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Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliads – exotic elegance for your landscapes

Commercial places such as shopping malls and multiplexes are designed in such a manner so that they always attract visitors. Therefore, it is very important that the interior and exterior landscaping should be done perfectly. Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad can greatly enhance the overall ambience of your landscapes. The best part of these landscapes is that they are available at extremely affordable prices. They can play a very critical role in enhancing the interiors and exteriors of your commercial space. This product can greatly add to the overall beauty of your commercial space and give it that swanky look which you have been searching for.

Flaming Sword Bromeliad

A class in itself
Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad is a cut above the rest among all artificial plants and is very popular for its blood red color. You can easily implant this attractive piece of plant in any area of your commercial place to have exactly the same kind of ambience which you have been dreaming for ages. The visitors will always feel that they are in a paradise which is full of red flaming plants. Even though these plants are artificial, but the quality of materials used will give them the feeling of being among real botanical exhibits. These plants don’t need watering and are very portable so you won’t be having any problem in moving them to different corners of your commercial space. Moreover, you don’t have to use pesticides in order to maintain them. Since they are artificial, there is neither growth nor decay, so these plants are always value for money.

Variety to overwhelm you
Since different commercial spaces have different requirements, Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliad pots are available in all shapes and sizes. The designs of the pots are very trendy and are tailor-made for any setting, be it a shopping mall or a multiplex. Some pots are deliberately being made extremely big in size so that these can get easily placed into big shopping malls.

A world of customization
You can easily customize your own commercial space with the help of these Flaming Sword Bromeliads since these plants are highly flexible and can be placed anywhere to enhance the interiors of your commercial space. You can place a bunch of those near the entrance of your commercial space. This will be a grand way to welcome the visitors. The smaller ones can also be placed at the corners of the dining or exhibition room. The pots can also be ordered and built as per your requirement. There are a variety of containers for each and every setting. The containers are predominantly made of steel or plastic but if you want to order a container of different material, you can easily find one.

Artificial Flaming Sword Bromeliads have come a long way and they are a sure-shot investment to decorate your commercial space. The fact that you can easily mould them as per your requirements makes it all the more rewarding to have them in your commercial space.

Rejuvenate your landscaping with Artificial Banyans

Create you very own personal tropical rain forest with easy-to-handle Artificial Banyan decorations, in any interior or exterior of large hotel, casinos, malls and corporate office hallways. Designed perfectly to suit the landscaping requirements of large buildings, the replica will provide the perfect green touch to any environment. Also the exotic banyans can serve as ideal additions to tropical themed hotels and restaurants as well. The brilliant foliage and the calming effects of this spectacular Artificial Banyan can definitely instill a sense of serenity in to the bustling environments of crowded mall hallways and Hotel reception lobbies and exterior hotel facades too.

Artificial Banyan Tree A symbol of prosperity
Known for its humongous size, the Banyans are often viewed as a symbol of power and prosperity. So definitely, an Artificial Banyan tree poised on the entranceway of your hotel or casino will not only instill a sense of greenery but also an air of grandeur to your visitors as well. The tree is also well known for its intricate branching and aerial prop roots that have been exactly imitated with the replica to maintain the natural form and shape of the artificial tree. Also the leathery texture and the large shape of the Banyan foliage have been crafted with attention to detail to stun even the most observant of visitors.

A grand addition to any landscape
The size of the Artificial Banyan can be varied according to requirement. Depending on whether you’re planning to place it in the waiting lobbies of hotels, or entranceways of malls or as a center of attraction in casinos, the Artificial Banyan can be made into small bush typed plants that are 36 inches in height to full blown trees that can be as tall as 15 feet. Also on order, the replica can be made to measure even 25 feet, which will sit perfectly on the exterior landscapes of any luxury hotel or mall. And as the material used for creating the stem of the Banyan is natural wood, the replica will look exactly the same as the original no matter how large it is made into.

A risk free decoration
With such a large landscape decoration, any hotel owner or mall owner would be concerned about the safety and value. But the Artificial Banyans are crafted to perfection to provide a hassle free solution for landscaping. They are
  • Made of Fire retardant, high quality silk material that doesn’t catch fire readily.
  • Completely resistant to color fade and UV rays, ensuring that your decoration stay good as new for a long time
  • Adaptive to even extreme weather conditions such as winters and monsoon, making them suitable for exterior decorations.
  • Free of moisture absorbing organic materials and soil, ensuring that no formation of insect hives or odor producing microbes on the decoration.
So there you have it, not only does the Artificial Banyan serve as a magnanimous addition to your themed Hotels and restaurants, but also as a cost effective and safe addition to your landscape decoration as well. So install the replica in the ideal space today. It is guaranteed to rejuvenate the design of your landscape.

