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Case Study: Treasure Island in Red Wing, MN

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Today we will be discussing the latest project that we at Commercial Silk International were proud to be a major player in. Though we have not gone into much depth on the various other products we manufacture, this will be a good start to introduce you to the wide scoop of our company. Besides creating artificial boxwood hedges and topiaries, we also build large artificial trees with authenticity and attention to detail always in mind. We have built this faux trees for companies like Rainforest Cafe, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop and numerous others. With our highly skilled fabrication staff we build trees that look exactly the same to their all-natural counterpart. Just recently we were apart of a large scale project in Red Wing, MN with the popular casino Treasure Island. The $19 million construction took their amenities to a whole new level, and it was named The Lagoon for it’s peaceful yet tropical atmosphere. We were a key part of the design supplying them with many various palm trees in all shapes and sizes. As we continue to grow our brand overseas more we must always be reminded of our mid western roots, and it is projects like these that really help bolster our reputation.

When we design trees we take every detail into consideration to ensure that they are as authentic as possible. Looking at the case of Treasure Island in Red Wing we had to craft all of our large palm trees by hand with the skill of our amazing fabricators. With so much riding on the appearance of the 40,000’ facility itself, it was imperative that we at Commercial Silk were able to supply everlasting artificial palm trees to their exact specifications. It was not an easy project, but with the help of our highly skilled workers and our two leading project managers we were able to come up with solutions that met the specific client's needs’.

With our two proprietary chemical blends, ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf®, we created trees that were perfect for the application. Our fire-retardant trees were a perfect match for the indoor park as they provided a safe alternative to other trees without the chemical blend. This also made them compliant with the MN fire codes, which must always be considered in these types of large-scale projects. Whether you are putting artificial plants in your small office or planning a huge renovation, fire codes are becoming more and more strict and you must be wary of their implications. That is why we have our ThermaLeaf® proprietary blend specifically made when producing large artificial trees, as these seem to be the ones that need them protection the most. You can feel safe knowing that our faux trees are not going to contribute to a fire outbreak and are less likely to cause an increase in the damage and heat of the fire.

As you can see from the video we had to first lay a base down for the large and small artificial trees to give it a more stable foothold on the substrate. Using simple black planters and live rocks, we were able to provide a secure footing for the small faux palm trees as well as the large. With our service crew we were able to install this with no complications and do it within the time restraints of the Treasure Island project team. Large projects are usually very tedious from the initial construction to the final placement, but at Commercial Silk International we have been doing this for 30 years plus so the experience from that makes it much easier. We are well versed in large commercial builds and have been accustomed with fire codes throughout the years, so if you are looking at a project that is similar to Treasure Island you can be assured that you will be taken care of throughout the whole project.

For this specific project we built a variety of different palm trees to help give balance to The Lagoon’s appearance. We decided to go contemporary with sago palm in both small and medium-sized versions, these are a more unique product and offer a more exotic tone. The tall palms that are scene in the video are your more common varieties, date and phoenix palm. These varieties are top sellers as artificial palms trees are concerned, and we take pride in making the most realistic ones you can find on the market. Our faux kentia palm trees are also very much sought after as exoctic pieces to add as a decorative piece in both homes and businesses. Coming in both small and tall varieties these palm trees are great at making even the most dull space come to life.

All in all, the project at Treasure Island was a great win as a company and our artificial palm trees were well received by both the staff overseeing the construction and the people reveling in it afterwards. With our expertise in building the most authentic looking fake palm trees we were an easy choice as the main provider of artificial plants. Local and reasonable, we at Commercial Silk were proud to be a part of this large-scale renovation that will bring joy to everyone who takes part in the project. With our blend of ThermaLeaf® embedded in every single one of our faux palm trees we were also able to provide a sense of security for the construction crew and management of the casino. It is important that everyone feels safe even in the presence of highly flammable materials, but we at Commercial Silk have dealt with this before and always take the necessary precautions when it comes to building an everlasting product. If you are in need of help designing a project of any size feel free to contact us with details and we will get you in touch with one of our highly skilled project managers. Do not hesitate no matter how intense or crazy you think the request is, we have been in this business for decades and have the skill and manpower to tackle any project!

