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Artificial Bonsai Tree Creating Real Japanese Ambience

Bonsai is an authentic piece of Japanese art and culture. Bonsai simply means a potted tree and thus, the miniature tree is potted in a low sided planter. The miniature tree is a symbol of harmony between man and nature. It is the beauty of Bonsai that makes you get lost in the arms of mother nature. The only issue in owning a real bonsai is the tedious work that it takes to maintain, and that’s where we step in. At Commercial Silk, we have a wide range of premium grade artificial bonsai trees that require zero maintenance.

The lifelike bonsai tree is produced with UV protected foliage and can be used for both indoor and outdoor décor. The trunk is custom made with natural bonsai wood, which gives a vivid realistic edge to the plant. Special attention is given to the trunk by using fire resistant material. This process ensures that the artificial bonsai is safe to be placed in and around a hotel, office or mall.

A real bonsai always demands a lot of maintenance but with an artificial one, you can actually just sit back and ask for customized foliage as needed. Some of the artificial bonsai that you would love to place in and around your commercial area are mentioned below.

Vertical Wall Garden

Azalea Flowering Bonsai
Finding flowers on a real bonsai is a rare sight and that’s what makes our artificial plants more interesting. We incorporate the rarest features in the plant by manufacturing a natural wood trunk and a high quality fire resistant foliage. The Azalea Flowering Bonsai captivates a crowd and adds beauty and elegance to a space. Its lush green polyester leaves and soft colored flowers make for the best combinations possible. The general size that we offer is 5 feet, but custom sizes are also available. Vertical Wall Garden

Japanese Bonsai Tree
With silk Japanese pine foliage, the Japanese Bonsai tree provides a completely natural look. Show off this beautiful Japanese Bonsai tree with its unbelievable craft and detail. It has a hand sculpted trunk which really brings out the originality of the tree. Available in 12 feet, the artificial miniature plant can also be ordered in various sizes per your specifications. The foliage used is acknowledged for its high quality fire resistant material and natural color. Vertical Wall Garden

Hawthorn Bonsai Tree
Exotic multi stems covered with polyester leaves gives a lush green impression of a lifelike bonsai. The 7 foot tall Hawthorn Bonsai Tree is manufactured on a natural wood trunk using our premium grade artificial foliage. This particular product is very easy to maintain and a great investment that won’t hurt your wallet. You’ll love showcasing the Hawthorn Bonsai Tree in your office space, mall, hotel or home. Further, with a standard base, the plant is easy to be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Tree
This is an artificial pine bonsai tree with PVC leaves and a natural wood trunk. The multi-stems and natural looking leaves give this plant a lush and organic look. The general size available for this plant is 6 feet, but the plant can be custom-made as per the requirements of the client. This beautifully handcrafted plant is manufactured using fire retardant material for indoor use.

Vertical Wall GardenAcacia Bonsai Tree
An easy to maintain Acacia Bonsai Tree is all that you need to customize your home décor, office space, mall or hotel. The use of natural wood in the trunk and stem of this plant shows off the realism of a live bonsai tree. The fire resistant foliage with polyester leaves also makes it a perfect choice for any location. At Commercial Silk we offer custom made sizes to meet your specification.

This was just a glimpse of what we offer at Commercial Silk. For more information, please call 800-241-2718 or visit Bonsai Artificial Trees at, as we provide the best artificially crafted silk plants in the market today.

Restoration Hardware Planters Work with Faux Plants Too

artificial boxwood in restoration hardware planters

Restoration Hardware planters come in a variety of distinct styles reflecting an updated french country look and feel. This spring they are for sale on their own, with live Boxwood topiaries, or faux and preserved plants. But most people don’t know that they can also be used with independently purchased silk plants, trees, and topiaries for almost any type of indoor and outdoor commercial project.


outdoor boxwood topiaries outdoor boxwood topiaries

Restoration Hardware planter box product lines include the Versailles with rustproof cast aluminum, the Reclaimed Wood with thick planks of azobe wood, and the Ancient Vessel with handcrafted reproductions of Mediterranean storage pots. Silk plants can be hand-crafted specifically for these planters, whether they are balls, hedges, spirals, or even animals.

topiary A silk Boxwood bush, for example, is well complimented by an Azobe Salvaged Wood Planter. Faux Boxwood balls, on the other hand, can be used in the sand finished Weathered Cast Stone round planters as a uniquely modern and sophisticated design touch.

artificial boxwood hedge Silk plants have many advantages over live or preserved plants. There is little maintenance, no threat of dying or illness, and no sunlight hazard due to field tested and proven outdoor U/V protection. They are perfect for cost-sensitive and sale hungry commercial landscapers and decorators looking to beautify hotels, casinos, and restaurants without hijacking ongoing care budgets.

boxwood topiary sheets pvc modern topiary Best of all, when working with a wholesale commercial supplier of silk plants, you can order product to the exact style and size you’d like. Including some that will work perfectly with Restoration Hardware planters.

