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Trade Show Booth Designers Turning to Artificial Plants and Trees

Artificial Plants in Tradeshow Booth Designs

Trade show designers and exhibitors have turned to artificial plants and trees recently, sprucing up (no pun intended) their booths while streamlining logistics. It makes sense: you put countless hours into the design, ship it out, set it up, wear out your shoes and jaw standing and talking for three days, pack it up, and send it off to the next one. You better be efficient, and you better have a design that stands out from your competitors next door. Silk Tree Booth Design

A few benefits of going silk:

- Staying fresh. For booths that move from show to show, live plants are not cost-effective. Silk plants don't wilt or lose their leaves in shipping and only need a little touch up to look good as new.

- Creating themes. Booth designers have used Commercial Silk Int'l silk plants and trees to convey forest themes, such as this Aspen Rocky Mountain booth for guitar company Two Old Hippies, and this Central Park booth for The Ladders.

[more] - Providing scale. Trade show ceilings are too high and it's difficult to properly define and scale an exhibition. Artificial trees create smaller, intimate settings while providing a visceral design impact. Silk Mountain Tree Trade Show Booth Theme

- Packing and shipping. Artificial trees can be easily disassembled, packed, reassembled, and shipped in crates.

- Fire proofing. Because trade shows are held in what is considered assembly occupancies (places where 50 or more people gather), they are required to use fire retardant materials that pass the state fire codes, specificially the NFPA 701 test. All Commercial Silk Int'l foliages pass this test.

Any company with a trade show regiment knows how expensive it can be, from carpet and electricity to hotel rooms and rental cars. Next time you pick up that order form for plants, remember that you can create memorable booth themes and save time and money with the artificial variety.

Government Officials Water Artificial Plants

Carrie Underwood likes to make a splash in her personal and professional life, whether it's dating Coybows star quarterback Tony Romo, or screaming out lyrics on stage. Recently, though, she's taken it to new heights with her concert set design, which featured a virtual fake forest and a rope swing hanging from a giant artificial tree limb.

Silk Plant Maintenance Our beloved US government, known for it's slowness and insatiable appetite for paperwork, put out a bid looking for a company to water its artificial plants. To be fair, the contract did also call for watering live plants. Bidders with a GSA Contract were expected to submit a quote on a very short deadline prior to the end of the department fiscal year, which may have led to the editorial oversight.

[more] Silk Foliage Costumes Ice dancers are known to push the limits of fashion, but many believe that the line was crossed at this year's Olympics. Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, a Russian ice dancing team, chose themed costumes with artificial foliage attached to their arms, legs, skates, and necks. They were universally panned by culture critics around the globe, and were thought to have damaged the image of the sport as a whole. We at Commercial Silk Int'l agree that artificial foliage belongs on trees, not on the ice.

Outdoor Artificial Grass for Business Property

Artificial Grass

In Brockton, MA this week, a judge ordered a car wash owner to remove artificial grass he had installed on his business property, citing the dictionary definition of landscaping in his ruling. The owner had installed it because of how impractical and expensive it was to maintain real grass in his place of business, and is vowing to appeal the decision.

[more]Artificial Palm Trees in Aquatic Center Artificial plants and trees continue to be popular choices for water parks and aquatic centers where live plants are difficult to maintain due to pool chemicals, mistreatment from people, and unnatural moisture levels in the air. Commercial Silk's project at the Southeast Missouri State University Aquatic Center was featured recently, with flattering images of very authentic looking artificial palm trees.

Silkworm Making Artificial Plant Most people know that silk comes from silkworms, but not many people know that artificial plants are often made from silk as well. Looks like all that plant eating by silkworms is, in essence, creating more plants, albeit the artificial variety.

The Art of Creating Artificial Trees

Creating artificial trees is an art, as shown in this time elapsed video of a Commercial Silk manufacturer creating an artificial Ficus tree. Our team of craftsmen are masters in their field and strive to create the most authentic and realistic silk trees in the industry. Fortunately, our craftsmen have over 40,000 square feet of studio-like warehouse space to perfect their art.

At the base of the tree, trunks and PVC collars are embedded into a reinforced container. For permanent installations, steel plates would be utilized.

[more]Branches are joined to the main trunk using doweled ends. Steel reinforcements allow our craftsmen to manipulate tree density and form specific shapes typical to the various trees we manufacture. Cables are then used to preserve the shape.

Branch and trunk imperfections are hand painted to blend with the stem coloration, further heightening the authenticity, and tapered branch tips provide a smooth transition from branch to foliage.

Last and certainly not least, our Inherantly Fire Retardant (IFR&trade) foliage provides permanent fire protection to meet state fire code requirements (NFPA 70, Class A per ASTM E84, California title 19, US BOv SIN 4722-06 Flammabilty Code, NFPA 705), allowing our silk trees to be implemented in commercial projects, such as a rooftop bar Ficus tree installation.

