The process of ordering artificial trees

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Today we are going to stay on the same topic we have over the best few articles and continue talking about faux trees. Hopefully our earlier blog posts are still fresh so we can jump right into what is important. When creating a landscape it is always key to have a good idea of what you need in terms of specific variety before even starting your design process. There are many reasons why this is important, and we will try to cover them all as to justify the whole purpose of even talking about this. For one, there are MANY types of artificial trees out there on the market. Competition in the Silk Plant Industry is increasing every month, and with that comes the addition of more and more new products. Just a couple of years ago you may not have been able to find fake Baobab trees anywhere, as they are a unique and rare tree as an authentic piece. With so many different products out there it is extremely hard to make a final decision, and if you wait until the end when the deadline is almost due then that becomes an even more stressful situation. For those reasons alone you should always think about the types of artificial trees you will need before starting any landscape design project. If you already have this step complete, then there are still other things that can be done to make the design process all the more smoother. With artificial trees there are various steps you can take to make sure they are guaranteed to last for many many years. The reason you would want this guaranteed is because many of the artificial trees we build are huge. We are taking 10 feet plus many times. And with that size you are making an investment that is going to last you 10-15 years if treated properly. With trees that large there also comes the issue with safety in terms of fires and with staying upright against winds and gravity. We secure all of our faux trees down with metal brackets placed around the base of the trunk, that way there is no risk of the tree taking a heavy fall regardless of the weather. Many of the larger trees are also fabricated with steel on the interior which makes for a much sturdier product that can withstand almost anything. As far as fires go, the larger the tree gets the more problems you will have with abiding to fire codes. One of the reasons why is because with large trees you will also have a large amount of foliage to provide covering. Take for example an artificial 12’ Phoenix Palm tree. We have made many of these throughout the years at Commercial Silk International, and the foliage that is required to provide the most realistic appearance is enough to pose a real fire hazard in any situation. Because of this we have developed a technology that combats the dangers associated with a lot of plastic material foliage and made a chemical blend that can protect and negate the effects of fire. ThermaLeaf® is our patented technology that takes the stress of worrying over fire codes completely away. This chemical blend has been tested for all codes across the country and with this sprayed on the artificial tree and foliage itself you can place these without worry inside any interior design project. With ThermaLeaf® technology your products are safe, but more importantly the people who will be enjoying them are safe as well. If you are not putting your artificial trees indoors there are still ways you can make sure that they last and are protected. The UV rays from the sun can pose a serious problem to the plastic material from which the artificial foliage is derived from. Many times fading will start to occur, after many many years mind you. If you are making a large investment and have a major landscape design project that requires large trees, then using PermaLeaf® technology would be in your best interests. PermaLeaf® is our other patented technology that makes the foliage and artificial tree materials (bark, branches, twigs, etc.) impervious to UV rays and damaging light that causes fading. In places where there is constant sun and extreme heat, this is where this technology will be most important. We take this chemical blend and impregnate it directly into the plant material making sure that the whole area is covered. With this piece of mind you can know that the money spent will not begin to lose value just because of the weather. As an interior designer or architect it is important to know that your products will last so using PermaLeaf® technology is almost a must. Once you know the variety of the tree you need and then the technology or chemicals that you want used to keep it safe and long-lasting the rest should be fairly simple. As a designer you will have already known the sizes you are looking for, and then it just getting pricing and moving forward with the order. Everything that has been mentioned before can also be a lot better explained with one of our experienced project managers. They can talk you through the specific tree varieties you are targeting and offer suggestions on alternatives of similar ones that may be better suited or just less expensive. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase no matter how big or small. Our project managers will also know if it is necessary for you to use one of our patented technologies, or if it would be a waste of resources. Having a good idea of what you are planning on purchasing beforehand is important, so hopefully this article made some better sense of what we offer in terms of artificial trees and technologies in place to protect them.

