Faux Hibiscus Is All Set to Be the Oomph Factor for Your Decors - Here's How


Have you been thinking of renovating the interiors & exteriors of the huge office building you own? Do you want that, for attracting new clients? Well, for doing all this, and also for making it a more desirable workplace for your employees, instead of just restyling the upholsteries, you must do something which will stand out. Installing unique decor items would do the trick. The decor items, that has some connection with nature, will uplift the entire mood and energy of the workplace immediately.

Flowering plants and bushes like Hibiscus if placed inside and outside of the office area, will enlighten the entire environment with colorful vibes. This tropical plant is a favorite with everyone because of its colorful presence. But maintaining and growing the real Hibiscus plant can be a hell of a task. The care regime it demands cannot be met, in the interiors as well as in the exterior landscapes. A constant requirement of manpower and desirable climate will be the major issue. Hence, to rescue yourself from this ordeal, get faux Hibiscus plants installed, as they are complete replica of the original and will be ideal for getting you the look you need for renovation purpose. Like other artificial foliage, they add the needed style and color to your landscape ideas.

How to find these artificial greenery in the form of Hibiscus flowering plants & bushes?

For executing exterior and interior landscaping decor ideas, a company named Commercial Silk Int’l founded in 1986, has been manufacturing the best faux and yet the most realistic looking botanical beauties. Indoor and outdoor artificial trees and plants in the most finest quality and authentic varieties are made by them and these are the best in the industry. Flowering potted plants, fake hedges, boxwood mats, artificial logs, large screens, artificial cactus or every other small or large artificial plants are found in their collection.

The company has a rare team of experts who work very hard in designing these replica of the original plants and trees and supplies to the customers who needs to buy a single piece and also to the wholesale buyers. These artificial beauties, like the faux Hibiscus shrubs are crafted to perfection and are a complete hit if placed in any luxurious commercial properties. Get the sophisticated look you want, with their perfect appearance even when these colorful beauties are placed in artificial hanging baskets.

For using as decor items, why do you think Hibiscus bushes from Commercial Silk is way ahead than their original ones?

The fake Hibiscus bushes can be a complete savior for those landscaping needs, where it is almost impossible to take care of original live trees and plants and maintaining their care regime. The other reasons as why it should be ordered at the earliest are explained below:

  • If you are placing the faux hibiscus plant in the exterior lobby of a hotel situated in Swiss alps or at a boutique hotel in some Desert they will still stay same, but the live plant will never be able to withstand these extreme climatic conditions.
  • No water or soil preparation is required for the fake Hibiscus plant, you may order them in any form potted or not. Properly moistened soil will be required by the live plant.
  • The artificial plant will never need any investment for fertilizers and will keep looking healthy, while the real plant will need it.
  • No bugs and insects will get attracted to these faux Hibiscus shrubs, while for treating any form of bacteria attack or infection, you will need to use pesticides on the live plant.
  • All round the year, the color flowers will be part of the fake Hibiscus plant. But as this is a tropical plant, the live variety will only grow its flowers from spring season to fall.

The artificial Hibiscus bushes from Commercial Silk are a complete winner for your exterior and interior landscaping needs, why?

All the leading landscape designers and architects in the industry who gets the contract of doing up the landscape of the luxurious properties always prefer Commercial Silk. The collection of fake Hibiscus bushes and shrubs found with them has the power of transforming any mere dull landscape into a vibrant one with their realistic and colorful presence.

They will add to that needed oomph factor inside the lobby of a luxurious corporate office or on the entrance gate of a huge private hospital. These fake beauties are crafted with high-quality silk, and they are quite budget friendly as well compared to other options available in the market.

What are the unique characteristics of these faux Hibiscus flowering plants?

These highly attractive pieces of fake botanical beauty should be your first choice. The reasons are listed below:

  • It is treated with fire retardant chemicals for keeping them safe from fire breakouts.
  • The beauty of these fake Hibiscus plants can be preserved, by only dusting their surface seldom.
  • Can be placed in any interior landscapes because no toxic chemicals are used in their manufacturing process.
  • No color fading can ever occur because they are treated with chemicals which repels harmful ultraviolet rays.

What can you find in Commercial Silk collection of Hibiscus plants?

Stem foliage or potted, choose any variety which suits your designing requirement. These once in a lifetime investment, fake Hibiscus plants are available in several vibrant colored blooms, like pink, white, red, tangerine or even yellow. The size can be chosen according to the customer's wish and the installation process will be handled by the experts from the company upon your confirmation.

Greenery Arrangments

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Artificial Greenery for Landscaping: A Sight for Sore Eyes that you’ll Absolutely Love

Art is a product of human mind and it enjoys superiority in every field of man’s action, everywhere he needs something that is straight from his heart. From time immemorial man has realized the artistic nature of our environment and was able to choose from it, the best. What else are more comforting, and revitalizing in our nature other than its wonderful flowers and stunning greenery? Scientifically and theoretically any color of this universe, we see are illusions, but not green. Imagine the world without the greenery of plants, it is really disappointing and, it is also scientifically proven that the color green has that innate power within it, to refresh our dull minds. Realizing this quality of plants, we have been using them to beautify our exteriors and interiors of our homes.