Restoration Hardware Boxwood Topiaries & Faux Topiary Designs

artificial boxwood in restoration hardware planters

artificial topiary ball outdoor boxwood topiaries

Restoration Hardware Boxwood topiaries are a unique product segment for a big retailer -- few traditional retail competitors offer a similar inventory. Featuring live, preserved, and faux topiaries, Restoration Hardware topiary plants are classy, design-forward, and easy to install and maintain.

[more] topiary Restoration Hardware Boxwood topiary products include smaller ball topiaries, globes, cones, hedges, and spirals in both Boxwood and English Ivy materials. They work indoors or outdoors depending on type.

Similar topiary products are offered by other silk plant producers, some who serve consumers directly, and some who focus on corporate or business sales. Custom topiaries can be hand-crafted in any size and shape, meaning that you can go beyond what is offered online to satisfy requirements for large scale commercial projects.

boxwood topiary sheets pvc modern topiary If you have a particular affinity for Restoration Hardware planters but don’t like the plant offerings, you are not out of luck. Silk plants can be matched with Zinc Paneled Tall Planters, Weather Cast Stone Planters, or with any other type of planter box offered by Restoration Hardware.

artificial boxwood hedge Exterior silk plants and trees from reputable producers are made with U/V protected foliage, ensuring a long life span. Indoor plants are manufactured with fire retardant foliage, allowing commercial interior landscape projects to pass state fire code requirements.

Fake Cactus Plants & Flowers Bring Life to Desert Landscape Arrangements

fake cactus plants and arrangements

Fake cactus plants and flowers can add a splash of color and personality to desert landscape arrangements for both indoor and outdoor applications, especially when combined with other enchanting desert elements like sand, withered tree branches, and old rocks shaped and scarred by ancient flowing rivers.

artificial succulent arrangements Cacti species have always held elements of danger and mystery for many people. They flourish where nothing else can grow. You can drink water from some, yet some are poisonous, and only a seasoned adventurer, it seems, can tell the difference. Plus those prickly pins are always a little intimidating. These features together with the many odd shapes and colors of various cacti species make for interesting plants and flowers. Fortunately, artificial cacti and succulents can be just as believable.

[more]For retail environments like Cabela’s, an outdoor sporting goods company with retail locations throughout the South and Midwest, artificial habitats with fake cacti enhance the shopping experience -- they provide engaging themes and educational opportunities while reinforcing brand imagery at the point of purchase.

Larger fake cactus plants can be used for privacy screens, outdoor view framing and fencing, view terminating structures, and many other functions for office buildings, hospitals, and more.

fake habitat with cactus plants In addition to fake cactus, using artificial animals that are indigenous to the landscape you are trying to replicate will go a long way toward making a project feel authentic. In the images shown here, you’ll see Diamondback snakes and Pronghorn Antelope common in western North American deserts. Along with your cacti, you might be enticed to throw in a little tumbling tumbleweed to top it all off.

Decorative Column Covers and Faux Wood Post Wraps

Tree Bark Column Cover

If you’re an architect or interior designer looking to improve a commercial space , you’ve likely run into obtrusive columns or posts. They block site lines, pose troubling configuration issues, and often look downright ugly. Too bad they can’t just be torn down, right? Seeing as how columns provide the support that keeps buildings upright, this probably isn’t a good idea in most cases. That’s where a decorative column cover or a nice faux wood post wrap comes in handy.

Column Covers and Faux Wood Post Wraps Column covers and wraps come in all different shapes and sizes, for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Most obvious are the colonial style or parthenon-esque columns that have graced college and government building foyers for centuries. Less obvious is a simple wood texture, like that which adorns the columns of the JW Terrill lobby crafted by St. Louis Woodworks. Or a basic metal wrap, more durable for outdoors, like the minimalist aluminum columns designed for the AtlantiCare Medical Center by Bamco, Inc. Even less obvious are silk or artificial trees used as decorative column covers.

[more]Tree Bark Wraps That probably sounds a little awkward at first -- artificial trees as column covers -- but it makes quite a bit of sense when you think about it, especially for commercial spaces that need more green, or a casino, zoo or waterpark looking to accentuate a theme.

Artificial tree column covers are normally made in two parts and then assembled around columns on site. They can be custom manufactured at any height, and can be made to go all the way up to the ceiling, or even to look as though they grew through the ceiling, with traces of foliage placed artfully near the top for a jack-and-the-beanstalk effect.

Tree Column Cover Like making lemonade with lemons, architects and designers can turn a bad column or post situation into a inspired design or theme with a little imagination, whether it’s a wood or metal wrap, or a vibrant artificial tree.

