Answered! What Makes Csilk's Artificial Boxwoods Such Landscaping Marvels?

Artificial boxwood

Must you be planning something grand for the landscape decor of the new exotic resort you are inaugurating? Do you want to floor all your clients and customers with some unique kind of decor?? If this is your scenario, then you must hire the best landscape designers in the industry to do up the exterior as well the interior landscape decoration. Though it can be quite challenging to use apt as well as smart decor items, which can be super appealing and can able to build up an instant connection with the visitors to your property.

Introducing nature in the form of decor items in every corner of the landscapes and blending it correctly with the entire atmosphere can be quite impressive. Any big or small plants or trees can bring in that needed positiveness in the landscape decor, which can be equally desirable for the staff working in your resort for some added enthusiasm. But, growing these real plants in any form like shrubs, creepers or even topiaries is very difficult, and requires you to invest additional money in hiring their caretakers.

Hence, it would be perfect to get an alternative solution in the form of artificial botanical products, which will carry the same appeal as the real ones. These faux landscaping items like fake boxwoods if placed near the entrance gate of a sprawling corporate office or five-star hotels in any shape or form can get the look you want in your landscapes.

The replica of the original botanical products like boxwood mats or tiles is considered a perfect alternative. Why?

The owners of luxurious properties prefer landscape decor items, which will require less time and money for its upkeep and in spite of being attractive will never ask for strict maintenance regime. The other reasons supporting the addition of these artificial plants or trees as landscape decor items are explained below:-

●    The fake boxwood topiaries or boxwood tiles look as good as new, no matter how harsh the weather conditions are. The real plans can never survive without their suitable conditions.

●    Trimming, cutting, shaping or pruning is never required in the case of these artificial landscaping products for maintaining their look. While the live ones will ask you to follow these regimes to maintain their healthy appearance. 

●    Water can be completely saved, and no requirement of sunlight is necessary for these faux beauties. On the other hand, these are the basic needs of real plants and trees.

●    The replica of the original boxwood items is manufactured in such a way, that they never attract any bugs or bacterial infection. These problems are common for live ones, and thus, you need to buy good insecticides and fertilizers on a regular basis.

●    These artificial landscaping products are 100% durable and are a one-time investment. Dying and decaying is quite common for real botanical items.

From where can you source these fake boxwood windows for infusing added life in your exterior and interior landscapes?

The company which has maintained its number one slot in manufacturing the best available quality of fake botanical foliage is none other than Commercial Silk Int’l. Any trees and plants. Small or big, in floral types, hanging types or even in boxwood form can be found in their exclusive collection. Since, 1986, it has been working and improving on its quality of products for decking up luxurious properties like huge shopping malls, corporate offices, theme parks or even any five-star hotels.

Compared to other available forms of faux botanical items, the fake foliage manufactured by this company is of top quality. The appearance of these fake items is so real that even after staring at them for a long time, you cannot make out any difference. This becomes possible due to the rare manufacturing team that the company possesses, which consists of best architects, botanists, graphic designers and even engineers?

These items can transform any landscapes into a lively one, no matter where they are kept. Customers with single piece requirement and also having wholesale requirement are entertained by the company. The landscape designing part can also be handled by the company if someone requires that. Just visit the official website of the company and contact them, the installation of the products are also taken care by the company experts.

What are unique characteristics possessed by the faux landscaping products like boxwood mats from Commercial Silk Int’l?

Excellent craftsmanship and high quality of silk are used in creating these fake botanical beauties. The following reasons make these replica items invincible:-

●    The surface of these items is impregnated with fire retardant chemicals, to save them from any fire-related accidents.

●    For saving them from any color fading caused by harsh weather conditions and UV rays, they are also impregnated with the permaleaf technology.

●    Only 100% non-toxic chemicals are used in their manufacturing process. This quality makes them safe for any interior landscapes, especially restaurants.

●    The items are extremely lightweight and can be moved anywhere without any problem.


What makes the boxwood tiles, topiaries or windows from Commercial Silk Int’l a must have of decorating your interior and exterior landscapes of any luxurious properties?

Unique decor items having some x-factor are always considered first while decking up the landscapes of casinos, multi-specialty hospitals or even any large boutique resort for attracting customers. This is only possible if you order the fake boxwood items from Commercial Silk Int’l in any shape, size, and form. 

The products are a favorite with every leading landscape designers and architects for its extreme lifelike appearance and premium quality. The boxwood items found in their collection or any other type of tropical trees, bonsais or even large trees can be customized completely.