Add a splash of splendid colors to your landscapes with Artificial Caladium plant

Vertical Wall Garden

Landscapes can seem pretty dull if green is the only color that dominates the entire decoration. A certain variation or some color contrast is what that can make a landscape seem even better. So why not add the perfect colors to your grand landscaping efforts using an Artificial Caladium Plant. Though small in size, these plants can really highlight specific sections of the landscape, making them perfect to be used in entranceways and exits in large malls, hotels and theatres. Also they make a perfect addition to the exterior landscapes and gardens with their vibrant colors.

The Wild tropical plant

Known by many names such as Elephant ear, Heart of Jesus, Angel Wings and so on, this tropical plant sure has a reputation for attracting attention. The reason the plant is quite popular is due to its enormous heart shaped leaves that have various intricate color designs in them. Usually found in the regions and Brazil and Central America, the Artificial Caladium Plant will sure add a touch of exoticness to your landscape. Also, with the leaves of the replica exactly imitating the colors of the original plant, you visitors will have a hard time recognizing its faux nature.

A Perfect Replica

The colors of the replica leaves are a dark green blend with white and red decorations in the center. The total size of the Artificial Caladium Plant can be either 23 inches or 28 inches based on requirement. Also the plant can be custom ordered to suit your unique size requirements as well. The stem and the branches of the plant are made from high quality real wood that will look brilliant on both interior and exterior displays. The plant has been carefully manufactured to the exact specifications of the real plant that it will even put the skills of actual botanists to test.

A safe and inexpensive alternative

The material used for the design of the leaves of the Artificial Caladium Plant is high quality pure silk, that has the natural characteristics of original leaves providing both a natural texture and stiffness to the replica. Also the silk material is fire retardant which makes it perfectly safe for indoor use in large spaces like hotel receptions halls, mall entranceways, exhibitions and so on. And the product does not have any organic material or soil that gives off odors or attracts insects. So these can be safely placed in any environment and even on office workspaces.

Decoration Ideas

The Artificial Caladium plant can be used in a number of ways for decorating large landscapes. They can be

  • Placed in entrances and doorways indicating your visitors of exits
  • Placed near textured walls or reception halls to provide a color contrast
  • Bedded around major attraction in malls and exhibitions
  • Lined along pathways in exterior landscapes and gardens
  • Placed near windows of restaurants and multistory hotels


So essentially with the natural look that the Artificial Caladium Plant provides, you can literally design your very own tropical landscape and use them for infinite decoration options for half the price and absolutely zero maintenance. So go on, add the color of the tropics to your hotels and restaurants today.

Artificial Aspen - bright and beautiful landscaping trees

Artificial Aspen Tree Large interiors of commercial spaces like Hotels and Malls can look out-of-place if the landscaping hasn’t been done properly. So why not brighten up the interiors with a professionally crafted Artificial Aspen Tree? Not only are these landscape decorations cost effective but can also be used for decorations both on the interiors and exteriors of the commercial space. Also they serve as a brilliant addition to any theme which might already be present in your Restaurant or Casino and provide a color contrast to your fully green landscape theme as well.

The Magic of Yellow
Aspen trees are well known for their vibrant shades of yellow and pink which cast beautiful sceneries on the horizon during fall season. And with these artificial Aspen trees you will be able to exactly recreate those picturesque sceneries inside your very own malls and corporate offices. Also the brilliant tear shaped yellow foliage of these deciduous specimens also ensures to add a sense of uniqueness to your landscape as well. Crafted with maximum attention to detail, the replicas capture every single intricate detail of the original specimen right from the color, texture to even the detailing of the branches, ensuring that your visitors never get the feeling that they are admiring a faux tree. Artificial Aspen Tree

Tailor Made to Suit Your Taste
In order to cope with the requirements of large commercial spaces such as facades of large hotels, Hallways and entrances of malls, faux outdoor recreation landscapes of Theme parks and Golf clubs, the Artificial Aspen trees are made in all sizes as per requirement. Right from the smallest 2 foot potted trees that can sit well on restaurant tables and conference tables, to life-sized 24 foot replicas, the product can be tailor made to any size. The smaller ones come with a decorative planter enabling you to display them on the interiors, whereas the larger ones come with a concrete base potter that can be planted anywhere as required.