Specialty artificial pieces for displays

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In today’s blog article we will be discussing some products that have not been talked about yet in previous posts. At Commercial Silk International we have tried hard each year to expand our product line so that the scope of what we offer covers everything any interior designer or architect would need. We have gone from selling simple birch trees to supplying Disney with large faux phoenix palms. There is a sense of pride when you can offer an extensive array of options to a client, and especially when they are having trouble finding what they need and have exhausted most every option. With most projects we can fill the orders easy since they are coming to us with basic requests that have been filled many times before. For some projects there are many special requests that take more time and energy to come up with. Because of these unique projects we have been able to widen our horizons and provide more of a personalized approach to many clients. The basics we provide are the boxwood foliage products: boxwood hedges, mats, screens rolls, and green walls. Others include; faux sago palms, phoenix palms, birch trees, and other tropical trees. All of our main foliages are big time sellers and have been for years since we began to produce artificial plant products. Now that we know exactly what the common products we sell are, we can now look into these specialty products.

1. Artificial Bark Sheets

These are one of most unique products that can be used in almost any situation that requires some sort of industrial grade bark. What these mostly are used for is covering pillars in museums or retail store displays (Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop) because they are easy to install and very durable. These bark sheets are hyper realistic and we have gone through great lengths to make sure these provide authenticity to whatever setting you place it in. With these artificial bark sheets you can cover any amount of area you need and have it last for the long run. With more any more people switching to artificial trees these are becoming a very popular addition to the design process. Bark sheets can also be used in smaller chunks to provide realism to an already established landscape. With these sheets you do not have to worry about fire codes for the interior design project because they have our patented ThermaLeaf® technology.

2. Artificial logs

Another specialty item that can be used in almost any situation are the artificial logs we provide. These are special made for large construction and design projects that need them for a landscape settings. They are molded with extreme delicacy just like our artificial tree bark sheets. They are molded then hand-painted by our experienced manufacturers. After that, these logs are then impregnated with our fire-retardant chemicals from our patented technology ThermaLeaf®. With these logs you can create an effective and realistic landscape or whatever project you are designing. These work well in museums, exhibits, and large outdoor retailers. With these faux tree logs strewn across a outdoor setting you are making it that much more realistic. It is easy to see how these are specialty items, but also are key to making any type of woodland setting really look authentic. Authenticity is what is most important, and with these faux logs you can make any setting that much more real.

3. Artificial tree stumps

Much like the faux tree logs, these artificial tree stumps are an accessory piece that will make every setting seem that much more real. When designers choose to go the artificial route with their plants, trees, and hedges they are taking a risk of having a design that looks too fake. With these specialty artificial tree stumps. The stumps offer a unique wilderness ambiance with their detailed ridges, knots, and hideaway holes. Tree trunk varieties include oak, cedar, pine, and maple. With these stumps you can have them specially made for outdoor or indoor use. With outdoor stumps you may be interested in our PermaLeaf® technology that protects them from harsh UV sun rays that can be damaging and fade the material. These tree stumps are very much the center of attention when placed inside of a specific setting. The larger the landscape the more authenticity is needed to keep clients and guests enthralled by the design. With artificial tree stumps you have a product that is built to last and adds that extra bit of “realness” that quite honestly can’t be matched.

4. Decorative Branches

Decorative branches are some of the most important pieces of what we sell. With so many people having a wide array of preferences when it comes to designs we have made a plethora of decorative branches to be used in all types of landscape settings. We have many different varieties of faux bamboo poles that are very popular amongst many of our clients. We have everything from the natural brown bamboo poles to the more common green bamboo poles. We also carry items such as the popular birch tree branches, that are a hit among regular homeowners and designers looking for a more rustic setting. Birch poles have that amazing woodland look with their white bark that is easily recognizable. We also carry cedar poles that are an all-natural wood and have finely defined details. Another very popular specialty product we carry is our stick and twig art. With these products you can hang them wherever and have a unique design that is sure to last. These have been growing in popularity for some time now and many interior designers use them so it has become one of our more commonly requested products.

These specialty products are great additions that can be used in most any design. With the increased emphasis on artificial landscapes looking as real as possible, these products are key to making that a reality. Again, these can all be custom made just like the rest of our product line so do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our sales reps immediately to discuss pricing.

