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Artificial Fruit Trees for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Artificial Fruit Trees

What better place for an artificial fruit tree than the produce aisle of a supermarket or grocery store? Lately we've received many requests from grocers about constructing artificial fruit trees for retail environments, and it's so obvious it makes too much sense — why not define and design store aisles with artificial fruit trees where people are purchasing fruit and vegetable products? Also, since live trees carry the risk of harboring insects and other elements unsafe around food products, artificial is the only way to go.

[more] Silk Fruit Tree From a design standpoint, artificial fruit trees are visually stunning. Yet there are functional design benefits as well. The trees create and define unique spaces within grocery stores, in some cases actually providing aisle spacing. They create scale, shape or hide unsightly views, and promote a healthful and green feeling that resonates with mothers.

Fruit trees can come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, and the most popular are Orange, Apple and Citrus. Smaller trees and those placed in real plant containers, like in this store in Chicago, can be moved for cleaning and re-shaping of spaces.

Overall, artificial fruit trees can go a long way toward providing a memorable customer experience and encouraging repeat visits. Just remember that if you see a tree on your next trip to the store — don't eat the fruit!

Silk Banana Trees Are Popular Indoor Plants

Popular Tropical Banana Foliage

Silk Banana trees compliment a tropical theme artificial landscape. The silk Banana tree manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l has an authentic natural wood stem and broad, exotic silk Banana leaves. Our artificial Banana tree has clusters of artificial Banana fruit. Use a silk banana tree in faux landscapes for hotels, hospitals, malls, and casinos or for a theme venue with a tropical ambiance. Artificial Banana trees can be crafted in any size ranging from 4' to 24' for your project's specifications.

[more] Silk Banana Tree In addition to tree size and Banana leaf variety, it is important to consider fire retardant foliage for faux landscapes. Understanding the fire code requirements for an artificial Banana tree can often be challenging and confusing. Every State adopts their own fire code and in fact so to does every municipality. In an effort to help our clients answer the question of whether or not a particular State will require them to use fire retardant foliage, we asked the following question of the Office of State Fire Marshall for each State. Visit our web site for complete details on our fire retardant regulations, including silk Banana foliage.

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