Recreate Your Very Own Aspen Grove
The decorative options provided by the Artificial Aspen trees are limited only by the creativity of the user. But here are some innovative decorative options that work well with these deciduous replicas.

  • They can be used to recreate an Aspen grove right in the backyard of your Hotel or in your theme park.
  • They can be placed on corners of large building such as malls and reception halls of hotels to hide the empty spaces of the building.
  • They can be placed at the center of busy shopping malls, encircled with benches to provide a unique resting point for your visitors.
  • They can be lined across the façade of government offices to provide a faux green touch to the building.

The Artificial Aspen tree, despite its numerous uses is also completely safe to use. As the tree leaves are made from high quality silk materials that are both flame retardant and inorganic, the artificial trees are completely safe for indoor usage. Their color fade resistant properties also make them ideal for outdoor landscaping as well.

So in conclusion, the Artificial Aspens not only recreate the magic of the fall season right inside your commercial buildings but also serve as brilliant investment that ensures returns. Also with their brilliant yellow foliage and unique conical shape, they assure to brighten up and beautify your landscape. These are guaranteed to win your visitors over with their charms.

Varied Hues of Tulips to Vivify Your Surrounding

Preserved Tulip

Tulips basically hail from winter-rain Mediterranean vegetation or steppe. It prolifically survives in regions with cool, long springs and dry summers. However, this has not restricted its popularity from being spread across the world. Now, it can be artificially grown at your home or office. Many think that artificial flowers are hugely different from natural ones. Though this is a true fact, modern artificial flora production technology has changed the idea. Silk tulips can strikingly represent a range of beautifully blossoming tulips at your home.

Tulips are perennials that bloom in the spring from bulbs. If you adore the magnificent beauty of tulips and fantasize of being surrounded by these pretty blossoms, your fantasy can be enlivened now. You may live in a country where tulips are not a part of natural cultivation. However, these flowers are commercially produced in different regions across the world. Tulips are costly at places where it is not a native property. Even if you procure natural tulips, its beauty and blooming presence would be short-lived, only a few days.

Silk tulips would stay for years without requiring much maintenance. Silk flowers are growing popular today. You can decorate your interiors with a range of artificial silk flowers to attract visitors. Large silk tulips as well as small silk tulips can now be brought to your home or office. Artificial tulip plants would have a striking resemblance to natural tulip shrubs. Not only the flower, but the entire structure and look of a tulip plant can be imposed through silk tulip plants. Imagine the beauty of silky, colorful tulip petals with glossy green leaves and earthy brown stem. These tulips would stay at your home for years. You need not maintain, wash or cleanse it regularly. Silky blossoms would stun visitors. You can place these tulips anywhere at your office or home. If you need a more realistic feel, you can get these silk flowers planted in your garden amidst other flowers instead of in a pot. You can also build up an artificial garden consisting of vividly colored silk tulips. Such a garden at the entrance of your residence would not only stun visitors but passersby.

Tulips would automatically magnify your domestic surroundings. You can place these flowers on your table, in your garden, terrace, window, door entrance or some other place. The silky petals and leaves would invite you to touch these productions every now and then. Every visitor would feel that these are praiseworthy and is definitely going to point your intellectual interior decoration skills. Silky floral decorations at your home or office would create an amazing surrounding and make people feel that they are amidst the luxurious nature of spring. This amazing environment can be curved out just by a range of colorful, silky tulip flowers, which resemble closeness to nature. You will be able to buy silk tulips of different sizes and colors. Custom orders are accepted by

Preserved Eucalyptus - A Fresh Take at Landscaping

A city life is far away from the nature. But now you can experience a beautiful nature amidst the busy city in which you dwell. If you are a lover of the nature, there is now a golden chance for you to explore the vividness of nature right around your home or office. Artificial and preserved flora bears a striking resemblance to the nature. Every day your mood would be freshened up while you view the silky artificial nature around you. A fresh mood means a healthy day. And every healthy day would aid you in living a fresh and healthy life apart from the city’s pollution. Vertical Wall Garden

Eucalyptus is one of the most profound plants of nature. It gives a very natural feel. Eucalyptus is also a favorite of amphibians due to its high and widespread branches. Their tall appearances with a whitish stem add to their beauty. Imagine a fresh landscape around your home or office with preserved eucalyptus. If you want eucalyptus plants around your home or office, which would not require regular maintenance or watering, artificial silk eucalyptus would be ideal for you. The silky stem, branches and leaves would bear a vivid resemblance to natural eucalyptus trees.