The importance of boxwood foliage

Boxwood Topiary (Exterior) hspace=

In today’s blog entry we will discuss the importance boxwood foliage has on landscaping. Boxwood has been a staple in the landscape community for centuries. Dating all the way back to the medieval days, boxwood can be seen on the lawns of many high-born palaces and castles. This has trickled down to boxwood being found in many celebrities homes on the inside and outside. It has also gone so far as to being predominantly found on the red carpet of many award shows. When watching the Grammy's or Emmy's next time make sure to keep an eye out for greenery. More likely than not it will be a boxwood foliage decorating the area and used as a backdrop for all those pictures being taken. Even at sporting events you will find boxwood being used as a decor piece. The U.S. open and European Soccer events use boxwood a lot in their pre-game and postgame warm-up areas. A lot of this is due to the calming presence boxwood is able to bring through its traditional yet modern appeal. To go along with modern appeal, many fashion designers and fashion companies use boxwood foliage for their displays and events. Fashion is always one step ahead of trends, and the fact that the use of boxwood is so rampant among those inner circles speaks volumes to the impact this foliage can have. You will see more and more boxwood foliage I’m sure just after reading this entry, and that is because it will be on your mind plus it is almost everywhere. Most of the time in the examples we just went over authentic boxwood was used. Now authentic boxwood is great because one, it’s real. Secondly, it is very dense and that is hard to replicate many times especially with larger boxwood hedges and walls. Authentic boxwood can also be poisonous and dangerous for many pets including dogs, cats, and especially horses who will begin to graze on it until it is too late. Real boxwood foliage can also have a mind of its own in terms of growth which makes it extremely difficult to maintain. With all that being said you can tell how people would like an alternative to the real thing, if it can be just as real. When looking at artificial boxwood it is clear to see that it is just as real, while providing even more benefits to what is already a great product. Artificial boxwood is a long-lasting solution to authentic plants who have a very short life. Yes, you can keep plants healthy and full of growth for many years but the cost of doing that will be enormous. From the labor involved in pruning, watering, and trimming the plant you are looking at thousands of dollars spent and even more in the sweat of the individuals doing the work. With artificial boxwood hedges the only maintenance that is truly required is when you first set up your landscape. After that, there is nothing that really needs to be done. The foliage maintains itself and you may want to ruffle it out from time to time, but besides that there is quite honestly nothing more that needs to be done. As you can see that is one of the biggest benefits for having faux boxwood foliage used in commercial and residential settings. With authentic foliage the work alone would be too much to bear for a single household, especially if it is used in a large landscape design. For commercial buildings or businesses looking to use this as a decoration piece for both indoors and outdoors, the maintenance can be very costly Artificial boxwood means that you are freed from those burdens and can enjoy the presence of your products without the hassle. Artificial boxwood foliage is also extremely realistic, so for all the naysayers who think that authentic is the only option… Think again. We at Commercial Silk International have been perfecting our foliage for 30+ years and it is shown in our life-like foliage material. There are highly skilled botanists on staff who are well versed in everything related to the plants. From the petiole to the blade we have the crafted a near perfect replica of the authentic foliage especially made for you to place in your landscape. Realism is very important to many of the people who decide to buy our products, but protection is also a main concern when people look into switching to artificial plants. That is why we have come up with innovative technologies to help protect your plants for the long haul. Artificial plants already inherently come with standard protection against UV rays, but there is no guarantee and when you are placing these products in states like Texas and Florida it can fade rather quickly. That is why PermaLeaf® is used in many of the products we build for outdoor use. PermaLeaf® is our proprietary blend of chemicals that are used to protect these plants from virtually anything weather throws at it. If you live in the bitter cold you made be worried about the foliage becoming brittle in extreme temperatures. With this blend of chemicals that is no longer an issue. If you are worried about the fading of material when exposed to intense sunlight and height, then stop. PermaLeaf® is a trusted and well respected technology that has been used for products sold to big companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Bass Pro Shop. Another patented technology we can provide to you while you are going through the design process is ThermaLeaf®. With ThermaLeaf® the artificial foliage and plants you purchase become fire-retardant. What does that mean? Well every state has their own set of fire codes and we have come up with a technology that makes it easy for these to be passed. ThermaLeaf® can be added to any foliage to make it inherently fire-retardant, which means it will continue to be safe in the event of a fire outbreak. Artificial plants that lack this technology will burst into flames, and potentially cause more damage than was originally intended. This is why ThermaLeaf® is highly recommended for anyone who plans on using artificial plants indoors.

Art and Artificial boxwood hedges

As we continue to look at boxwood hedges we will see more and more how they can be used to create wonderful pieces of art in lawns, entryways, and large gardens. Many famous landscape designers from throughout the world, especially Europe, have been able to craft marvelous masterpieces and made way for many of our design techniques as a company today. Throughout history authentic boxwood foliage has been shaped to create spectacles for royalty to look upon, and as time has past more and more people have been able to enjoy it. In this entry we will look at different gardens and famous attractions that use boxwood foliage, and then explain how you can create the same design with artificial boxwood hedges. This will be both a learning experiencing in terms of history, and in terms of understanding how artificial foliage can be beneficial when creating a landscape work of art.

1. Belgian Gardens

Belgian Gardens hspace=

This Belgian garden was done by the hands of a famous artist, Jacques Wirtz, a well known name in European society and all landscapers alike. His design firm has been in business since 1950 and they have grown their reputation to that of none other in the Belgian area. His two sons now manage the firm but he is still a very integral part of the operation. They use extreme detail when choosing their plants for a design and the pruning/grooming process is a long drawn out ordeal to ensure absolute perfection. As you can see in the photo above, he is truly one of a kind when it comes to landscape design. This hedges are defined as “cloud forms” because of the way they billow out and are round like what you may see in the sky. Some may think it would be an easy task making spherical shapes out of boxwood, but that is far from the truth. One project done by Jacques Wirtz and his firm took almost 40 years and is his most famous one to date, the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. These authentic boxwood hedges are created into beautiful works of art but they do not have to be limited to just the real thing. As we will explain later in the blog, artificial boxwood hedges can be crafted in the exact same way with many extra benefits on top of it.