Silk Flowering Trees and Branches Illuminate Commercial Environments

flowering tree branches

If there were such a thing as an exterior or interior landscape centerpiece, a silk flowering tree would be it. Both visually striking and durable, silk flowering trees and branches can turn an ordinary space into a picturesque and enchanting landscape, whether with artificial Hibiscus, artificial Wisteria, artificial Cherry Blossom, or artificial Flowering Dogwood, to name a few.

[more]silk Cherry Blossom tree Two recent projects by Commercial Silk Int’l illustrate just how impacting a silk flowering tree can be. For an Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, a silk Cherry Blossom tree was installed in a spa waiting room to provide a dramatic focal point and a sense of wonderment and relaxation for visitors. Adding to the sense of majesty is an overhead lighting system integrated with black lights, prompting the silk flowering tree to slowly change colors.

corporate headquarters silk Dogwood tree For a corporate headquarters with an indoor walking garden, a silk Dogwood tree provided by Commercial Silk Int’l provides a splash of color among the other artificial and live greenery. Employees and visitors have found the garden to be a peaceful respite from their busy days.

Live flowering plants, vines and branches can be very fragile and expensive to maintain, especially for interior spaces where there simply isn’t enough light. Silk flowering trees, on the other hand, require no maintenance, carry no risk of triggering allergies, stay in bloom all year long, and come in a variety of colors, including pink, white, red, and yellow.

Before & After - Health Care Silk Trees Bring Waiting Room to Life

Health Partners recently utilized health care silk trees to transform a waiting room into a comfortable lounge, using an artificial Red Oak tree as the focal point with silk Prairie Grass accentuating the surrounding area. By incorporating waiting room silk trees, the space was instantly renovated without having to remodel, transforming the once dull, drab setting into a lush dwelling for guests. Museum setting absent of silk trees

[more]Using silk trees in a health care setting provides the feeling of real foliage without the maintenance or hassle of live plants. With the sun cascading across the silk Red Oak tree leaves along with the sky-like baby blue walls and prairie grass, visitors are treated to an outdoor experience indoors, proving that a waiting room can feel clean without feeling lifeless.

See our health care artificial plant case study page for more information about this and other hospital and waiting room projects. Silk Tree in Health Care Setting

Before & After - Museum Silk Plants Adorn Texas Cabela’s Store

The Cabela’s in Texas revamped its indoor wildlife display by adding museum quality silk plants. What was once a drab cliff of deer and bear replicas is now a lush landscape of Texas plants and wildlife. In a museum setting especially, the incorporation of silk plants allows for scenic displays to look more natural. Museum setting absent of silk trees

[more] The color and texture of the exhibit plants create depth and accentuate the natural feel of the rock structure. Cabela’s utilized our Aspen silk foliage in addition to fall maple and scotch pine foliage, privet bush and bear grass. By using a variety of different small plants, Commercial Silk In’tl craftsmen were able to recreate what occurs naturally on a mountainside. The smaller, colorful aspens and maples authentically accent the lower levels, while the scotch pines and privet bush adorn the higher levels. Silk Trees in Wildlife Display

Before & After - Skyscraper Silk Trees for Ameriprise Building Lobby

After renovating their skyscraper office lobby, Ameriprise Financial sourced Commercial Silk Int’l for silk trees and grasses to complement its high ceilings, elegant maple hard wood flooring, and exposed steel girders. Silk Trees in Building Lobby

[more] Artificial Black Olive trees were implemented to create scale and provide textural and color contrast. Prairie silk grass was installed at the feet of the trees to make for a convincing looking forest floor. Benches were installed for visitors to provide a park like atmosphere and a little hideaway among the hustle and bustle of downtown Minneapolis. Silk Trees in Building Lobby

Innovative Silk Boxwood Mats Allow Design Imagination to Flourish


Leading designers and architects are using boxwood for silk topiaries, privacy screens, and even animals to create memorable environments and solve design challenges. Silk Boxwood works well both indoors and outdoors and is available with fire retardant or UV resistant foliage.

[more]An innovative product, silk boxwood is packaged as a modular 12" x 12" tile, Boxwood mat tiles are flexible enough for curved surfaces and can be cut to fit custom shapes and can be stylized into traditional and unique topiary shapes.

By tiling Boxwood mats together, designers can create intimate lounge areas for sophisticated clientele, as shown with these poolside boxwood cabanas at the distinguished Prime Hotel in South Beach. Boxwood animals and props have proven to be more imaginative uses for silk Boxwood, such as with our unique Boxwood Elephant Topiary.

Silk Boxwood is also excellent for creating hedging along walls and fences, to hide unsightly building features such as HVAC units, plumbing or electrical units. It can be attached to any surface both indoors or outdoor and easily assembled into seamless panels to be tiled together on site upon delivery.

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