Azalea Espalier Tree

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Artificial Azalea Espalier tree - adding more style to your walls

It is observed that visitor’s centric businesses or retail houses like hotels, casino, lounges or restaurants are required to be aesthetically different to gain traffic. Azalea Espalier Tree crafting technique dates back to ancient Egyptian form which currently serves the best to add texture, elegance and decoration to big corporate house and hotels at a minimal cost. Azalea Espalier is an artificial tree which is designed to exhibit a formal two-dimensional branch Espalier. The crafted Espalier tree, Silk plants at commercial silk can be utilized to beautify and enhance your corporate office’s simple walls.

Give a heavenly touch to your hotel lobbies and premises

Landscaping with Espalier tress is of great utility as it not only modifies your plain walls but do not occupy any extra space. Adorn and prettify your hotel lobby, restaurants, pool side of the hotel or lounge with the high quality silk flowers, botanically experimented replicated branches, wood trunks, decorative cherry blossom tress, and flowering trees. The Commercial Silk collection also features quality silk Wisteria trees that are specifically made to cater for your indoor use with fire retardant. The replicated Espalier tropical trees are hand-made with superior quality silk materials that appear to be marvelously heart-warming alike the real counterparts.

You get to choose from numerous attractive themes of tropical, gardenia, rainforest and lot more to set in your boutique hotel, restaurant, banquet house or big office premises for aesthetically appealing interiors and strategic architectural designs to attract more footfalls.

Benefits of Artificial Azalea Espalier tree

  • Artificial Espaliers tree when kept next to the wall reflects sunlight and restrains excessive heat throughout the night.
  • Risk free master decoration with fire retardant.
  • These trees can be crafted for indoor use with wide range of artificial foliages and for outdoor as well with artificial azalea flowers.
  • Espaliers are coated with special UV Protection and can be placed even in a tough to grow region or in an area where you want anything of maintenance free and huge.
  • Artificial Espaliers comes in plenty of colors that do not fade away with wear n tear or due to sunrays effects.
  • They are equipped with a realistic trunk that prevents them from sagging or limping with time.
  • These replica plants that are used to adorn your plain walls are manufactured with a polyethylene plastic that has been particularly formulated by inserting a chemical which prevents them from the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • These replicated trees, plants and flowers used to decorate the walls completely gives natural look and are crafted keeping in consideration of mother’s nature.
  • The aesthetically crafted artificial Azalea tree is splendidly tested for colorfastness that results in no color loss and can be measured up to 8 fts in height and 64” wide.

Transform walls with Customized commercial grade silk foliage

Replicated trees consist of fake display pieces trees, half trees, corner, plants, and wide variety of fabricated flowers that can be placed along the reception lane of a hotel or office entrance. State-of-the-art modern techniques are applied to form durable artificial trees and foliage flowers that represents natural look like one-of-a-kind customization. The faux collection of wide range of trees and flowers cater through the entire process for indoor as well as outdoor transformation needs.

Rejuvenate your outdoors with Large Azalea espalier tree

A unique Belgian fence espalier is one of its kinds that are used to cover the wall front in a creative style. The large tree branches can be elevated in any position and give the hotel entrance a divine look. Place it cross-cross or in strings is your choice, however you get numerous options to play with it.

Get pleasingly soothing faux azalea to adore your walls

Presently the outdoor Red or pink azalea bush is dominating all over hotel corridors, casino, restaurant’s receptions, office’s passageway and other commercial establishments as well. The faux azalea ferns have killed the traditional pattern of saving the soil for “natural plants” with extremely realistic looking long silk artificial plants that are suffice to add elegance to the long walls. So, if you are asking yourself of how to get a marvelous picturesque to your hotel or big commercial building walls with the least of the investment, then the concept of artificial azalea is the solution for you.

The meticulously designed azalea swirl topiary is all the rage of the time to cunningly craft the wall decoration and eliminates the need of fancy and furiously costly wall decals. The advanced technique of replicated azalea espalier has also prevented the business houses of putting on huge money and great care to their decoration. Neither you need to compromise with the beauty of your scenic premises nor need to intensely contribute towards its maintenance.