The EVERgreen question: Real or Artificial trees

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In this blog post we will look at the pros and cons of both authentic and artificial trees. We have spoke before about the differences between the two and it was pretty clear that artificial was more beneficial besides not being all-natural. The difference between real and artificial trees however is a bit more shady and has a lot more grey area. With real trees you get a lot of added bonuses, such as the smell or the actual feel of the wood as you touch it. For instance, if you are opting for faux maple trees you will not experience the smell of the sap or see it as it begins to pour. Those real attributes are impossible to replicate, and they make all the difference to many people who are on the fence on which way to go between the two options. With this always in mind it becomes harder to decide which of the two to go with and artificial becomes less and less of an appealing option. When looking at artificial plants you must also look at what it takes to build it specific for your application. If you are putting something inside your home or business, then using authentic products may not be the best route. You would then have to deal with fire hazard issues and then making sure that if there was a fire outbreak that the tree would be somewhat protected without causing more damage. Authentic trees that are used indoors is quite doable, but it is very tricky indeed. Using artificial trees for these sorts of projects is much more safe and efficient. The con however, is that you are getting something man made that does not come with all of the natural attributes. More times than not this is where interior designers and architects find that artificial is the best route when dealing with these large trees. We at Commercial Silk International have come up with chemical treatments that make using these products easy to use both indoors and outdoors. With ThermaLeaf® technology our artificial trees come with fire-retardant properties that make it perfect for indoor use. Like we talked about before, fire codes dominate a lot of what you can do as a designer looking to create an indoor landscape. These fire codes were set in place because of trees becoming huge culprits of bringing small fire outbreaks to life and becoming a more devastating affair. With all these fire codes states are being very strict on what architects can and cannot do in regards to design. The ThermaLeaf® proprietary blend makes these fire codes obsolete as we have taken the liberty of making sure that once this is applied to the artificial foliage and bark, you and your design is 100% safe. This is not possible whatsoever with authentic trees, which makes it very hard to opt for them if you are designing a landscape for indoors. For outdoor use then artificial trees still can be a major player, but more authentic trees usually win this battle. For artificial trees in outdoor use Commercial Silk International has developed another blend of chemicals that will protect the foliage and bark from fading in extreme light, or becoming brittle in the cold. Permaleaf® is a great way of protecting artificial trees that are in the elements, and it will make sure the products you buy last years. With more and more people using artificial products for outdoor gardens and landscapes it is important to make sure that fading is not an issue. Going back to our pros and cons of both artificial and authentic trees, this is where artificial trees fall short. Artificial foliage and materials will always be susceptible to some sort to fading in the right circumstances. In very sunny states or countries like Texas, Brazil, and Nigeria there will always be a fading component. With Permaleaf® technology we have tried to take that completely out of the picture to give you full peace of mind with the purchase you are making. This is a huge reason as to why people choose to come to Commercial Silk International for our ever-lasting artificial trees. Going back to authentic tres an obvious pro is that real foliage and plant parts do not get diminished in the case of intense sunlight. This allows them to always stay natural which is huge when considering the amount of fading that can occur to most faux products, the issue remains which one is better and which ones is more suited for the indoors/outdoor setting. With real trees the huge deterrent is the amount of time it takes to actually get a tree to it’s full potential. The years of maintenance is likely to turn people away, even though it is what’s best for the world and environment. As an environmentalist I would always prefer real trees be used, especially for outdoor use where they are being torn down by the thousands daily. This is not always possible though and I have realized that over the years it has been harder and harder for people to justify using real trees when artificial provides so many added benefits. With it’s long-lasting color and foliage detail these artificial trees will not disappoint and will remain satisfactory for many many years to come. There are always negatives and positives to any decision you try to make, but when it boils down to whether to use artificial versus authentic it comes down to what you need as a consumer. If you need a landscape to be immediate while lasting, than artificial trees are your solution. If you are high-end and need the best quality while also knowing that it may not last forever, then go with the authentic counterpart. The main point here should be that artificial trees provide EVERYTHING that real trees do, and more, but just do not have the “true” authentic feel. All in all whether you use artificial or real, what matters most is that we are keeping trees alive in the eyes of a world that is trying to take them away.