2. Beckley Park

Beckley Park hspace=

Beckley Park is one of the more famous sites that features a wide array of different hedge sculptures since it’s inception in 1540. Located in England it has been a spectacle for people to visit and admire the landscaping that has been maintained for hundreds of years. Inside the fort, you will find all assortments of different boxwood hedges formed into any shape you can imagine. Reflecting back to previous blog entries about how boxwood foliage is a great tool for photos and celebrity events, Beckley Park is known for being mainly used as a film location and for fashion photography. An interesting note, one of the Harry Potter movies used this location as an opening scene! The amount of detail and work that still goes on to maintain this landscape is astounding and can only be that much harder with real boxwood foliage. There are numerous amounts of varying shapes and animals made into boxwood hedges, and that uniqueness makes Beckley Place a huge attraction. We will see later how this can all be done a lot simpler and easier artificial boxwood foliage, but let us first take a look into one more unique garden and how they have utilized hedges.

3. Fingask Castle

Fingask_Castle hspace=

This enchanted garden is located in Scotland and is one of the most interesting landscape pieces in the world. The original castle itself was built in 1952 and since then it has been added to consistently to create the masterpiece it is today. Referring only to the picture, it is clear to see why this location is a prime spot for people to get photos taken from weddings to prom. The topiaries you see in the picture are actually made of a foliage we have not discussed in the blog, yew. Yew trees hail from all different parts of the world but are more commonly found in European countries. Looking at the design of the yew topiaries themselves, you can see it is more abstract negating defined lines and that plays well with the rugged landscape that Scotland has. If you were to look at the rest of the garden you would see a variety of topiaries made from other foliages like holly and boxwood. There are rose gardens that are surrounded by these unique designs and overall it truly is an enchanting landscape design with a lot of artistic touch thrown in throughout the years.

All the above examples featured live foliage and living plants, which during those times was all that was available. With modern technology we at Commercial Silk International have developed an ever lasting product that is just as real and even better than what is considered authentic. You can shape our product to be the exact shapes as shown above, or create something new and contemporary to go along with the current aesthetic. Even though it is dated as far as the 1500s, boxwood hedges are still as classy as ever. Our artificial boxwood hedges will provide the same amount of class without requiring the regular maintenance and care that goes into live plants. We also have special formulas that we can add to the exterior leaves of your product to make it last in the weather, and make it more resistant to fires. With more and more people looking to save on costs pertaining to water and cut back on energy usage, artificial foliage is becoming more and more the trend. As we move into a world that is more conscious on sustainability it is important to note these new technologies and try to use them as much as possible. Like said before, everything seen above can be used just as effectively and even more effectively with faux boxwood foliage. Get in touch with us today to talk to one of our highly skilled project managers.

How to pick the right artificial boxwood topiary

Boxwood Mat Foliage hspace=

In this in blog we will look into the different types of topiaries and how Commercial Silk International makes it easy for you to choose the right fux foliage for each one. In a lot of previous blog posts we have focused solely on fake boxwood hedges, and that is because they are a very popular item among interior designers and homeowners alike. However, we don’t just sell fake boxwood and we are apt at creating virtually any landscape piece out of artificial foliage. Palm trees are another topic we will tackle later on as it is another one of our big sellers. Artificial topiaries are great when used as decoration pieces in any type of setting and landscape. With our expertise you can create a perfect faux topiary to fit into your design, as well as knowing that it will be the most realistic option available without going 100% authentic. With authentic foliage, especially with topiaries, it takes constraint maintaining to keep it’s original shape. If you have multiple of these gracing your garden or interior space, hiring outside might be required to just keep up with the constant growth. That is why more and more people are choosing to move to artificial topiaries and their life-like foliage, it is impervious to the harsh weather and requires no maintenance whatsoever.. Let us go into the specific topiary types and talk about how they fit for each landscape.

Ball topiaries

Artificial ball topiaries are a very common piece that can add a lot of style to any space it is placed in, since it is a recognizable and easily complements other parts within a garden design. When looking at using boxwood balls within a design it is crucial to understand the size and shape you need to make an everlasting impression. Also, you need to then figure out how many of these pieces are needed for the design. For many designs that involve artificial boxwood balls you will have a bunch of these small to medium sized topiaries next to each other to create a “bumpy” look. This allows for more space to have an herb garden or vegetable patch included within your design, if you were to space the faux topiary balls out throughout the garden then you would indefinitely have less space for those necessities. As a common decoration piece, faux boxwood balls are great additions to any space. Hopefully these tidbits help you as you contemplate the wide varieties of artificial topiaries available here at Commercial Silk International.

Spiral topiaries

These are the topiaries that have been gaining much attention the past few years, because they are unique and are exude more of a modern vibe. With these topiaries you can bring a more sophisticated look to the space without leaving the modern era. The faux spiral topiaries we create have endless amounts of possibilities when it comes to the actual design, we create them in a variety of ways with a variety of foliage so there is always something new and exciting. For our specific artificial boxwood topiaries we can craft them in a trimmed look that definitely leaves you with a more professional look as they are formed perfectly to your size requirements. The other options is more haphazard but with that leaves you with a more relaxed setting. Another popular topiary piece that is spiralled is made with cedar foliage. We have not talked about this variety much in depth so far, and that is because it is not as common and only really used when customers are certain of the foliage they are looking for. In this case with topiaries, cedar tends to be a very common foliage variety that can be used in many different settings. Artificial spiral topiaries are just one of the many varieties that can be used to make any landscape come to life and whatever your size or shape we can make it to your exact needs.

