Corporate Landscaping Redefined with Commercial Silk Faux Trees

Artificial tropical

Looking to redecorate your office and give it a classy, elegant and corporate charm? Then the gorgeous artificial landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l are just the interior decorative products that you need. Here’s everything you require to know about them:


Easy To Maintain And Minimum Care Required


Any corporate space is bound to have a constant inflow and exit of people. In the nucleus of all this hustle bustle, installing real plants will only lead to further confusion and chaos. Real plants require regular maintenance in terms of cutting, trimming, pruning, watering, and re-soiling.In the case of the artificial plants and landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l, you need not worry about hiring a professional gardener on a high salary to maintain the plants. These fake landscaping products pretty much require zero maintenance and care.


Results In A More Efficient And Creative Work Environment

Another reason that you should consider installing these faux landscaping products in your corporate space is that they can play an essential role in motivating and inspiring your employees to be more creative, efficient and productive. The lush green leaves of these breathtaking plants are extremely lifelike. The splash of green across your corporate space can be extremely relaxing and inspiring for employees. It is a psychologically proven reality that people who work in commercial areas that are decorated with plants and trees tend to be far more productive and creative.


Fire Retardant Landscaping Products For The Safety Of Your Staff


Very often, interior decorators, architects, and designers are extremely apprehensive about installing faux landscaping products in their projects. This apprehension arises from the fact that certain brands of artificial landscaping products are not fired retardants and can be hazardous and dangerous when installing in indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are going to install faux landscaping products in your corporate area, you want to ensure that your staff and office is completely protected from fires and any mishaps. With the installation of the faux landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l, you need not worry about your office getting burnt to ashes. The raw materials of the artificial plants and trees are impregnated with certain fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process. These chemicals prevent the finished products from being susceptible to fires and keep your office or corporate space safe.


Lightweight And Easy To Install


Another great feature of the artificial landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l is that these plants and trees are extremely lightweight and can be installed with the utmost of ease. You will not need to get into the hassle of hiring professional gardeners, landscaping artists, and interior decorators to decorate your corporate space. One or two people are more than enough to move the plants and place them in the area that you wish to decorate. Unlike real plants that can be extremely heavy and that usually requires a team of laborers for installments, the fake plants can be managed, moved and installed very easily.


Sturdy, Durable And Can Last For Years On End


A noteworthy feature of the fack landscaping products is that these gorgeous, lifelike and realistic plants can last for years and years on end without destroying. The faux landscaping g products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l are made from top quality and fire retardant raw materials that keep the plants, trees and other products intact. Investing in these trees will be the best long-term investment you will ever make as the products will not fade, lose their color, or even deteriorate in any way. When not in use the fake landscaping products can also be stored away without any hassles. The long shelf life of the plants prevents them from getting ruined when stored.


Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Plants And Trees


Another great feature of the landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l is that these products are completely climate tolerant. They can be placed in both indoor and outdoor spaces without getting ruined or deteriorating in quality. These plants can withstand torrential rainfall, heavy snowfall, and even excessive sunlight. The leaves will not fade away when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Even when the plants or trees get drenched in water, they will automatically dry off without shedding leaves of getting spoilt. Further, if your corporate space is centrally air-conditioned, these plants can withstand the moisture too, making them the best long-term investment in decorative products.


Wide Range Of Products For You To Choose From


Commercial Silk Int'l has a wide range of exciting products to offer its patrons. You can create a themed décor in your office or place plants and flowers that you like. From beautiful orchid arrangements to lush green succulents, there is something here for every need and preference. Cherry blossoms, Lily, hydrangeas, roses, olive plants and branches, Ivy mats and hedges, tropical trees, deciduous trees and evergreen trees are just a few of the many options that you can choose from. With the help of these lifelike and realistic landscaping products, you can create the corporate décor you have always dreamed of.


Botanically Correct And Lifelike Looking Landscaping Products


Lastly, the artificial landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l are extremely realistic and lifelike. The fake plants are manufactured to resemble their real counterparts identically. From the leaves to the twigs and even the flowers, every aspect of the faux landscaping product matches the real plant or tree identically.  Even the most trained eye can be duped into believing that these plants and trees are real. This feature of the products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l makes them worth the investment.


So, if you’re looking to redecorate your office or corporate space in an inexpensive yet classy way, you now have reason to believe that the Commercial Silk Int'l Plants are just what you need. Place the order for the landscaping products of your choice today. We guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed and your clients, staff members, and customers will be genuinely impressed with the décor.

Superior Artificial Landscaping Products Made Affordable - By Commerciasilk

topiary balls

With the increased popularity and demand of faux plants and trees, the competition has also raised in this industry tremendously. You will find a large number of companies offering artificial landscaping solutions claiming thee products' effectiveness. You will also find a wide variety of price range within the providers for the same product. Commercial Silk Int'l is one of the most reputed and renowned name in the artificial landscaping industry that has been offering faux landscaping products and artificial plants wholesale for years. It is responsible for manufacturing, distributing as well as selling a huge selection of artificial trees and plants across the world. If you need to establish an artificial landscape in your restaurant, wholesale, retail store, entertainment venue, park or any commercial office space, Commercialsilk has a wide range to offer you.

What The Commercialsilk Catalog Consists Of?

The Commrcialsilk's artificial landscaping catalog consists of a large number of products and solutions. Here are the major products you will find with them.

Small to Large Silk Trees

Having the most authentic replica trees has been made possible for your commercial faux landscape with the evolution of Commrcialsilk’s small to medium and huge artificial trees. The size of the tree varies tremendously as per particular architectural requirements. You can find trees for both outdoor as well as indoor areas. All kinds of trees have been made with highest quality material such as natural wooden trunks and premium faux foliage. The final look given to the trees replicate the exact look and feel of the respective living tree. With Commercialsilk you can have those wonderful tropical trees, artificial birch tree, bonsais, artificial aspen tree, African theme trees, palms, bamboo, pine and many more.