How to install fake hedges

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Today we will be discussing the various strategies that go into installing fake hedges as a decoration piece. When starting to get into the artificial landscape trends it is important to understand what you want as a goal for the products you are purchasing. In this segment we will be focusing on artificial hedges as decoration, but they are not limited to just that and can be used for many other purposes. Commercial Silk’s artificial hedges have been used for privacy purposes, barriers in corporate spaces, and as dividing lines in outdoor bars/restaurants. We will get into those different topics later on in this blog series, but for now our main focus is to help explain how to install hedges as eye-candy for open spaces. Boxwood hedges have been used in this way for hundreds of years and just recently has the appearance of fake hedges grown to make a huge dent in the authentic plants industry. As people are becoming more and more aware of the potential artificial hedges bring in terms of reducing the waste of water and being far less intensive in terms of maintenance, their popularity will continue to rise. So take these 4 simple steps into serious consideration as you begin to shape your landscape with artificial hedges, it will make the work far more enjoyable and will yield a better result.

Step 1. Choose a location
This may seem like the most simplest of steps and it is to an extent, but many people do not thoroughly think through this before they begin installing and end up putting more work into the process than needed. “Location, location, location” is a common American idiom and it applies to almost anything, so when deciding on how to landscape with faux boxwood hedges you must pick a location that is perfect. Here are some examples, you can place them to run parallel along the sides of your walkway which is sure to add extra flare to the entrance of your home or business for guests and clients. Another idea is to place square or various patterns of faux boxwood hedges in symmetrical spots throughout the lawn, and in doing this it will clearly show off your creative and sophisticated mind even as a novice landscaper. Most people will use boxwood hedges for their traditional purpose (as a barrier or privacy wall to enclose a garden), but we at Commercial Silk have helped numerous projects create a landscape that is much more than that. Here are some photos further describe the point I am trying to make.

Step 2. Choose a shape
This part goes along with step one as it is imperative to know the location as you begin to design the type of fake hedge you want. We at Commercial Silk International have built a wide variety of faux hedges in various designs to fit customers’ exotic needs and preferences’. We have built artificial boxwood hedges in the forms of half-spheres, spiraling cones, curving rectangles, and many other interesting shapes in hopes of creating an everlasting appeal in both design and functionality. The shape must also fit the other parts of the landscape, so if you have a lawn that is set up as a grid, it may be ideal to stick to that pattern and have a artificial hedge built with straight lines. Now, if your lawn is more sporadic and you have circular gardens or herb grows throughout, you have more freedom in creating a design for you faux hedge that fits those criteria. Our Project Managers at Commercial Silk have been working with artificial boxwood hedges for many years and will have suggestions for you throughout the process, but it is always good as a consumer to understand your needs before getting varying opinions.

Step 3. Choose a baseboard
The hedges we build at Commercial Silk come with baseboards that our customers choose when going through the design process. The three we specialize in are: foam, natural wood, and metal. As you can assume, the foam baseboard is our least expensive option but visually unappealing and is only really utilized when you are not planning on keeping the hedge outside for an extended period of time or if you are using it indoors for a few events. Natural wood baseboards are the most visually appealing for our faux boxwood hedges and exude a more modern and contemporary look as a landscape pieces. Time and time again, our customers come back to this baseboard treatment because it’s trendy and at the same time can last just as long as the hedge. Metal baseboard var in their usage, but most of the time these are for heavy duty projects in commercial sites where longevity is of utmost importance.