Cone topiaries

Another famous topiary variety is the cone topiary,which can be made out of anything from regular faux boxwood to exuberant white azalea. Cone topiaries are pretty simple, just a cone shaped out of any foliage you prefer and made to your specific dimensions. The size and shape is what really makes the topiary unique, so if you are having a more formal design then something skinny and slender would be of good use. That is because modern landscape design favors simplicity and minimalistic qualities, both found in within tall skinny cone. For a more robust design that you are trying to evoke images of grandeur and splendor, then opting for a more wider cone would be ideal. You can make these out of our most common faux foliages, or go with something new like our artificial cedar which is unique and not found in most traditional gardens. The trimmed look will be mostly favored with these types of topiaries, because it is more of a decoration piece and not strictly geared for design. However like with all landscapes, anything goes and opting for the more haphazard look with an untrimmed cone topiary may just fit your needs.

When you begin your design process it is always good to understand the basics of what your landscape will require before even beginning to gather pricing. With this information you will be well prepared and have a better idea for what exactly you will need to make the landscape of your dreams. Whether you are buying for your own home, or are an interior designer contracted for another firm, this information will be sure to set you on the right path. With artificial foliage and plant products you can’t go wrong, and the possibilities are nearly endless. Also, you will find no easier way to have topiaries that are low maintenance and readily available. Remember Commercial Silk International while you continue on your design process, and let us know if you have any other questions!

Vertical Gardens

Boxwood Hedge Topiary hspace=

In today’s entry we will focus on the latest trend in today’s design, vertical gardens. For the past couple of years you may have seen these works of art sprouting up more and more, and that is because they are becoming the new modern art form in terms of greenery and lush foliage. With vertical gardens you can create a landscape that turns drab walls into a living and breathing masterpiece, using all sorts of artificial foliage. You can mix traditional faux boxwood with a more modern fake ivy foliage to embrace both the old in new. The possibilities are endless and with Commercial Silk International’s line of artificial foliage you will have a faux wall garden that is long-lasting and most importantly easy t o maintain for years. The best part of our design team is that we are not only limited to mats of our foliage in making these vertical gardens, we can create them out of all of our faux plant products. You can easily build a green wall using artificial philodendron leaves or fake palm fronds to bring a more exotic look to your office space or home.

Let us explore the different ways you can vertical gardens in your garden or home to create a more contemporary or homestyle feel, whichever you prefer. A simple way to utilize our artificial foliage and have a place to hang them on a vertical structure is to use recycled pallet boxes. These simple crates that lay around collecting dust can become a major art piece by just attaching artificial mat rolls and hedges to their wooden panels. It is simple and yet an effective way to use an existing substrate as a wall piece without damaging your actual wall. Our suggestion would be to zip tie the mats to the wood (no worries, the foliage will cover up the ties) and then once they are attached you can then hang the palettes wherever you would like.

We at Commercial Silk International have come up with other substrate solutions to help you as you plan to build a vertical garden with artificial foliage. One of the most simple ways and one we use more often than not is galvanized steel as a screen. For building mat walls we simply take the artificial boxwood hedge foliage and attach it to the steel so there is a nice rigid backing. This allows for the substrate to withstand any amount of wind if you place it outside, and also can be helpful if you are not wanting to attach to a wall indoors. We also have foam substrates for vertical walls that may only be used temporary. This is our most economical option and allows you to move the wall, however big it is, with relative ease because of it’s lightweight nature. Our other substrate option is natural wood, much like the palette suggestion we mentioned above. With natural wood you can evoke a more “authentic” vibe.

Vertical Gardens hspace=

Building a vertical garden from scratch could be difficult, especially if you are basing your ideas off of gardens scene in more modern cities like Tokyo. When you begin to look into building an artificial green wall you must first start with the type of foliage you want. What we suggest is to always throw in some sort of faux pearl grass variety, whether it be light or dark. Artificial pearl grass tends to be more wispy and airy allowing for a more ethereal feel when added to other types of foliage. Our faux boxwood foliage is something we have discussed many times throughout this blog, but again it is the most traditional and recognizable foliage type and is a great complimentary piece. Artificial juniper, azalea, and ivy all can be used within vertical garden design as well and if you are able to use all of these then you have truly found the sweet spot for creating true art.

Maybe you’re thinking “This all sounds great, but how do artificial plants and foliage survive outside”? Protection against the outside elements is crucial for any type of faux foliage being made into a vertical garden or green wall. PermaLeaf, our proprietary blend of chemicals, is the answer we have come up for all of our major commercial Customers like Disney and Universal Studios. This chemical blend has been tested through and through and has been studied extensively to ensure that when applied, our foliages don’t fade in the sun or grow brittle in the cold. This allows you the peace of mind of making a vertical garden for the outdoors.

If you are an interior designer then keeping your vertical wall as safe as possible is of highest priority. Fro many states there are fire codes you must abide to in regards to having artificial plants within a closed space. With ThermaLeaf, our other famous chemical blend, we ensure that the artificial foliage and plants you purchase for your faux green wall will be fire-resistant and impervious to random fire outbreaks. This is crucial to ensuring that your space is safe so definitely keep this in consideration if you are using a vertical garden for indoor use.

So we have gone into depth on how vertical gardens have become a huge trend in artificial plant design. You can use almost any type of substrate for your design, and we have some options as well, but being creative is what is most important. Understanding the faux foliage varieties is another part that must be looked into as you think about the actual design. Some foliages work well with each other and some don’t, so as we continue on this blog we will hit on a couple of those and explain it in more depth. Finally, the 2 different kinds of treatments to be applied to your artificial plants is crucial for you to look into as you begin designing so you can keep the green wall long-lasting and safe for everyone you looks upon it. Hopefully all this information will help you as you continue to research faux plants and foliage and continue your personal design process.