Faux Plants for Wonderful Indoor and Outdoor

All types of indoor and outdoor faux plants manufactured and distributed by Commrcialsilk are hand crafted to replicate the looks of living plant varieties. The Commrcialsilk's catalog of faux plants includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants including foliage, bushes, boxwood topiary balls, faux flowering plants and many more. You can find almost all types of plants of faux nature that exist in the real world. Moreover, every single component of all these plants ranging from silk leaves to trunks and fake tree bark, reflect the realistic looks. Silk plants come packed with weatherproof properties that make them ideal for indoor as well as the outdoor environment.

Silk Flowers to Add A Colorful Aura to Your Space

Commercialsilk catalog of artificial trees and plants is not just limited up to certain green foliage or landscaping solutions rather you can also enjoy the colorful side of your landscape without putting plantation and maintenance efforts. The extensive line of artificial flowers manufactured and offered by Commercialsilk includes silk orchids, flower arrangements, dahlias, roses, ficus, and many more. You just need to keep your ideas ready and Commercialsilk can transform your landscaping vision into reality. These flowers are ideal for any of the commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, reception desks as well as outdoor landscape.

Silk Foliage - For Complementing All Kinds of Commercial Settings

Foliage not only makes your landscape complete but also gives you amazing options to add wonderful decor to your space. To meet your decor needs, Commercialsilk comes with an outstanding line of artificial foliage including bushes, grasses, garlands, branches, flowers, vines, greenery and many more. All these kinds of foliage can be used either independently to decorate the interior or can be combines with your existing landscape products to make a complete and elegant yard around your space. All type of foliage manufactures and distributes by Commercialsilk comes with fire retardant properties that make it ideal for commercial spaces.

Beautiful Plant Containers and Vases

Along with offering high quality artificial landscaping solutions, Commercialsilk also offers a broad selection of flower vases and plant containers to give you suitable option to decorate your space in the best way. The extensive line of plant containers consists of containers of different shapes, colors, sizes and all that you can choose as per your particular requirements or color schemes.

Why Commercialsilk Is Preferable for All Artificial Landscaping Solutions?

There is a long list of benefits offered by Commercialsilk products and solutions that make them ideal for any landscape. Here are a few of the major features that make Commercialsilk a preferable over other providers.

Affordable Faux Landscaping Solutions

All the artificial plants, trees, flowers and foliage offered by Commercialsilk give you a wonderful and money saving deal. Upon comparison, you can clearly understand the difference of prices in Commrcialsilk's line and other providers’ catalog. In spite of lower costs of faux landscaping solutions, there is no compromise with quality.

Better Quality Delivered

Commercialsilk has been offering a complete range of artificial landscaping products for years and therefore has been considered as a trustworthy manufacturer as well as provider among customers. You will be delivered exceptional quality of products no matter you buy a single plant or a complete faux landscape for your property.

Durable Landscaping Solutions

Durability is the another most important advantage of Commercialsilk line of products. All the products offered by Commercialsilk come with UV resistant and water resistant properties that means, they can survive in all the environmental conditions and can last long. Whether you use those for outdoor or for indoor, your property will be accompanied by them for years.

Fire Retardant Properties

Fire retardant property is the unique and exceptional quality of complete Commercialsilk line that you will not find in any other landscaping product offered by other manufacturers. All the plants, trees, flowers, foliage and all are infused with fire retardant chemicals thus making your landscape completely safe and secure. Moreover, that is why Commercialsilk is preferred by most of the commercials and businesses.

How to Make Mother's Day Memorable This Year

Artificial flower arrangement

With Mother’s Day coming up, you are probably looking out for some fun and unique options that can help you make the day special and memorable for your mother. We have some fantastic and fun ideas for you that can help you make this Mother’s Day better than anyone that you may have celebrated before. These ideas are creative, amazing and your mother will be delighted with your loving and heart-warming gesture. Here’s everything you need to know about good ideas for mother's day: 

Plan A Mother-Daughter Getaway!

This is ideal if you are an only child or daughter. Planning a lovely mother-daughter getaway for your mother would make a lovely and heart-warming gift. You can plan a short weekend trip to the countryside, or you can be a little more adventurous and plan an amazing week-long foreign vacation to an exotic island or mountainside far away. If your mother has always wanted to visit a specific city somewhere in the world but hasn’t ever gotten around to doing so, here’s your chance to make her dream come true! This trip will make it possible for you to spend some quality time with your mother. Your mother will find the gesture extravagant yet loving. 

Buy Her A Stunning Or Personalised Piece Of Jewellery 

A lovely way to make Mother’s Day special for your mother this year is by purchasing her a gorgeous piece of jewelry. If you want to add a little something extra, you can even have the piece of jewelry personalized by having a loving and warm message engraved into the product that you choose. Some interesting jewelry ideas would include a brooch, a gold watch, a beautiful tennis bracelet, an initial pendant, solitaire earrings or even a breathtaking diamond necklace if you feel like getting an exceptional and extravagant gift. 

Throw Her A Surprise Celebration 

If you have siblings, you can probably get together with your siblings and throw a fantastic surprise party for your mother on Mother’s Day. You can have her entire house decorated with breathtaking decorations, faux flowers, artificial plants and more. You can have fake flower arrangements installed in your mother’s crystal vases or glass bowls. Beautiful artificial potted ficus plants can be placed in the corners of the house. If you are going to have the party on the terrace, you can lay out stunning and realistic looking artificial moss mats. Make sure that your mother is taken out of the house several hours before the party so that all the decorations, food preparations, and organizing can be completed for the perfect surprise party. 

Take Her Out On A Shopping Spree 

Let’s face it, every woman, irrespective of age, loves to shop! You can make this Mother’s Day special for your beloved mother by taking her out on a special shopping spree. You can take her to her favorite clothing stores, jewelry stores, accessories stores and buy her all the items that she likes. Taking your mother out on a shopping spree will also give you both some quality time together. 

