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Make your Building’s Gardens Delightful with Artificial Black Olive Topiary Rectangle Preserved trees

Vertical Wall Garden

Hardly anyone would prefer missing a chance to be close to nature. Plush greenery and pretty blossoms fascinate every creature. If you dream of building your commercial quarters on plush green fields with a huge lawn aside, there’s a suitable opportunity for you to accomplish your dream. The thought of giving in tiring efforts to grow an attractive garden may turn one off. However, this does not cut off one’s wish to be close to nature. An affordable alternative to this is in the form of Preserved trees. Artificial trees do not need maintenance but stand efficient to shower your living area with greenery.

Artificial black olives to vivify your garden
If you own a small garden or lawn, which you want to decorate with plush green plants you may opt for landscaping with artificial black olive topiary rectangle Preserved trees.Preserved trees. Trees appear decorative if they are arranged in a uniform shape. However, it is not possible to sustain a decorative or geometrical shape of a plant without trimming it frequently. People hardly have the time to give in so much of efforts and time in gardening. Artificial olive trees come in distinct rectangular shape that never gets deformed. This uniformity in the tree’s shape, when matched with glossy green leaves, silky olive fruits, proves to be ideal for exterior landscaping.

Preserved black olives for commercial landscaping
Artificial landscaping at commercial places like theme and amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, offices would be quite beneficial.

  • Guests would be pleased to dine at a restaurant that is elegantly landscaped
  • Hotels may gain commercial benefits if the place is artificially landscaped to charm guests
  • Office buildings may opt for such artificial landscaping to please visitors and develop a suitable work-environment
  • Artificial landscaping at theme and amusement parks would greatly please visitors
  • Artificial landscaping at commercial places serves well in pleasing guests and visitors

Elegant artificial black olives for startling exterior and interior landscaping
Artificial black olive trees possess silky green leaves and glossy olives. You would not need to take care of these artificial plants, water them, fertilize them or trim them. Exterior and interior landscaping can be elegantly executed with installation of artificial olive trees. These artificial plants are available in a variety of shapes. Your building can be elegantly landscaped with artificial plants irrespective of the space you allot for the purpose. You may possess a small or a large plot for landscaping, but it can be easily landscaped with artificial trees.

Artificial landscaping with Preserved trees can be a smart idea. If you want your living area to be painted by some elegant strokes of greenery, simply opt for artificial landscaping with rectangular black olives topiary.

Bring the winters to your homes and offices with artificial pines

Flocked Winter Tree

The seasonal palate feels incomplete without arrangements for the fall. The winter season, for the ardent designer and appreciator of beauty, necessitates the modifications to the home décor arrangements. Be it the arrival of the New Year or families celebrating Christmas along, winter brings a different color to the household chores infusing chills and sense of wild excitement within. Including trees into the household charades is an exciting option which in turn revitalizes the décor, considerably. Who doesn't want a pine or fir sitting pretty with hanging socks and gifts from Santa? Though winter may sound a tad pale, these artificial or real trees can lend an exotic vibrancy to the indoors followed by smiles on the faces of toddlers.

Why choose artificial trees when fresh pines are available? The reason remains simple; longevity and hygiene. We all could argue over selecting a natural pine to spice up the proceedings but the untimely withering of these may turn out to be highly detrimental. Instead, going for the artificial variants helps in keeping the feel and flavor intact for longer times. These trees have an exquisite outline associated making them gorgeous to look at. With the option to pattern and customize, these artificial trees allow the customers to add on certain props along. Better durability followed by long term storage makes these artificial pines a charm to work with.

Winter marks the beginning of the celebrations and social gatherings. Be it a middle class family or even an impoverished household, decorative tree can certainly add a lot to the interiors. The freshly cut pines wither in no time and seldom survive the wintry spells. Again some of the inmates are prone to the allergic reactions related to the odor and sappy discharges. Artificial pines give the flexibility of using one purchase over many years as the leaves and trunk do not rot with time. This is financially viable and can also be considered as a safe option for most. Can the sizes be customized as well? The natural ones seldom provide this flexibility owing to their lineage, making them inherently tall. While some households can afford these towering options, most need to cut down on the natural lengths making the structure fall out of place. This is where artificial pines can help. They come along in various sizes, suited for every household and occasion. One can also choose the colors depending upon the home décor and tones used for the walls. Artificial trees help in contrasting the interiors, thus effectively glorifying the interiors. Be it the home or the office cabins, an artificial pine can help add to the panache of the interiors, thus allowing option to experiment. One can purchase these and much more over the online domain namely the Commercial Silk which specializes in artificial plants and foliage options. Being easy to store, the artificial pines can help bring in the essence of the fall into the contention followed by cleaner vicinities. Cut down on the pricey options year after year by including the artificial pines and firs into the hierarchy. Sit back and add along socks to the artificial plants expecting Christmas gifts and similar bounties.

Authenticity of Our Artificial Plants & Trees

There are many companies that manufacture artificial plants and trees, and we at Commercial Silk Int'l strive to create the most authentic and realistic artificial products technology can provide.

What makes us different?


We use premium grade and the most botanically correct foliage in the market. Our foliage is treated with a special coating that gives it a more realistic feel and is easy to clean. Our UV (Ultraviolet) artificial foliage is created through a process where ultraviolet blocking chemicals are impregnated directly into the materials. We also offer optional IFR (Inherently Fire Retardant) foliage for compliance with fire code requirements.


We use the finest wood trunks from specialized harvesters that are hand selected for each tree. It allows us to combine the exact shapes needed to achieve the desired look. We have access to tree varieties not elsewhere found in the United States which provides distinctive, one-of-a-kind artificial trees. Our sculpted stems are hand made by our skilled artists to replicate authentic looking trees. Every detail from the bark texture, color and unique characteristics are expertly recreated.


We secure our trunks in PVC collars and embed them into a reinforced base which prevents deterioration. We also offer optional steel base plates that may be bolted into the floor for a permanent installation. We build custom base plates for a variety of applications and also manufacture a large selection of commercial planters that can be potted with our trees and plants for a turnkey solution.


We offer optional branch additions that increase a tree's density. Our branches have tapered tips that provide a smooth transition from branch to foliage. Branch cuts and imperfections are hand painted to blend with the stem coloration. Major stems are cabled or wired together to preserve the tree's shape.

We take pride in each and every artificial plant and tree that we make and constantly strive to produce the most realistic artificial products on the market. View our entire gallery of products.

Benefits Of Using Artificial Plants

Plants, whether live or artificial, instill a sense of tranquility and well being. The presence of greenery provides a relaxed atmosphere and creates a warm and inviting space. When artificial plants are used in combination with live plants, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two.

One of the main benefits of using artificial plants is that they are virtually pest-free. Some varieties of live plants are plagued with pests – mealybugs, scale insects, spider mites and fungus nats are all known to ravage live plants. Leaves and soil provide the food to support these pests and with artificial plants, there is no food supply, and thus, no pests.

Artificial plants also require virtually no maintenance. They require no water, sunlight or fertilizer. There are no special feeding requirements for artificial plants; only a slight dusting is required every couple months. Drafty, dark areas may be no match for a palm tree, but cold weather and low light levels are no obstacle for an artificial palm.Live plants continue to grow over time and a live ficus may eventually outgrow its space. They require special pruning and shaping to ensure the aesthetic is maintained. An artificial plant maintains its height, color and shape for years, without any effort. Artificial plants may be customized to fit with décor – an option live plants do not provide.

Artificial plants allow you to let nature in, without really having to do so.

Artificial Trees In Commercial Space
Artificial trees in commercial space.
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