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Flame Retardant Foliage for a Themed Landscape

Jungle Theme

What is Themed Foliage?
Themed foliage is the process by which a designer selects a pallet of artificial foliage from hundreds of foliage varieties in order to be used in combination together to create a desired theme.

[more] Wilderness Theme What types of themes can be created with foliage?
The most typical theme is a tropical theme and is mostly seen at themed restaurants and entertainment venues. Additional themes include; north woods, wilderness, southwest, asian and more. For commercial settings and themes, a flame resistant foliage is usually a regulation. Our imported flame retardant artificial foliages are available in many varieties for all of your landscape design needs.

How are the foliages used to create the theme?
The artificial landscape designer will be experienced in the art of both design and manufacturing in order to create the desired theme. The designer must know both how a single fire retardant foliage branch can be used individually in the display as well as how the foliage branch can be used in the crafting of a larger themed custom tree or plant. Often times the designer will need to know how to use a multitude of different materials including epoxies, urethanes, foam and paint to manufacture the finished artificial plant on-site. In addition, the designer will need to be aware of the many crossover applications of trees, plants and foliages. Tropical Theme A Maple tree for example, depending upon its color, shape, and density, can be used in a residential boulevard setting, a forest diorama, a winter scene or a graveyard. Boxwood has been applied as ceiling and wall applications in this whimsical underground lounge as well as formed into topiary shapes that sculpt an English Garden. Customization of products, either by the manufacturer or on site is critical in achieving the desired effect. Commercial Silk's landscape design team has worked with architects as well as scenic fabricators to developer some of the most pronounced flame resistant wildlife themes to lush tropical themes with our fire retardant foliage varieties.

Using Artificial Palms in a Rainforest Theme

Faux Indoor Rainforest Theme

Don't Hold Back
Planning and executing an indoor rainforest using artificial Palm trees isn't for the timid at heart. Think dense and diverse plants and trees, exotic and dangerous species, and thick air you can cut with a knife. Think waterfalls, estuaries, and bold toucan colors. While you may not be able to procure replica parrots, your artificial Palm trees should be just as exotic and varied as the rainforest you're aspiring to replicate. Like most endeavors, you'll get out what you in. Building a rainforest with silk Palms is no exception.

Go Palm or Go Home
Palm trees vary throughout the world, from the coconut Palms of Florida and the desert Palms of California and the middle East, to the more rainforest specific Palms of the Americas and Asia. A combination of Areca Palms, Fishtail Palms, and Bamboo Palms, for example, will provide a richly authentic rainforest look indigenous to Asia and the South Pacific. We can provide you with a brief history of Palm trees to help choose the varieties in your landscape. To accentuate your Palm trees, select a few artificial plant varieties to round out the theme.

[more] Know The Fire Code
Don't design your rainforest and discover that it won't pass state fire code requirements. Instead, sort it out beforehand. Make sure to use fire retardant foliage and study fire codes throughly, as most states will be very particular at the time of inspection. When it comes to choosing a fire retardant artificial plant there are a few choices: inherently fire retardant foliage or topically fire retardant foliage. See a fire retardant requirement guide for more information.

Silk Plants in Rainforest Theme Allocate Resources
The odds are that, if you're designing a rainforest exhibit, you'll be installing in a high end museum, eatery, or other attraction. Allocate a dedicated team of seasoned veterans to get the job done quickly and expertly in order to ensure the project is constructed without interfering with other business generating activities.

Theme Venues With Decorative Tree Branches

Large Cedar Poles as Decorative Trunks Decorative branches from Commercial Silk Int'l have become a new collection consisting of many popular decorative tree branch varieties that continues to expand with exclusive items. Our selection of tree branches, poles, stems and trunks are harvested from natural wood, and our team disguises any natural blemishes that are undesirable. Our decorative tree branches can be purchased as cutback trunks or they can be purchased in a natural tree form, original to a harvested branches.

