Beautiful Bougainvilleas

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Beautiful Bougainvilleas to create fantastic fairy tale landscape themes

Bougainvilleas are beautiful creepers that bear beautiful flowers that are visual treats. Put your creativity to the test and you will be able to create decorations so mesmerizing they will take your customers' breath away. As these are creepers, it is easy to grow these in the shape and direction you would prefer. Thus, one can come up with great creative ideas and use these bougainvilleas to their full potential.

The flowers of these beautiful bougainvilleas fall periodically and the after clean up is literally a headache. They need to be pest free if they need to grow to their glory. But over consumption of pesticides risk in the plant not being healthy and the color of these flowers may be compromised. The other risk factors included in these may be:

  • Can Catch fire
  • Takes a whole season to grow out after falling
  • Fading of colors in flowers and leaves is visible due to pollution and dust
  • Will consume a lot of time for their maintenance
  • The expenditure would be high and not affordable by many

Don't let these hamper your decision of having the scenic beauty offered by these plants. Yes, you can have best of both worlds. Here, artificial botany can come to your rescue.

Artificial Bougainvillea and Their Specialities

Synthetic bougainvillea make great substitutes to real plants in the sense that the color of the flowers are beautifully retained and there is no fear constant falling of these plants. They can then be designed to the desired style.

They come in various colors to choose from and can be thus used accordingly as decorations.


Bougainvillea are native plants from South America. They are pest free to some extent but suffer from worms, snails and aphids.

Philbert Commercon was the first European to describe the bougainvillea. They were introduced to Europe in the early 1900s and then in nurseries in France and England.

Use of Fabricated Bougainvillea

Artificial bougainvillea can be used to its full potential if one really puts their entire mind to it. Imagine having to create exterior landscapes with these customizable plants. The variety offered can be used to their optimum features and create scenic and exciting landscape themes.

In malls, casinos, restaurant outdoors, one can generate fairytale landscapes. Various scenes from actual fairy tales can be visually brought to live.

These arrangements would remain intact regardless of the season, and minimal or no maintenance. This gives the designer an upper edge and he is allowed to experiment in countless ways.

Scenes from classic fairy tales can be enacted oh, so beautifully. You are given the freedom to create wondrous faux gardens. They can contain bougainvillea arch entrances, a complex maze, where your visitors would love to spend time and be enthralled.

The variants in fabricated bougainvillea plants include hot pink, orchid, yellow, purple, tangerine colored flowers. These bougainvilleas need not just be climbers. Vines and bushes are also available that further beautify your landscape.

These faux plants are made out of silk and have fire resistant capabilities. This is a major advantage as compared to real plants as the risk of fire is at all all time high near live plants. Having synthetic plants will not further trigger a fire and save a lot of lives and property.

Artificial bougainvillea need not just be used externally. They can be used internally as wall decorations, arch entrances, wall corner bushes. The smaller versions can be used on your office desks, decks of the waiting room area, hotel suite rooms, balcony decorations, you name it! You are only limited by your creative abilities.

These bougainvillea provide to your workspace the feel of natural serenity and your space would hence be the perfect combination of modern technology and natural beauty. Placing the hot pink colored fabricated bougainvillea will go well with light themed wallpapers and furniture as well.

Benefits of Faux Bougainvillea

One can prepare huge and beautiful exterior landscapes with these plantations. There will be no fear of the regular clean up that is to be done usually, after the flowers of these real plants fall. There will be no headache of mess.

There is no extra expenditure of water and pesticides with use of these plants. A lot of capital is saved and the issue of water depletion due to unnecessary wants also is catered to. For a company that is just starting out and is worried about not having the perfect look due to lack of capital, faux botany is the perfect and remedial solution.

They go well in any setting. These plants can be used in external landscapes or indoors. There are a lot of options one can choose from in terms of sizes, colors, designs and types. These can be used to create external landscapes so beautiful that even the passerby on the street would be enchanted.

They will almost always be intact and prim & proper for their adhesives are strong and wont be damaged even after being tampered with. Hence, they make excellent decorations in children play areas and will certainly delight and amaze them. They won't only enthrall children, but adults too would be fascinated.

There will be minimal risk of infection from insects and pests and hence makes them the ideal choice for all environments. Your clients and contractors would be immensely impressed by your decision making abilities at the first glance of your work space itself.