Fix Up A Spa Weekend For Your Mother 

A mother is always the most hardworking person in every home. Typically, a mother never gets a day off. Whether she is busy taking care of her children or managing the house, or cleaning and cooking, she is always on the run. A great way to make this Mother’s Day special for your hardworking and probably exhausted mother is by fixing up a relaxing and unwinding spa weekend for her. You can either get her a spa voucher, or you can book the spa along with a selection of different kinds of massages and relaxing treatments that are offered. 

A Handmade And Personalised Gift 

You don’t necessarily need to buy your mother an expensive gift to make her feel special and loved. You can probably just make her a lovely handmade gift. A beautiful scrapbook with photos of your childhood, current pictures of you and your mother, photos of the family together and so on. You can decorate the scrapbook with glitter pens, stencil drawings, paints and more. You can even add some of your mother’s favorite quotes and poems to the collection. Your mother will be very touched by this personalized gift and loving gesture. 

Crystal Or Glass Figurines And Showpieces

Another wonderful way to make mother’s days special for your mother is by giving her a lovely crystal or glass figurine or showpiece for her home or her display cabinet. You can get beautiful ballerina figurines in crystal, crystal mother-baby animal showpieces, glass horses, crystal flowers and flowerpots, crystal or glass oysters, crystal or glass candle holders and other such gorgeous items. 

Plan A Lovely Family Dinner 

You can make Mother’s Day special this year by bringing your entire family together for a fun dinner. The dinner can take place at your mother’s favorite restaurant. Invite your siblings, your mother’s siblings, her close friends and your father. If the entire family gets to spend time together on Mother’s Day, nothing will make your mother happier than that. 

Buy Your Mother A Brand New Car!

If you feel like making this Mother’s Day extremely special and you have a very generous budget for her gift, you can buy her a brand new car! If your mother’s car has become worn out and old and she needs a new one, this is your opportunity to get her one!

Making a Mother’s Day gift special this year can be very easy. You just need to find the perfect balance between finding her the right gift and spending some quality time with her. With Mother’s Day literally around the corner, it is about time you finalized a gift option for her.

The Commercial Silk Legacy And What You Need To Know About It

cedar tree

Looking to install a landscape in your home, office space or commercial space? Then the Commercial Silk faux landscaping products are just what you need for the perfect indoors and outdoors landscape. 

Installing artificial trees, fake outdoor plants and other faux landscaping products in your indoors or outdoors landscape is just what you need to prevent investing hours on end trying to maintain the plants. However, the one thing to keep in mind when installing faux landscaping products in your home or office space is that these products should be of top quality and should have several significant functional benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about the Commercial Silk artificial landscaping products and how these products beat any competing products available in the market:

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Unlike real plants, the artificial plants offered by Commercial Silk do not require regular maintenance. You will not need to hire a professional gardener to cut regularly, trim, prune and fertilize the faux plants. Further, unlike some artificial landscaping products that are available in the market, the Commercial Silk plants and trees do not require special chemicals and cleaning agents to keep them looking fresh. A simple spray of water on the plants is good enough to keep them looking brand new and vibrant. 

Fire Retardant Plants For Your Safety 

Another thing to keep in mind when installing artificial topiary trees and other landscaping products in your landscape is that these products must be fire retardant and safe. Faux plants have been the cause of several fires over the years. In the case of the Commercial Silk landscaping products, you do not need to worry about your office or home going up in flames. The raw materials of the plants, trees, and flowers are impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals that prevent fires and destruction in your surroundings. 

Affordably Priced Products For Your Convenience

Just because the faux trees and plants are of excellent quality that does not mean that these plants need to be exorbitantly priced. The Commercial Silk plants are ideal for landscapes of all sizes because these landscaping products are very reasonably priced. You can purchase these landscaping products in large quantities without having to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket or exceeding your budget. Further, for those individuals that need to install the faux landscaping products in hotels, corporate towers and other massive sized projects, there are available wholesale silk plants and flowers for your convenience. 

Can Be Installed In Outdoors And Indoors Landscapes

Another excellent benefit of the artificial landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk is that these products can be installed in a wide range of outdoors as well as indoors projects. Here’s a list of places where the faux trees and plants are popularly installed:

  • Hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, art galleries, movie theatres, and malls are commonly decorated with the faux landscaping products. 
  • Cafes, coffee shops, bars, lounges, public gardens, amusement parks, theme parks, old age homes, hospitals, medical centers and various other such places are ideal for the installation of the artificial landscaping products. 
  • Corporate buildings, offices, villas, bungalows, apartments, trade shows and exhibitions can also be decorated with the help of the faux landscaping products. 

Easy Installation Process 

Are you apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products in your project because you are uncertain of how to get the installation for the same done? Well, you need not worry in the case of the Commercial Silk landscaping products. Commercial Silk has a team of skilled installers who will help you complete the entire landscape in your home or commercial space. You will not need to hire professional landscaping artists to complete the job for you as may be in the case of other brands. 

Climate Tolerant And Weather Proof Landscaping Products

Another functional benefit of the landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk is that these plants and trees are completely weatherproof and climate tolerant. They can be installed in both outdoors as well as indoor settings without a worry. When placed in outdoor landscapes, these faux trees and plants can withstand snowstorms, rainfall, and even excessive sunlight. The plants will not fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. Further, the plants and trees can also be constantly kept in an air-conditioned facility or humid conditions but will not deteriorate in quality. 

Wide Range Of Products For You To Choose From

Commercial Silk has a massive range of landscaping products to offer its patrons. Whether you wish to create a rainforest theme, tropical theme, winter theme or any other kind of theme in your home or office, there is something here that will fit your every requirement. From palm trees to pine trees, bonsai trees, bamboo trees, apple trees, olive trees, flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, orchids and various others, topiaries in spirals, balls, swirls, and rectangles, you can petty much have the landscape of your dreams with Commercial Silk products. 

