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With the increased popularity and demand of faux plants and trees, the competition has also raised in this industry tremendously. You will find a large number of companies offering artificial landscaping solutions claiming thee products' effectiveness. You will also find a wide variety of price range within the providers for the same product. Commercial Silk Int'l is one of the most reputed and renowned name in the artificial landscaping industry that has been offering faux landscaping products and artificial plants wholesale for years. It is responsible for manufacturing, distributing as well as selling a huge selection of artificial trees and plants across the world. If you need to establish an artificial landscape in your restaurant, wholesale, retail store, entertainment venue, park or any commercial office space, Commercialsilk has a wide range to offer you.

What The Commercialsilk Catalog Consists Of?

The Commrcialsilk's artificial landscaping catalog consists of a large number of products and solutions. Here are the major products you will find with them.

Small to Large Silk Trees

Having the most authentic replica trees has been made possible for your commercial faux landscape with the evolution of Commrcialsilk’s small to medium and huge artificial trees. The size of the tree varies tremendously as per particular architectural requirements. You can find trees for both outdoor as well as indoor areas. All kinds of trees have been made with highest quality material such as natural wooden trunks and premium faux foliage. The final look given to the trees replicate the exact look and feel of the respective living tree. With Commercialsilk you can have those wonderful tropical trees, artificial birch tree, bonsais, artificial aspen tree, African theme trees, palms, bamboo, pine and many more.

Faux Plants for Wonderful Indoor and Outdoor

All types of indoor and outdoor faux plants manufactured and distributed by Commrcialsilk are hand crafted to replicate the looks of living plant varieties. The Commrcialsilk's catalog of faux plants includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants including foliage, bushes, boxwood topiary balls, faux flowering plants and many more. You can find almost all types of plants of faux nature that exist in the real world. Moreover, every single component of all these plants ranging from silk leaves to trunks and fake tree bark, reflect the realistic looks. Silk plants come packed with weatherproof properties that make them ideal for indoor as well as the outdoor environment.

Silk Flowers to Add A Colorful Aura to Your Space

Commercialsilk catalog of artificial trees and plants is not just limited up to certain green foliage or landscaping solutions rather you can also enjoy the colorful side of your landscape without putting plantation and maintenance efforts. The extensive line of artificial flowers manufactured and offered by Commercialsilk includes silk orchids, flower arrangements, dahlias, roses, ficus, and many more. You just need to keep your ideas ready and Commercialsilk can transform your landscaping vision into reality. These flowers are ideal for any of the commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, reception desks as well as outdoor landscape.

Silk Foliage - For Complementing All Kinds of Commercial Settings

Foliage not only makes your landscape complete but also gives you amazing options to add wonderful decor to your space. To meet your decor needs, Commercialsilk comes with an outstanding line of artificial foliage including bushes, grasses, garlands, branches, flowers, vines, greenery and many more. All these kinds of foliage can be used either independently to decorate the interior or can be combines with your existing landscape products to make a complete and elegant yard around your space. All type of foliage manufactures and distributes by Commercialsilk comes with fire retardant properties that make it ideal for commercial spaces.

Beautiful Plant Containers and Vases

Along with offering high quality artificial landscaping solutions, Commercialsilk also offers a broad selection of flower vases and plant containers to give you suitable option to decorate your space in the best way. The extensive line of plant containers consists of containers of different shapes, colors, sizes and all that you can choose as per your particular requirements or color schemes.

Why Commercialsilk Is Preferable for All Artificial Landscaping Solutions?

There is a long list of benefits offered by Commercialsilk products and solutions that make them ideal for any landscape. Here are a few of the major features that make Commercialsilk a preferable over other providers.

Affordable Faux Landscaping Solutions

All the artificial plants, trees, flowers and foliage offered by Commercialsilk give you a wonderful and money saving deal. Upon comparison, you can clearly understand the difference of prices in Commrcialsilk's line and other providers’ catalog. In spite of lower costs of faux landscaping solutions, there is no compromise with quality.

Better Quality Delivered

Commercialsilk has been offering a complete range of artificial landscaping products for years and therefore has been considered as a trustworthy manufacturer as well as provider among customers. You will be delivered exceptional quality of products no matter you buy a single plant or a complete faux landscape for your property.

Durable Landscaping Solutions

Durability is the another most important advantage of Commercialsilk line of products. All the products offered by Commercialsilk come with UV resistant and water resistant properties that means, they can survive in all the environmental conditions and can last long. Whether you use those for outdoor or for indoor, your property will be accompanied by them for years.

Fire Retardant Properties

Fire retardant property is the unique and exceptional quality of complete Commercialsilk line that you will not find in any other landscaping product offered by other manufacturers. All the plants, trees, flowers, foliage and all are infused with fire retardant chemicals thus making your landscape completely safe and secure. Moreover, that is why Commercialsilk is preferred by most of the commercials and businesses.

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