirements, one must discuss it with the maker.

Some more reasons for its popularity:

It is certainly a great interior landscape option, which immediately attracts attention. However, there are other reasons as why more business houses are looking up to artificial Caladium plant as an interior decoration option. Let us discuss the specific benefits in brief.

  • It is a perfect option in low light areas, where it may just be impossible to grow live plants.
  • One should also note that the artificial option is allergy free. Hence, those of you suffering from allergy will love this form of landscape decoration.
  • It certainly does not attract insects, which the original Caladium plant may do so.
  • This option once installed is cost effective as it does not require any form of maintenance. There is no need to worry from any form of pesticides.
  • It does not grow and that means one can maintain the same environment for an extended duration.
  • The problems of mold and water damage are not the case here.
  • It is the wide variety of choices under the artificial Caladium plant category, which makes it popular. Under the natural option, one would have had to settle for nothing but the green color. However, one certainly runs into some exciting color options here.

The materials for design are safe and inexpensive:

One must note that being a business environment there are plenty of factors to consider before actually putting up artificial plants. Profitability and safety are the two key factors to watch out for and on both these counts the Artificial Caladium Plant scores highly. Its key component is silk and it is the fire retardant properties of silk, which make it ideal for use in an indoor environment. It is a cheap product and the absence of any form or organic items or soil makes sure that it is an insect free solution. One can certainly set them up in an office environment. It boosts up the internal beauty significantly and it is also a perfect way to motivate the employees to achieve more.

How to decorate the commercial space interiors using Artificial Caladium Plant?

The artificial plant once installed presents a wonderful option to make the interiors of a commercial environment looks special. Let us have a look at some of the ways as to how one can create a maximum impact with this artificial plant.

  1. The plant certainly looks great once it is placed along the windows of restaurants and multistory hotels. The view from the roadside is just breath taking.
  2. One can even line the plant along the pathway and it should make the environment special.
  3. A mall owner will certain want the key attractions to get noticed. Hence, a perfect option will be to install this artificial plant alongside the major attractions.
  4. Look to place it along entrance and doorways and that should allow visitors to quick locate exit signs. In large malls where visitor footfall is significant, it is quite natural for someone to lose his/her way around. These plants located at specific exit points help someone lost to quickly locate the exit route.
  5. These artificial plants also offer great value to people who work as reception hall designers. Just place it close to the textured walls and they certainly offer a great color contrast.

Hence, these are some wonderful options for anyone who intends to use Artificial Caladium Plant to decorate the interiors of a commercial arena. The interiors do get a major facelift and the use of fire retardant components in a business certainly makes it great for a commercial organization.

It is also an outdoor alternative:

The plant is generally installed in an indoor arena, but that does not mean that it will fail in an outdoor environment. It is immune to the extreme rays of the sun and that means if there is outdoor space within the commercial compound, it can act as a great decorative option. It is a cheap solution, but the sheer beauty is just impossible to ignore

Hence, one can jump to the conclusion that it is certainly a great option for someone who insists on an indoor landscape for a commercial environment. Within the confines of an office, there is much to do and quite often one can never pay much attention to the maintenance of plants. Therefore, in such a scenario the Artificial Caladium Plant should work wonders due to the lack of the need to maintain it properly.

Artificial Cymbidium Orchid

Artificial Cymbidium Orchid hspace=

Artificial Cymbidium Orchid - enjoy enriched landscapes with this pot of beauty

“Everlasting blooms” or “forever flowers”, or whatever you may call them, artificial flowers today look amazingly life-like and have become a legitimate alternative to their original counterpart. Apparently, it is not always possible for everyone to have a real orchid plant, lot of these interior landscapes lack the much needed environment of growing these live pots of beauty. Artificial cymbidium orchids are now being used extensively to enhance the interiors, as they give the surrounding a refreshing and enriching look. Added to that, this replica of the live plant comes with the benefit of not having to invest much time and effort for its maintenance which makes it cost effective as well.

Faux cymbidium orchid ideal in interior landscaping

The key to great interior decoration is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. When it comes to creating an impression on the minds of your customer, decorating your interior landscape is indeed an important tool. Decorating the landscape with expensive decorative pieces is not always an option. For injecting nature into your interiors and to make it look stunning, faux plants and flowers have the immense ability to do the trick. One such amazing option is artificial yet realistic looking cymbidium orchid. These artificial pot of beauty, which is a hot favorite among interior designers, has the ability of be a part of your decoration, starting from luxury hotels and resorts to malls, from corporate houses to government offices.

What makes these artificial cymbidium orchid special than real ones?