The use of artificial azalea plants with flowers for hotels could be extended to establish a beautiful hotel garden while making the area earn the capability to look a little closer to nature. This establishment literally attracts the visitors and hence encourages the footfall.

Be it your hotel lobby, restaurant reception or pool side decoration, window box you get the most marvelously dainty, tender and feathery faux Azalea Trellis that is available in green, cream and pink with green branches to enhance the hotel outdoors. The azalea ferns, petals and espalier trees are typically like that of their real counterparts. The state-of-the-art technology has overcome the limited usage of artificial azalea swirls hanging only on the portico or up to the window sill.

Why choose faux asparagus over real counterpart

  • No need to shift the plant around for adaptable temperature and sunrays.
  • UV protected Azalea artificial plants and ferns do not wither, drool or die.
  • Azalea faux bush, topiary and plants do not demand for specific fertilizers or repotting as its counterparts demand.

Replica customized Espalier for valuable decoration to hotels, casinos and restaurants

The most exotic and bushy espaliers have largely taken over the hotel lobbies, hotel reception halls, restaurants entrance while making them posing lively look with the faux espalier tree . The imitated espalier’s attracts life, vibrancy, exquisiteness and zest right from the entrance. These replicated trees can be optimally and creatively used to reception gallery at the hotels or to bring in a refreshing environment.

You get a lifelike set up with classic Espaliers in your business premises and hotels and can achieve the most desirable look for your place. The artificial crafting technology is truly wonderful to imitate the natural colors and make them look similar to the real ones. You can customize your hotel entrance, commercial corridors, and casino with the customized imitated Espalier trees that are manufactured as per order.

Why choose imitated Espalier trees

  • Designed to serve the needs of big hotels and commercial houses that adhere to safety precautions strictly.
  • Lifelike large trees to decorate vibrantly and safely as equipped with fire retardant

If you are looking to create a remarkable, unique and astounding presence to your hotel and corporate house then the elegant artificial silk plants and trees are possibly be the best choice at almost no cost. They offer hassle free handling and long life decoration.

Bougainvillea Flower Garland

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Lovely Bougainvillea and Azaleas to add some Floral Beauty to Your Homes

With the advent of latest technology, you can unquestionably relay on artificial Bougainvillea and Azaleas for all your home decors. These are certain to add floral beauty to your home thereby enhancing the ambience. Artificial plants have given a face-lift to the interior and exterior landscaping market. Being artificial, these plants don’t necessitate any sunlight, watering, pest control and fertilizers. Latest research brought in artificial plants that also fire retardant. They preserve their shine and prolong to be gorgeous for a quite long period. They are also easy to clean and very easy to maintain. One need not be surprised that they are so catchy to the eyes that it will appear as live plants.

Artificial floras and flowers do not shed leaves or do not shrink and are completely immune to change of weather conditions. They are light weight and hence can be easily move around or can be easily transported. They do not require soil or organic materials and do not generate any kind of aroma. These non living plants do not alter the environment in any manner; they do not inhale carbon dioxide or exhale oxygen. They natural-looking and life-like with eye-catching flowers will suit any spot in your home easily. The installation do not require any kind of plan sanctions, you can rearrange them according to your style and interior settings. The moment you book them online, you will get it and place them accordingly. You do not need to employ any one to take care of them. Just see that they are dust free and they can show their true themes and colors to the admiration of one and all.

Background of Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a kind of thorny decorative vines, bushes, and trees. They are inhabitant plants of South America. They grow something from 3 feet to 30 feet height and have pointed thorns. The colors of the flowers of this plant are white, pink, magenta and many more. Bougainvilleas are trendy patterned plants in most areas with humid climatic conditions. In frost-In cooler climatic countries they can be used as a indoor plant or hanging basket. For warm climates, it makes a superb warm season plant, and has excellent tolerable drought conditions, which makes it perfect. It has long curved spiky branches bear heart-shaped leaves.

Depending on the variety, the growth rate of bougainvilleas differs from slow to swift. They are likely to flower in all seasons of the year in equatorial regions but for other regions, they are seasonal, with blossom cycles generally ranges from four to six weeks. They cultivate best in dry soil with good sun shine and once they are established, need little water. In fact excessive watering is harmful to them.

