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Innovative Silk Boxwood Mats Allow Design Imagination to Flourish


Leading designers and architects are using boxwood for silk topiaries, privacy screens, and even animals to create memorable environments and solve design challenges. Silk Boxwood works well both indoors and outdoors and is available with fire retardant or UV resistant foliage.

[more]An innovative product, silk boxwood is packaged as a modular 12" x 12" tile, Boxwood mat tiles are flexible enough for curved surfaces and can be cut to fit custom shapes and can be stylized into traditional and unique topiary shapes.

By tiling Boxwood mats together, designers can create intimate lounge areas for sophisticated clientele, as shown with these poolside boxwood cabanas at the distinguished Prime Hotel in South Beach. Boxwood animals and props have proven to be more imaginative uses for silk Boxwood, such as with our unique Boxwood Elephant Topiary.

Silk Boxwood is also excellent for creating hedging along walls and fences, to hide unsightly building features such as HVAC units, plumbing or electrical units. It can be attached to any surface both indoors or outdoor and easily assembled into seamless panels to be tiled together on site upon delivery.

How to Build an Outdoor Artificial Topiary Plant

Outdoor artificial topiary plants look vibrant and healthy without the ongoing maintenance that indoor live plants require. They are beneficial in hard-to-reach areas and in locations where live plants cannot grow. Be sure to use UV rated artificial plant material for all of your outdoor plant and topiary applications, as in this video demonstrating how to build an outdoor azalea topiary.

[more]Products Used:

  • Artificial Azalea Topiary Swirl
Materials Needed: Instructions:
  • Cut the artificial plant into strips of flowering foliage that can be attached to the decorative topiary frame.

  • Wrap the foliage along the frame, keeping much of the flowers and artificial foliage on the topiary frame's outside.

  • Wire the foliage to the frame on both foliage ends, securing additional wires where needed. Cut any excess wire.

  • Gently shape the foliage so the topiary plant looks healthy and realistic from every angle.

  • Place the finished topiary plant into a decorative planter.

How To Create Silk Topiary Plants

Silk topiary plants are ideal for hard-to-reach areas, indoor locations with limited light, and places where live potted plants cannot grow. Commercial Silk Int'l craftsmen take pride in creating quality decorative silk topiaries, and this informational video demonstrates the process of creating a silk topiary plant.

[more]Products Used

Materials Needed

  • Glue Gun
  • Pliers
  • Mulch or Bark
  • Moss
  • Spray Foam
  • Knife
  • Craft Ball
  • Tree Stem
  • Craft Pins
  • Container
  • Rock
  • Silk Ivy Plant


  • Layer rock several inches thick at the bottom of the plant container to add ballast.
  • Dispense foam. Do not fill to the top of the container. The foam will rise and expand.
  • Add mulch or bark chips as a base; press into the foam. Allow to dry and set up overnight.
  • Using the knife, carefully cut a hole in the bottom of the topiary ball for later insertion of the tree stem.
  • Using the knife, sharpen both ends of the tree stem to a dull point.
  • Quickly spread glue on the tip of the tree stem.
  • Firmly press the glued end of the tree stem into the pre-carved hole of the topiary ball.
  • Glue the remaining end of the tree stem.
  • Insert the tree stem into the foamed container. Working quickly, be sure the stem is straight vertically. Check its potted position from all angles.
  • Working in sections, apply hot glue on the ball.
  • Press a clump of moss onto the hot glue to cover the ball. Continue gluing and mossing the entire surface of the topiary ball.
  • Push the craft pins through the moss and glue, securing the moss onto the surface of the ball.
  • Once the ball's entire surface is covered with moss, wrap the artificial ivy around the topiary ball, securing the ivy with craft pins as you work. If needed, cut the ivy into strips of foliage for better placement. Trim any excess decorative ivy.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary for Artificial Landscapes

Why Is Artificial Boxwood So Popular?
plastic boxwood mat Boxwood foliage is horticulturally popular with many gardeners, landscapers and homeowners. Artificial Boxwood is ideal for interior landscapes, because of its minimal maintenance - artificial plants only need a yearly dusting, but do not require watering or trimming. Boxwood shrubs and bushes are popular because of their shaping, cutting and pruning abilities. Our artificial Boxwood topiaries can be shaped to any form. For example, we manufacture artificial Boxwood topiary animals, unique for each client; our spiral Boxwood topiary and Boxwood topiary balls are popular in formal decor, and our Boxwood privacy screens are a great visual screen to hide unsightly views. Boxwood topiaries and Boxwood hedges can theme landscapes, and our topiary forms include all sizes of Boxwood spirals, Boxwood shrubs, Boxwood balls, and Boxwood bushes. topiary

The Boxwood leaf tapers from a round base: the very small and shiny leaves are leathery to the touch. Boxwood bushes and Boxwood hedges act as a privacy screen as our foliage is thick on every branch.

outdoor boxwood topiaries Boxwood is recognized under several names including box bush, English shrub, European Boxwood, common Boxwood and pale Boxwood. This slow growing evergreen was introduced to North America in the mid-1600s, and is native to Europe, Asia, Africa, Madagascar, and South and Central America with the majority of Boxwood species tropical or subtropical.

[more] modern boxwood topiary Indoor artificial Boxwood by Commercial Silk International can be impregnated with our inherently fire retardant chemical during manufacturing, offering consistent fire protection. Our Boxwood foliage can also be used in exterior applications with our UV inhibitor. These chemicals are blended with the fabric as well as the plastic or PVC parts so you wont see or feel a tacky surface film. Our outdoor foliages have been tested for colorfastness according to ASTM G 155-05, and after one year of UV exposure equivalent to Miami, Florida, our product had NO COLOR LOSS visible by sight.

The Elephant in the Room is Silk Topiary
Boxwoood Topiary Animal

As we grow older many things change, but our childhood fascination with animals often follows us into adulthood. The same giraffes, rhinos and other creatures that filled our coloring books and bedtime stories we now admire on Animal Planet and movies like March of the Penguins. As anyone with a pet knows, few things are more gratifying than having affection for an animal and getting it back in return, whether young or old.

boxwood topiary cypress Our fascination with animals is deeply ingrained in cultures worldwide, often reflected in works of art and architecture. Following this cue, plantscapers and commercial designers are wise to incorporate animal based themes and silk topiary animals into commercial spaces. Doing so can tug at heartstrings and provide memorable experiences.

When deciding whether to include an artificial animal in your commercial project, first make sure it fits your design objectives. For a full-fledged rainforest or jungle theme, silk topiary animals can bring a setting to life. Silk animals can also add an intriguing touch where least expected, such as a church or park.

outdoor boxwood topiariesNext, pick the right silk. Boxwood topiary is a highly flexible material made to be bent, curved, and twisted, allowing for the precise molding of shapes and lines required to create an authentic looking animal. Boxwood can also be constructed into silk balls, silk obelisks, and other interesting shapes.

pvc modern topiaryTo make your topiary animal even more interactive, allow it to be strong and durable enough to bear weight. When seeing a Boxwood elephant topiary, for example, curious minds will congregate. They will want to touch it to get a sense of how it was made. Kids will want to climb on it, and parents will want to take their picture. In these cases, make sure to provide an easy method for climbing the animal, preferably with a built-in ladder or a step structure subtly constructed into the animal itself.

Boxwoood Topiary Animal In the end, a well-conceived project integrated with silk topiary animals can make for good childhood memories while reminding parents of theirs.

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