Cymbidium orchids are often called “boat orchids”. Flowers are usually large in size, shaped like a boat. They are extremely popular as houseplants, garden plants and cut flowers. Many people get intimidated by the thought of maintaining live plants. For them, these high quality fake plant is a wonderful option. There are numerous other reasons as to why opt for them, they are mentioned below:

  • No special atmospheric requirements

    The replica of the cymbidium orchids allow us to enjoy the orchid's natural beauty and splendor without the concerns of making an environment suitable for its growth. The live ones mainly hail from subtropical or tropical parts of the world making the growing conditions they need a little tricky.

  • No Light, water and proper temperature required

    These faux botanical beauty is primarily made of high quality silk, which does not require any particular temperature, light and water for its existence. The live flowers can survive only if the above mentioned conditions support them.

  • No need for fertilizers and pesticides

    The best thing about these faux cymbidium orchids is that they need less maintenance. They are not manufactured using any live components, thus, they attract no insects, bugs or fungi. The original one needs pesticides to get rid of the pests and needs regular fertilization for its growth.

  • It is inexpensive

    The fake cymbidium orchid flower sellers have come with creating these life-like beauties, which is quite cheaper than the real ones. If you are designing a room which dictates a particular look, often the only affordable way to accomplish this is by using these silk arrangement.

  • It will never die or decay

    Fresh is fleeting, while faux is forever. They are free from rotting and do not need watering. You need not worry about the regular extra costs of maintaining them since they are a onetime investment. The live flowers can last anywhere from 8-10 weeks only.

Types of cymbidium orchids

The best way is to order these faux cymbidium orchids, that suites your interior landscapes is to first understand their types and, then deciding on your needs. These faux beauties can be classified into two types when it comes to pricing, one is the regular silk cymbidium orchid plant in a pot bearing few flowers and other one is a centerpiece. Even though there isn't any great difference between the centerpieces and a normal one, the difference comes in the way of the total look as the centerpiece silk cymbidium orchid plants have Vases with great designs and shapes which make the overall look wonderful. This is the reason why the centerpiece faux pot of beauty always cost higher than the regular ones. Lot of the sellers take special orders for all the occasions and you have the liberty to order even a specific variety, and the sellers will deliver it for you.

These replica of the original orchids are also the most used bridal flower type; one should be very wise in selecting the fake cymbidium orchids for their wedding as it adds sophistication. This type of artificial cymbidium orchid in a wedding reflects the mood of the wedding and the couples themselves, it also lifts the spirit of any occasion. It is very important for the couples to know about the types of faux cymbidium orchids before choosing them. They represent luxury, love, and beauty.

Unique properties of cymbidium orchids

These cost effective products are mostly made of silk-screened polyester and, are worked upon to give them a near perfect look, similar to the natural plant. They come in many bright colors, various sizes, and can be custom made to satisfy the needs of various customers. These pretty floral displays add a burst of color, and cram every inch of the place it is put, in readymade potted arrangements or as individual stalks. The unique properties are listed below:

  • They are manufactured with using a special technique that makes it fire retardant. It abides by the fire and safety regulations of the state, and has the certificate as its proof.
  • It lasts almost all your life and looks fresh as ever. This quality is achieved due to the manufacturing technique used for making it color fade resistance.
  • It can be placed in the indoors where it is exposed to sunlight without any damage as it is protected from the harmful UV rays.
  • Easy maintenance, as no live or organic product is used when it is manufactured. Since they don’t attract any insects, they can be placed near any other food items in buffet spreads in restaurants.
  • Extremely easy to handle and clean. This inherent quality makes it must to brighten the corners of your room and to give a fresh look to the place. They are very much now being used to enhance the interiors of many buildings including hotels, malls, galleries, museums and even botanical gardens.

I would definitely say this is getting more and more popular for the longevity of the product that you spend your money on. Hence, you should order these artificial yet real looking cymbidium orchids at the earliest and add it to the interiors of your commercial property.

When it comes to enjoying the enriching interior landscape, these simple pot of beauties add the royal look to your surroundings. Because we all know that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Artificial cymbidium orchids look nothing less than the natural flowers, added to that comes the benefit of low maintenance and cost effectiveness because you need to invest only once. Amuse yourself as well as your customers with the marvelous beauty and order them now!

Silk Ivy

Alban Sphere hspace=

Silk Ivy, Ferns and Moss: The Most Naturalistic Artificial Plants to Decorate Your Indoor Landscapes

When we enter a building, we all love to see an ambiance filled with positive vibes and energy that makes us peaceful and calm, be it the inside landscapes of malls, hotels, casinos, big restaurants, hospitals, amusement parks, theme parks, government or corporate buildings. Nevertheless, we are also aware that not all these buildings can have interior landscapes with natural plants and trees. Therefore, in such cases, we need to replace them with artificial plants to decorate their interiors that are as natural as can be when you see them.