Background of Azaleas

Azaleas are flowering bushes in the type Rhododendron. They blossom in spring season, and their flowers mostly endure for several weeks. They are indigenous to numerous continents like Asia, Europe and North America. In Chinese tradition, the azalea is known as "thinking of home bush". It is also one of the symbols of the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. Apart from well-known for its splendor, the Azalea is extremely toxic.

Artificial Bougainvillea

  • Silk Bougainvillea is colorful plant manufactured with Bougainvillea flowers. They can be manufactured to your size and specifications. In general, silk Bougainvillea is used by charming fabricators and stylish in plant and bush types for interior decors. Bougainvillea flowers come with wide range of colors like purple, pink and yellow shades.
  • Artificial Bougainvillea plant stems are budding with artificial Bougainvillea pink flowers. Stems come with purple, red and orange colors. Artificial Bougainvillea plant types, such as flowers, trees, vines, flower provisions and plants are created with the blooming Bougainvillea stems. Customized sizes can be manufactured as per the desires of the home maker.

Artificial Hanging Home Decors for Interior

Artificial hanging plants are one of the latest invasive in home decor. With wide selection and made of sustained quality silk, they look so natural. By suspending in the air or ceiling, they look gorgeous and the beauty of flowers can be seen with great enthusiasm. They are sturdy too and won’t wear out so easily. Putting up a lively bang of color is certainly a great welcome in tactical places in your home. A bright pink bougainvillea flower basket will perhaps suit you the most. Artificial Bougainvillea Hanging Plant in basket is appealing floral display. They are balanced by the flora which makes this appearance very elegant. By using them in your home you will have a graceful delicate and bright touch to your crown.

Artificial Azaleas

  • Artificial Azalea flowers explode with colors around and are a pleasant enhancive touch when positioned on the floors or on your drawing room desktop. The artificial Azaleas come in a various colors like Pink White, and White and they are sure to give a nice variation of color and also extra strike to your home decor.
  • Artificial Azalea garland, a well finished and dazzlingly colored, looks real-like. Grand for home or venue beautification like wedding, shop, restaurant, office, etc exceptionally suitable for both indoor uses, creating a friendly ambience. You can use them as door hangers also as an alternative to using costly decorators.
  • Silk Azaleas bush are lively with pulsating colors for indoor decors. They add instantaneous majesty anywhere. You can put them in a flowerpot or on the floor and they will glow for the entire year.
  • A note worthy point is only a few flowers can compete the attractiveness of the Azalea. They can project the beauty very elegantly and your pleasure is assured. Skilled professionals will be able to offer excellence standard Artificial Azalea Plant. These plants have multi heads and are comes with different striking colors to meet the varied choices of the customers. These plants can also be customized to suit the thinking of the home makers.

Occasions to use these Artificial Plants and Flowers

You can always relay on artificial plants and flowers, irrespective of the nature of occasion, whether it is exceptional occasion or celebratory season. Do you want to say “Thank You” or “Love You” to your prized dear, pack it with amazing which would be remembered for years rather than days or weeks? Do it with artificial flowers! With utmost quality silk plants and flowers presents you household beautifications and garlands ideal for all occasion and situation. From artificial stuff they have sympathy flowers, Christmas bouquets to bridal flowers, synthetic palm trees; they have the largest collection of handsome artificial plants for all the extraordinary events and your beloved persons in your life. With economical synthetic vegetation and customary deals which will delight your decor and not your pocket, these artificial flowers offer high quality stuff. They are sure to imprint in the minds of people who spend lot of time indoors and can act as a great relaxant also.

For all the home makers, who want to décor their homes with less expensive, Bougainvillea and Azaleas artificial flowers comes as a boon. Home makers can win the heart of their guests with complete satisfaction and can boast of their homes.