California's drought and it's impact on artificial landscaping

Boxwood Hedge Trimmed Topiary hspace=

In today’s blog entry we will tackle some of the big issues that have come up these past couple of years in regards to water usage laws in California. This topic is huge for the artificial plant business as it grows the market exponentially since consumers, especially in California, are forced to limit how much water they use. Even though it makes way for our company to grow, it is still a sad fact that the world we live in is becoming less and less hospitable and water is running short. Sleep, food, and water are the basic necessities we as humans need to survive and it’s scary to think that one day we all could be under the same such laws. That is why we at Commercial Silk International believe it would be much more beneficial for consumers to move to more artificial types of landscaping with faux boxwood hedges or fake phoenix palm trees, because in the long run that may in fact save us from draining our water supply completely. Yes, it may sound like we are scaring you just to sell products, but as you will learn from this next couple of paragraphs this problem is very real and present to our society. As we continue further take a look at your own home or office and think of ways artificial plants and foliage could be used to help cut back on your own personal water usage. It may be the deciding factor on whether our children our children’s children have clean water.

In April of 2015 California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, sent out an executive order to his state saying that there will be a 25% reduction in amount of water supplied by all the local supply agencies, creating a huge stir among the community and nation. I’m sure if you are someone not from California you may not have known how big of an impact the drought has been for it's residents, but for the past few years this has been a growing problem that was not officially addressed until that day. This ban on usage was going to affect residents in huge ways, from taking care of their live gardens to even cutting down the time spent in the shower. These changes are astronomical for some people who do not like having the government meddle into their personal lives, and a lot of times that reason is justified. In this case however, I think we can all agree that the value of water outweighs any of those daily activities that we may deem “essential”. Yes, taking a long hot shower feel great for 20-25 minutes. Yes, washing your sports car everyday to keep up with appearances. Yes, maintaining a live garden is absolutely necessary if you just invested in a large scale landscape project. But, now think about not being able to do any of those things. Plus, think about having to spend $3.00 a gallon for gas AND water. Whatever your views on global warming or environmental issues are these scenarios are going to happen down the road if we don’t decide to change. We at Commercial Silk International understand this and have grown because of these implications. We know that sooner or later people won’t be able to use authentic foliage and will have to resort to artificial boxwood hedges to decorate. It’s okay though, we have developed a product line of faux plants that match the realistic qualities of their counterparts, and have technologies in place to make sure they last and are easily customizable. As we look toward the future and technology we must also look at design and how artificial foliage and boxwood hedges can become a major part in our society.

Next, we will look at the implications people under this executive order face when disobeying and understand how artificial plants and foliage could help negate all of that. First off, if people are caught watering their plants without a nozzle that automatically shuts off they will receive warnings until fines of up to $500 are enforced. This applies to any homeowner who has running fountains and the like that uses water as a means of decoration. These fines are affecting everyone and are most definitely a thing of stress in the eyes of people who reside in California. There are some benefits these residents can incur if they purchase energy saving appliances and such, but in the end nothing will be the same as this water ban is in effect. That is why it is smart for people who live and california, and everywhere, to start looking into artificial plants. They are realistic, water saving, and easy to maintain year round. It is not an ideal solution to the problem of water scarcity, but it definitely will help. We now will look at the benefits of artificial plants as they pertain to this immediate issue and how they can elevate the stresses of people in California and others around the country who are experiencing drought.

Using artificial plants to decorate your home or business is something that should always be discussed when beginning your design process. Many people love the “authentic” look, but as talked about above this may not be a realistic opportunity in the future. Using our brand of high-quality artificial foliage and products you can create a landscape that is built to last and looks just as real. With our patented PermaLeaf technology we can ensure that wherever you place your faux boxwood hedges, topiaries, mats, rolls, screens, etc. that you will have that authentic look year after year. Using artificial plants will make sure you do not add to the loss of water our world is already facing, and in doing so also save you time in maintenance and hassle. With artificial plants the struggles of live plants disappear and all you need to do is design and place them where you want. As our country looks into ways to combat the water shortage that has already begun, we as consumers can take the necessary precautions ahead of time so that the future can still be bright in terms of saving natural resources.

Additional steps for helping your design process

Boxwood Screen hspace=

In this blog entry we will revisit a blog we had before that pertained to jump-starting your design project with artificial plants. As a refresher we will revisit those two steps briefly before moving ahead with the rest of the information we will cover today. The first step we talked about was “Picking your foliage variety”. From boxwood, ivy, azalea, pearl grass, and juniper you have a plethora of options to make the design you create match with whatever theme you are trying to create. That moves right into the second step we talked about which was “Picking a theme”. Knowing the theme is going to help your design process because it will be making you look at the broad picture before getting too specific. When we take in the broad view everything tends to be more simple later on. So let us begin and start to look at the different ways we can make a design flourish with two additional steps that are more focused.