Having real plants around can incur great losses in terms of maintenance and usability. Faux bougainvillea plantations are the ultimate solution to this issue, handing the upper edge to us humans. This beautiful form of botany may be implemented in various designs and the different types available only further accelerate man's creativity to its fullest.

Bougainvillea Flower Garland

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Lovely Bougainvillea and Azaleas to add some Floral Beauty to Your Homes

With the advent of latest technology, you can unquestionably relay on artificial Bougainvillea and Azaleas for all your home decors. These are certain to add floral beauty to your home thereby enhancing the ambience. Artificial plants have given a face-lift to the interior and exterior landscaping market. Being artificial, these plants don’t necessitate any sunlight, watering, pest control and fertilizers. Latest research brought in artificial plants that also fire retardant. They preserve their shine and prolong to be gorgeous for a quite long period. They are also easy to clean and very easy to maintain. One need not be surprised that they are so catchy to the eyes that it will appear as live plants.

Artificial floras and flowers do not shed leaves or do not shrink and are completely immune to change of weather conditions. They are light weight and hence can be easily move around or can be easily transported. They do not require soil or organic materials and do not generate any kind of aroma. These non living plants do not alter the environment in any manner; they do not inhale carbon dioxide or exhale oxygen. They natural-looking and life-like with eye-catching flowers will suit any spot in your home easily. The installation do not require any kind of plan sanctions, you can rearrange them according to your style and interior settings. The moment you book them online, you will get it and place them accordingly. You do not need to employ any one to take care of them. Just see that they are dust free and they can show their true themes and colors to the admiration of one and all.

Background of Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a kind of thorny decorative vines, bushes, and trees. They are inhabitant plants of South America. They grow something from 3 feet to 30 feet height and have pointed thorns. The colors of the flowers of this plant are white, pink, magenta and many more. Bougainvilleas are trendy patterned plants in most areas with humid climatic conditions. In frost-In cooler climatic countries they can be used as a indoor plant or hanging basket. For warm climates, it makes a superb warm season plant, and has excellent tolerable drought conditions, which makes it perfect. It has long curved spiky branches bear heart-shaped leaves.

Depending on the variety, the growth rate of bougainvilleas differs from slow to swift. They are likely to flower in all seasons of the year in equatorial regions but for other regions, they are seasonal, with blossom cycles generally ranges from four to six weeks. They cultivate best in dry soil with good sun shine and once they are established, need little water. In fact excessive watering is harmful to them.

Background of Azaleas

Azaleas are flowering bushes in the type Rhododendron. They blossom in spring season, and their flowers mostly endure for several weeks. They are indigenous to numerous continents like Asia, Europe and North America. In Chinese tradition, the azalea is known as "thinking of home bush". It is also one of the symbols of the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. Apart from well-known for its splendor, the Azalea is extremely toxic.

Artificial Bougainvillea

  • Silk Bougainvillea is colorful plant manufactured with Bougainvillea flowers. They can be manufactured to your size and specifications. In general, silk Bougainvillea is used by charming fabricators and stylish in plant and bush types for interior decors. Bougainvillea flowers come with wide range of colors like purple, pink and yellow shades.
  • Artificial Bougainvillea plant stems are budding with artificial Bougainvillea pink flowers. Stems come with purple, red and orange colors. Artificial Bougainvillea plant types, such as flowers, trees, vines, flower provisions and plants are created with the blooming Bougainvillea stems. Customized sizes can be manufactured as per the desires of the home maker.

Artificial Hanging Home Decors for Interior

Artificial hanging plants are one of the latest invasive in home decor. With wide selection and made of sustained quality silk, they look so natural. By suspending in the air or ceiling, they look gorgeous and the beauty of flowers can be seen with great enthusiasm. They are sturdy too and won’t wear out so easily. Putting up a lively bang of color is certainly a great welcome in tactical places in your home. A bright pink bougainvillea flower basket will perhaps suit you the most. Artificial Bougainvillea Hanging Plant in basket is appealing floral display. They are balanced by the flora which makes this appearance very elegant. By using them in your home you will have a graceful delicate and bright touch to your crown.

