Artificial Grass Lawn Stolen

artificial grass lawn stolen

Astonished to wake up one morning, Steve Woolnough discovered his artificial grass lawn was stolen, in the middle of the night. Woolnough, 54, of Ipswich, Suffolk, had installed himself the 100sq ft fake astroturf grass outside his home. Now left with a bare dirt ground, the charges are greater than four hundred dollars to replace the artificial grass, a premium outdoor lawn that did not require any maintenance.


HGTV’d Episode Features Artificial Boxwood Mats from Commercial Silk Int’l

artificial boxwood matIn a new episode of HGTV’d, designer Genevieve Gorder selects artificial boxwood mats by Commercial Silk Int’l to help transform the upstairs of a spacious Texas home into a chic indoor/outdoor lounge. The 12” by 12” modular square boxwood panels are a choice adornment for flat or contoured walls and ceilings, as noted by HGTV’d host Tanika Ray. The Rodills – whose home underwent the big city makeover – are sure to enjoy not only the stylish look of these faux plants, but also the fact that they’re virtually maintenance free: no watering, no pruning, and no replacing dead or wilting plants required. In addition, Commercial Silk Int’l boxwood mats are produced with proprietary Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) foliage, which meets national and international fire codes. These stylish – and safe – silk boxwood mats offer a modern aesthetic for virtually any indoor or outdoor setting. Check out below the boxwood mats by Commercial Silk Int’l which are available fire retardant for indoor use or UV rated for outdoor use.

Decorative Boxwood Provides Glitzy Backdrop for a Paris Hilton Premier

faux boxwood mat

You know you work for an decorative boxwood producer when you notice the background of a premiere party photo shoot before the, shall we say, somewhat hard to ignore figure standing in front of it.

That’s right, the backdrop material behind Paris Hilton for the premier party of “The World According to Paris” is none other than (drum role please): artificial boxwood! More...

Silk Trees Combat Global Warming and Harvest Kenetic Energy

Silk Trees Being Tested in Spain Turns out man can make better plants and trees than mother nature, as we’ve discovered in the news this week.

Inventor of CO2 Absorbing Silk Trees Silk trees that absorb the same amount of CO2 as 90 eucalyptus trees are being tested in Spain to help reduce emissions from cars and factories. The trees, which look like lamp posts and can be customized to blend in with surroundings -- similar to silk tree cell phone tower concealment -- have been installed to date in Valencia, Castellon, and Barcelona.


Restaurant Bamboo Trees Appear on Minnesota Monthly Cover

Bamboo Trees Appear on MN Monthly Magazine Cover

You might be tempted to think that it's the good looking models holding their summery, fruity drinks that make this restaurant cover photo stand out. We at Commercial Silk Int'l and our live plant service division Plantscape, Inc., think it's the Bamboo trees -- not that we're biased or anything.

The Bamboo trees you see on this recent Minnesota Monthly cover were recently installed in the new restaurant concept Cafeteria in Uptown Minneapolis, a trendy post-college neighborhood known for it's vibrant nightlife. Determined to create a beach-like atmosphere on a busy city rooftop, Cafeteria proprietors sourced Plantscape, Inc. for Bamboo trees to compliment natural wood benches, umbrellas, and other touches that make for a laid back outdoor atmosphere.



Lady Gaga Uses Silk Trees as Theater Scenic Props

White Tie and Tiara Ball
Recently silk trees have made an appearance in Hollywood and the obituaries. Sound incredibly obscure? We thought so too, and here’s a quick run-down.

Initially when we saw Lady Gaga and silk plants in the same article, we assumed a far-out costume was soon to be referenced, but quickly learned otherwise. Lady Gaga, The current queen of popular culture, unveiled her newest song at Elton John’s infamous White Tie and Tiara Ball. As if Gaga’s costumes weren't spectacle enough, silk trees were used for stage decoration, with performance artists dramatically suspended from the tree limbs.


Mobile Shrubs and Concourse Bird Nests


This edition of Silk Plants and Trees In The News brings us a few oddball stories from around the country and confirms that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Moving Artificial Shrub Plant A reminder that you probably haven’t seen it all comes courtesy of artist Justin Shull. Something in his artist brain told him to construct a mobile shrub rover made of silk plants. The rover, which appears from the video to be able to handle both normal streets and off-road conditions, has a side hatch door revealing a box shaped compartment with enough room to fit a lone driver. No windows, no problem. The roving shrub is also outfitted with cameras and small LCD screens inside for navigation.


Plant Decorated Hidden Cameras, Soil Readers, and Humidifiers

Silk Plant Technology

With technology becoming more and more a part of our daily lives it was only a matter of time before the silk plant industry got in the game. As you'll see in the examples below, faux plants are being used as soil meters, humidifiers and cloak and dagger spy tools reminiscent of your favorite James Bond movies. Not surprisingly, the "devices" discussed perform many of the same functions as normal silk plants -- to enhance, shape, or disguise contraptions or sights that are best served hidden.


Cell Tower Concealment, Avatar Re-creations, and Urban Forests

Monopine Tree

We wrote recently about concealing cell towers with silk plants and trees, and soon after there was more news about a Chicago neighborhood evaluating concealment options for a particularly obtrusive tower in scenic Westridge. Fortunately for the community, many concerned residents have stepped up to demand that they get a high quality artificial tree solution. Done right, the cell phone tower won't be an eyesore and visitors will hardly notice it.


iPad Plants vs. Zombies

plants vs. zombies app You can decide for yourself whether the iPad is truly a revolutionary device or just a passing fad. We were excited to learn, regardless, that there is a new app game for the iPad called Plants vs. Zombies. In this tower defense game, your job is to plant a variety of foliage that shoot thorns and other plant-style armaments to stop zombies from entering your house.


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