[more] Natural Tree Branch Lighting

Our growing collection of branches includes stems from tree varieties such as Birch and Cedar, and our team custom manufactures decorative wooden stick art forms from hand-selected tree branches in large quantities. Our varieties of tree decor are endless, so if your project theme calls for an usual variety of natural wood, our team can locate tree branches to your size and specifications. Harvested wood branches, both rustic and contemporary, are used to theme many venues. Our latest decorative branch project was a rooftop bar that used the tree branches as custom lighting fixtures. Silk Cherry Blossom Branch

Our decorative tree branch collection is not to be confused with our silk leaves and branches collection. These branches are imported and most often carried in stock for your theme foliage venues. Popular varieties here are molded from silk, polyester and pvc, and are used to manufacture silk trees. These branches are also inhibited with either our Class A fire retardant chemicals or our UV resistant chemicals for indoor and outdoor applications. Here, you will find silk Cherry Blossom branches and artificial Palm branches.

So whether your decor can benefit from Birch poles or tropical Palm foliage, contact us for an array of silk tree branches today!

When To Use Silk Plants And Artificial Trees

Live plants are often the first choice for corporate or business office settings. In many cases, though, silk plants and trees are a more appropriate option. The following is a run-down of environmental, maintenance, cost, and other factors to take into consideration while planning your next commercial interior landscaping project.

Tropical Plant Maintenance Draft
Installing silk trees in a lobby area is an effective way to make a good first impression on visitors. At the same time, these areas are often drafty and subject to temperature swings, making for poor conditions for indoor tropical plants. Silk plants, meanwhile, are durable, weatherproof alternatives for casinos and other commercial projects.

Live plants require proper lighting conditions. Silk plant products, in contrast, are a viable choice for darker conference rooms, offices, or other indoor office settings with little available natural light.

[more] Safety
Hard-to-reach areas and areas with electrical equipment can be precarious for maintaining live green plants. Silk plants and trees don't require watering and other routine maintenance that could put your staff in potentially dangerous situations, making them a safer alternative.
Heavy Tropical Plants

Load Bearing
Live tropical plants can be very heavy due to the weight of the soil and water they require. When the load bearing capacity of an area is a concern, silk trees are a much lighter alternative. As an added benefit, they can also bolt securely to the floor.

Secure Areas
Maintenance is an important part of the health of green plants. In private offices, and secure areas, this can pose regularly scheduled maintenance challenges. Here, low maintenance silk plants are a smart choice.

Creating an attractive theme requires authenticity. Sourcing indoor tropical plants for jungle or rainforest themes, though, often requires placing palm trees and other tropical species in an unnatural setting, leading to high maintenance costs and continual upkeep. In contrast, silk versions are a low maintenance and truly authentic looking when constructed by a reputable manufacturer; in addition plants can be used to define spaces and provide scale.

Last, live plants require watering, cleaning, fertilizing, pruning, and disease and insect control treatments. Silk plants only require light dusting from time to time. Although installation costs for Replica plants are typically a bit higher, their lower maintenance costs make them less expensive over the long haul and worth considering for your next commercial project.

Create Tropical Decor with Silk Fishtail Palm Trees

Fishtail Palms, native to Asia, Indonesia, and the South Pacific, now also grow in Suriname as well as in nurseries in southern Florida. The living Palm tree has slender stem clumps that grow to thirty feet high. Mop-like clusters of flowers develop from the top of a mature Fishtail Palm, and subsequent flower clusters continue to emerge below. The flowers appear in threes, one female flower in between two male ones. Because the Fishtail Palm is monocarpic, the stem dies after the cluster has reached the ground. The Palm clump survives this process as numerous suckers grow at the base of the Palm, producing more stems. Silk Fishtail Palm Foliage

Fishtail palm trees are named for their exotic triangular leaflets, which can reach nine feet in length. The leaves are deep green and leathery with a ragged edge, and Fishtail is the only palm with leaves that are subdivided twice. Similar to other palm trees however, the Fishtail palm tree cannot be pruned back to reduce height, as new growth comes from a high central growing point.


As a leading silk tree and artificial plant manufacturer, our team designs and manufactures silk Fishtail Palm trees at our Minneapolis, MN location. We've designed both a silk Fishtail Palm and a Giant Fishtail Palm tree which is modeled after the living Caryota Mitis Palm. Our silk Fishtail Palm trees can be crafted with our inherently fire retardant foliage, to insure consistent fire protection for your project's specifications. Our silk Fishtail Palm trees are so unique and realistic, our silk Palms and other trees are complimented because they really appears alive and healthy. Our silk Palm leaves resembles the tail fin of an ornamental fish, just like the living Palm, and our silk Palm fronds are light and airy. Fishtail Palm trees are a dominant artificial tree in many faux landscapes. In addition to premium grade foliage specifications, our silk Fishtail Palms are built with natural wood stems.

