The advantages to artificial plants and foliage

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Today we will be discussing the key advantages to using artificial versus authentic plants, and why people choose to use one or the other. In many cases this simply comes down to personal preference and spending power, people who love living plants while being able to afford and maintain them will do so. In other cases however, people choose to have one over the other because they have been presented the facts and found one (artificial plants) to be much more sustainable and longer-lasting than the other (living plants). Artificial plants are the future in regards to interior and exterior landscaping, and the reasons presented in this entry will solidify that claim. With so many new changes happening in our world from; weather, war, natural resource allocation, and domestic and foreign policy the need for a sustainable and long-lasting product is imminent. Commercial Silk International is the #1 leading providing of said products, and has been in the business for the last 30 plus years. They have perfected the art of creating an artificial plant product that looks just as realistic as its authentic counterpart. Also, with patented technologies that are tested for improvements every year they can make sure that the plants you buy are 100% safe to use and will withstand extreme weather climates. There are a lot of varying opinions when it comes to which plant product is the best, and with a lot of the same products on the market it is often hard to really know for certain. Commercial Silk International has made this simple for you by making all of their products in house and then testing them as well, allowing for complete transparency when it comes to the information we give you about the products. This is done for two reasons. First, it gives you as the consumer peace of mind when price shopping and looking at different products from a wide variety of companies. We know that in this industry there are a lot of competitors and they all seem to claim the same things, “Best UV protection on the market” and “We create the most realistic boxwood leaves”. However, it is hard to know whether these claims are true or not without knowing where their products are manufactured and tested from. That brings us to the second reason why we do everything in house, it helps us back up our claims of having the “Best UV protection” and the “Most fire-retardant foliage available”. We don’t need to mince words in order to keep our integrity, because everything we build is done under the extreme supervision of our project managers and tested by our highly capable fabrication department. Now that you know a little more about our history and what we strive to be as a supplier of artificial plants let us now get into the nitty gritty and talk briefly about the major benefits of choosing faux plant products.

The advantages of artificial plant products and hedges are endless. With so much work that needs to go into maintaining authentic plants, it should be easy to see how faux products are more beneficial. A simple plus for using these types of products is the low maintenance factor, and how you can literally place the hedge, topiary, ball wherever and not have to worry about it. That in itself is a huge benefit especially for people or who are looking to create a beautiful landscape but do not want to spend the extra dollars to maintain it 24/7. With the extra time saved just from keeping authentic foliage trimmed, watered, and spruced you would have already paid yourself back with the added expense from purchasing artificial plants. Add to that the savings you will have on your water bill alone, and artificial plants all of a sudden become something that saves money and time. As a logical solution artificial plants are becoming more and more the answer to many designers and architects projects.

If those benefits mentioned above weren’t enough then let us get into some more technical ways artificial plants and products are bringing value where authentic plants fall short. We at Commercial Silk International have other added benefits in the form of proprietary blends that we have patented throughout our years in production to make our products last and remain safe. With our patented PermaLeaf technology we can assure you that no matter what climate you place your products in, they will retain the same level of quality for years on end. We have built faux palm trees and artificial hedges for major theme parks like Disney in Florida and California with extreme sunlight being beamed down on them for upwards of 12 hours a day. Because of these instances we developed PermaLeaf, a tested and tried chemical treatment that can be added to your order to help alleviate stressing over the longevity of your product. With more and more people using artificial plants in states like California this technology is becoming more and more popular and other competitors do not have the same guarantee as we do.

As we begin to wind down on this particular entry we will talk about our other patented proprietary blend, ThermaLeaf. ThermaLeaf is our blend of chemicals made to ensure that the products you put inside confined spaces are up to par with current fire codes and are resistant to fire outbreaks. You may have heard about recent incidents inside casinos and various hotels where artifical plants were placed and the disaster was enormous. Many of the plants on the market are extremely combustible because of the plastic properties they contain. That is why the government has a set of strict fire codes for each state pertaining to the use of artificial plants inside of buildings. With these fire codes in mind we have developed ThermaLeaf to help you have peace of mind when purchasing our artificial foliage. With all these benefits it should be clear that artificial hedges and foliage are the way to go when designing any type of landscape project.