How to Make a Planter Box with Silk Plants

With a few materials and a little time, you can make a planter box yourself with artificial silk plants provided by Commercial Silk Int’l.

[more]Products Used

Materials Needed

  • Planter Box
  • Rock
  • Sphagnum moss, mulch or bark chips
  • Spray foam
  • Glue gun or styrofoam adhesive


  • Add a two-inch layer of rock to add ballast
  • Dispense foam. Do not fill to the top of the planter box. The foam will rise and expand on its own.
  • Add mulch. Press mulch into foam. Let dry and set up overnight.
  • Use a screwdriver to make a small guiding hole in the foam/mulch for each silk plant to be planted.
  • Using the glue gun, quickly spread glue onto one plant.
  • Press one plant into a hole, thus gluing it into the foam. Step and repeat.
  • Shape plants for a groomed appearance.

If you will be making a planter box or hanging planter for interior use, consider a basket with colorful artificial Bougainvillea flowers.

Unique Landscapes May Include Artificial Bonsai Trees

Silk Bonsai Tree Used in Faux Landscape Artificial Bonsai trees can be made with all types of artificial foliages; the faux landscape project should help determine what type of artificial foliage is best for your Bonsai. Each artificial Bonsai tree is distinctive; they have shapes and foliages unique to each type of stylized tree. We have crafted several silk Bonsai trees. Our most popular Bonsai forms include: Acacia artificial Bonsai which is 6' high and crafted in the informal style Bonsai; our Podocarpus silk Bonsai which is a multi stem Bonsai with clusters of delicate foliage, and our hand crafted Ming Aralia fake Bonsai that is made with premium grade artificial foliage stylized to be both cascade and informal Bonsai styles.

[more]The following is a list of Bonsai style descriptions:

- Formal Bonsai style is characterized by a straight, upright, tapering artificial trunk. Branches progress regularly from the thickest and broadest at the bottom to the finest and shortest at the top.

- Informal style is similar to the formal upright style, with branches generally progress regularly from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top, but this silk Bonsai tree has curves.

- Slant-style Bonsai is crafted with straight trunks like those of formal style, except the trunk emerges from the soil at an angle, and the apex of the Bonsai is located off center of the base. Silk Bonsai Tree Detail

- Cascade-style Bonsai trees are fabricated after trees which grow over water or on the sides of mountains.

- Literati style Bonsai is characterized by a generally bare trunk line, with branches reduced to a minimum, and typically placed higher up on a long, often contorted trunk.

- Multi-stem style is manufactured with multiple trunks growing out of one base. All of the trunks form one crown of leaves, in which the thickest and most developed trunk forms the top.

In addition to Bonsai style and foliage variety, it is important to consider fire retardant foliage for landscaping faux applications. Understanding the fire code requirements for an artificial tree can often be challenging and confusing. Every State adopts their own fire code and in fact so to does every municipality. This apartment fire caused by an ignited silk plant reminds us all how important fire retardant silk plants can be for indoor applications..

Considerations When Buying Artificial Fake Trees

Fake Trees in Design When fabricating an artificial tree, whether the tree be completely fabricated, assembled from pre-fabricated tree bark sheets or whatever method being used, an important factor to take into consideration from an artistic standpoint, is just how realistic or stylized the tree in question should be.

Depending, of course, upon the needs and wishes of the client, or the requirements of whatever given project for which it's being fabricated, will the tree be created as an extremely authentic (museum quality) recreation of nature, a less detailed yet still more or less accurate representation of a real tree or a completely artistic interpretation? And even within this last category, there are many ways in which a fabrication artist can go, taking the design and fabrication of the tree in directions as diverse as a cute, cartoonish and "kid friendly" or even anthropomorphized tree to an almost "fine art" sculptural interpretation.

[more] Most of these choices ban be predicated upon where the tree is going to finally be utilized once fabricated. Clearly, a tree being built for a museum exhibit will need to be rendered in fine, ultra-realistic detail, though obviously a children's museum display may be better served by a more cartoon-like tree. Is the fabricated tree being blended into a very realistic environment? Will it be standing alone, perhaps the tree is utilized as a branded symbol in a healthcare setting, or possible in a restaurant or retail space? Will the public be coming into close contact with the tree, and will they be able, even, to climb upon it? What is the purpose of the sculpted tree? It may be used to frame views, define scale, or enhance office productivity. All these factors contribute not only to how a fabrication artist approaches the final appearance of the tree, but also in many ways in what way the tree is built and with what materials, as well.

