Artificial Cymbidium Orchid - enjoy enriched landscapes with this pot of beauty

Cymbidium Orchid

Create an exquisite orchid right on the desks of your hotel reception halls and restaurants with this beautiful Artificial Cymbidium orchid. Imitated to perfection, the orchid replica sure guarantees to bring an air of royalty into ball rooms, restaurants, hotels and reception desks of large corporate offices. The flower orchid is also made entirely out of non-organic materials making it ideal to be placed on tables where food is meant to be served. With colors that please the eye and a shape that adds elegance to any environment, the replica will definitely be a perfect addition to your commercial space.

The color of perfection
The flower orchid, also referred to as the boat orchid due to the boat shaped petals, is one of the most favored flower orchids in the world. Though the orchid blooms in a number of different colors across the world, the most popular and the most exotic one is the Green Burgundy combination. And the colors of the petals of the Artificial Cymbidium Orchid have been exactly imitated to reflect these vibrant colors. Also the stem of the orchid flowers are crafted to look exactly similar to the original orchid, making it harder to recognize its artificial characteristics even upon close observation.

An ideal addition to hotels and restaurants
The Artificial Cymbidium Orchid is made to size as per order, but generally the orchid is available at 10” height. The flowers come in a transparent glass vase, which can be filled with water to add to the natural look of the product. Also the silk material used in the design of the artificial orchid makes it perfect for display in reception halls, restaurant tables, hotel rooms and even on Buffet tables. Since the orchids don’t give off any odor and don’t attract any insects, they can be safely place near food items and other edible products.

Value for money
The petals of the Artificial Cymbidium Orchid have been crafted to suit the needs of large commercial sites that adhere to the strictest safety precautions. The flower petals of the orchid are
  • Fire retardant and don’t catch fire or burn easily
  • UV protected, making them suitable even for outdoor use
  • Color fade resistant which ensures log life of the product
  • Completely free from organic materials and require no maintenance
  • Easy to clean and wash and easy to handle
So, in essence you will have no trouble installing these beautiful attractions to your commercial spaces.

Decorative arrangements
The Artificial Cymbidium Orchid can be used in a number of ways to beautify your hotels or casinos or restaurants. They can be placed in reception desks to greet your impatient customers; they can be placed on restaurant tables or buffet tables to add a touch of romance to the dinner; they can even be placed on the desks of workspaces to foster good all-around mood for the employees.

So with its aesthetic features and number of uses, the Artificial Cymbidium Orchid can truly be a wise and beautiful investment. So add them to your decorations and enjoy the enriched landscape. This certainly is a pot of beauty.

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