The domain of artificial plants and flowers has currently enraptured into the podium of high-tech style. Markings and imperfections found within the original living specimens may currently be reliably reproduced to form masterpieces of contemporary fabric style.

Commercial Silk International (CSilk) is famous for its naturalistic artificial landscaping product. There are more varieties of artificial plants available than compared to live plants when it comes to decorating the internal, interior or indoor of a building. Moreover, artificial vine like Silk Ivy, Ferns and Moss are their highly recognized and well-known products.

The Beauty and Importance of Silk Ivy Artificial Plant

Silk ivy is a fashionable item for interior decorations. It adds a splash of color to your internal landscapes. Silk vine with green leaves provides an excellent look to the area, in an exceedingly hanging basket or adorned over a floor planter. Silk ivy is nice to use as filler for a decoration or simply utilized in the planter by itself. It brings in piece of Italy to your interior landscape. Imagine a virtual water of leaves cascade magnificently over the edges to make a real spectacle of nature.

Meanwhile this artificial plant seems to possess fully grown at a healthy pace, it is simple to manage, and takes nearly no maintenance to keep up. Well, choose your favorite place to show off the complete vary of verdure. Imagine an extended vine flanking your walls. The flat back of this show makes it simple to stick to the wall whereas the abundance of natural trying polyester silk leaves attracts your attention. It is all capped off with a complicated quick bread. Varied ivy and mini ivy adds barely of verdure to any house. Moreover, they are easy to clean.

Some of the artificial landscaping Ivy products from Commercial Silk are as follows.

  • Artificial Grape Ivy
  • Artificial Kangaroo Ivy Vine
  • Artificial Needlepoint Ivy
  • Artificial Oakleaf Ivy

The Beauty and Importance of Artificial Ferns in Internal Landscape

Fern plants is one in every of the foremost in style a part of any artificial landscaping. Fern has that may add a stunning bit of leafage to your home or workplace. Ferns are a classy way to add leafage to your interior decoration. Artificial fern could be a good floor plant for your home or workplace. Standing tall and proud, this fern can add a way of sophistication to your workplace, den, or any place else that necessitate a stately piece. With tall, wispy stems and many convoluted fern leaves, this stunning fake plant can hold its own notwithstanding wherever you set it. Moreover, they are easy to clean. Finishing off the design is associate degree ornate planter that is the right complement.

Some of the artificial landscaping Fern products from Commercial Silk are as follows.

  • Artificial Forest Fern
  • Artificial Highland Fern
  • Artificial Asparagus Fern

The Beauty and Importance of Moss Artificial Plant

In order, arrange the perfect ambiance use moss in your arrangements or in designing seasonal and everyday décor projects while designing internal. This moss is subdued and conserved, fabricating it simple and easy to work with for any floral or design project. You can use it in silk arrangements, school projects, glass terrariums and bowled plants and much more.

Artificial Forest Moss by Commercial Silk International was styled and created like the live living moss, which is a soft and a small plant that grows in the bunch, and looks like a forest carpet floor. The faux forest Moss will add a sense of serenity or quietness to your indoor artificial landscape. Artificial Moss Sheet is designed after a real mossy type carpet found in the forest. A moss sheet looks extremely realistic, even though this artificial Moss is faux. You can use them as cover in your ground landscaping planter area or put it under artificial plants to enhance their realness. Moreover, they are easy to clean. Several products are on offer for commercial as well as for wholesale by Commercial Silk International.

Some of the artificial landscaping Moss products from Commercial Silk are as follows.

  • Artificial Forest Moss
  • Decorative Moss Rocks
  • Decorative Moss Balls
  • Artificial Moss Sheet

Live plants are still great for the indoor environment but you need to do lots of labor to take care of them. Meanwhile, artificial plants look unbelievably realistic, simple to keep up with, and are currently worthy in various way to live with as compared to live plants.

Therefore, the benefits of having artificial botanical beauty, faux plants or silk plants in your landscaping project are in abundance:

  • Artificial plants can be kept in places without worrying about sunlight not reaching them.
  • They can be used in sensitive-free surroundings and does not get rotten in the process.
  • Unlike with real plants, faux plants do not invite insects and parasites.
  • Faux plants need no maintenance as we do with real plants.
  • No insecticides are required to be sprayed in order to guard them.
  • The varieties available in artificial plants are more as compared to real live plants.
  • You do not need to water them and so there is no problem of water damage.
  • A faux plant lasts like indefinitely as compared to live plants. They do not die.
  • Unlike live plants, you do not need to wait for months for it to grow to the size you want for your decoration.
  • You can place them any whichever way you want because they are built with flexibility.
  • A faux plant does not need oxygen, or fertilizers, and does not decompose.
  • Artificial plants need no regular trimming unlike live plants.
  • A faux plant does not get affected by any type of weather change. It remains as it is from the time it became part of the landscape.

