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The ultimate key to beautiful indoors and outdoors: Faux Grass Carpets

The world is changing at a very rapid rate today. People are always busy with their work and leisure has become a luxury they dream to afford. People often thrive on the prospect of advancement in every aspect of life so that they can make the lives of themselves and their loved ones a bit more pleasant to live. The inventions of the state of the art products and facilities are an example of that. But somewhere down the line every person enjoys or gets relaxation amidst comfortable and pleasing surroundings which might include eye soothing sceneries or pleasant colors which often refers to the natural objects of beauty around us. 

Man has evolved a lot since those early days, when they used to live in the forests. But research has proven that presence of beautiful natural scenic objects often tends to reduce stress levels and yield more productivity from oneself. Moreover these objects such as grass carpets also add to the aesthetic appeal of the place making one feel a bit closer to the nature. This is a reason why such decorative faux plants are found in offices and lobbies of big hotels. 

The decision point: Artificial vs. Real

Now the point of decision comes where one needs to make that vital call between the real ones and the artificial ones. These days there are a variety of such artificial botanical products which are almost similar to the real ones and have their own benefits too. Grass carpets play a very vital role in this concept. The presence of a grass carpet not just adds to the beauty but brings that touch of nature at the most root level.

Why should one choose the faux flora?

Let us consider a scenario where we want the serene beauty of nature at our workplace without giving much time on maintenance or letting it be a worry for everyday. What are the options for one to replicate the exact beauty of nature in their offices where they flora will be equally vibrant everyday and would not die even though if they are not attended to with the utmost care. That’s today we are going to discuss why an artificial grass carpet is the best indoor and outdoor prospect for those office places.

The secret to heaven like indoors 

In the modern day world a person spends almost half of his day at the place where he works. Employers are very focused on the output from each and every employee due to this competitive market condition. One needs to perform well under extreme level of pressure on a regular basis which often causes high levels of stress and physical as well as mental fatigue which reduces the yield power.

The presence of a grass carpet inside one’s own office room will give him the comfort of a nice place and he might feel that he is working at a park and the concrete walls would not create the high level of pressure in him. It will also make the place look better and the colors will have a soothing effect on the eyes and the brain whereas the soft cushion under the feet will help in releasing all the physical exhaustion. 

Now the question comes where why should one use an artificial rug instead of the real one inside their office rooms. We will discuss that in the following points.

  • One is always expected to deliver high amount of work in a very short time, they will not have the time to water these carpets every day. But an artificial rug does not need watering and still they will be as fresh and vibrant as new. This helps in saving a lot of time and energy.
  • These kinds of rugs are very durable; they do not require any kinds of sunlight or fertilizers let alone the job of overseeing and watering in order to stay in the finest of conditions, which make them a very good option with respect to the long run as it proves to be a good investment option.
  • They will not grow or accumulate weeds in them. Thus the total concept of weeding and trimming is eliminated with these as they will remain in that exact shape and size as you prefer them to be for each minute of the entire time they are present. They will not lose their beauty and will never look like a mess.
  • They can be placed anywhere inside the office or a hotel lobby without the thought of the accompanying dust and dirt which is a very big worry with the real carpets. Just make sure to wash these carpets once in a while to remove that dust patches with a little bit of water and they will again look as fresh as new. 
  • They prove to be the best buy in the market due to the absolute absence of all the hassles and thus being very economical as they deliver worth every penny spent on them.

The key to the most eye soothing outdoors

In today’s world, office work is not limited inside the concrete walls of the buildings but rather people are trying to find various options so as to provide the employees with innovative surroundings which will motivate them to increase the productivity. People often tend to take their laptops out to the office lawns to work amidst tress because it is proven that natural greenery reduces stress and increase productivity levels on a very fast rate.

 Using these faux carpets instead of real ones at the office outdoors has several benefits as listed below which most of us are not even aware of, or even if they are aware, they easily tend to overlook these.

  • One does not need to sanction permission by a decorator and thus have full independence in designing the layout.
  • There is no need to wait for the things to be ready for use. They can be used as soon as they are laid out.
  • There is no need of a caretaker as these carpets require the most minimum amount of attention.
  • As these are not real grass, they do not depend on location, sunlight, water etc. they can be laid out anywhere according to one’s own wish.
  • The next best thing about these carpets is that one always has the freedom of relocating these carpets without any difficulties. 
  • There is no need of fertilizers, trimming or mowing as they don’t grow, catch problems or get soiled or accumulate weeds. All they need is appreciation and they will provide high amount of soothing effect to one.
  • Due to the fine quality of silk used to make such carpets, they are very durable and thus look fresh and new for a very long time.

A faux grass carpet can act as a single handed solution for all the decorative needs at your office-both indoors and outdoors. Due to the reason that these are completely life like and require almost negligible amount of time and money for maintenance, these carpets often prove to be the best solution for the purchasing needs for places like an office or a hotel lobby.

Grass Application at the Embassy Suites Waltham

The Embassy Suites Waltham, formerly the DoubleTree Waltham, is located in the High-Technology, Pharmaceutical, and Life Sciences Belt, near Boston’s colleges and universities. The hotel was in need of a renovation and interior update to keep up with the fast pace of the neighborhood and stay within its brand standards of a heavy emphasis on botanicals. Embassy Suites Hotels was looking to reduce the cost of maintaining existing live plant material and obtain a hipper, fresher, cleaner look.

The Embassy Suites contacted Commercial Silk Int’l to explore the possibilities of a giant replica prairie grass addition.

Embassy Suites Hotels contractors immediately took to the idea of using giant replica prairie grass to create a unique display of contrasting green and lavender to instantly uplift the space. By utilizing existing containers, giant replica prairie grass was installed to add drama and color, and was executable on-site. The giant replica prairie grass added height and texture, and strengthened the design for this destination hotel. The addition of a rarely seen design element provided a modern aesthetic to what was already a chic guest experience.

Embassy Suites, Waltham, MA

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