Botanically Correct Landscaping Products

For those of you who are very particular and wish to have a landscape that looks very realistic and lifelike, Commercial Silk has a range of preserved plants and trees that are botanically correct and can fool even the most trained eyes into believing that they are real. The artificial evergreen trees and plants are manufactured to resemble their real counterparts identically. From the size and colors of the leaves to the vibrancy of the flowers, the artificial landscaping products are unbelievably lifelike. 

So, when selecting faux landscaping products for your home or commercial space, there are certain functional benefits that you must keep in mind. As you can see Commercial Silk covers most of these benefits and has to offer you the perfect landscaping products. Don’t waste another minute and place the order for you artificial flowers, trees, and plants today. We guarantee you that investing in the Commercial Silk products will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make.

Top 10 Commercial Silk Products That Will Help Your Rejuvenate Corporate Landscapes

Artificial topiaries

Give your corporate landscape a fresh new and evergreen look with the installation of the faux trees, plants and other landscaping products. 

Having a beautifully landscaped corporate space is essential in order for you to leave a good impression on clients, customers, visitors and others. With the help of these unbelievably realistic and lifelike looking faux plants and trees, you can now rejuvenate your corporate landscape to leave onlookers amazed and awed. These landscape products are available in a wide range of varieties for you to choose from and allow you to give your office a breathtaking new vibe and feel. Here’s a list of the top ten Commercial Silk products that you should consider installing in your corporate landscape:

  • Artificial Palm Trees 

The artificial palm trees are just what you need if you’re looking to give your corporate space a nice summery and tropical vibe. Available in a wide range of varieties, the artificial palm trees come in pots and are also available as trees. Some of the hot selling palm trees include the butterfly palm tree, curved coconut palm tree, bird of paradise, banana palm tree, bamboo palm tree, areca palm tree, cycus palm tree, fan palm tree and several others. 

  • Artificial Deciduous Trees 

Do you wish to give your corporate space a forest like mystical vibe? Then the artificial deciduous trees are just what you need to install in your indoors or outdoors corporate landscape. The large fake trees are available in a wide range of exotic varieties including wholesale artificial plants. You can choose from artificial aspen trees, birch trees, maple trees and oak trees. Depending on the kind of landscape you wish to create, you can install the deciduous landscaping products as potted plants or faux tall trees in your corporate landscape. 

  • Artificial Tropical Trees 

The artificial tropical trees are ideal for those of you looking to give a rainforest like theme to your corporate space. These trees have lush green leaves; some of them even have vibrant flowers and fruits on them. The artificial tropical trees come in some interesting varieties including acacia trees, sequoia trees, apple trees, areca palm trees, Australian laurel tree, bamboo groves, banana trees, banyan trees, baobab trees, black olive trees, cherry blossom tree, corn plant cane tree, ficus Benjamina exotic tree, ficus Hawaiian tree, fishtail palm tree, hibiscus tree and various others. 

  • Artificial Pine Trees 

For those of you who have a great love for pine trees, the artificial pine trees would be the perfect decorative items for your corporate landscapes. Available in a wide range of fun, realistic and interesting varieties for you to choose from, these pine trees have the potential to give your office a makeover. From the Buddhist pine tree, to the limber pine tree, lodgepole pine tree, long needle pine tree, rocky mountain pine tree, Scotch pine bonsai tree, umbrella pine tree, white pine tree and various others, you can leave customers and clients mesmerized with the installation of these landscaping products. 

  • Artificial Flower Arrangements 

The artificial flower arrangements are ideal for corporate spaces and can be installed in cabins, waiting areas, conference room tables and various other spaces of the office. The arrangements are available in several varieties for you to choose from including the cherry blossom arrangement, the calla lily / hydrangea arrangement, the anthurium / heliconia / orchid arrangement, the feathers / hydrangea arrangement, feathers / hydrangea / berry mix arrangement, the Helleborus / hydrangea / rose arrangement, the olive branches / rose arrangement, the rose / calla lily arrangement and various other arrangements. These arrangements come in several convenient sizes for you to choose from. 

  • Artificial Orchids 

Orchids are amongst the most exotic decorative flowers available in the market. These vibrant, colorful and breathtaking landscaping products would suit the landscape of any corporate space. Not only do orchids have an upscale and classy look about them, but they also bring life to the surroundings that they are installed in. The available range of orchids includes vanda orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, and various others. The orchids are also available in ready to use arrangements with other flowers such as hydrangeas, roses and moss balls. 

  • Artificial Boxwood 

The artificial boxwoods are lush green, visually pleasing and available in several different shapes and sizes. Ideal for a corporate landscape, the boxwoods are a hot seller amongst individuals looking to redecorate their office space or landscape. You can choose to install the boxwood mats, rolls, hedges, privacy screens and plants in your corporate space. The boxwoods require minimal or no maintenance and can be installed in both indoors and outdoors corporate landscapes. These evergreen landscaping products are perfect for large sized corporate firms that need to cover a large landscape area. 

  • Artificial Topiaries 

The artificial topiaries are ideal for seasonal or festive corporate landscapes. These topiaries can be used for Christmas time decorations, Easter decorations, New Year’s Eve decorations and various other festivities. The topiaries are available in balls, cones, swirls, spirals, columns, rectangles and several other patterns. The artificial topiaries are ideal for boutiques, malls, movie theatres, art galleries, museums and other such corporate and commercial spaces. 

  • Artificial Foliage 

Are you hoping to create a very unique and never seen before kind of landscape in your office space? Then the artificial foliage is just what you need to make heads turn. The fire retardant artificial foliage is available in grass, garlands, hanging plants, leaves and branches and several other varieties. You can install the foliage in any way that you deem fit for your landscape and can create themes that your customers and clients have never seen before. 