Step 4. Choose a proprietary chemical treatment
The reason we at Commercial Silk International are a leader in building commercial artificial hedges for large projects as well as homeowners is that we have created chemicals that ensure that our products last. ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® are two chemicals that we have spent years perfecting to meet customers needs for longevity and safety for the products they purchase. We can get into a more in-depth analysis as we get further along in this blog, but for now we will give the basis so you can have an idea when installing your fake boxwood hedges. PermaLeaf® is our proprietary spray that will ensure that the faux hedge you purchase will not fade in extreme sunlight, and will not brittle in intensely cold climates. This is our most common blend of chemicals for homeowners as they look to place these outside in the elements, the technology behind this treatment will give you the peace of mind knowing the money spent is not going to waste after 5 years. ThermaLeaf® is our chemical treatment that will protect the space you put it in from intensifying unfortunate fire outbreaks. This is something that is most commonly used in commercial areas where fire codes plan a huge part into how artificial plants and hedges are utilized. If you are planning to put this outside it is not something that is required, but our Project managers can help with that decision as the order process goes along.

With all that said these are the 4 simple but effective steps to take into consideration when designing and installing artificial boxwood hedges. They will help as you continue your research into faux hedges and hopefully will help the process of designing your landscape less cumbersome.

Trends in artificial boxwood hedges

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In today’s day and age we are seeing more and more simple solutions to combating environmental changes that seem to be ever present. As the world and people become more conscious of their decisions in regards to energy consumption and the usage of valuable resources, simple changes in our lives can have a huge impact. One of these changes can come as we decide whether to landscape our homes with authentic plants or artificial. We as a company have been aware of this trend for the past 30+ years and have developed our brand to help consumers make the easy choice. Our faux boxwood hedges have been perfected to look exactly like their real counterparts, and have added chemicals imbedded in the foliage to make them impervious to a variety of elements.

Recognizing this trend goes beyond just our daily lives, but also into the lives of the celebrities and people who have major influences on the world. Looking at some famous event gatherings (The Grammys, U.S. Open, The Oscars, etc.) you can easily see the appearance of artificial plant products if you take the time to notice. Most of these gatherings feature a nice photoshoot of the celebrities, letting them show off their latest looks so we as consumers can dream and try to keep up with what they are putting out. With these photoshoots there is always a backdrop, and more often than not this is a fake artificial hedge that we at Commercial Silk have built. We have supplied for the U.S. Opens and The Oscars just this past year, and have had enormous amounts of compliments ranging from how durable they are to how authentic they look. Supplying our boxwood hedges and wall panels to these events show how easily they can be utilized in any situation, rather than having to take the time to grow the real thing and get it shipped from destination to destination. Our boxwood foliage screens are simple solutions to a world that is changing it’s thoughts on appropriate water usage and energy consumption.

Not only are our faux boxwood hedges a vital part of the entertainment culture, but they are growing in the restaurant and bar scene as well. If you live in a large city and frequent these types of establishments you may have never actually looked closely at the plant decor. More times than not you will find some form of artificial hedge or ivy wall hangings that adorn the interior and exterior. As bar owners try to cut down on costs they are finding that faux plants are a very viable and hardly discernible answer to maintaining authentic plants. Next time you go to one of these places take a look around and try to find these examples, there is no doubt if you find the right places this will hold true. Commercial Silk supplies many products to these businesses alone, and hear very positive feedback in regards to how patrons respond to our artificial boxwood foliage products look and feel.

These products are not limited to just celebrities or businesses looking to please customers, but we are seeing them trend in regular households as well throughout the country and world. One huge factor that is playing a role in this is climate change, but it’s also worth noting that people are becoming more aware of trends and jumping on them faster than ever. Whether it’s a stay at home mom using our artificial privacy screens or a dad hosting his Super Bowl party and rolling out a artificial boxwood roll for decoration, these are all scenarios that are trending in the world of artificial plants. Silk boxwood foliage is continuing to be used and as a company we at Commercial Silk have recognized these upward trends and are making the product better year after year.