Outdoor artificial trees

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In today’s world it seems as though we are losing touch more and more with nature. Even though it surrounds us constantly we tend to forget how special it is and what it would be like to not have it. It’s like the saying “you never know what you have until it’s gone”. It's important to see what changes have began in our environment already and how we as a population have affected that. From the intensive use of natural resources for things that are necessary and things that are not, we are finally starting to realize the impact this puts on our world. The deforestation of many forests is becoming a tough pill to swallow. Amazon, cedar, deciduous, and many more varieties of these forests are being destroyed daily. The reasons are varied but many times it is again for things that we we think we need, but we end up taking for granted what is lost. New housing projects, energy for major factories, industrial buildings are all pushing aside nature to make way for “business”. It is hard to judge what justifies tearing these forests down. In some cases it may be very important, say building low income housing for people stuck in poverty in developing countries. In other cases, it may not make so much sense and these majestic trees that make up the forest are being chopped down for no reason. Take for example these forests that get destroyed for human attractions like theme parks or large golf courses. We must begin to ask ourselves the question if it is really worth the deforestation of some of most precious natural wonders for the pleasure of human activity. Now you may be asking what this rant has to do with artificial plants and foliage, since that is what this blog is primarily about. Well forests contain a wide variety of trees and they are very much a part of our ecosystem, and live trees are seriously declining more than they are growing. With all that info it is fair to assume that using artificial trees is the most beneficial thing we as human can do to cut back on the destruction of living ones. Trees takes years, even decades, to grow to their full strength. It only takes a few pieces of machinery or even a couple of guys with an ax to take it down. That reality is very real in today’s world and we are seeing more and more trees getting torn down than getting re planted. Using artificial trees for landscape projects big and small For commercial projects this can be a huge help as it allows for you the freedom to build your setting with relative ease. For homes and smaller offices artificial trees can be used as a way to spice up the decor with relative ease. With artificial trees you receive all the benefits while having a semi-realistic product. In all reality it is the best option out there in terms of saving money as well as the planet. Even with being artificial our customers swear by the realism of the products we product for them. This is because we have a highly skilled team of botanists and sculptors who are very adept at making these products come to life so to speak. With added benefits like PermaLeaf® we can ensure that these outdoor artificial trees withstand whatever weather is thrown against them. In extreme sunlight the UV rays from the sun can be extremely damaging and the materials can end up fading from constant exposure. PermaLeaf® proprietary blend can take care of that with it’s special blend of chemicals that protect the foliage and tree materials indefinitely. Say you are in place that gets cold weather depending on the season, this can be a problem for outdoor artificial trees as well. The foliage can become brittle with exposure to extreme cold and that will cause the materials to break upon touch. For large trees that you plan on keeping around for years and years this is a huge concern. If you are trying to create an exotic setting for your cold weathered home then artificial outdoor trees will be an important piece. Using PermaLeaf® to protect that investment will be a very wise and long lasting decision to give you a peace of mind. Now that we have gone on about the benefits and uses of outdoor artificial trees let us now dig deep into the various types of of different trees that can be used in your design.

We will start with the most recognizable and prominent of outdoor artificial trees we sell, and that is our palm trees. These are the staples of any outdoor landscape design and will continue to be for many years. For people who live in places that are not sunny year round these trees provide the extra “ummph” to a home or business that make it stick out and feel like a tropical paradise. From date palms to the more royal cycas palm there is a lot to choose from when going through the design process. Even though palms trees tend to be the most popular for outdoor artificial tree sales, there are many others that we provide to fit a wide variety of settings besides a tropical wonderland. With our outdoor cedar trees you can build a landscape that is more natural and close to home. Our cedar trees can be decorated with snow-like material as well, so if you are a designer setting up some sort of winter display this is definitely a possibility. Another popular variety of outdoor artificial tree is the stately juniper. As seen in many forests along the west coast, juniper trees are great for providing a real outdoorsy look that is hard to match. With so many different varieties you may be overwhelmed, but we hope that this information and knowledge will help make your design process that much easier. Outdoor artificial trees are great as a long-lasting product that can be used in multiple types of settings. Be sure to contact one of our project managers about more information regarding these trees.

