Silk Grass Plants - Stems, Flowers, & Silk Plant Grasses Arrangements

silk grass plants

Silk grass plants, including silk grasses stems, silk flowers, and silk arrangements, are a simple yet effective way to spice up your decor. Silk grass plants can be used to complete arrangements, enhance grass bushes, or on the dinner table as floating decoration in bowls and vases, as napkin rings, or anything else a creative mind can imagine.

Silk Grass Plants Description: Grass belongs to the Gramineae family of plants. There are over 9,000 kinds of known grasses on Earth, making it one of the largest species of any type on the planet. The evolution of grasses dates back to 55 million years ago, according to fossil records, though scientists have recently found a grass species dating back to 65 million years. In the hands of expert craft-workers, almost all grasses can be replicated as realistic silk plant grass decor for homes, offices, and other dwellings.


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