As we look at the trends we must recognize what makes these products such a commodity in both entertainment, business and personal home use. Artificial green walls and hedges can be creatively built to make a lasting impression on any space while also displaying a sense of formality that will make anyone feel like a celebrity. As vital pieces in the fashion and entertainment industry, Commercial Silk has managed to perfect the manufacturing of products that last outdoors and are impervious to the elements. We also have designed a way to make sure our products do not increase the risk of life-threatening fire outbreaks, which some people may be fearful of when looking into artificial foliage. We are creative yet smart and with that we design fake boxwood hedges and mats to be safe and effective for any person, business, or event.

As the world looks more into the trend of faux boxwood walls and their usefulness we at Commercial Silk have been prepared to handle any order. Whether you want to follow the trend of major events and build a fake boxwood screen to be used for family photos and prom season, we have the engineers and project managers to help you get just that. Or maybe you were are the usual bar and you finally noticed how they use faux boxwood hedges as a dividing tool for the guest, and now this is something you can see as a major piece in your home. We have specialized project managers who are creative and can make your dream become a reality. These trends are not going away and artifical plants will continue to be a staple seen on TV and in our daily lives, hopefully for the long haul. This is not because we want more demand, but simply because they are less of a natural resource waster and cut down energy consumption. So take the time to look and find these instances where fake hedges and wall mats are being used around you. Find the trend and see where you could place maybe a artificial screen or mat roll in your own yard. Now that you recognize and know of the trend it will become more and more apparent how artificial plants are the way to go.

Enviromental changes and their impact on artificial landscaping

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As humans who live on this beautiful planet we are aware that the world is drastically being changed every single year. Our summers seem to be longer and hotter and our winters tend to be more mild and less of a pain than in years past. As kids growing up there was always certain periods of time where the seasons would change, and more and more we are seeing them come and go as they please. This change in weather is causing serious issues to people living within the states, especially on the west coast. According to an article titled, Drought Watch, "More than 70 percent of California was in “extreme” drought, with nearly half of the state in “exceptional” drought, the most serious category, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor"(). It does not matter whether you believe that we as individuals are changing the environment or that global warming is just a myth, the truth is that things are changing and we just need to adapt. We do not have to be in constant fear, but rather understand these changes and plan accordingly so we can live freely without missing a beat.

Now I bet you are wondering what all this preaching has to do with landscaping, and I will get there. But first, we must recognize what these weather changes to that effect some of the comforts we so easily take for granted. One big one is our lawns and gardens, and as we see more and more summer days with less water this may change how we approach these two comforts. It is nice to step outside and look at the ivy draped across our retaining wall, or spending Saturday afternoons shaping our juniper bushes so that they look immaculate in the summer sun. These comforts are special to us and as landscapers and garden aficionados we take pride in maintaining the living plants that surround us. However, as the climate continues to get warmer each year we must take a hard look at the cost and how much it truly means to us. We must also think of how even though having living plants is special and if maintained right can be a huge addition to the appearance of our home, having live plants at this current time may not be as feasible. Also, even if it is feasible and the resources seem to be ever present, I think as morally decent people it is imperative that we look at how we are using our precious resource of water. Looking into various methods that reduce water waste for landscaping, like Xeriscape, is important as we continue to work towards a more sustainable planet.

I am not trying to deter you from landscaping, but rather point out a new perspective that allows you to see the bigger picture. Landscaping adds value to real estate, as a city project it gives the community something beautiful to look at, and in commercial buildings it makes for a better experience whether it's at workplaces or in large shopping centers. Boxwood foliage mixed with topiaries, hedges, and privacy walls are staples that surround amazing architecture and bring a sense of formality. These are luxuries that we can still enjoy and have been for the past hundreds of years, but unfortunately they also take up a valuable resource that we cannot afford to lose.

Luckily enough there are easy solutions out there that make having a landscape a whole lot more inexpensive, and much easier to maintain. The cost of initially building a landscape as a homeowner can be fairly expensive, especially if you are new and don't have a clear vision for what you want.