Step 1. Choose your product

So you have picked a foliage variety and identified your theme in regard to the design you are formulating. The next step is to pick the products you will use for your theme and since you have the foliage already picked out this becomes a lot simpler. When designing a project most people tend to use our artificial hedges in some capacity, because of their traditional look and how easy they are to customize. You can also look into our artificial topiaries that are both modern and traditional depending on what type you choose to use. We carry cone topiaries that are seen in various royal gardens and on the front steps of mansions. We carry ball topiaries in any size with as many sequence balls lined up vertical or horizontal. Also, we have topiaries that come in spirals in all foliage varieties and in any shape just like the rest of our custom products. We can build these topiaries out of the foliage you choose into any shape or character you desire, limits are not in our vocabulary. Green walls are also something that must be considered when you are in the design process. These works of art are becoming super trendy and large companies are placing them everywhere within their ways. We are talking tech giants like Google and Apple with others like Chanel and Barney’s in New York. Green walls are essentially a mix of foliage and colored artificial plants that are then hung up in large tapestry-like dimensions to be displayed. They make up for wallpaper that is strictly two dimensional and with the extra dimension added in, it will sure to be an eye-dropping spectacle to whoever passes it. We explain all this to show you that the possibilities for your design are almost endless with the amount of customizing available through our manufacturing process at Commercial Silk International. Understanding the foliage behind it and the theme you are trying to embrace with the design is crucial for this step, because it allows you to narrow certain products down until you find the perfect fit. Even though our faux boxwood hedges tend to be the most popular of all of the products we sell, we can create anything out of our artificial foliage and have done so for the past 30+ years. With the products we carry and the amount of foliage we have on hand no project is out of our hand. We have 7 highly skilled project managers on the phone with customers constantly; writing proposals, formulating budgets, and going over the top service-wise to help your design come to fruition. Artificial products are the future of landscape and our company has made this become the leading provider of specialty products like artificial boxwood. With more and more architects and interior/exterior designers building landscapes with artificial hedge products it is no wonder more and more regular consumers are as well. It is the new trend and with this step and the ones we have discussed before it may be all you need to make your design truly come to life.

Step 2. Build your budget

Now that you have the foliage, theme, and products decided for the project you are creating, it is time to look at how to finance it. Artificial plants and boxwood hedges may seem to have a high cost at first. This is something a sales representative will explain in further detail, but we will touch on it a little in this entry. The amount of work that goes into putting together a all-natural landscape does not stop, ever. You must prune it every week, water it every other day (or every day if you live in the heat), and continuously keep up on the weeds and extra growth the plants will produce. This is something that only people with a lot of time and a love for work outside of “actual” work would want to do in their spare time. That alone we believe negates the extra cost you put towards making your landscape artificial. Faux boxwood hedges and all the other types of products require no maintenance and no watering, you just secure them where they need to go and you are set. This, and this alone, is probably the biggest advantage when switching to artificial plants themed in a landscape design. When you have went through all the above questions and are ready to start the design, then you will be able to confidently work with our project managers who will create an easy proposal that fits your needs. We do not like to be pushy with our clients, rather we like to get all the information we can (hence the steps) and then from our knowledge tell you upfront what can and cannot be done within your budget. This part can get long and drawn out at time, but hopefully with the information you have received this can make everything run smoother and get you your landscape as quickly as possible.

Faux boxwood Hedges as decoration pieces

Boxwood Mat Roll hspace=

As we continue to talk about artificial hedges and their importance to landscape design, we must also recognize the ways they have and will continue to be utilized is architecture, fashion, and prestigious events. Living foliage is something that has been used countless times as a way of displaying class and sophistication, and is still being used more and more as celebrities have become as popular as ever worldwide but especially in the western world. When thinking about these events such as The Grammy’s, Super Bowl interviews, and the Oscars we definitely do not make an effort to look at the setting surrounding the celebrities, but if we did we could easily see boxwood hedges and their influence. These events always have some sort of greenery as backdrop and it makes the celebrities appearance that much more appealing from a visual aesthetic standpoint. Using artificial boxwood hedges is actually something that the set designers and producers for these large galas utilize, as it is a less expensive alternative and is faster than growing and maintaining authentic boxwood. Commercial Silk International has supplied to these events with our faux boxwood, juniper, azalea, ivy, and pearl grass screens and hedges. One major event that requested our expertise is the U.S. Open, which again used these products as a backdrop for photo shoots with the celebrities. With our efficient workforce and knowledge of the industry as leader for the past 30 plus years we can make any event shine with our fake boxwood hedge pieces.

As a decoration piece artificial hedges and screens find their way into many different events that are not limited to just celebrities. Backdrops made from faux boxwood hedges also get their use from famous model events hosted by fashion designers such as Versace, Chanel, and Christian Dior to name a few. With big names like this at the head of the fashion industry you know they rely on quality visuals and pictures to make their clothes stand out and make them seem as trendy as possible. This is why these brand have become so popular, because due to the amount of effort put into the design and finding the right body to showcase it, if the pictures can’t be perfect enough to reach the rest of the world all of that is done in vain. Using artificial boxwood hedges is a simple and effective way to get the perfect picture for these world renowned designers, and using our specific products we can assure them that they contain all the realistic details as the authentic foliage. Using either artificial juniper screens or fake azalea hedges these designers get the luxury of not having to find authentic hedges that are already grown and pruned, and can just get these products straight from us built to their exact specifications. As a backdrop, artificial boxwood screens tend to be more effective decoration piece because they are rigid and easily moveable from stage to stage. Our faux boxwood hedges come with bases that can be put on carts and rolled easily enough as well, but screens tend to be the more popular decoration piece for these situations. Whatever piece you are looking at using as a decoration piece you can know when you purchase artificial boxwood foliage from Commercial Silk International that you are getting a top quality product that is built to last.

