Oriental Bamboo Groves

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Recreate the wonders of the east with the Oriental Bamboo Groves for your office landscaping

Bamboo trees symbolize ancient culture and tradition. These trees are considered to be very fortunate and distribute positive vibes in its surroundings. Having plants around in your workspace will increase the productivity of employees as they are exposed to serene and calm entities. This would increase the quality of how they work as well. Bamboo plants in your offices would leave an impression on your clients too, and important meetings would be conducted in calm environments.

But, having such botany present in your workspace has its disadvantages as well. They have to be taken care of regularly and cannot be left unattended. Some of the other shortcomings are:

  • There is a lot of utilization of water. Water conservation is of high importance these days.
  • A lot of capital is needed to take care of these plants.
  • They attract insects and pests.
  • Spraying of pesticides may compromise the look and beauty of these plants.
  • They require fertilization from time to time.

Don't let these be the reason for not having the various other advantages of plants. You can have it all. The alternative to this situation is adapting to faux botany rather than the real ones.

Artificial Bamboo Trees Specializations

Having synthetic bamboo trees in your offices will enhance the serenity of the space. They will require minimal maintenance. They don't require to be watered and you don't have to position them so as to be exposed to the sunlight. You can place them wherever you like. There is no danger of attraction of insects towards them and you will save a lot on the money you would otherwise spend on fertilizers and pesticides.

These plants are fire retardant and will eliminate any threat of further aggravating fatal fire mishaps. They can be placed to your liking and present you the exact look and feel of real plants. One cannot simply differentiate between these and real botany.


Bamboos have a very sacred symbol in Asia. The beautiful bamboo forests are the most commonly used themes for paintings and carvings.

In China, bamboo trees refer to one of the Four Noble Ones. Bamboo trees represents the winter season in China. The trees have the ability to survive even in harsh environmental conditions.

In Japanese culture, a bamboo forest surrounds a Shinto shrine as a measure of protection against evil or devious beings. Buddhist temples also consist of bamboo trees.

Advantages of Fabricated Bamboo Trees

Artificial bamboo trees from the wondrous East are an ideal choice to have in your work space. They can be placed on your office desks, waiting area tables, reception tables and decks. They go well across any themes.

When placed across red or dark brown themed furniture and wallpaper, it will better accentuate their features and bring out the best in the room. Your clients would be enthralled to see such beautiful plants amidst the decor of your room.

The synthetic bamboo plants will not leave behind any mud stains or water spots. They will be clean and easily movable as per your preference. In short, you won't need to be stuck with using these plants in a single way only. No maintenance means you can place and forget about these plants. They won't dry out and spoil the overall look of your office.

These artificial plants are so realistic looking, one may be compelled to touch the plant, and still won't be able to distinguish. Oriental bamboo plantations are slender and make great decorations in any environment. They will be appreciated anywhere. Malls and restaurants will also profit from the presence of these trees. Your workspace, especially, would get that subtle professional look that would speak heights of your enterprise.

You would be tied to ancient roots with this symbolic botany, and also create modern "down to earth" looks of your work space. As these come in countless shapes and sizes with respect to stem size, branch size and leaf patterns, these can be placed in almost all landscapes. Because they merge well across any themed furniture, you can keep changing their orientation too, as they are easier to move around as compared to real plants. You can be spontaneous and creative with these bamboo trees.

Benefits of Fabricated Oriental Bamboo Trees

There is no stress of taking care of these plants on a day to day basis. The maintaining processes are minimal and the essence of having plants around lingers with these. There is no fear of having low maintained foliage around for when unannounced visitors or contractors show up.

Also, these are fire retardant and thus won't trigger fatal fire mishaps, because they do not catch on fire. This is one of the most advantageous characteristics of synthetic botany as compared to real ones.

Your visitors/contractors would be delighted in viewing how well-kept your office is and thus make a better impression on them. Meetings and dealings would be taken in a more serene place, giving both you and your contractor a better perspective of making decisions.

The landscape doesn't matter when it comes to these plantations. You can be rest assured of the adhesives used in the production of synthetic plantations and they can't be damaged easily.

Bamboo Plantations in your workspace would not only beautify your environment, but will also offer great positive vibes. But, the real versions of these plants require a lot of attention to grow and a lot of expenditure takes place. The alternative to live plants is having an artificial or faux botany in your workspace instead. Plants in the workplace will increase the productivity of your employees, make a better impression on your contractors and also create a serene, feel good environment to work in.

Artificial Oriental Bamboo Trees

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Wield the Magic of the Orient with the Best Artificial Oriental Bamboo Trees

Most modern workspaces, office buildings and retail spaces need a significant amount of indoor landscaping. Such landscaping is generally done using horticultural items such as small potted plants and large live plants and also by using other kinds of nature-inspired design elements such as small water springs. This kind of indoor landscaping greatly improves the visual appearance of the building’s inner spaces. It also provides several indirect benefits such as a greater sense of comfort and calmness for both employees and visiting customers due to the use of gurgling springs for example. 