The benefits of going artificial with your landscape

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In a world where being “real” is the most special trait a person can possess, it is weird for us to think of going the alternate route as being better and more effective. Social media has made our world far more connected, but also far less appealing when it comes to seeing the dark sides of some people through the internet. Times have changed and with an era where shows like “Catfish” dominate reality TV it is hard to think of anything less than “real” being okay. When it comes to your home landscape or office plant decor, being artificial is becoming more and more the right choice. With our world’s water source being depleted and environmental changes happening year in and year out, having fake plants may be the more safe and by far the least expensive solution. Using artificial plants will make it so they work you actually put into your landscape project is less than what it would be if you were planting real plants. This is because artificial hedges, topiaries, flowers, bushes, etc. are all ready to use outdoors and easy to maintain. There is no need for water and there is absolutely no need for sunlight to make them appear just the same as their authentic counterpart. When it comes to building a landscape that is both manageable and less resource heavy, artificial plants is definitely the way to go.

At Commercial Silk International we build all varieties of artificial plant products, from faux boxwood hedges to fake sago palm trees and we craft them to the exact specifications you need, or what is most life-like. From single ball to triple ball topiaries we can make any landscape look like a garden found on the footsteps of a European castle. This is why many customers swear by our expertise and love coming back for more of the same quality and consistency we provide. Creating artificial hedge landscapes that are built to last and have have everlasting appeal is something we have been doing for many years, and we are proud to say that with a growing market you can reap the benefits of our expertise in faux landscape design.

A huge benefit of using artificial boxwood, juniper, azalea, ivy, or any other of our numerous hedge varieties is that you can have it customized in an infinite amount of ways. It does not matter what size project you are working on, with artificial hedge products it can be done easily and to your specific needs. A good example of this is when you have a project where there is a unique design being presented, that takes a lot of special detail and an artist's touch. Doing those sort of projects with authentic boxwood foliage would require a constant amount of pruning and upkeep just to maintain the same design as was there initially. In all reality, with authentic landscape design the amount of work to maintain a high level of detail is very costly and for some people and even businesses this just is not worth that. There will always be a stigma where having the “real” thing is better, and is many causes that is surely warranted. We at Commercial Silk International feel that since our world is ever changing and people need more of their resources towards other endeavors artificial landscaping when it comes to faux hedges, topiaries, and large trees is something that is both feasible and worth it. The ease of having the option to custom artificial boxwood products into any design or shape is very appealing to many, and the fact that continue to hold that shape for years on end is a huge bonus.

A lot of interior designers or architects for large commercial projects feel as though artificial hedge products are great as an idea, but with laws on fire codes and horror stories of what these plastics do when caught on fire they become scared to actually take the step. Commercial Silk International recognizes these fears, and we have gone so far to get in touch with the people affected in those stories and learn as much as we can about what products were used and how it could have been prevented. We are proud to say that our products have never been involved in these instances, and that is because we have developed a sound method for making sure that our products do not respond dramatically to fire. ThermaLeaf is our specific blend of chemicals that are used to combat these fire outbreaks, and at request you can have these imbedded in your artificial boxwood products so you can abide by the fire laws and be safe. This proprietary blend is more common for large scale projects with lots of foliage in a confined area, if you are homeowner just looking for a few plants indoors or outdoors you will not need this as much, but it is always an option to give you peace of mind.

For your outdoor products whether you are homeowner or interior designer, we have created a chemical formula to help protect your faux hedge products against the elements. With PermaLeaf blend chemicals in your products you can have all the benefits of artificial hedges while knowing the shape, colors, and detail will remain the same regardless of what weather throws at it. This technology ensures you have a long-lasting product that will not fade or be diminished in artistic integrity. With PermaLeaf you can be sure that the faux hedge you buy are going to be just as extraordinary as the day you bought them for season after season.

As you can clearly see, the benefits of artificial boxwood hedge products is ultimately limitless. They require zero maintenance, provide never-ending appeal, and can be built to be any shape, size, or design you need. When looking at the pros and cons it is easy to see that for the authentic product you will have a lot more on your hands, with much less peace of mind. If we are being “real” the only reason to not go with artificial hedge products is because you just have not understood the simple facts. Going with fake plant products sounds worse than it is, and at Commercial Silk International we have built products that seemingly are as “real” as they can be.

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