"Nationally, the average price to hire a landscape designer is about $5,200. The range for most homeowners is between $4,200 and $6,200. However, the most in-depth projects may cost more than $10,000 to plan due to the significant number of variables at play" ( For that same price you can build a landscape consisting of traditional boxwood foliage that is both weather-resistant and impervious to fading. At Commercial Silk International we specialize in the manufacturing of artificial plants to keep up with the changing climate.

Our products have been used by large organizations all over the world, and have been tested every year for their effectiveness in reducing potential fire outbreaks and keeping their natural appearance. Renowned companies like Disney, Universal Studios, and events like the U.S. Open have used our artificial plant products for years and swear by it's quality. Modern backdrops that are seen at events like the Grammy's are made in our facilities and crafted by our highly skilled employees. Our boxwood hedges make up a large part of the landscaping at attractions and their fade-resistant properties ensure that they last years and years before ever being needed to replace.

If companies like that are using our products, then you should feel safe knowing you are buying from a reputable source that has been in the industry 30+ years. Instead of maintaining a sprinkler system to water the ivy on your retaining wall, it's time to consider moving to a faux ivy bush that looks the same, but is a simpler and more cost effective solution. Instead of always having to prune the topiary adorning your front steps, maybe consider an artificial boxwood cone spiral that is just as authentic. Whatever your project of home decor needs are we can make a product for you. With our PermaLeaf® (Fade-resistant) and ThermaLeaf® (Fire-retardant) properties we craft a superior product unlike our competitors.

Realizing that some luxuries are not as hyped up as they tend to be may be hard at first, but in the case of extensive landscaping it should be easy to see how artificial is becoming the new trend. In states like California we are already seeing faux boxwood hedges popping up everywhere, as large companies opt for a less expensive, more sustainable, and equally as pleasing solution. Our hedges are built to be resistant to weather and the elements which makes it easier to purchase with a peace of mind. So as we step outside and enjoy the increasingly warm climate we live in, we should also consider how we decorate our lawns, company facilities, and commercial buildings. Using artificial plants is a trend that will continue to grow, and with products like our boxwood foliage it will stay for a long time.

Help bring out the landscape designer inside you with Italian Olive trees

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We all know olives as the delicious fruit that we add to our pizzas, salads and margaritas. What never crosses most of our minds is that the delectability of the olives is equivalent to the beauty of the Italian Olive tree. With their thick and twisted trunks, the Italian olive tree looks like a mystical tree right out of a high fantasy film. The latest trend has seen a spike in the number of people incorporating artificial Italian olive trees in their landscapes. Suitable for all types of interiors, these olive trees are very visually pleasing.

Make Your Landscape Exotic and Dreamy
Much like the real olive trees, the oblong leaves of the faux Italian olive tree are silvery-green. The artificial tree also has a twisted and gnarled and thick trunk just like the real one, giving out the impression of a fantasy world. Typically the leaves of olive trees are anywhere between 1.6 inches to 3.9 inches in length and approximately 0.39 inches to 1.18 inches in width. The mesmerising and dreamy white flowers of the tree are feather like and exotic looking. The artificial Italian Olive trees are best suited for theme parks, water parks, hotels and restaurants.

Benefits of Adding Artificial Italian Olive Trees to Your Landscape:

  • The faux olive trees are tolerant to all climates and remain unaffected with a drastic change in season. Unexpected snow fall, or a blistering summer season don't result in the tree shedding leaves or even dying.

  • Olive trees are severely prone to diseases. In recent time approximately 10% of the olive trees in Lecce, have reportedly been diagnosed with bacterial infections. The artificial olive trees on the other hand do not contract any sort of diseases and remain healthy and disease free.

  • Adding these faux botanical products to your landscaping prevent the surge in a bug or insect infestation.

  • Artificial Italian olive trees require no watering, no sunlight, or fertilisation. They are absolutely maintenance free and easy to handle.