Landscaping is a highly popularized idea. Those who want to live amidst nature but cannot do so as their residence is amidst a busy city, can now cling to nature via landscaping services. You can opt for affordable landscaping services. You would be rendered with a very natural and realistic landscape around your home or office. You can decorate your interiors or exteriors with artificial silk plants and flowers. Silk flora would magnify your surroundings and attract visitors. You can also line your amenities with artificial landscaping. Imagine a vast garden with silky floral elements or swimming pool encircled by colorful lively flowers and blooming trees.

Such prolific landscaping ideas would make your dwelling area more glamorous. You can opt for fire retardant artificial eucalyptus plants to preserve your surroundings at unexpected situations. Silk is a fire prone material, so artificial plants prepared from silk are supposed to be fire prone. However, an advanced combination of technology used in manufacturing artificial silk plants rid the silk material of fire proneness, thus making your landscape safer. High eucalyptuses growing in your garden would definitely stun the passersby. Preserved eucalyptus branches would glorify the beauty of your garden.

Landscaping provides you a chance to live amidst the nature. Despite residing in a busy city, you would not be devoid of enjoying the beautiful prospects of nature. Bright natural surroundings around your residence or office would make you feel fresh everyday. A striking view of the beautiful smooth nature around you would definitely energize you. Blooming trees, fruit bearing trees, large trees, small herbs, made of high quality, fire-retardant artificial silk can now be brought to your home and office. Experience the vivid beauty of nature through artificial flora. accepts custom orders on floral landscaping and provides high quality floral landscaping services at much affordable prices.

Banana, Apple & Orange artificial fruit trees - add colors to the way you live

Vertical Wall Garden What is it about indoor decoration that excites us the most? The better answers would be the techniques incorporated and the flexibility to experiment. Be it the offices or schools, the premises radiate class with fruit trees and flowering plants around. Though these entities can really pack a punch, the amount of upholding and care needed defies their existence in the longer run. This is where the artificial plants and fruit trees come to existence, theoretically cancelling out the maintenance requirements along. They need not be watered and nurtured like the natural variants and do not wither with age thus saving a few heartbreaks.

Investing in the man-made fruit trees is a rewarding option for most. Mostly meant for infusing artistry with the conventional décor options, these are made up of excellent raw materials including the solvent inks and UV rated leaves. Unlike the natural variants, these can counter the erratic climatic changes with ease. Be it the scorching heat or the chilly wintry spells, artificial fruit trees seldom break apart or lose their alluring sheen. As the maintenance requirements are scare, these trees are also as on the pocket, lest someone wants to enjoy the taste of a self grown apple.

What colors do these artificial fruit trees bring to the table? This is another major consideration which makes them a household name considering myriad décor options related. These bend well with the traditional arrangements and can also be amalgamated with the newer ones. Setting up the apt thriving environment for the nature lovers, these plants help propagate vibrancy along with an added emphasis on accentuating the overall charisma of the dwelling. Fragrances can be added thus infusing aroma within the household, making the setup more believable and highly rewarding.

The shades of red and yellow complement the home interiors well with the contrasting ambiance around. Among many, the artificial oranges and apple trees are the best sellouts, making for an exceptional interior management. Adding banana laden emoluments helps spicing up the vicinities better with the enigmatic shades of yellow. Thus with the artificial fruits both the common and tropical fruit growth is taken care of making for an exotic experience altogether. Artificial orange trees can be surprisingly good looking and the user is allowed to choose the colors based on the preferences. Telling natural fruits to get the desired is still a misnomer! Be it the shopping entrances or the multiplexes, artificial fruit trees pack quite punch with the plethora of options provided and an extended platter.

With the only requirement being the occasional dusting, these plants need lesser maintenance and can brave the inclement periods of relocation and climatic changes. Potted variants along with some well trimmed options are available online at several stores including the Commercial Silk, providing a premium collection of artificial plants and trees to modify the interiors effectively. These make for an instant display and mostly a hit with the masses. The colors which are offered can be easily customized while the styles can be selected based on the household orientation. Be it the Mediterranean look with the terracotta planters or something highly basic, the artificial fruit trees make for the best incorporation, both indoors and outdoors.

Bring the winters to your homes and offices with artificial pines

Flocked Winter Tree

The seasonal palate feels incomplete without arrangements for the fall. The winter season, for the ardent designer and appreciator of beauty, necessitates the modifications to the home décor arrangements. Be it the arrival of the New Year or families celebrating Christmas along, winter brings a different color to the household chores infusing chills and sense of wild excitement within. Including trees into the household charades is an exciting option which in turn revitalizes the décor, considerably. Who doesn't want a pine or fir sitting pretty with hanging socks and gifts from Santa? Though winter may sound a tad pale, these artificial or real trees can lend an exotic vibrancy to the indoors followed by smiles on the faces of toddlers.