Artificial Azaleas

  • Artificial Azalea flowers explode with colors around and are a pleasant enhancive touch when positioned on the floors or on your drawing room desktop. The artificial Azaleas come in a various colors like Pink White, and White and they are sure to give a nice variation of color and also extra strike to your home decor.
  • Artificial Azalea garland, a well finished and dazzlingly colored, looks real-like. Grand for home or venue beautification like wedding, shop, restaurant, office, etc exceptionally suitable for both indoor uses, creating a friendly ambience. You can use them as door hangers also as an alternative to using costly decorators.
  • Silk Azaleas bush are lively with pulsating colors for indoor decors. They add instantaneous majesty anywhere. You can put them in a flowerpot or on the floor and they will glow for the entire year.
  • A note worthy point is only a few flowers can compete the attractiveness of the Azalea. They can project the beauty very elegantly and your pleasure is assured. Skilled professionals will be able to offer excellence standard Artificial Azalea Plant. These plants have multi heads and are comes with different striking colors to meet the varied choices of the customers. These plants can also be customized to suit the thinking of the home makers.

Occasions to use these Artificial Plants and Flowers

You can always relay on artificial plants and flowers, irrespective of the nature of occasion, whether it is exceptional occasion or celebratory season. Do you want to say “Thank You” or “Love You” to your prized dear, pack it with amazing which would be remembered for years rather than days or weeks? Do it with artificial flowers! With utmost quality silk plants and flowers presents you household beautifications and garlands ideal for all occasion and situation. From artificial stuff they have sympathy flowers, Christmas bouquets to bridal flowers, synthetic palm trees; they have the largest collection of handsome artificial plants for all the extraordinary events and your beloved persons in your life. With economical synthetic vegetation and customary deals which will delight your decor and not your pocket, these artificial flowers offer high quality stuff. They are sure to imprint in the minds of people who spend lot of time indoors and can act as a great relaxant also.

For all the home makers, who want to décor their homes with less expensive, Bougainvillea and Azaleas artificial flowers comes as a boon. Home makers can win the heart of their guests with complete satisfaction and can boast of their homes.

Make Your Building the Client’s Delight With Artificial Bougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas hspace= Bougainvilleas are a vine species that are the native to South America. Near the flowers, these plants grow flower like spring leaves. Reported to grow to a height of anywhere between 3 to 40 feet tall, these vines have spiky thorn all over them. The tip of the thorn has a black wax like substance on it and typically anywhere between 4 to 18 species in the genus are officially accepted by authors. The plants flower is a tiny white one that is surrounded by colorful and vibrant bracts. Each flower has either 3 or 6 papery and thin bracts surrounding it and the bracts are found in shades of purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and white. However, tending to real Bougainvillea flowers can be an absolute nightmare. Thus, incorporating these faux and life like Bougainvillea flowers is a delightful treat.

Bursts of Majestic Colors in Your Landscape
The bracts of the faux Bougainvillea are so breathtakingly vibrant that they bring a burst of spring in their surroundings. Available in the most stunning and resonant colors, these flowers are ideal for all settings. From placing them in your window box, to adding them to the landscape of your restaurant, incorporating them in residential, commercial and government buildings, these flowers have a tasteful and elegant appeal to them. A large number of developers and builders are now adding window boxes filled with stunning and cascading artificial Bougainvillea to their constructions. Each window has a window box filled with these mesmerizing flowers, giving the building a mystical and magical tune to it.

Benefits of adding faux Bougainvillea to your landscape:

  • The majestic poise and vibrant colors of the bougainvillea add a sophisticated and darling vibe to the surroundings that it is placed in.

  • Cleverly crafted with fire resistant materials, these artificial botanical products can withstand a fire.

  • Another great benefit of incorporating faux bougainvillea flowers into your landscape is that the thorns of the faux flowers will not hurt or harm anyone

  • The artificial bougainvillea remain unaffected by pests, insects, worms and snails

  • Adding these artificial botanical products to your landscape reduces your monthly expenses as they do not require skilled experts constantly tending to them.

  • These UV protected and water resistant artificial botanical products are suited for both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping as they remain unfazed by strong sunlight and rain.

  • Being artificial, the flowers can be adjusted and re-adjusted as per the users’ requirements. The position and placement of the flowers can be changed as per need.

  • A sudden, drastic and unexpected change in weather will not leave the artificial bougainvillea plant and flowers withered

  • Unlike the real bougainvillea flowers, the faux flowers are permanent and blossom 365 days a year.

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