  • Preserved Trees, Palms And Plants 

For those of you looking to install faux products that are absolutely identical to the real plants and trees, the preserved trees, plants and palms are ideal. These faux landscaping products have been manufactured to resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner. Even the most trained eye can be fooled into believing that these faux landscaping products are real.

Why Choose Commercial Silk? Here Are 8 Superb Reasons

Artificial Onion Grass Hedge

Lacking a bit of the natural oomph in your interior and exterior landscape? Here’s how you can skip ahead of the nail-biting part, sit back and relax while Commercial Silk takes care of your dream project of landscaping. Apart from manufacturing real simple solutions for your landscape ideas, Commercial Silk provides a ton of great services to assist you through the entire project. Whether you own a big corporate building, resort, senior living facility, hospital or are a landscaping designer hoping to do well with your big exterior or interior landscaping project, Commercial Silk is here to guide, assist and install according to your demands. Need more convincing? Read on.

Products worth every buck

While fake trees still seem to raise a few brows now and then, you have to admit they do have it in them since they made it to the red carpet. Adored widely by landscape artists, the Commercial Silk Artificial plant wall, hedges, and groves are currently adorning several restaurants and corporate buildings around the country. Here’s why you should get your hands on some of these faux plants now:

  • A one-time investment, these will last for years to come and keep looking the same.
  • Horticulturalists and botanists are consulted for making sure the faux replicas look very much alike their real counterparts.
  • No need to tend to these for pruning, watering, fertilizing, or using pesticides as they do not grow, wilt, dry up, reproduce or attract insects and pests.
  • They are either injected with fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process or washed with the same as a part of the post-manufacturing process which stops them from spreading the fire.
  • Chemicals are completely safe as they are non-allergic and haven’t been the cause of allergies in humans or pets. 
  • Some artificial outdoor plants tend to fade their lush green color due to UV damage, these faux plants at Commercial Silk are treated with UV protection to avoid any such sort of damage and keep looking as fresh as the day they were installed at all time. 

Say yes to more options

At Commercial Silk you will be showered with choices for your artificial landscaping project. Starting from boxwood hedges to animal-shaped topiaries, they have it all. If it is a backdrop for your studio office, a large palm tree or a huge animal-shaped topiary for your theme park; everything can be built to order. Besides these, there are tons of options, with flowers and without as well. If you wish to have a tropical theme you can choose from their wide range of palm trees like sago palm, areca palm or acacia, and arboricola; but if you are fond of bonsai, you can get some fresh cut looks with the huge selection of bonsai trees including the most popular Japanese bonsai tree. They also offer a great variety of cactus, succulents, vines, and grasses like artificial prairie grass. So your options are almost unlimited, all you have to do is set your mind and heart on something, and they will have your order delivered in no time. 

Landscape design assistance

Guidance is the key to a great project, which is what Commercial Silk also stands for besides providing great faux plants. They offer expert advice and suggestions based on your ideas of the landscaping projects, so why bite the dust if you do not get to hire a landscaping architect for managing your project your expert guidance is just a few clicks away.  

Wholesale deals

Make your landscapes look grand at an extremely affordable rate. Deals so fine and customizable according to your wish, you just can’t say no to it. Everything starting from faux plant wall sale to fake tree stumps for sale is available at Commercial Silk. To help you run a more lucrative business, they offer customized and cost-effective wholesale deals that won’t be a big dent in your pocket. Whatever be the number of your order, Commercial Silk delivers every product with their best features.

Designer toolkit

If you are a newbie designer and are a bit confused with the big corporate landscaping project you have just landed, they have a bulk of information full of resources and guidelines to help you ace through your project. These resources will help you order according to your clients will while providing them with a variety of ideas where you can add in your two cents and make their landscape projects turn out to be absolutely brilliant.  

Customize your dream landscape

A fake tree will always stand tall among its live counterparts and survive well in unfavorable climates, which is why even if you do not live in the tropics you can easily have a bunch of faux palm trees installed without a hint of doubt. You can have any size of your preference when it comes to faux plants manufactured by Commercial Silk. The density of artificial tree branches or the leaves can all be customized at your will. 

Handling big projects

A great set of horticulturalists, botanists, landscape architects and designers consult with the client to deliver and create a look that they hope for. If you do not plan to have your landscapers, you can easily have the Commercial Silk experts help out with your corporate landscaping needs be it indoors or outdoors. 

Purchase and installation

If you have landscape architects to handle the installation, good for you, but Commercial Silk also offers installation service if you wish for more than just great product delivery. Upon purchase, you can have your customized order delivered within the deadline and installed with expert guidance if that is something you are looking for. They offer great packages within which you can have your dream landscaping project see the light of the day in no time without fail and all you have to do, is provide a clear view of how and where you’d like to have your faux plants installed after purchase and Commercial Silk will have it done for you.

Which Faux Trees to Opt for? Here are top picks

cedar trees

Staying in touch with nature might seem like an easy-to-say and hard-to-do sort of task in this era of concrete walls, and that is where silk trees come in handy. They are way more convenient regarding money and time in comparison to their live counterparts and require zero maintenance. Artificial plants are treated with fire retardant chemicals to avoid spreading fire, and this makes them the top choice for landscapers. The humungous range of faux trees you can have at your disposal is amazing and will barely seem like a dent in your pocket in the long run. Listed under the general categories like deciduous, evergreen and tropical the task of choosing the what to opt for is quite cumbersome, but it gets easier if you have an idea of what kind of theme you wish to have at your corporate space. There are just so many gorgeous artificial trees that you might be caught in a dilemma what to go for. So here are the top picks to help you out.

Palm trees

Crowned with leaves that sheath at the base, the artificial palm trees effortlessly represent the real ones. These fake ones have been handcrafted to imitate their real counterparts and do the job so well, if you would take you more than just a touch to tell the difference. The feather-shaped leaves are well segmented, and the fake tree bark bears a close resemblance to the real plant. You can go for Sago palm, areca palm, banana palm or the most popular coconut palm tree for incorporating the tropical vibe in your office or hotel lobby, theme park or restaurant. 

