Silk Bamboo Trees for Decorative Landscapes

Bamboo in Tranquil Landscape

Bamboo trees serve many purposes in different cultures. In addition to designing a landscape theme, they are considered sacred in Asian cultures. The plants are often planted near Buddhist temples; in India, Bamboo is used as a friendship symbol and is used in Chinese medicine for treating infections. You can see that Bamboos are very useful plants. It has been estimated that they are used by more than half of the world's human population every day.

Silk Bamboo trees, manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l, are replicated after the fastest growing plant on Earth. Living Bamboo trees grow to their full height in a single growing season of 3 to 4 months. The makes for a short life of the tree, but it allows for harvesting tall canes at an early age. It is possible to harvest Bamboo as early as 5 years.


Design With Artificial Palm Trees

Silk Palms for Commercial Interiors

The Palm tree elicits a very distinct mood and sense of place. Surrounded by Palm trees, people are instantly transported to the tropical beaches and island vacations of their minds. For interior landscapers, artificial Palm trees can replicate these kinds of environments while providing a variety of logistical benefits. The following includes several tips for your next commercial project. Theme With Artificial Palm Trees

Set the Theme
Use silk Palm trees as the driving force for a powerful jungle, beach, or tropical theme. There are variety of Palm species, so make sure to understand the different personalities of each. The Areca Palm, for example, is found naturally in the humid forests of Asia and is a good fit for jungle or rainforest themes. Butterfly Palms, meanwhile, more closely resemble the coconut Palms natural to the beaches of Florida and other vacation locales. With your artificial Palm varieties selected, round out your theme with mosses, grasses and other artificial plants.

Reduce Stress
Even if you aren't adding a full-scale beach or jungle theme, silk Palms can have a substantial effect on a commercial space. Integrating Palms into a lobby area injects a sense of relaxation to the room and helps businesses break the ice with prospective clients. In an office setting, Palms can reduce stress and increase employee productivity by adding a fun, creative element to the environment.


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