Case Study: Treasure Island in Red Wing, MN

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Today we will be discussing the latest project that we at Commercial Silk International were proud to be a major player in. Though we have not gone into much depth on the various other products we manufacture, this will be a good start to introduce you to the wide scoop of our company. Besides creating artificial boxwood hedges and topiaries, we also build large artificial trees with authenticity and attention to detail always in mind. We have built this faux trees for companies like Rainforest Cafe, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop and numerous others. With our highly skilled fabrication staff we build trees that look exactly the same to their all-natural counterpart. Just recently we were apart of a large scale project in Red Wing, MN with the popular casino Treasure Island. The $19 million construction took their amenities to a whole new level, and it was named The Lagoon for it’s peaceful yet tropical atmosphere. We were a key part of the design supplying them with many various palm trees in all shapes and sizes. As we continue to grow our brand overseas more we must always be reminded of our mid western roots, and it is projects like these that really help bolster our reputation.

When we design trees we take every detail into consideration to ensure that they are as authentic as possible. Looking at the case of Treasure Island in Red Wing we had to craft all of our large palm trees by hand with the skill of our amazing fabricators. With so much riding on the appearance of the 40,000’ facility itself, it was imperative that we at Commercial Silk were able to supply everlasting artificial palm trees to their exact specifications. It was not an easy project, but with the help of our highly skilled workers and our two leading project managers we were able to come up with solutions that met the specific client's needs’.

With our two proprietary chemical blends, ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf®, we created trees that were perfect for the application. Our fire-retardant trees were a perfect match for the indoor park as they provided a safe alternative to other trees without the chemical blend. This also made them compliant with the MN fire codes, which must always be considered in these types of large-scale projects. Whether you are putting artificial plants in your small office or planning a huge renovation, fire codes are becoming more and more strict and you must be wary of their implications. That is why we have our ThermaLeaf® proprietary blend specifically made when producing large artificial trees, as these seem to be the ones that need them protection the most. You can feel safe knowing that our faux trees are not going to contribute to a fire outbreak and are less likely to cause an increase in the damage and heat of the fire.

As you can see from the video we had to first lay a base down for the large and small artificial trees to give it a more stable foothold on the substrate. Using simple black planters and live rocks, we were able to provide a secure footing for the small faux palm trees as well as the large. With our service crew we were able to install this with no complications and do it within the time restraints of the Treasure Island project team. Large projects are usually very tedious from the initial construction to the final placement, but at Commercial Silk International we have been doing this for 30 years plus so the experience from that makes it much easier. We are well versed in large commercial builds and have been accustomed with fire codes throughout the years, so if you are looking at a project that is similar to Treasure Island you can be assured that you will be taken care of throughout the whole project.

For this specific project we built a variety of different palm trees to help give balance to The Lagoon’s appearance. We decided to go contemporary with sago palm in both small and medium-sized versions, these are a more unique product and offer a more exotic tone. The tall palms that are scene in the video are your more common varieties, date and phoenix palm. These varieties are top sellers as artificial palms trees are concerned, and we take pride in making the most realistic ones you can find on the market. Our faux kentia palm trees are also very much sought after as exoctic pieces to add as a decorative piece in both homes and businesses. Coming in both small and tall varieties these palm trees are great at making even the most dull space come to life.

All in all, the project at Treasure Island was a great win as a company and our artificial palm trees were well received by both the staff overseeing the construction and the people reveling in it afterwards. With our expertise in building the most authentic looking fake palm trees we were an easy choice as the main provider of artificial plants. Local and reasonable, we at Commercial Silk were proud to be a part of this large-scale renovation that will bring joy to everyone who takes part in the project. With our blend of ThermaLeaf® embedded in every single one of our faux palm trees we were also able to provide a sense of security for the construction crew and management of the casino. It is important that everyone feels safe even in the presence of highly flammable materials, but we at Commercial Silk have dealt with this before and always take the necessary precautions when it comes to building an everlasting product. If you are in need of help designing a project of any size feel free to contact us with details and we will get you in touch with one of our highly skilled project managers. Do not hesitate no matter how intense or crazy you think the request is, we have been in this business for decades and have the skill and manpower to tackle any project!

Artificial palms for you - helping you create awe inspiring landscapes

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Looking for an ideal X-factor to bring in an element of difference to your hotel lobby or dining area? You need look no further than a well placed artificial palm tree. These articles of interior design can lend an imposing and spectacular look to immediately attract the eye of any visitor or customer. Since tending after large palms can be heavy-duty work, artificial palms take away these responsibilities from you and yet allow you to bring in a natural, exotic ethos to your commercial area.

Palms are one of the most widely spread and immediately recognizable varieties of plants. They can be distinguished for their long, compound leaves branching off in a fountain-like profusion from a single shoot. They are generally large plants, although small varieties of shrubs are also available. Aside from the common varieties like Areca palm, Desert palm etc, exotic varieties like Giant fishtail and Bamboo palm specimens can also be artificially made.

Benefits of using artificial palms
The leaf fronds are made with green silk, resembling the real ones to perfection. The leaves can also be hand-painted to introduce striations, blotches of color, or slightly yellowed edges that add to a realistic effect. The trunk is made of fibre-glass or metal with a metal base for affixing it firmly in pots or on the ground. Every aspect of the leaves and trunk is crafted with minute detail; and all the scars, marks and discolorations are captured with great attention.

Using artificial palms for decorations
Artificial palms can be utilized in a number of ways, which adds to its popularity for indoor decoration.

  • They are a must if you want to create a tropical garden like atmosphere inside large atriums, reception areas or dining spaces.

  • They are usually associated with deserts, tropical areas or sea beaches—and will thus bring in the atmosphere of exotic climates.

  • The huge range of varieties—areca, bamboo, coconut, butterfly, fan palms etc offer an unique consortium of choices to suit your requirements

  • Most commercial spaces are made of monochromatic, dull-colored materials like wood, steel, glass etc. Amidst this; an explosion of green from the imposing palm tree will bring in the semblance of fertility, peace, and calm. They create a soothing, restful effect immensely satisfying for your guests, employees etc.

  • They are creative, vibrant ways of alleviating dullness and creating diversification.

  • From using single palm shoots at entrances to creating an entire interior garden inside your mall or office; there is no end to how original you can get with using palms.

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