Why choose artificial trees when fresh pines are available? The reason remains simple; longevity and hygiene. We all could argue over selecting a natural pine to spice up the proceedings but the untimely withering of these may turn out to be highly detrimental. Instead, going for the artificial variants helps in keeping the feel and flavor intact for longer times. These trees have an exquisite outline associated making them gorgeous to look at. With the option to pattern and customize, these artificial trees allow the customers to add on certain props along. Better durability followed by long term storage makes these artificial pines a charm to work with.

Winter marks the beginning of the celebrations and social gatherings. Be it a middle class family or even an impoverished household, decorative tree can certainly add a lot to the interiors. The freshly cut pines wither in no time and seldom survive the wintry spells. Again some of the inmates are prone to the allergic reactions related to the odor and sappy discharges. Artificial pines give the flexibility of using one purchase over many years as the leaves and trunk do not rot with time. This is financially viable and can also be considered as a safe option for most. Can the sizes be customized as well? The natural ones seldom provide this flexibility owing to their lineage, making them inherently tall. While some households can afford these towering options, most need to cut down on the natural lengths making the structure fall out of place. This is where artificial pines can help. They come along in various sizes, suited for every household and occasion. One can also choose the colors depending upon the home décor and tones used for the walls. Artificial trees help in contrasting the interiors, thus effectively glorifying the interiors. Be it the home or the office cabins, an artificial pine can help add to the panache of the interiors, thus allowing option to experiment. One can purchase these and much more over the online domain namely the Commercial Silk which specializes in artificial plants and foliage options. Being easy to store, the artificial pines can help bring in the essence of the fall into the contention followed by cleaner vicinities. Cut down on the pricey options year after year by including the artificial pines and firs into the hierarchy. Sit back and add along socks to the artificial plants expecting Christmas gifts and similar bounties.

Grass Application at the Embassy Suites Waltham

The Embassy Suites Waltham, formerly the DoubleTree Waltham, is located in the High-Technology, Pharmaceutical, and Life Sciences Belt, near Boston’s colleges and universities. The hotel was in need of a renovation and interior update to keep up with the fast pace of the neighborhood and stay within its brand standards of a heavy emphasis on botanicals. Embassy Suites Hotels was looking to reduce the cost of maintaining existing live plant material and obtain a hipper, fresher, cleaner look.

The Embassy Suites contacted Commercial Silk Int’l to explore the possibilities of a giant replica prairie grass addition.

Embassy Suites Hotels contractors immediately took to the idea of using giant replica prairie grass to create a unique display of contrasting green and lavender to instantly uplift the space. By utilizing existing containers, giant replica prairie grass was installed to add drama and color, and was executable on-site. The giant replica prairie grass added height and texture, and strengthened the design for this destination hotel. The addition of a rarely seen design element provided a modern aesthetic to what was already a chic guest experience.

Embassy Suites, Waltham, MA


Light Dirt Accumulation (We suggest future cleaning every six months)
1) Use feather duster to remove all loose dust.
2) Apply one treatment of non-aerosol silk cleaner with spray applicator. Follow directions given for the specific brand.

Medium Dirt Accumulation (We suggest future cleaning every four months)
1) Remove loose dust with feather duster.
2) Apply one treatment of warm soapy water (Ivory soap works well, at a rate of approximately 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons water), with a spray applicator.
3) Apply one or two treatments of non-aerosol silk cleaner. If more than one treatment is required, allow plant to dry between applications.

Heavy Dirt Accumulation (We suggest future cleaning every one-two months)
1) Remove all loose dust with a feather duster.
2) Apply two treatments of soapy water (Ivory soap, at a rate of approximately 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons water), with a spray applicator. The wet leaves can be hand-wiped after the second application, if desired.
3) Apply one to three treatments of non-aerosol silk cleaner. If more than one treatment is required, allow plants to dry before re-application.
4) If plants are extremely dirty (ie: mixed with grease) they may never come completely clean unless each leaf is individually hand-wiped.

*Note: Dirt may collect in the center veins of the leaves and on any other area where water or cleaner would naturally drain. It is best to concentrate these areas for a repeat spraying.

Leaf Cleaning

Commercial Silk Int'l
Commercial Silk Int'l