Make your Building’s Gardens Delightful with Artificial Black Olive Topiary Rectangle Preserved trees

Vertical Wall Garden

Hardly anyone would prefer missing a chance to be close to nature. Plush greenery and pretty blossoms fascinate every creature. If you dream of building your commercial quarters on plush green fields with a huge lawn aside, there’s a suitable opportunity for you to accomplish your dream. The thought of giving in tiring efforts to grow an attractive garden may turn one off. However, this does not cut off one’s wish to be close to nature. An affordable alternative to this is in the form of Preserved trees. Artificial trees do not need maintenance but stand efficient to shower your living area with greenery.

Artificial black olives to vivify your garden
If you own a small garden or lawn, which you want to decorate with plush green plants you may opt for landscaping with artificial black olive topiary rectangle Preserved trees.Preserved trees. Trees appear decorative if they are arranged in a uniform shape. However, it is not possible to sustain a decorative or geometrical shape of a plant without trimming it frequently. People hardly have the time to give in so much of efforts and time in gardening. Artificial olive trees come in distinct rectangular shape that never gets deformed. This uniformity in the tree’s shape, when matched with glossy green leaves, silky olive fruits, proves to be ideal for exterior landscaping.

Preserved black olives for commercial landscaping
Artificial landscaping at commercial places like theme and amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, offices would be quite beneficial.

  • Guests would be pleased to dine at a restaurant that is elegantly landscaped
  • Hotels may gain commercial benefits if the place is artificially landscaped to charm guests
  • Office buildings may opt for such artificial landscaping to please visitors and develop a suitable work-environment
  • Artificial landscaping at theme and amusement parks would greatly please visitors
  • Artificial landscaping at commercial places serves well in pleasing guests and visitors

Elegant artificial black olives for startling exterior and interior landscaping
Artificial black olive trees possess silky green leaves and glossy olives. You would not need to take care of these artificial plants, water them, fertilize them or trim them. Exterior and interior landscaping can be elegantly executed with installation of artificial olive trees. These artificial plants are available in a variety of shapes. Your building can be elegantly landscaped with artificial plants irrespective of the space you allot for the purpose. You may possess a small or a large plot for landscaping, but it can be easily landscaped with artificial trees.

Artificial landscaping with Preserved trees can be a smart idea. If you want your living area to be painted by some elegant strokes of greenery, simply opt for artificial landscaping with rectangular black olives topiary.

Attractive and elegant - Artificial Bougainvilleas

Over the years people have trusted marvelous and flamboyant plants and foliages to create the first impression. Even Harvard Business School says that it takes less than 5 seconds for somebody to form the everlasting first impression. For an office, a mall, hotel or restaurant, the first impression is one of the foremost things that last. The landscape and décor of your reception of the office will create a deep impression and frame the first opinion in the hearts of your clients or customers. Gardens and flower beds are time tested methods of beautification of commercial spaces. But in this 21st century people hardly have the time to regularly water plants, clean them and make sure they are free of pests. And as the days have passed, designers have been more inclined to replace real green by the equally beautiful artificial varieties. These days, most organizations use artificial trees and topiaries to liven up the ambience and add a green factor.

Vertical Wall Garden

Winning hearts with Artificial Bougainvilleas
You will be amazed to know that flowering bougainvillea plants that have taken your breath away more than once in the lobbies of offices or entrances of a hotel, are actually not real, but silk plants. The advancement in technology has made it impossible for laymen and onlookers to distinguish real plants from artifcial ones. These multi hued pink, crimson red and yellow flowers that keep your attention hooked are made out of fire resistant and mould proof material. These faux Bougainvilleas have extremely realistic details, starting from the flower colors, the fine bracts, to the articulate vines. They require almost no maintenance; however add to the charm and serenity of your foyer or reception just as a real plant would. You will be stupefied at the amount of options you can get when it comes to varieties of artificial plants. You can choose from the options of the silk bougainvillea trees, vines or plants to beautify your office. The artificial foliage is completely hassle free, probably their best feature is their longevity. They do not grow and hence do not wither. They bear flowers all the time. You really do not have to wait for the flowering season or switch the plants according to the time of the year.

Why silk Bougainvilleas over real ones?
There are many advantages of using artificial Bougainvillea plants, besides the ones already mentioned.