  • Event managers and wedding planners who wish to use the olive trees only occasionally are at an advantage as these faux botanical products have an excellent shelf life and can be used and re-used as per requirement.

  • The artificial Italian olive trees are so reasonably priced that you can by them in large quantities and it still won't make a dent in your budget.

  • The UV protected artificial botanical products do not fade or lose their colour when exposed to excessive sunlight, thus making them suitable for outdoor landscaping too.

  • Faux Italian olive trees are crafted with materials that make them water and fire resistant

Artificial Corn Plants - adding a sense of style to your building's landscape

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Each and every one of us has stumbled upon corn plantations at some point of time in our lives. It is only after seeing these beautiful and majestic plantations do we realise that the delectability of the produce is equivalent to the beauty of the plants. There’s good news; artificial corn plants are absolutely natural looking and are replicated with the utmost perfection. Much like the real plants, the multi-stemmed corn plants have glossy and lush green leaves. Available in corn plant cane tree forms or bush forms, the corn cane has a lime green variegated strip running through the centre of the leaves.

Add a dash of luxuriant green to you landscape
The deep green and glossy leaves of these artificial corn plants are mesmerising and have a cooling and calming effect on the eyes. Installing them into your landscape is like adding bursts of a beautiful green to your surroundings. The faux corn plants can be displayed in malls, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and residential, commercial and government buildings. In buildings, hotels and restaurants these plants are best suited for lobbies or corridors leading to the apartments. They can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping.

Benefits of Adding Artificial Corn Plants to Your Landscape:

  • Real corn plants require huge amounts of maintenance, which can be a costly affair. These faux botanical products require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.

  • Corn plants are prone to acquire bacterial diseases that completely destroy the crop. The artificial corn plants on the other hand are free from such hassles.

  • Corn plants tend to bring in countless insects and bugs. The artificial corn plants do not create such a nuisance and prevent bug and insect infestations in their surroundings.

  • These artificial botanical products are very affordably priced. One can add numerous corn plants to their landscape without making a dent in their savings.

  • The materials that the artificial corn plants have been crafted from are fire resistant thus are able to withstand fires.

  • The faux corn plants are water resistant too. Thus, if incorporated in outdoor landscape, they remain unaffected by snow fall or rain.

  • The corn plants do not lose their colour or fade when exposed to excessive sunlight.

  • These faux botanical products are easy to move and lightweight. Their position can be altered easily without the requirement of strong hands.

  • The artificial corn plants have a long shelf life. They can be stored away after use and re-used again as per requirement.

  • One does not need to hire skilled experts to tend to the plants as they require no special care.


Bless your buildings with the breezy charms of Chinese evergreen Marias

Chinese Evergreen Maria hspace=

Everyone wants their landscapes to be flawless, both in terms of design and with respect to furnishings and decorations. And over the years decorating your building with potted plants is increasingly becoming something of a cultural norm. This is beneficial in many ways since a plant not only helps liven up the space inside a room but also becomes an object reflecting the owner’s taste and sense of innate aesthetic. In this respect, decking one’s halls or rooms with charming potted versions of the artificial Chinese evergreen Maria's is a great option. There are a multitude of different textures to choose from and they are sure to appeal to the tastes of all of your guests and visitors.

The Nature of the faux Chinese Evergreen Maria's
In the genre of interior landscape plants, very few plants can carve a nice for themselves like the faux Chinese evergreen marias. For the most common versions the leaves are generally dark green with intricate patches of light green strewn across them. One of the most striking features of this plant is that it grows in geometric unison, i.e there is an easily perceivable element of symmetry and structure inherent in the plant. For this reason, it fits in with any room’s décor with ease. It may be a good idea to place multiple copies of the plant in diametric opposite ends of the room to make use of the plant’s symmetry to the full extent. There are various varieties of the Chinese Evergreen Maria's so you will have a plant that fits your office’s needs the best.