Make your Building’s Gardens Delightful with Artificial Black Olive Topiary Rectangle Preserved trees

Vertical Wall Garden

Hardly anyone would prefer missing a chance to be close to nature. Plush greenery and pretty blossoms fascinate every creature. If you dream of building your commercial quarters on plush green fields with a huge lawn aside, there’s a suitable opportunity for you to accomplish your dream. The thought of giving in tiring efforts to grow an attractive garden may turn one off. However, this does not cut off one’s wish to be close to nature. An affordable alternative to this is in the form of Preserved trees. Artificial trees do not need maintenance but stand efficient to shower your living area with greenery.

Artificial black olives to vivify your garden
If you own a small garden or lawn, which you want to decorate with plush green plants you may opt for landscaping with artificial black olive topiary rectangle Preserved trees.Preserved trees. Trees appear decorative if they are arranged in a uniform shape. However, it is not possible to sustain a decorative or geometrical shape of a plant without trimming it frequently. People hardly have the time to give in so much of efforts and time in gardening. Artificial olive trees come in distinct rectangular shape that never gets deformed. This uniformity in the tree’s shape, when matched with glossy green leaves, silky olive fruits, proves to be ideal for exterior landscaping.

Preserved black olives for commercial landscaping
Artificial landscaping at commercial places like theme and amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, offices would be quite beneficial.

  • Guests would be pleased to dine at a restaurant that is elegantly landscaped
  • Hotels may gain commercial benefits if the place is artificially landscaped to charm guests
  • Office buildings may opt for such artificial landscaping to please visitors and develop a suitable work-environment
  • Artificial landscaping at theme and amusement parks would greatly please visitors
  • Artificial landscaping at commercial places serves well in pleasing guests and visitors

Elegant artificial black olives for startling exterior and interior landscaping
Artificial black olive trees possess silky green leaves and glossy olives. You would not need to take care of these artificial plants, water them, fertilize them or trim them. Exterior and interior landscaping can be elegantly executed with installation of artificial olive trees. These artificial plants are available in a variety of shapes. Your building can be elegantly landscaped with artificial plants irrespective of the space you allot for the purpose. You may possess a small or a large plot for landscaping, but it can be easily landscaped with artificial trees.

Artificial landscaping with Preserved trees can be a smart idea. If you want your living area to be painted by some elegant strokes of greenery, simply opt for artificial landscaping with rectangular black olives topiary.

Bring the winters to your homes and offices with artificial pines

Flocked Winter Tree

The seasonal palate feels incomplete without arrangements for the fall. The winter season, for the ardent designer and appreciator of beauty, necessitates the modifications to the home décor arrangements. Be it the arrival of the New Year or families celebrating Christmas along, winter brings a different color to the household chores infusing chills and sense of wild excitement within. Including trees into the household charades is an exciting option which in turn revitalizes the décor, considerably. Who doesn't want a pine or fir sitting pretty with hanging socks and gifts from Santa? Though winter may sound a tad pale, these artificial or real trees can lend an exotic vibrancy to the indoors followed by smiles on the faces of toddlers.

Why choose artificial trees when fresh pines are available? The reason remains simple; longevity and hygiene. We all could argue over selecting a natural pine to spice up the proceedings but the untimely withering of these may turn out to be highly detrimental. Instead, going for the artificial variants helps in keeping the feel and flavor intact for longer times. These trees have an exquisite outline associated making them gorgeous to look at. With the option to pattern and customize, these artificial trees allow the customers to add on certain props along. Better durability followed by long term storage makes these artificial pines a charm to work with.