  • They are easily maintained in low light areas and not just that, they will even brighten up those drab, neglected corners of the room.
  • They do no attract pollinating insects or pests like other real plants do.
  • They are completely environment friendly; they require no pesticides and generate no allergens.
  • The material used is UV protected and does not show any form of discoloration.

A beautiful potted Bougainvillea plant on one corner of the reception desk or at the very entrance adds elegance to the entire set up. A bright, greener environment in the office or restaurant will attract more clients and customers. What better way to boost the positive energy of your employees and clientele at almost no cost and maintenance, than artificial Bougainvilleas!

Rejuvenate your landscaping with Artificial Banyans

Create you very own personal tropical rain forest with easy-to-handle Artificial Banyan decorations, in any interior or exterior of large hotel, casinos, malls and corporate office hallways. Designed perfectly to suit the landscaping requirements of large buildings, the replica will provide the perfect green touch to any environment. Also the exotic banyans can serve as ideal additions to tropical themed hotels and restaurants as well. The brilliant foliage and the calming effects of this spectacular Artificial Banyan can definitely instill a sense of serenity in to the bustling environments of crowded mall hallways and Hotel reception lobbies and exterior hotel facades too.

Artificial Banyan Tree A symbol of prosperity
Known for its humongous size, the Banyans are often viewed as a symbol of power and prosperity. So definitely, an Artificial Banyan tree poised on the entranceway of your hotel or casino will not only instill a sense of greenery but also an air of grandeur to your visitors as well. The tree is also well known for its intricate branching and aerial prop roots that have been exactly imitated with the replica to maintain the natural form and shape of the artificial tree. Also the leathery texture and the large shape of the Banyan foliage have been crafted with attention to detail to stun even the most observant of visitors.

A grand addition to any landscape
The size of the Artificial Banyan can be varied according to requirement. Depending on whether you’re planning to place it in the waiting lobbies of hotels, or entranceways of malls or as a center of attraction in casinos, the Artificial Banyan can be made into small bush typed plants that are 36 inches in height to full blown trees that can be as tall as 15 feet. Also on order, the replica can be made to measure even 25 feet, which will sit perfectly on the exterior landscapes of any luxury hotel or mall. And as the material used for creating the stem of the Banyan is natural wood, the replica will look exactly the same as the original no matter how large it is made into.

A risk free decoration
With such a large landscape decoration, any hotel owner or mall owner would be concerned about the safety and value. But the Artificial Banyans are crafted to perfection to provide a hassle free solution for landscaping. They are
  • Made of Fire retardant, high quality silk material that doesn’t catch fire readily.
  • Completely resistant to color fade and UV rays, ensuring that your decoration stay good as new for a long time
  • Adaptive to even extreme weather conditions such as winters and monsoon, making them suitable for exterior decorations.
  • Free of moisture absorbing organic materials and soil, ensuring that no formation of insect hives or odor producing microbes on the decoration.
So there you have it, not only does the Artificial Banyan serve as a magnanimous addition to your themed Hotels and restaurants, but also as a cost effective and safe addition to your landscape decoration as well. So install the replica in the ideal space today. It is guaranteed to rejuvenate the design of your landscape.


Light Dirt Accumulation (We suggest future cleaning every six months)
1) Use feather duster to remove all loose dust.
2) Apply one treatment of non-aerosol silk cleaner with spray applicator. Follow directions given for the specific brand.

Medium Dirt Accumulation (We suggest future cleaning every four months)
1) Remove loose dust with feather duster.
2) Apply one treatment of warm soapy water (Ivory soap works well, at a rate of approximately 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons water), with a spray applicator.
3) Apply one or two treatments of non-aerosol silk cleaner. If more than one treatment is required, allow plant to dry between applications.

Heavy Dirt Accumulation (We suggest future cleaning every one-two months)
1) Remove all loose dust with a feather duster.
2) Apply two treatments of soapy water (Ivory soap, at a rate of approximately 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons water), with a spray applicator. The wet leaves can be hand-wiped after the second application, if desired.
3) Apply one to three treatments of non-aerosol silk cleaner. If more than one treatment is required, allow plants to dry before re-application.
4) If plants are extremely dirty (ie: mixed with grease) they may never come completely clean unless each leaf is individually hand-wiped.

*Note: Dirt may collect in the center veins of the leaves and on any other area where water or cleaner would naturally drain. It is best to concentrate these areas for a repeat spraying.

Leaf Cleaning

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