The Utilities of Keeping Faux Chinese Maria's
One of the major advantages of using this plant as a part of your building’s interior landscaping needs is the fact that there is no seasonal tag attached to the plant so it can remain a part of the interior decoration throughout the year without any loss in seasonality of the décor. In spite of being one of the best potted plants to keep indoors, live plants attract insects like mealybugs which act as vectors of diseases. For this reason it makes much more sense of using the faux evergreen than running the added risk of diseases or pesticides. Apart from that the faux plant obviously requires no regular maintenance like watering, tending etc. It is in essence an indoors plant but can also be used outside the house (for instance just outside to doors) as a part of the outer landscaping detail as well. The striking aspect of these plants is the immaculate geometric patterns present in the foliage which makes them amazing to use for interior designing consistent with modernistic trends.


Artificial Cedar Plants- A Spectacle of Unmatched Beauty for the Landscaping Enthusiast

Spruce Colorado Tree hspace=

A good green landscape is never complete without a few exotic plants and there is no plant more exotic than the cedar plant. Found across world and known by different names, cedar plants and trees are put to numerous uses such as furniture making, shipbuilding, canoe-making and guitar making. A cedar plant will be the proper addition to your collection of exquisite greens. The plant adds grand detail to any interior landscape but is perfectly suited for large interior landscaped such as hotel receptions, lobbies, mall entrances, reception halls. The size as well as the exquisitely detailed replication will grab eyes wherever it placed and does not fail to impress. The charms of real Cedar trees are now yours to enjoy – bring some faux Cedars to your landscapes.

The Magnificence of Nature
Found throughout the world from North America to the Mediterranean, Cedar is one of the most diverse plants in the planet. Created with an eye for detail, the artificial cedar plant is one of the best landscaping pieces on the market. This is a favored tree for all those who love exquisiteness. The artificial Cedar can be crafted to meet the dimensions and characteristics of the real trees, imitating nearly every single detail. The trees can be custom manufactured to requirement, but are usually made around 6 to 8 feet tall. The branches and leaves are crafted using the finest quality materials to mimic the original leaves and are given a fire proof coating. The stem is made of fibreglass and is thus light as well as strong.

Beauty of nature and all its benefits
The faux cedar, despite its size, is not as heavy as one would think it would be. The weight has been exactly distributed so as to make the tree stand steady on its own. So no matter what kind of decoration you have in mind, it can be moved around easily within the premises without any hassle. Also the leaves of the faux cedar are made of the highest quality silk products and are crafted to perfectly imitate the texture and colour of the original leaves. These silk leaves look very real and shine under any kind of lighting reflecting the perfect texture of the cedar leaves.

The tree is the perfect addition for venues that feature large empty hall, such as malls and reception lobbies. The tree has been manufactured to comply with the safety standards, making it ideal for interior use.

  • The leave of the Artificial Cedar are made out of fire retardant silk material that doesn’t catch fire easily.

  • The product doesn’t contain any actual soil or live organic material, which prevents it from attracting pests and insects. It also doesn’t produce any odor.

Also the silk leaves used are completely protected against UV radiation and the bright green colours do not diminish with continuous exposure to light. This characteristic makes it suitable for use even in entrance ways and well lit lobbies.


Artificial palms for you - helping you create awe inspiring landscapes

Palm Areca hspace=

Looking for an ideal X-factor to bring in an element of difference to your hotel lobby or dining area? You need look no further than a well placed artificial palm tree. These articles of interior design can lend an imposing and spectacular look to immediately attract the eye of any visitor or customer. Since tending after large palms can be heavy-duty work, artificial palms take away these responsibilities from you and yet allow you to bring in a natural, exotic ethos to your commercial area.

Palms are one of the most widely spread and immediately recognizable varieties of plants. They can be distinguished for their long, compound leaves branching off in a fountain-like profusion from a single shoot. They are generally large plants, although small varieties of shrubs are also available. Aside from the common varieties like Areca palm, Desert palm etc, exotic varieties like Giant fishtail and Bamboo palm specimens can also be artificially made.

