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Delight your visitors with pretty pink Corner Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees are known for the beautiful aura they exude and the "feel good" environment they provide is something no workspace should miss. Having plants around in your work space or office ensures a serene atmosphere that absorbs all stressful energy from the surroundings. They make a better impact on your clients and exert good, positive vibes on all your meetings and dealings.

Plants are said to have psychologically influence people in terms of energy, attendance and productivity. Studies have shown that employees don't just turn up for work more often but their work in terms of quality is also very appreciable in presence of plants in their surroundings.

But, it can get very difficult to maintain plants that beautify your workspace interior and exterior. There are a lot of factors that come into play when one decides to use plants as decorating antiques. They would be:

  • Watering and fertilizing plants
  • Spraying of pesticides
  • Felling of leaves and plants

Don't be disheartened for there is an alternative. For this purpose, faux or artificial plants come to the rescue that not only eliminate all the disadvantages of having trees or plants but also provide an aesthetic look to your workspace. This eliminates the need of busy offices to have another burden of taking care of real plants.

Also, if the plants have not been maintained, trimmed or looked after properly, it would be visually displeasing and it is probable that clients/visitors won't appreciate being in the presence or company of people who were lazy enough to not clean their workspace. To avoid such embarrassment, it would be mandatory for such spaces to adopt to fabricated plants instead.

Artificial Cherry Trees and Their Specialities

Cherry trees may be commonly known for the fruits they bear, but their flowers are also widely appreciated by many. These pretty pink or yellow flower variants are so beautiful to look at and are made to seem so real, no one can tell the difference.

These artificial cherry trees may come with artificial fruits hanging by the branches that are cute and relishing to only look at.

The synthetic plant is built for interior planters in the corners with branches flourishing at a 90 degree angle. These artificial plants can be styled to your preference as well with layered branches of foliages or denser foliage that would provide a bright burst of color to its persona.

History of Cherry Trees

Cherries have been around since ages. A particular form of cherry was brought into England by Henry VIII, who had tasted them in Flanders.

Artificial cherry blossom trees are crafted in reference with the Japanese Sakura Tree, which was sent as a gift to the United States in the 1900s. This was done to acknowledge the growing friendship between Japan and the US at that time.

The range of cherries extends through Europe, western Asia and parts of northern Africa. The popular fruit is said to be consumed throughout these places since prehistoric ages.

Cherries have been recorded to have been brought to Rome in 72 BC by Lucius from northeastern Anatolia, also known as the Pontus region.

Synthetic Cherry Trees - A Must Have in Every Workspace

The recent use of cherry flowers for decorative measures has been proven to be very profitable in terms of increase in clients as they are impressed by the taste and choice of what your enterprise displays.

The synthetic cherry trees and plants are excellent as a cornered wall decorative. The plants are great substitutes to real plants and one can barely realize the difference. The advancements made in technology provide to artificial plant viewers to enjoy the delights of having plants around in the workspace.

Smaller plants of this type can be placed on tables, desks and restaurant reservation decks. These fabricated cherry trees go well in any setting; entrances and interiors of offices and malls, restaurant decor & casinos, you name it!

These faux plants are preferred to have been placed in corners of your workspaces. This is because this gives the impression of the room being a little bigger than it really is. Placed aside dark-brown themed sofas and furniture, this pink flowered artificial botany will enliven your space and the "feel-good" positivity would be hard to ignore. You will be big on compliments from all of your clients, visitors and neighbors.

When placed in the exteriors, these plants provide to your visitors a very welcoming feel making them feel special and comfortable in the space. These are a delight for the eyes and would definitely get a second look from the spectators on the street. People would be intrigued to see your interiors after being fascinated by the lovely exterior landscape.

Advantages Of Cherry Trees

There is no stress of taking care of these plants on a day to day basis. The maintaining processes are minimal and the essence of having plants around lingers with these. There is no fear of having low maintained foliage around for when unannounced visitors or contractors show up.

Also, these are practically much cheaper than real plants when it comes to sustenance. The foul smell from the botany that may have not been looked after could be displeasing to your employees as well and would influence the productivity accordingly.

The faux botany is a great alternative to real plants. Cherry trees make extremely beautiful decorations that doesn't involve preservation strategies to be planned out. Placing them in any setting would intensify the aura of the space and keep the visitors coming back for more. Introducing these plants to corners of rooms would enliven that area and make it seem it was bigger.

Let colors and class ooze from your Artificial Azaleas

Azalea Flower Part of the Ericaceae family, Azaleas are flowering shrubs that are found in abundance in Europe, Asia, North America and several other parts of the world. This shrub comes into bloom during the season of Spring. The flowers are available in shades of royal purple, fuchsia pink, stunning coral orange, breathtaking lilac and a vibrant yellow. The flowers of this shrub are reported to last for several weeks. Azaleas are slightly intolerant to direct sunlight and prefer living under trees. The flowers are absolute show stoppers and have a captivating charm about them. There are several countries across the globe such as Korea, Japan and the United States that conduct Azalea festivals. However, one major disadvantage of Azaleas is that they are prone to diseases. Azalea leafy gall and phytophtora are two of the diseases that azaleas are usually affected by.

Splash of color and vibrancy in your landscape
Adding azaleas to your landscape will brighten the surroundings in a marvellous manner. These eye catching shrubs bring to life even the dimmest and darkest surroundings. However, azaleas require a lot of care and maintenance. Further, if they catch a disease it can lead to absolute destruction of the shrub. To avoid such a debacle, one can consider incorporating artificial azaleas into their landscape. These artificial azaleas are as life like as the real ones.

The shade and colours of the flowers and the leaves of the shrub are replicated to look nearly identical to the real shrub. These faux shrubs can fool even the most experienced florist or horticulturist. The artificial botanical products can be showcased in hotels, offices, homes, residential buildings, commercial buildings, government offices, restaurant tables and countless other places. Artificial azaleas are available in flower pots, hanging baskets and several other options.

Benefits of Artificial Azaleas:

  • Disease Free
    Adding artificial azaleas to your landscape is far more advisable. Real azaleas as we know it, are prone to illnesses. Curing the shrub off these illnesses can be an expensive and tedious affair. On the other hand, faux azaleas are disease free and a drastic change in temperature and excessive sunlight don't leave the shrub withered and damaged.
  • Maintenance Free, Fire and Water Resistant, UV protected
    Unlike the real azaleas, faux azaleas can tolerate excessive sunlight and heat without contracting a disease. They are UV protected and do not fade or lose their colour if exposed to sunlight. Additionally, these cleverly crafted artificial botanical products are made of materials that make them both fire as well as water resistant. They can withstand a torrential downpour as well as a fire.

  • Add color to your surroundings
    The flowers of the azalea shrubs have such majestic colours that adding them to your landscape will colourfully brighten the surroundings. These classy and chic flowers can be used for both indoor decorating as well as outdoor decorating.

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