Lady Gaga Uses Silk Trees as Theater Scenic Props

White Tie and Tiara Ball
Recently silk trees have made an appearance in Hollywood and the obituaries. Sound incredibly obscure? We thought so too, and here’s a quick run-down.

Initially when we saw Lady Gaga and silk plants in the same article, we assumed a far-out costume was soon to be referenced, but quickly learned otherwise. Lady Gaga, The current queen of popular culture, unveiled her newest song at Elton John’s infamous White Tie and Tiara Ball. As if Gaga’s costumes weren't spectacle enough, silk trees were used for stage decoration, with performance artists dramatically suspended from the tree limbs.


Before & After - Museum Silk Plants Adorn Texas Cabela’s Store

The Cabela’s in Texas revamped its indoor wildlife display by adding museum quality silk plants. What was once a drab cliff of deer and bear replicas is now a lush landscape of Texas plants and wildlife. In a museum setting especially, the incorporation of silk plants allows for scenic displays to look more natural. Museum setting absent of silk trees


Cell Tower Concealment, Avatar Re-creations, and Urban Forests

Monopine Tree

We wrote recently about concealing cell towers with silk plants and trees, and soon after there was more news about a Chicago neighborhood evaluating concealment options for a particularly obtrusive tower in scenic Westridge. Fortunately for the community, many concerned residents have stepped up to demand that they get a high quality artificial tree solution. Done right, the cell phone tower won't be an eyesore and visitors will hardly notice it.


Artificial Alpine Trees for Retail Environments

Artificial Alpine Tree

Alpine trees grows tall and narrow as they stretch high in the Swiss Alps. Artificial Alpine trees crafted by Commercial Silk Int'l are botanical replications of these stunning Evergreens. Windswept branches offer a stylized and unique appearance, as you won't find the same quality on another faux Alpine tree. Your project requirements can specifications the density of the foliage as well as the number of branches and the height of the tree. If a project calls for a forest of artificial Alpine trees, our team will be of service every step of the way. We can customize the design of the artificial trees and install the entire project with our specialized equipment. We have themed several north woods landscapes and offer several other large tree and artificial Pine varieties if you want to create a very distinct indoor faux landscape.


Flame Retardant Foliage for a Themed Landscape

Jungle Theme

What is Themed Foliage?
Themed foliage is the process by which a designer selects a pallet of artificial foliage from hundreds of foliage varieties in order to be used in combination together to create a desired theme.


Theme Venues With Decorative Tree Branches

Large Cedar Poles as Decorative Trunks Decorative branches from Commercial Silk Int'l have become a new collection consisting of many popular decorative tree branch varieties that continues to expand with exclusive items. Our selection of tree branches, poles, stems and trunks are harvested from natural wood, and our team disguises any natural blemishes that are undesirable. Our decorative tree branches can be purchased as cutback trunks or they can be purchased in a natural tree form, original to a harvested branches.


When To Use Silk Plants And Artificial Trees

Live plants are often the first choice for corporate or business office settings. In many cases, though, silk plants and trees are a more appropriate option. The following is a run-down of environmental, maintenance, cost, and other factors to take into consideration while planning your next commercial interior landscaping project.

Tropical Plant Maintenance Draft
Installing silk trees in a lobby area is an effective way to make a good first impression on visitors. At the same time, these areas are often drafty and subject to temperature swings, making for poor conditions for indoor tropical plants. Silk plants, meanwhile, are durable, weatherproof alternatives for casinos and other commercial projects.

Live plants require proper lighting conditions. Silk plant products, in contrast, are a viable choice for darker conference rooms, offices, or other indoor office settings with little available natural light.


Amazing Artificial Blue Spruce Trees for Interiorscaping

Artificial Blue Spruce Artificial Blue Spruce trees are manufactured for artificial landscapes and are used by themeing and scenic fabricators for interior habitats. Used in commercial projects around the globe, our artificial Blue Spruce trees are crafted with artificial foliage and natural wood stems. Our Blue Spruce comes is many sizes and is hand crafted using natural wood trunks. An artificial Spruce tree offers a unique, slim appearance, as you won't find the same quality on another Spruce tree. Because an artificial Blue Spruce is very slim, it can be used to accentuate verticle spaces while leaving floor space to move around in. Thus, The artificial trees would even work in hallways or office corners.


Essential Features of Artificial Pine Tree Varieties

Artificial Pine

Pine trees are conifers and are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere, but Pines can also be found in subtropical areas of the Southern Hemisphere. There are approximately 100+ different living species. As a leading artificial tree manufacturer, Commercial Silk Int'l manufactures quite a few artificial Pine tree varieties. Living Pine trees range in height from 2 feet to 200 or more feet tall and have long life spans; we craft our artificial Pines up to 24' tall, and we are continually introducing new faux Pine collections. Check our our lastest artificial Pine, which can be used both inside and outdoors in commercial landscapes.

Some artificial Pine trees by Commercial Silk Int'l can be used to create artificial landscapes for both indoor and outdoor applications. But all of our Pines can be crafted with inherently fire retardant foliage to satisfy local and state fire codes. Some of our most popular artificial Pines include our artificial Scotch Pine and our artificial White Pine tree. In addition to these Evergreen collections, we also manufacture artificial Spruce trees, fake Cedar trees, and several outdoor Pine trees.


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