Sculpted Tree Trunk Detail Budget, too, plays a huge part in determining the level of detail and/or stylization incorporated into the production of an artificial tree. Obviously, working on a limited budget impacts how much time and attention to detail can be lavished on a particular project, as well as the materials involved. Thus, the more detailed and realistic a fabricated tree is to be, the higher the budget required to create a satisfactory end product. Certain shortcuts and compromises can be agreed upon, surely (lessening, say, the number of branches, or the amount of foliage to be used), but there really is no way around the fact that a very high-quality, highly-detailed museum quality fabricated tree is going to also be an expensive one.

This doesn't necessarily mean that a more stylized, less "realistic" and less detailed tree will by default be cheap. Much depends, naturally, on the level of stylization, and an abstract, artistically interpreted and sculptural tree could very easily end up being as costly if not more so than a realistic one, as the level of complexity involved in the build, and the amount of artistic interpretation involved, could be as time consuming as slavishly replicating the look of a genuine tree, if not more.

Fake Trees in Hotel Lobby In the end, of course, it all boils down to what the client wants or feels is appropriate for the project in question, and, taking into account their budget, the environment in which it is to be displayed and its ultimate end-use, the style of fabricated tree, its method of construction and level of detail can then be backed into. It's not always an easy or pain-free process, however it is a good yardstick to use in determining just how to create the best fabricated tree possible that will satisfy the client's needs and make them as happy with their purchase as possible.

Silk Laurel Used Indoors

Silk Laurel Indoors

An artificial Laurel manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l has authentic natural wood stems and lifelike silk Laurel foliage. Our artificial Laurel trees have a layered appearance, so the foliage is not clustered or too dense. The Laurel tree is crafted after the living bay Laurel and our silk Laurel is offered in tree and bush forms. Our botanically correct silk trees can be viewed on our web site, check out the silk Laurel vine and the silk Laurel bush, which has simular shaped leaves as our silk Arboricola Bush. Both can be manufactured with either the green or the variegated Laurel foliage. Use an artificial Laurel in faux landscapes for hotels, hospitals, malls, and casinos or use the Laurel vine as a beautiful texture for ground cover plants. Silk Laurel trees come in standard sizes ranging from 4' to 24', but can be custom sized and shaped for your project's specifications.

[more] Silk Laurel Trees and Plants In addition to tree size and leaf variety, it is important to consider fire retardant foliage for faux landscapes. Understanding the fire code requirements for artificial Laurel trees can often be challenging and confusing. Every State adopts their own fire code and in fact so to does every municipality. In an effort to help our clients answer the question of whether or not a particular State will require them to use fire retardant foliage, we collected helpful information on the use of fire retardant plants and trees.

Artificial Alpine Trees for Retail Environments

Artificial Alpine Tree

Alpine trees grows tall and narrow as they stretch high in the Swiss Alps. Artificial Alpine trees crafted by Commercial Silk Int'l are botanical replications of these stunning Evergreens. Windswept branches offer a stylized and unique appearance, as you won't find the same quality on another faux Alpine tree. Your project requirements can specifications the density of the foliage as well as the number of branches and the height of the tree. If a project calls for a forest of artificial Alpine trees, our team will be of service every step of the way. We can customize the design of the artificial trees and install the entire project with our specialized equipment. We have themed several north woods landscapes and offer several other large tree and artificial Pine varieties if you want to create a very distinct indoor faux landscape.

[more]Artificial Alpine trees can be manufactured in many ways, and they are similar to our amazing Blue Spruce trees. We craft our Alpine trees with artificial Pine foliage and it has been used to create artificial landscapes for hotels, casinos, malls, and other commercial projects around the globe. Our artificial Alpine comes is many sizes and is hand crafted using natural wood trunks. We can even create a snow covered Alpine tree if you like the winter appearance of a fresh snowfall.

Silk Banana Trees Are Popular Indoor Plants

Popular Tropical Banana Foliage

Silk Banana trees compliment a tropical theme artificial landscape. The silk Banana tree manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l has an authentic natural wood stem and broad, exotic silk Banana leaves. Our artificial Banana tree has clusters of artificial Banana fruit. Use a silk banana tree in faux landscapes for hotels, hospitals, malls, and casinos or for a theme venue with a tropical ambiance. Artificial Banana trees can be crafted in any size ranging from 4' to 24' for your project's specifications.

[more] Silk Banana Tree In addition to tree size and Banana leaf variety, it is important to consider fire retardant foliage for faux landscapes. Understanding the fire code requirements for an artificial Banana tree can often be challenging and confusing. Every State adopts their own fire code and in fact so to does every municipality. In an effort to help our clients answer the question of whether or not a particular State will require them to use fire retardant foliage, we asked the following question of the Office of State Fire Marshall for each State. Visit our web site for complete details on our fire retardant regulations, including silk Banana foliage.

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