Cedar Foliage

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Tall and majestic Cedars for indoor and outdoor decorations

A cedar tree is the best choice to lighten up the ambiance of your premises. With its sharp leaves and smooth texture, it will add beauty to your elegant workspace. The structure and color of the cedar tree makes it a best fit to be used in the gardens and corridors. The sharp ends of the leaves and the beautiful brown stem will be a perfect combination for the magnetic and cosy interiors. The skillfully crafted tree bark and its color will make the view of your outdoor garden a perfect one.

Advantages of faux cedar trees

  • They make your interiors look majestically beautiful
  • They add a royal touch to your exterior garden
  • They fill up blank spaces and dull corners of the halls
  • They enhance the beauty of the lighting of your premises
  • Easy maintenance is the highlight of cedar trees
  • They will give the look and feel of real trees inside your premises
  • They last for a lifetime and will cherish the workspace with full effect.

They fit anywhere

These beautiful cedar trees can add an authentic beauty to your conference halls, corridors, outdoor gardens, indoor plant arrangements, mini garden settings, sitting spaces, relaxation areas and welcome spaces. They can fill up the blank feeling in the room if the room is too wide. They can enhance the features of your premises and can highlight the beauty of dimly-lit areas. They can add beauty to your terrace gardens and can light up the ambience of long walkways.

Enhancing the ambiance of your adorns is now easy with cedars

When a faux cedar tree is placed at your premises, it will give the effect of a real cedar tree. The green, fresh looking leaves and the structure will never let you down. The crafting of the tree is perfect and it can be visually mistaken as a real cedar. The meticulously designed leaves will be a visual treat for your guests.

Maintenance comes handy

It is not an easy thing to maintain a real cedar in your premises. The limitations of space and watering will be real challenges for you. But these artificial cedar trees will blow you off with their beautiful looks without maintenance. They look like the real trees and will never need a cutting or a trimming. They are perfect in their shape, structure and texture.

They never require cleaning with soap or water. They even don’t require a vacuum cleaning. The only maintenance that you will have to do is to dust them occasionally. A soft cotton cloth will be more than enough as a maintaining accessory. With its soft foliage these cedars will not be hurting your hands either. You can replace them to anywhere you wish, at any time.

Cherish for a lifetime!


Made from water resistant material, they are long lasting and will not rust due to moisture. You can use them as long as you love to.It will not fade with the natural light and will not corrode. The color is long lasting and will remain the same for years. Wouldn’t it be exciting to use the same product, life long, without losing any of its wonderful features?

Resistant-To almost all damages

When you get a faux cedar tree, you are getting to cherish it for a lifetime. The tree will resist almost all damaging factors like sunlight, water, and small physical pressures. As they are designed to be fit for both indoors and outdoors, they have the capability to cope with internal lighting and external light up.

Visually appealing, even on screen

Being delicate and stately, these awesome trees will fit anywhere on your premises. Let it be open space or a closed area, it will suit the ambiance. If you would love to make the photographs of your premises, you can place these trees in the corners and take it. The photographs with the green, delicate trees will look better than a photograph without them.

One that fits all

Would you love to highlight the spot lights at your adorns? With these cedars, it is so easy. You can place the trees in the soft-lit room, and the room will look authentic. With a royal beauty, your premises will remind the majestic beauty of huge emporiums.

Perfection at its best

The whole tree is crafted with minute details in mind. Each of the leaves is made to utmost perfection. The curves if the middle portion and the pointed end of the leaves are the highlights of the crafting. The color of the bark is chosen so wisely so that you will never recognize that it is a faux one.

Enhance the lightings, with faux cedars

The ultimate aim of interior decoration is to make your guests adore the place. With cedars, it’s too easy. These authentic designed fake topiary will make them adore your interiors without limits. Let it be an intense light or a soft one, cedars will suit. Unlike other plants, cedars will fit all the lights and ambiances.

Brilliant Creation, Awesome presentation

The color choice of the leaves of these cedar trees is also adorable. The chosen green is same as that of the real color and so it suits all premises. The green will look elegant in lights. The light passing through the tips of these leaves will create an indistinguishable beauty to the ambiances.

With its majestic beauty, these cedars trees can make a drift in the ambience of your premises. Its awesome structure and craft will amaze the guests and will make them realize the beauty of your space. Easy maintenance and brilliant crafting makes these artificial cedars one of the favorite among interior designers.

Artificial Cedar Plants- A Spectacle of Unmatched Beauty for the Landscaping Enthusiast

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A good green landscape is never complete without a few exotic plants and there is no plant more exotic than the cedar plant. Found across world and known by different names, cedar plants and trees are put to numerous uses such as furniture making, shipbuilding, canoe-making and guitar making. A cedar plant will be the proper addition to your collection of exquisite greens. The plant adds grand detail to any interior landscape but is perfectly suited for large interior landscaped such as hotel receptions, lobbies, mall entrances, reception halls. The size as well as the exquisitely detailed replication will grab eyes wherever it placed and does not fail to impress. The charms of real Cedar trees are now yours to enjoy – bring some faux Cedars to your landscapes.

The Magnificence of Nature
Found throughout the world from North America to the Mediterranean, Cedar is one of the most diverse plants in the planet. Created with an eye for detail, the artificial cedar plant is one of the best landscaping pieces on the market. This is a favored tree for all those who love exquisiteness. The artificial Cedar can be crafted to meet the dimensions and characteristics of the real trees, imitating nearly every single detail. The trees can be custom manufactured to requirement, but are usually made around 6 to 8 feet tall. The branches and leaves are crafted using the finest quality materials to mimic the original leaves and are given a fire proof coating. The stem is made of fibreglass and is thus light as well as strong.

Beauty of nature and all its benefits
The faux cedar, despite its size, is not as heavy as one would think it would be. The weight has been exactly distributed so as to make the tree stand steady on its own. So no matter what kind of decoration you have in mind, it can be moved around easily within the premises without any hassle. Also the leaves of the faux cedar are made of the highest quality silk products and are crafted to perfectly imitate the texture and colour of the original leaves. These silk leaves look very real and shine under any kind of lighting reflecting the perfect texture of the cedar leaves.

The tree is the perfect addition for venues that feature large empty hall, such as malls and reception lobbies. The tree has been manufactured to comply with the safety standards, making it ideal for interior use.

  • The leave of the Artificial Cedar are made out of fire retardant silk material that doesn’t catch fire easily.

  • The product doesn’t contain any actual soil or live organic material, which prevents it from attracting pests and insects. It also doesn’t produce any odor.

Also the silk leaves used are completely protected against UV radiation and the bright green colours do not diminish with continuous exposure to light. This characteristic makes it suitable for use even in entrance ways and well lit lobbies.


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