Let’s now talk about weddings. If the first two paragraphs did not resonate with you in any way, then this sure will. Weddings are hands down the biggest moments we as individuals can experience, and they require more planning than most of us realize when we start to look towards that big day. A simple way to make the decor for your wedding stand out to the people you invite, and help you compete with others in your circle who are planning weddings as well, it's to install a faux boxwood hedge. This simple decoration piece will most definitely bring aura of sophistication and classiness to your wedding that quite frankly can’t be duplicated. Imagine having your own professional backdrop for photos just like they have at fashion and award shows, this is all possible through the use of artificial hedges. Decoration pieces can be simple and you can make our screens or hedges into any size you need, so if you are just looking for a single backdrop that is a definite possibility. Not only can these be used just as a backdrop, but many wedding planners have used them as a way to hang up announcements or the bride and groom's names adding flair to the already beautiful decor in display. The great benefit for people using these faux boxwood hedges for their wedding is that they do not need to be treated with any of our special treatments, since they’re most likely going to be used just once and then put someplace safe for the next big event. If you’re worried about the safety of the product and it’s durability then no need to worry, Commercial Silk has developed treatments to keep these decoration pieces long-lasting and safe. ThermaLeaf will keep it fire-resistant for those designers who need to stay within the law (New York especially), and PermaLeaf is our treatment used when you need the product to last outdoors for many years. Please contact us and speak to a specialized project manager for more details on these treatments, we will go into more depth on the technology in later blog entries.

With artificial boxwood foliage made into hedges, screens, and privacy walls you can have a decoration piece that is the epitome of class. With the expertise of Commercial Silk International and our experience within the industry we can build exactly what you need. We create longer lasting decoration pieces out of our faux boxwood foliage that is proven time and time again to be more beneficial than the authentic plant. Contact us today to get in touch with a project manager and begin to see the endless possibilities of decor pieces you can create with faux boxwood foliage.

Artficial boxwood hedges in various cultures

As we continue along this blog journey we will be throwing in pieces that pertain to design and how to build a landscape out of artificial hedges, but we will also look at broader topics to give a better idea of the importance of artificial hedges. Today’s segment will take us through the world and look at how hedges are still a major piece of art for landscaping and design purposes. Artificial foliage makes all the examples we show a reality as they are low maintenance, easy to install, and realistic products that have a profound impact. Commercial Silk is a leader in creating artificial works of art with their green walls, mat rolls, screens, and hedges made out of a variety of foliages. We specialize in faux boxwood as this is the most popular, but we have foliage types in the range of traditional juniper to a more contemporary fake pearl grass. All these varieties and product types have been used in various projects and gardens throughout the world, so let us not waste anymore time and dive right in.

South Korea

South Korea hspace=

Asian countries are well known for their expertise when it comes to boxwood hedges and no country demonstrates this more than South Korea. Korean gardens are known for being extremely natural and life-like so that they can blend in with the authentic world. Taking many of their ideas from Chinese gardens of old, South Korean gardens have been present for thousands of years. As you can tell from the picture above, they make very unique pieces and are almost perfect in their execution. The boxwood foliage pieces above are represent clouds almost flawlessly, but this can be easily done with the same level of detail using Commercial Silk artificial boxwood products. We have high-level designers in our workforce that are skilled in crafting our faux boxwood pieces into designs reflected all over the world. If this is a piece that you would like to see replicated and brought to your own back yard or business park, then Commercial Silk has the fake foliage and designers to make it happen.


China hspace=

China is well known for their luscious gardens and attention to detail when it comes to designing landscape art. They are by far the only country that has been consistent with their approach in terms of detail, functional appearance, and sheer amount of design. Their gardens do not just contain boxwood hedges but also use natural landscape like waterfalls, stones, and creeks to shape a truly remarkable piece of art. If you were ever to travel to China then one of the things that will always blow you away is the gardens, and we at Commercial Silk have identified these characteristics and incorporated them into our products design. We can build artificial hedges that bring extreme attention to detail in form just like the Chinese gardens of old and new. With contemporary faux foliage such as ivy and juniper we craft products that are trending and make a landscape very similar to the highly detailed chinese gardens.


Japan hspace=

Looking at Japan and their gardens it is easy to see how they are just as influenced in their design as the other countries. However, Japanese gardens are seen as more of a place for meditation than to appeal to the onlooker. Their boxwood pieces are in the forms of spirals and cloud shapes like their South Korean counterparts. They use boxwood foliage hedges to create a space that is calming for people to enter and be at peace. It is this traditional appeal that we at Commercial Silk would like to bring you as a home wonder or business partner. With our boxwood foliage products you can build an everlasting oasis for you guests using faux ivy, juniper, azalea, or whatever variety you choose. With our artificial hedges you can create privacy barriers just like the ones seen in japanese gardens, that keep the stresses of the modern world at bay and allow you time to be alone in the present moment. Our faux topiaries will add an even more surreal experience and choosing to have them shaped into cloud like structures will be sure to impress clients and take them to a whole new culture. There are endless opportunities when it comes to creating landscapes with artificial boxwood products, and with the help of our team at Commercial Silk International we can ensure that they last and are exactly the design to fit your needs


Africa hspace=

The last area we will look into is the continent of Africa, which has not as many gardens due to the extreme heat but still finds themselves creating wonderful landscapes in certain regions. African gardens are primarily found in South Africa and are very sparse when compared to the Asian countries. The popular ones have a vast amount of grass with lush gardens dotted throughout the expanse. The use of cone topiaries, hedges, and boxwood shrubbery is very consistent as well as adding in their own native plants and bushes. Creating something similar to the image above with artificial hedges is a real possibility and easily done with the technology and expertise at Commercial Silk. We build artificial hedges that are one of a kind and can withstand extreme heat just like what is found in African countries. Building a faux juniper topiary or fake ivy cone spiral is a simple yet effective way to make your lawn a cultural getaway for you and your family. The best part of using artificial products is that you will be satisfied knowing that they will not fade or become brittle, lending to an overwhelming sense of security in your purchase. Working with our project managers on site will help you gain a better perspective of the level of detail and effort we put into every project.