Ficus trees

Bring in the bliss at your resort, casino, office lobby or mall with this epitome of artificial foliage. These faux representations of one of the unique Mediterranean trees are well thought out.  They are perfect for making the space of their residence fuller and brighter with their vibrant green colored leaves.  Besides the fact that they are extremely cost-effective, they are hard to tell apart in comparison to the real ficus because of the close mimicry they exhibit. For making the indoors of your commercial space, you can opt for Hawaiian ficus while the ficus benjamina is better suited for exterior landscaping. 

Pine trees

Designed to perfection the faux pine trees with their needle-like leaves are sure to revamp the look of your office space. They come in a variety of sizes with customizable features such as height and shape are great for bringing in a hint of nature to admire throughout the day. Safe for use in indoor environments, you will get a ton of options with these. The fact that they are faux haven’t kept them from coming in a variety of different morphological aspects that you witness in real pines, so you can easily opt for scotch pine, Buddhist pine, rocky mountain pine, limber pine and more.  They go well in any and all interior and exterior environments including theme parks, living facilities for seniors, large retail stores or corporate buildings. 

Topiary trees

Add a dash of greenery to your corporate space with these faux trees, and you will never have to drop a sweat for making them look evergreen at all times. With a splendid variety of shapes and sizes including different animal forms ideal for theme parks or children’s hospital, they will be a sight to marvel at. You could have these topiaries in a size of your choice and have them installed in no time. These faux topiaries are extremely easy to maintain and do not require any pruning whatsoever. Be it trapezoid shaped, rectangular shaped or obelisk with the artificial ones you have ample resources to fill up the exterior and interior office spaces. Use it to signify barriers with boxwood hedges or umbrella tree topiary for lining up the driveway; they would never fail to look the same as the day they were installed. 

Bamboo trees

Hoping to make your office or corporate space look more inviting and refreshing? Get a bunch of these large artificial trees and create a more down to earth indoor look. You can be as creative with these as you want, pair it up with a waterfall scenario or just line them up the stairway; there’s just so many ways to incorporate these babies in interior and exterior landscaping. While bamboo canes have less foliage, bamboo groves come with an abundance of the same; you can opt for the former if you just wish to add a slight hint of green to your space or go for the later to make your space look brighter and fuller. 

Bonsai trees

Apart from the fact that like all other silk plants this type of artificial tree is also injected with flame retardant chemicals, are non-allergic and UV protected to avoid fading, they are so well crafted that they would instantly make a space look more elegant. The number of options you get with these enough to compensate for lack of accessory in your hospital, resort, casino or corporate building. Some of them are adorned with faux flowers made from polyesters like the leaves and some without flowers, but flower or no-flower, they impart a freshly pruned look at all times. Designed to mimic their real counterparts, even the fake tree stump looks extremely real. The fact that these are designed under the supervision of botanists and landscape designers to keep up the quality is very evident from their appearance. Some of these are more preferable for exterior landscaping like the windswept acacia bonsai tree, scotch pine one while others like rocky mountain bonsai, ironwood bonsai goes well with all kinds of interior styles, be it a more traditional look or a contemporary approach. 

Colors, Class, and Charm - Artificial Azalea Flowers from Commercial Silk

Artificial Azalea

Have you been thinking of revamping the look of the luxury cafe you own and go for a complete make-over? If you think this is going to earn you brownie points from the customer’s point of view, then you must go ahead with it. However, choosing a new look with apt decor items for the interiors and the exterior landscapes of the luxurious property is not so simple. It is extremely challenging given the fact, how is it going to get accepted by the visitors and how is it going to add to the energy of the employees for increasing the productivity of the workplace.

Nature if introduced in the form of plants and trees as decor items in any of the exterior and interior landscaping designs, can weave in the needed magic. Especially if it is colorful flowers, like Azalea, then the mood can be enhanced immediately, and they have the impact of improving the positiveness in the entire environment. However, growing original Azalea flowers and placing them is not so easy, because it demands a lot of care and high maintenance cost.

Hence, opting for a replacement option which has equal appeal, like the artificial Azalea flowers should be the best move. These fake botanical beauties have the same amount of class and charm attached to them and are capable of creating the same amount of attraction to the onlookers like its original counterpart.

Where to find these amazingly beautiful fake Azalea flowers for your landscaping needs?

Commercial Silk Int’l is the name of the company which has been in this business since 1986, for manufacturing the best available quality of artificial botanical products. The look of any huge shopping malls, large corporate offices, casinos and other luxurious properties can be transformed by placing the replica botanical items, manufactured by them. Any big or small trees, plants of all varieties, artificial topiary outdoor, green walls, boxwood panels, and every possible flowering plant like Azalea in artificial foliage can be found in their collection.

The appearance of the artificial Azalea flowers found over here is unmatched compared to other options available in the market. They look so beautiful and lively that anyone staring at them from a long time will not be able to make out any difference. This becomes possible only because of the rare manufacturing team the company possesses. Botanists, engineers, landscape designers and architects who are the best in the industry form their manufacturing team.

Why is it worth opting for the fake Azalea flowers in landscaping needs instead of the real ones?

Azaleas are immensely bright colored flowers, and they are adorned by everyone and are considered the darlings of the gardens, because of their royal look, their foliage, and form. However, growing the original ones comes with much hassle even with the help of exterior and interior plant maintenance companies. The below reasons will explain why should the replica of the original be ordered:-

  • A proper mix of shade and sun is a constant requirement for original Azalea flowering plants for growth. In extreme cold climate or desert regions, the replica of the original will maintain its ditto appearance.
  • Soil which has the capacity of draining well is suitable for real Azalea plants. Water can be completely saved by opting for the fake alternatives.
  • Mixture of sulphur with dirt is required for bringing the PH level of the soil to make it more acidic suitable for growing real Azaleas. If this is not maintained the plant may die or decay anytime. The fake ones will keep looking same year after year and are to be bought only once.
  • Additional manpower hiring and annual maintenance packages with exterior and interior plant maintenance services agents are a lifetime requirement for original plants. The fake Azalea flowering plants does not require this and is extremely cost effective.