Nowadays, because of the advancement in technology, it is not easy to identify between artificial plant and a real live plant. However, because of air conditioning systems in the buildings, live plants hardly survive for long as compared to faux plants. As a result of all these, an artificial plant becomes handy while creating interior landscapes, whether it is inside malls, big restaurants, corporate house and government buildings, etc. With these artificial plants, there are no further actions required to make them appear attractive, other than cleaning them occasionally. So, go ahead, pick out your best choices, and start your indoor decoration piece by piece from our varieties of collections from our world of commercial silk.

10 ways to build your lawn for the summer

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In today’s blog article we are looking ahead to summer. Yes, it may be too soon. But we are excited for the warm weather and you should be as well! With warm weather comes the landscaping projects and the loads of other outdoor activities. One of the most important parts of maintaining a great lawn is having a landscape that backs it up. We will use this time to look at some simple ways you can use artificial plants to build out a presentable landscape that will surely impress your neighbors and guests. With these steps you should be able to come up with an effective plan and execute it successfully. It does not take much effort once you have all the bases covered before you dive into the design process. The great thing about artificial plants is that there are endless options, but that can also be a problem in many cases. It can get overwhelming especially when using multiple products within Commercial Silk International’s product line, hopefully these tips will help alleviate all stresses.

1. Choose where you want to build your landscape

This may seem like an obvious step, but it will make all the difference once you are deep into the design process. Some popular places are the front entry of the house or in a secluded area in the middle of the yard like a garden. Maybe you want to go big and use hedges as fence material and cover the perimeter of your property. The placement of the product is crucial and must be the first thing you think about when preparing to use artificial plants.

2. Determine budget

We won’t go into much depth on this but it is good to have a budget when starting a large project such as this. Even if you don’t plan on going to crazy with your project, it is always good to know what you need to order to reach your goal. Always remember, with artificial plants you are making an investment since these will last for years. The benefits outweigh the costs in many cases which is why having a budget will help down the road.

3. Choose your theme

Depending on where your house is located or the decor that is already present will have a huge say into what your theme will be. With artificial plants you can go many routes in terms of colors and actual varieties. Using exotic type plants versus a more rustic style, or using white faux flowers versus yellow is what we are trying to get at here in terms of “theme”. As you go through the design process you will always be coming back to this to guide final decisions.

4. Choose varieties of flowers

If you are going to be using flowers primarily for your design, then determining what varieties is going to be huge for getting the landscape done within a reasonable time frame With so many varieties offered this can be difficult. Using the theme you came up with will make this a lot more simpler, and allow you to use a variety of different artificial flowers such as faux hydrangeas, ranunculus, sunflowers, calla lilies, etc.

5. Choose foliage

Now if you are going toward the hedge or topiary route with your lawn design, then you will have more limited options but it still won’t be easy. Who wants something this fun to be easy anyways? From artificial boxwood to fake cedar foliage you will have plenty of options to help make your lawn as unique as possible. Traditional faux boxwood will be most commonly recognized and provide the best appearance for many homes, but if you are trying to step out of the box then there is a lot of different options. Artificial juniper is less common and gives off a more “wood-like” vibe that can be very pleasing to many people.

6. Choose your types of topiaries

Now that you have picked the theme of your design and what foliage you are going to use, it’s time to look at the various topiary varieties that are offered. You can choose from your standard cone topiaries to spirals made from cones. There is also faux ball topiaries, triangle topiaries, and a more classy and modern square column topiary that is available. Each topiary variety comes with it’s own unique set of appeal in terms of design so reflecting back on your theme will be important during this step.

7. Choose your hedges

If you aren’t using topiaries maybe you are looking into the hedge component, which is one of the most popular design pieces for many landscape projects. With hedge products you are ensuring that your landscape remains a staple in the neighborhood for many years to come. No matter what type of hedge you use it is sure to stand out as it is a traditional part of lawn design.

8. Protect your products

With these products being placed outside you are going to want to make sure they are going to be safe from UV rays coming from the sun. Also, if you live in a cold climate and do not want to take them inside each winter, then you will need to have them protected from the cold and snow. With PermaLeaf® technology, our patented chemical blend, you can ensure these products remain intact for years on end.

9. Installation

Installing these items is a rather simple process for most projects. We have baseboards that are available for hedges and decorative pots for faux flowers/topiaries. With these tools the installation process should be the easiest part, since you’ve already determined your location for the artificial plants/flowers.

10. Review and correct

Lastly, you will want to review everything and make sure the theme and plants associated with it mesh. If you went through the process of all these steps this shouldn’t be needed. But just in case then correcting what needs to be corrected should be easy, and getting in touch with our experienced project managers will make it all the more easier.

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