Gardens have become an inevitable part of homes and as time passes, the corporate world realizing the ornamental and refreshing power of plants, have placed them inside and outside of their corporate offices, hotels, resorts, and malls. But the problem they faced after placing these flowers and plants inside and outside their offices was that these ornamental beings require a large amount of care and attention to keep them intact and attractive. To tackle this scenario, a new product came into being – artificial plants. Artificial plants come as a solution to decorate your exteriors and interiors evading every problem caused by real plants. Of course, the benefits you get from a living being is absent in these faux creations, but the illusions it creates gives the signs of life within in it.

The Artificial Beauty

There are some obvious reasons to doubt, how these artificial creations are going to match the liveliness of the real plants and flowers? Well here are the reasons why the artificial greenery does match with the reality. They were made of silky fabrics earlier and were a very expensive at a point of time and many times it couldn’t match with the real ones. But with the progression of technology we are able to craft real looking life-like creations. Silk screened polyesters are used in its craft with hand painted and minute details are taken care of to resemble the original. It is this feature of artificial greenery that has increased its popularity and made it one of the main choices for landscape and interior designers.

Whether it’s a shopping mall, a hotel lobby, an airport or even a hospital, it needs a design that could command the attention of your visitors and customers. It should not be something dazzling and stunning; it should have that majestic soothing effect upon people. Sometimes creating an exquisite atmosphere inside your office or commercial space could give a different experience to your customers. You could simply exploit the beauty of the large variety of artificial greenery to give a different outlook to your interiors. The enchanting power of flower, both inside and outside a building is overwhelming and could help in reducing the stress levels among the working force inside.

Wide Range of Selection

Artificially crafted greeneries includes artificial Boston fern bush, outdoor plastic grass bush, artificial hops hanging bush, wild curly grass, moss grass, English Ivy garland, mistletoe, boxwoods, green leather fern leaves, moss rocks, succulent, holly sprays, flocked English Ivy candle, PVC pine swag, sedum greenery, Canadian pine, snowy angel pine, Canadian pine swag, Artic pine spray and many more. The wide range of selection helps to choose the apt choice for your interior. Also, these plants are available to you in different sizes. While settling down to an artificial plant, keep in mind the size of interior space. Positioning the plants at apt locations increases the charm of the area.

You don’t have to worry about the appearance of these plants, the appearance will not betray the illusion it has created. Made of high-quality polyester these plants have a long lasting life. These plants are available to you along with decorative pots. But if you own a decorative pot, you could purchase the plant alone and it could be later planted into the pot. Since the artificial greenery has duplicated a lot of plants, it is advisable to look at every design before concluding your decision.

For example, the artificial Alocasia could be used to on the linear windows, artificial cacti fit well into modern design trends gives extra beauty to your interiors by placing it on a ceramic base. Artificial Dieffenbachia plant could simply marvel your white background interiors by its lime green leafs and so on. We could decorate our interiors in many different ways with these faux creations. Always remember that everything matters at the time of design, you will have to make matching combinations which include the flower pot, background color and the type of flower chosen.

Benefits of Artificial Greenery

Now looking on to the differences between faux decorative plants and their real counterparts, the latter has many advantages. But inside a commercial space, it is not easy for a real plant to continue attracting the people, without shedding the leaves. Real plants demand a large amount of care and attention and that is the sole reason why these artificial creations are here. They could counter the disadvantages of the real plants. Compared to its living counterparts artificial greenery is easy to handle and it creates the same effect upon the viewers. Some of the advantages of artificial plants are following.

  • The living plants create a mini ecological environment around it, which could attract living beings like insects and other micro-organisms. But the artificial plants create no such problems and they don’t attract even pet animals. It does not require any special treatment to keep way these microorganisms.
  • The faux creations do not require any sunlight or water for its survival. Therefore, they could be placed anywhere inside or outside the commercial spaces according to your choice.
  • No living ornamental plant could survive without proper care. Regular watering and pesticide treatments are very necessary to keep these plants alive. Artificial designs demand very less maintenance support and pesticide treatments are out of the question.
  • Wide choices of artificial greenery are available according to your needs while the real plants may not be available according to your size preferences and their growth will demand proper displacement from one position to other.
  • The biggest advantage of artificial flowers is that they do not grow.
  • The faux plants exhibit no signs of withering or do they shed leaves or flowers and it discharges no waste material while their living counterparts exhibit the properties of withering and shedding leaves and flowers. Also, it requires soil and water for its survival.
  • Faux Greeneries are also designed for exterior landscape are enabled to prevent UV rays, so no worries about color fading while being exposed to the sun and are designed with extreme care to project the originality
  • Whatever the temperature be, these faux plants are least affected by it. They could be placed at any extreme temperatures and are the crafting material is even fire resistant.
  • They could be easily displaced from one location to another.

Artificial Greenery could adorn your shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other commercial interiors. They are the best choice available to you in interior decoration and are very much cost efficient.

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