Why do every leading landscape designer swear by the artificial Azalea flowers available from Commercial Silk Int’l?

For gaining maximum popularity in the list of clients in Minneapolis, who happens to hire these leading Minneapolis landscape designers to do up their luxurious properties like exotic resorts, amusement parks, multi-speciality hospitals and five star hotels, they on reply on various faux botanical landscaping beauties available in the collection from Commercial Silk Int’l. Not only this place, but clients situated in any part of the world gets extremely satisfied with these decor items, because of their exact lifelike appearance and the aesthetic appeal it brings in to the entire environment. It is a sure winner, and every visitor gets attracted to them.

Unique properties of the faux Azalea flowers from Commercial Silk Int’l.

Very high quality of craftsmanship and hard work goes into creating these amazing looking fake Azalea flowering plants. Their properties include:-

  • Special chemicals are impregnated on their surface for making them completely fire retardant.
  • No color fading can occur by repeated use of these fake botanical beauties and also by exposure to harmful UV rays, because of PermaLeaf® technology used in their manufacturing process.
  • The high quality of silks are used for creating them, and each one of them is made very much lightweight for easy installation.
  • The chemicals used on them are completely non-toxic, and that makes them suitable for any interior landscapes, especially plush restaurants.

Types of fake Azalea Flowers available, and why order them at the earliest?

The replica of the original Azalea flowers has many varieties available in the collection of Commercial Silk Int’l.  Pink cascade Azaleas, low growing bright red Joseph hill Azaleas or the white blooming sweet Azaleas which are of tall varieties, and every size and shape you name it can be customized from the company. Get them in hanging baskets, boxwood windows or flower topiaries in any preferred colors.

Artificial Bougainvillea - Add Colors to Every Day in Your Office

Silk Bougainvillea

Every business grows basing on a certain theme and has its own stories. Other than the people engaged and the service provided by the professional space, decorative accents greatly influences in conveying the business theme and maintains to hold the brand image. In this aspect, greenery helps the best. Nothing can elevate the ambiance of any corporate space more than the amazing beauty of the blooms and lush green foliage. Commercial Silk collections of artificial Bougainvillea are the best for interior landscaping projects. These elegantly beautiful vines have colorful flowers that act as a treat to the eyes.

Over the years people have been decorating office space with many accessories. Flowers and plants take a major part in decoration and interior plant maintenance services. People feel more relaxed near nature. Studies also reveal that when people find them surrounded by natural elements, they become relaxed and productivity also increases in a natural environment. Another great advantage of these natural elements is that they make one cheerful. Even, ailing patients are found to recover speedily when flowers and plants are installed near the hospital bed.

Commercial organizations of all nature and styles face tough competition and for this reason, they need to create a buzz about them and attract onlookers and customers for the growth of the organization. Using artificial topiary outdoor accessories and other landscaping elements help to make any commercial exterior impressive and this is vital as, in most of the cases, a beautiful first look helps to create brand loyalty.

Artificial Bougainvillea wins hearts of everyone

Having gardens with flower and lush green lawns is a long-standing landscaping mode. Over the years the owners and designers of various types of commercial organizations are flaunting colorful flowers and other greeneries for creating an everlasting bondage with their customers, clients, and guests. Among all the flamboyant vines and flowers, Bougainvillea holds a prime place with its amazing beauty. The multicolored Bougainvillea takes only a blink to attract the visitors and hook their attention permanently. When you complete the exterior and interior landscaping of a commercial setting with artificial Bougainvillea, it helps to explore the full potential of the business. Combined with artificial topiary outdoor landscaping elements, these flowering vines overwhelm your customers with their aesthetic appeal and keep them charmed.

Can be used almost anywhere

The appeal of the artificial Bougainvillea is so overwhelming that these can be used for exterior and interior landscaping of any commercial organization. Whether you are the owner or developer or person responsible for landscaping massive corporate houses, large shopping malls & arcades, posh hotels & restaurants, exotic bars & casinos or be it a luxury resort, airport lounge, spa, amusement park, hospital or any other type of commercial space; using Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea helps to add a dash of style and elegance to the entire setting. Having exterior landscaping done with artificial topiary outdoor elements you can elevate the ambiance to your profession to the next level. Aside from the large commercial settings, artificial Bougainvillea is also relevant for home decorations.

Artificial Bougainvillea scores over real plants

While landscaping the professional spaces, the owners and landscape designer always prefer to have a landscaping element that costs less in terms of exterior and interior plant maintenance services. The Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea is practically a no maintenance option. Being made after the natural versions, the artificial Bougainvillea looks absolutely like the live plants and as such favored by all. These are independent of sunlight and so, you can install them even in a dimly lit corner or in underground office spaces, which is not possible with natural Bougainvillea. High-quality plastic materials are used in manufacturing enabling these to withstand different climatic condition. They are also made fire retardant by impregnating special chemicals through injection molding during the manufacturing process. Finally, they never shade leaves nor wilt or die to keep you free from worries of replacement. 

Variants offered

Commercial Silk fake Bougainvillea offer vibrant color when used in combination with other landscaping plants and trees. You can have these in the plant, vine, and bush for indoor and outdoor landscaping projects with Bougainvillea flowers in vibrant hot pink, orchid and yellow colors. These are available in various sizes from 10 inches and above. Multistem Bougainvillea tree (tangerine) is also available.  These have high-quality polyester leaves that look realistic. These lifelike flowers and bushes can also be had in customized sizes for meeting specific landscaping needs.