Winter marks the beginning of the celebrations and social gatherings. Be it a middle class family or even an impoverished household, decorative tree can certainly add a lot to the interiors. The freshly cut pines wither in no time and seldom survive the wintry spells. Again some of the inmates are prone to the allergic reactions related to the odor and sappy discharges. Artificial pines give the flexibility of using one purchase over many years as the leaves and trunk do not rot with time. This is financially viable and can also be considered as a safe option for most. Can the sizes be customized as well? The natural ones seldom provide this flexibility owing to their lineage, making them inherently tall. While some households can afford these towering options, most need to cut down on the natural lengths making the structure fall out of place. This is where artificial pines can help. They come along in various sizes, suited for every household and occasion. One can also choose the colors depending upon the home décor and tones used for the walls. Artificial trees help in contrasting the interiors, thus effectively glorifying the interiors. Be it the home or the office cabins, an artificial pine can help add to the panache of the interiors, thus allowing option to experiment. One can purchase these and much more over the online domain namely the Commercial Silk which specializes in artificial plants and foliage options. Being easy to store, the artificial pines can help bring in the essence of the fall into the contention followed by cleaner vicinities. Cut down on the pricey options year after year by including the artificial pines and firs into the hierarchy. Sit back and add along socks to the artificial plants expecting Christmas gifts and similar bounties.

Authenticity of Our Artificial Plants & Trees

There are many companies that manufacture artificial plants and trees, and we at Commercial Silk Int'l strive to create the most authentic and realistic artificial products technology can provide.

What makes us different?


We use premium grade and the most botanically correct foliage in the market. Our foliage is treated with a special coating that gives it a more realistic feel and is easy to clean. Our UV (Ultraviolet) artificial foliage is created through a process where ultraviolet blocking chemicals are impregnated directly into the materials. We also offer optional IFR (Inherently Fire Retardant) foliage for compliance with fire code requirements.


We use the finest wood trunks from specialized harvesters that are hand selected for each tree. It allows us to combine the exact shapes needed to achieve the desired look. We have access to tree varieties not elsewhere found in the United States which provides distinctive, one-of-a-kind artificial trees. Our sculpted stems are hand made by our skilled artists to replicate authentic looking trees. Every detail from the bark texture, color and unique characteristics are expertly recreated.


We secure our trunks in PVC collars and embed them into a reinforced base which prevents deterioration. We also offer optional steel base plates that may be bolted into the floor for a permanent installation. We build custom base plates for a variety of applications and also manufacture a large selection of commercial planters that can be potted with our trees and plants for a turnkey solution.


We offer optional branch additions that increase a tree's density. Our branches have tapered tips that provide a smooth transition from branch to foliage. Branch cuts and imperfections are hand painted to blend with the stem coloration. Major stems are cabled or wired together to preserve the tree's shape.

We take pride in each and every artificial plant and tree that we make and constantly strive to produce the most realistic artificial products on the market. View our entire gallery of products.

Benefits Of Using Artificial Plants

Plants, whether live or artificial, instill a sense of tranquility and well being. The presence of greenery provides a relaxed atmosphere and creates a warm and inviting space. When artificial plants are used in combination with live plants, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two.

One of the main benefits of using artificial plants is that they are virtually pest-free. Some varieties of live plants are plagued with pests – mealybugs, scale insects, spider mites and fungus nats are all known to ravage live plants. Leaves and soil provide the food to support these pests and with artificial plants, there is no food supply, and thus, no pests.

Artificial plants also require virtually no maintenance. They require no water, sunlight or fertilizer. There are no special feeding requirements for artificial plants; only a slight dusting is required every couple months. Drafty, dark areas may be no match for a palm tree, but cold weather and low light levels are no obstacle for an artificial palm.Live plants continue to grow over time and a live ficus may eventually outgrow its space. They require special pruning and shaping to ensure the aesthetic is maintained. An artificial plant maintains its height, color and shape for years, without any effort. Artificial plants may be customized to fit with décor – an option live plants do not provide.

Artificial plants allow you to let nature in, without really having to do so.

Artificial Trees In Commercial Space
Artificial trees in commercial space.
Commercial Silk Int'l
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