Benefits of using artificial palms
The leaf fronds are made with green silk, resembling the real ones to perfection. The leaves can also be hand-painted to introduce striations, blotches of color, or slightly yellowed edges that add to a realistic effect. The trunk is made of fibre-glass or metal with a metal base for affixing it firmly in pots or on the ground. Every aspect of the leaves and trunk is crafted with minute detail; and all the scars, marks and discolorations are captured with great attention.

Using artificial palms for decorations
Artificial palms can be utilized in a number of ways, which adds to its popularity for indoor decoration.

  • They are a must if you want to create a tropical garden like atmosphere inside large atriums, reception areas or dining spaces.

  • They are usually associated with deserts, tropical areas or sea beaches—and will thus bring in the atmosphere of exotic climates.

  • The huge range of varieties—areca, bamboo, coconut, butterfly, fan palms etc offer an unique consortium of choices to suit your requirements

  • Most commercial spaces are made of monochromatic, dull-colored materials like wood, steel, glass etc. Amidst this; an explosion of green from the imposing palm tree will bring in the semblance of fertility, peace, and calm. They create a soothing, restful effect immensely satisfying for your guests, employees etc.

  • They are creative, vibrant ways of alleviating dullness and creating diversification.

  • From using single palm shoots at entrances to creating an entire interior garden inside your mall or office; there is no end to how original you can get with using palms.

Infuse some magic in your landscapes with Colorful Caladiums

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Caladiums are a genus of plants with heart-shaped or lance-shaped leaves that have a green outer edge surrounding a pinkish interior. This flourishing extravaganza of pink and green has been a favored decorative plant for interiors for a number of years—primarily because of its ability to grow in shady areas. However, natural caladiums can demand a lot of upkeep, which is why people are increasingly switching to artificial caladiums for decorating their interiors. This is especially true in case of commercial spaces, where typically no one has the time to mind natural plants.

Caladiums are vibrant, brilliant, colourful plants that can brighten up any area. Keeping artificial caladiums inside your business spaces—like hotels, malls, hospitals etc can introduce a soothing effect amidst the concrete jungle. Most interiors use monochromatic building materials like wood, steel, concrete etc which can be tiresome to the eyes is stared at for a long time. Thus, introducing colourful elements is a must for psychological as well as decorative reasons, and what better plant than colorful caladiums?

Why use artificial caladiums?
Caladium is a generic name for a wide variety of species, which come with their own color combinations. Typically, the inner area of the leaves come in a range of colors, from pale pink to deep red. The thickness of green and pink also varies—from pink leaves with green filigree to a small splash of pink inside a mass of livid green. Such diversification's make the plant ideal for ornamental purposes. Unlike all-green plants like boxwood and ivy, caladiums can make your spaces colorful as well as bring a natural, exotic look.

Making artificial caladiums
With the increasing demand for faux plants for decorations, the industry too has grown in sophistication. It’s easy to get made-to-order designer plants for your interiors, suiting your requirements of shape and size. Caladiums can be made by blending green and pink polyester fibres, which will then be cast into leaf-shaped molds and hand-painted to bring in a realistic feel. The result will be so unique and similar to the real variety, that no one would notice it as a faux plant.

Ways you can landscape your interiors with caladiums:

  • You can plant them in your interior gardens where they will stand out because of the color difference. You can use them in lining shop walls or place them at entrances and exits

  • You can put them in hotel lobbies or reception areas

  • You can even keep tiny varieties of them on reception desks to break the monotony of dull colors.

Try artificial caladiums as a unique designing option for your commercial spaces. They will attract the eye of your visitor immediately, and will lend a brilliant color contrast to the space. Keeping a batch of caladiums or even a single caladium plant in any area is sure to highlight a degree of difference and become the centre-point of attraction amidst your interior finishes.


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