In general, artificial plants prove to be a better solution than natural bamboo for internal landscaping primarily due to ease of maintenance and the ability to fully customize the landscaping to suit the architectural and decor related needs of the building. Having said that, artificial plants are also a viable and desirable solution for outdoor landscaping due to ease of maintenance. When made for outdoor use, artificial plants come with an outer UV protection layer whereas those made for indoor use are generally made with fire-retardant material.

Anytime an office or residential environment is to be landscaped, the tropical bamboo lends a unique tropical touch to the environment with its robust, elegant appearance. While cold-weather plants such as violets, snapdragons and petunias lend a wonderful amount of color to the internal spaces within a building, the bamboo adds a different element of appearance with its lush foliage and the trunks of a wonderful color and growth lending a very warm and inviting appearance to the landscape. The uniquely shaped leaves lend additional beauty to the bamboo which is generally kept in a pot. Being compact in size, the artificial bamboo is generally seen to be a great fit for landscaping a small to medium sized space which is in need of a bit of personality, such as the reception area right next to a sofa or the open lobby outdoor areas seen as part of the facilities of many companies.    

Natural bamboo

Natural bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grasses in the world with some species of bamboo being able to grow as much as 3 feet within a 24-hour period. Although originally a species native to Asia, today it is widely grown and used across the world. Natural bamboo is an inexpensive, eco-friendly, robust and sustainably-resourced material used for constructing various types of structures including fences, walkways, creeper supports, plant supports and other general constructions inside gardens. Specifically speaking, bamboos are extremely drought-tolerant given that their underground stems are able to store water away to be used during times of low rainfall.  Just like the cactus which is another quirky option used for landscaping, this lends the bamboo a significant advantage when a material is needed to landscape areas in dry or drought-prone areas. One significant disadvantage of the natural bamboo is that roots can extend as much as 20 feet underground, thus disturbing piping and foundations. This implies that additional caution is in order whenever natural bamboo is proposed to be used in construction or landscaping, to ensure that the foundation of the nearby constructions in the particular area are not disturbed by the use of the bamboo. Of course, it is true that anytime we do landscaping with the natural bamboo, we suffer from all the disadvantages that a real plant brings in in terms of susceptibility to pest attacks, high maintenance costs on account of fertilizers, water and pesticides. 

Artificial bamboo

Artificial bamboo trees are made with natural wooden trunks and premium grade artificial foliage to generally serve the purposes of commercial landscaping. Generally, artificial foliage is made with U/V protected material for outdoor use and fire-retardant synthetic material for indoor use. These artificial bamboo trees are typically used in resorts, hotels and other commercial establishments for decoration and gifting. Artificial bamboo trees are available in various forms – trunks, planters, pots and wicker baskets. 

The most amazing thing about these artificial bamboo trees is that they are wonderfully decorated with silk bamboo leaves (sometimes even in the thousands), lending a grand and regal appearance to the tree. These leaves are generally designed and manufactured to be so life-like that one can often not even distinguish an artificial leaf from a real one. These trees are beautifully made with several trunks just like an actual tree, with trees most commonly built with 6 to 9 trunks. While the trunks are made of plastic, they are reasonably realistic-looking. 

All these forms of artificial bamboo reflect different looks and dimensions associated with individual likes and the landscaping needs of the specific environment. These trees are commonly available in various heights ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet. Different customers choose the tree in different forms based on the amount of space available at their location both in terms of floor area and the height to ceiling available. Also, there is an element of personal preference in the sense that while some customers may like the tree kept in a pot, others may like the tree kept in a wicker basket. 

Why Artificial bamboo?

Compared with the natural bamboo, the artificial bamboo enjoys a number of advantages. Being an artificial plant, there are no leaves or soil in the surrounding environment. Thus the artificial bamboo is almost completely pest-free and requires almost no maintenance at all with regards to water, nutrients, fertilizers or pesticides. Pruning and cleaning requirements are minimal with only a light dusting required every few months. Clearly, all of this adds up to one tremendous advantage, which is drastically low cost of maintenance. 

Additionally, being an artificial plant, the common factors that inhibit plant growth - lack of sunshine, insufficient nutrients in the soil, low water availability, pests, low light and winter weather pose no barriers to the usage of artificial bamboo with there being no effect of these factors on any aspects related to plant growth. Also, given the fact that artificial plants do not grow, there is no question of having space limitations to the usage of artificial bamboo (whether in internal or external spaces) and the bamboo requires no pruning or shaping for the purposes of maintenance. Compared to the natural bamboo, the artificial bamboo has two more significant advantages. 

The artificial bamboo is able to maintain its shape, size, height and color for years on end without requiring extensive effort. When one sees maintenance workers mowing a lawn or prune leaves off a wayside tree, one can notice the amount of efforts needed to maintain tree foliage and  immediately appreciate the extent of this advantage. Additionally, one more incredible advantage with the artificial bamboo (and really any artificial plant) is that it can be designed and manufactured in a fully-customized manner, that is custom-made in order to fit in with the décor.  

Available in a number of options, the artificial bamboo is one of the best options available for landscaping a variety of spaces ranging from botanical gardens to ranches to outdoor coffee areas. With its robust appearance, beauty and true-to-life quality, the artificial bamboo would be one of your top options when looking to add character to any given space.



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