Enjoying many benefits is possible

All professional settings are mostly full of materials like concrete, glass, metals, etc. and these geometric elements suck the beauty of any place making it a modern jungle. For creating a unique identity through landscaping, pseudo-natural elements like artificial Bougainvillea offers a graceful solution.

  • Add floral beauty: Being artificially made the Commercial Silk Bougainvillea keeps its bloom throughout the year, in any climatic condition, adding an amazing floral beauty to the commercial space.
  • No allergic reaction: Many people are sensitive to pollen and flower scents. As these are fake, these do not produce any allergen and hence, no fear of allergies.
  • Easy cleaning option: Only periodic dusting is enough to keep their hue for long. This makes exterior and interior plant maintenance services easy and simple. 
  • Safe: These are made for TehrmaLeaf foliage that passes all standard fire tests and conforms to state fire laws making those safe for both interior and exterior landscaping projects.
  • Limitless portability: These are soil independent and come in the standard base making these portable. You can use these at any place you like.
  • No mold formation: Being fake, the Silk Bougainvillea does not grow any mold or suffer from water damage.
  • No insect attack: Unlike natural flowers, these never attract any pests and your customers and clients remain free from insect attacks.

How Commercial Silk Artificial Landscaping Products Elevate the Quality of Your Corporate Landscape

Artificial Topiary

Quite a large number of people pass by any commercial space, and only a mesmerizing outdoor landscape can create a buzz about your commercial space. The present-day people are aesthetics oriented and skipping outdoor landscaping could be fatal to any commercial organization. People only view your interior when they step in, and to lure them to do that; your commercial property must have a classic outdoor decor; because the first impression matters most. To do this, one has to think out of the box and experiment with landscaping options for standing out of the crowd.

In case you are the owner of any commercial property or entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the interior and exterior landscape of posh hotels and restaurants, amusement parks, water parks, theme parks, shopping malls, government office complexes, massive corporate houses, exotic bars, luxury resorts, casinos or hospitals, etc, you have to make it classy. Maintaining a business ambiance is crucial for every successful business, and every commercial place needs to have cheerful and energetic employees. Infusing some natural elements in the outdoor and indoor landscapes of the commercial spaces helps everyone there to have a positive vibe. Studies conducted indicate that including greeneries for exterior and interior landscaping is conducive to increasing quality and productivity and the guests also feel relaxed when they find them near nature.

A better premise

Having natural plants included in exterior and interior landscaping is no doubt a great choice. However, there are many hassles. Because they are life, they need to be cared regularly and being mortal; they shade leaves making the corporate space unclean. Further, they die one-day needing replacement. The Commercial Silk Artificial Landscaping Products need nothing like that. Passing through a long evolutionary process, these are now extremely lifelike being made from high-quality material and let you have no exterior and interior plant maintenance. Once installed, you can forget about those.

Wide range of products

Commercial Silk has an extensive range of artificial landscaping products that may be used for any commercial outdoor or indoor setting. There are many categories: artificial trees, plants, flowers, orchids, bushes, grasses, boxwood hedges, topiaries, logs, decorative branches, privacy screens, etc. exclusively made for large corporate houses, luxury hotels & restaurants, and many other commercial settings. These are made lifelike without any worry for exterior and interior plant maintenance. This saves cost and offers you great comfort to concentrate on your core activities. 

Adds timelessness & modernity 

When you consider a live plant for your corporate landscape, you have to take note of many other factors. Will it stand all weather conditions? Will it not grow out space?  However, using Commercial Silk Artificial Landscaping Products, there is no such worry. The fake landscaping elements will give a good twist to your corporate landscape and deliver enchanting beauties for long.  Available in many shapes and sizes, the Commercial Silk artificial topiary outdoor provide a new vista for elevating your outdoor landscape adding a dash of elegance and style. These are suitable for all sorts of outdoor settings like airports, hospital entrances, hotel lounges, corporate gardens, etc. You can also use these to replicate your business logo for a sparkling appearance.

High quality and safe to use

The Commercial Silk artificial topiary outdoor and other exterior and interior landscaping products are made from the high-quality plastic material. These are made botanically correct in all respects, and you need to feel it by touch to know the difference between the natural versions. Passing through the rigorous manufacturing process, these fake landscaping products are made strong and sturdy to stand all weather conditions.  Being manufactured by impregnating fire retardant substances into the foliage during the manufacturing process, these happen to be the most fire safe decorating option. These also conform to state fire laws and pass through required fire test requirements.  Commercial Silk UV resistant fake trees and plants are the best for using in outdoor landscaping projects.

Enjoyable benefits

When decorating your corporate space, there is nothing better than using artificial topiary outdoor and other faux landscaping elements. Using those you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Wide Variety: Fake landscaping products have wide varieties to choose from, allowing many options to elevate your corporate landscape.
  • Strong and Sturdy: being made from high-quality material, these are strong enough to withstand extreme climate changes making these the first choice for corporate landscaping.
  • Green forever: The fake plants do not die. Once you install them at any place, they stay there maintaining their lush green appearance for a long time.
  • Easy maintenance: These require no soil, no water, no fertilization, no pruning, etc and hence using fake plants you do not require any exterior or interior plant maintenance and, therefore, it helps to save the cost of maintenance manpower.
  • Easy customization: These are available in many shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit any specific landscaping requirement. The live versions do not offer such chances.
  • Unique Portability: Since the fake foliage is not soil oriented and is available in standard bases, these are portable and can be placed anywhere. Moreover, as these do not require sunlight, they can be put in the dimly lit areas without any problem. These can further be interchanged between places for changing the look periodically.
  • Nonallergic: These do not require any pesticide, and thus there is hardly any chance to cause allergies to the people around.
  • No pest attack: Unlike the natural plants, these do not attract any insects and, therefore, your guests will be free from insect attacks.
  • No pet damage: Pets are not attracted to the fake foliage and, hence, your commercial landscaping is free from pet damages.
  • Safe Option: As these are made fire resistant, these are completely safe for use in commercial landscaping.

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