We have traveled around the world in this blog and seen examples of the different gardenscapes seen across the world. They look brilliant and though they are authentic and completely all-natural we at Commercial Silk can make them a reality with artificial boxwood foliage. We hope you know have a better idea for your own personal landscape design, and if you have any other suggestions for future blog post topics please let us know!

How to install fake hedges

Corn Plant Bush hspace=

Today we will be discussing the various strategies that go into installing fake hedges as a decoration piece. When starting to get into the artificial landscape trends it is important to understand what you want as a goal for the products you are purchasing. In this segment we will be focusing on artificial hedges as decoration, but they are not limited to just that and can be used for many other purposes. Commercial Silk’s artificial hedges have been used for privacy purposes, barriers in corporate spaces, and as dividing lines in outdoor bars/restaurants. We will get into those different topics later on in this blog series, but for now our main focus is to help explain how to install hedges as eye-candy for open spaces. Boxwood hedges have been used in this way for hundreds of years and just recently has the appearance of fake hedges grown to make a huge dent in the authentic plants industry. As people are becoming more and more aware of the potential artificial hedges bring in terms of reducing the waste of water and being far less intensive in terms of maintenance, their popularity will continue to rise. So take these 4 simple steps into serious consideration as you begin to shape your landscape with artificial hedges, it will make the work far more enjoyable and will yield a better result.

Step 1. Choose a location
This may seem like the most simplest of steps and it is to an extent, but many people do not thoroughly think through this before they begin installing and end up putting more work into the process than needed. “Location, location, location” is a common American idiom and it applies to almost anything, so when deciding on how to landscape with faux boxwood hedges you must pick a location that is perfect. Here are some examples, you can place them to run parallel along the sides of your walkway which is sure to add extra flare to the entrance of your home or business for guests and clients. Another idea is to place square or various patterns of faux boxwood hedges in symmetrical spots throughout the lawn, and in doing this it will clearly show off your creative and sophisticated mind even as a novice landscaper. Most people will use boxwood hedges for their traditional purpose (as a barrier or privacy wall to enclose a garden), but we at Commercial Silk have helped numerous projects create a landscape that is much more than that. Here are some photos further describe the point I am trying to make.

Step 2. Choose a shape
This part goes along with step one as it is imperative to know the location as you begin to design the type of fake hedge you want. We at Commercial Silk International have built a wide variety of faux hedges in various designs to fit customers’ exotic needs and preferences’. We have built artificial boxwood hedges in the forms of half-spheres, spiraling cones, curving rectangles, and many other interesting shapes in hopes of creating an everlasting appeal in both design and functionality. The shape must also fit the other parts of the landscape, so if you have a lawn that is set up as a grid, it may be ideal to stick to that pattern and have a artificial hedge built with straight lines. Now, if your lawn is more sporadic and you have circular gardens or herb grows throughout, you have more freedom in creating a design for you faux hedge that fits those criteria. Our Project Managers at Commercial Silk have been working with artificial boxwood hedges for many years and will have suggestions for you throughout the process, but it is always good as a consumer to understand your needs before getting varying opinions.

Step 3. Choose a baseboard
The hedges we build at Commercial Silk come with baseboards that our customers choose when going through the design process. The three we specialize in are: foam, natural wood, and metal. As you can assume, the foam baseboard is our least expensive option but visually unappealing and is only really utilized when you are not planning on keeping the hedge outside for an extended period of time or if you are using it indoors for a few events. Natural wood baseboards are the most visually appealing for our faux boxwood hedges and exude a more modern and contemporary look as a landscape pieces. Time and time again, our customers come back to this baseboard treatment because it’s trendy and at the same time can last just as long as the hedge. Metal baseboard var in their usage, but most of the time these are for heavy duty projects in commercial sites where longevity is of utmost importance.

Step 4. Choose a proprietary chemical treatment
The reason we at Commercial Silk International are a leader in building commercial artificial hedges for large projects as well as homeowners is that we have created chemicals that ensure that our products last. ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® are two chemicals that we have spent years perfecting to meet customers needs for longevity and safety for the products they purchase. We can get into a more in-depth analysis as we get further along in this blog, but for now we will give the basis so you can have an idea when installing your fake boxwood hedges. PermaLeaf® is our proprietary spray that will ensure that the faux hedge you purchase will not fade in extreme sunlight, and will not brittle in intensely cold climates. This is our most common blend of chemicals for homeowners as they look to place these outside in the elements, the technology behind this treatment will give you the peace of mind knowing the money spent is not going to waste after 5 years. ThermaLeaf® is our chemical treatment that will protect the space you put it in from intensifying unfortunate fire outbreaks. This is something that is most commonly used in commercial areas where fire codes plan a huge part into how artificial plants and hedges are utilized. If you are planning to put this outside it is not something that is required, but our Project managers can help with that decision as the order process goes along.

With all that said these are the 4 simple but effective steps to take into consideration when designing and installing artificial boxwood hedges. They will help as you continue your research into faux hedges and hopefully will help the process of designing your landscape less cumbersome.

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