Silk Palm trees add a wonderful tropical element to indoor habitats. If your commercial project specifies for distinct fake Palm varieties in addition to more common varieties - like Bamboo Palm or Kentia Palm, our team of designers and silk tree manufacturers can implement a custom design for your space. Many faux landscapes have already been emnhanced with a tropical themes that include our Fishtail Palms.

Our team has a combines 50 years of experience in installing our silk trees and artificial plants. We can help you take your tropical themed project from blue print stage to grand opening! We now offer a great source of specification files created in CAD, available by request for Architects and Designers, which include elevation views and plan details.

Silk Fishtail Palm in Tropical Landscape

Silk Bamboo Trees for Decorative Landscapes

Bamboo in Tranquil Landscape

Bamboo trees serve many purposes in different cultures. In addition to designing a landscape theme, they are considered sacred in Asian cultures. The plants are often planted near Buddhist temples; in India, Bamboo is used as a friendship symbol and is used in Chinese medicine for treating infections. You can see that Bamboos are very useful plants. It has been estimated that they are used by more than half of the world's human population every day.

Silk Bamboo trees, manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l, are replicated after the fastest growing plant on Earth. Living Bamboo trees grow to their full height in a single growing season of 3 to 4 months. The makes for a short life of the tree, but it allows for harvesting tall canes at an early age. It is possible to harvest Bamboo as early as 5 years.


Our artificial Bamboo trees and groves can be crafted in groves from 5'-25' or as a single silk plant to be placed in a plant container. Artificial Bamboo can be crafted with our fire retardant foliage, to insure consistent fire protection for your artificial landscaping design. In addition, we craft our artificial Bamboo with natural wood stems when building silk groves and plants. Our silk trees are so unique and realistic that they appear alive and healthy, and they are a dominant artificial tree that can be featured in any faux landscape area.

Use a silk Bamboo tree to add an exotic element to a faux landscape. The trees inspire both tropical and asian landscaping themes, and the foliage appears very ornate and delicate, when in fact it is very strong. Silk Bamboos are attractive in rainforest themes too. Learn how to create a tropical rainforest theme using Bamboo and palm trees.

Silk Black Bamboo


Design With Artificial Palm Trees

Silk Palms for Commercial Interiors

The Palm tree elicits a very distinct mood and sense of place. Surrounded by Palm trees, people are instantly transported to the tropical beaches and island vacations of their minds. For interior landscapers, artificial Palm trees can replicate these kinds of environments while providing a variety of logistical benefits. The following includes several tips for your next commercial project. Theme With Artificial Palm Trees

Set the Theme
Use silk Palm trees as the driving force for a powerful jungle, beach, or tropical theme. There are variety of Palm species, so make sure to understand the different personalities of each. The Areca Palm, for example, is found naturally in the humid forests of Asia and is a good fit for jungle or rainforest themes. Butterfly Palms, meanwhile, more closely resemble the coconut Palms natural to the beaches of Florida and other vacation locales. With your artificial Palm varieties selected, round out your theme with mosses, grasses and other artificial plants.

Reduce Stress
Even if you aren't adding a full-scale beach or jungle theme, silk Palms can have a substantial effect on a commercial space. Integrating Palms into a lobby area injects a sense of relaxation to the room and helps businesses break the ice with prospective clients. In an office setting, Palms can reduce stress and increase employee productivity by adding a fun, creative element to the environment.


Provide Texture
For commercial spaces lacking charm, use silk Palm trees to inject a dose of character. Ideal for shopping centers and other public areas, a tropical Palm like the Giant Fishtail will spice up your space and can provide a elegant counterbalance to an otherwise staid environment.

Divide the Room
In addition to summoning a specific mood and sense of place, lush artificial Palm trees can cover up unsightly building areas and divide spaces. Palms with dense foliage along the entire trunk line like the Kentia and Rhapis will pull double duty expressing a distinct personality while shaping your space.

The history of Palm trees may put landscaping with artificial Palm trees into a cultural perspective for your next commercial project.

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