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Has redecorating or sprucing up your home or office space been on your mind. Do you wish to give the surroundings a more summery and pleasant look? One great way to redecorate a space without really spending too much money is by installing landscaping products in and around the area. Landscaping products are the easiest way to add a certain sense of class and elegance in any surrounding. The Commercial Silk Intl's bushes are particularly popular amongst people looking to bring about a visual change in their homes or offices. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Commercial Silk Intl's bushes:

Several Interesting Varieties And Options For You To Choose From

The Commercial Silk Intl's bushes are available in a wide range of interesting tropical and other varieties. Some of these include the Arboricola plant, Australian Laurel plant, caladium plant, cedar plant, Chinese evergreen Maria plant, Chinese evergreen silver queen plant, Colorado spruce plant, Ficus Benjamina plant, flowering dogwood plant, hibiscus plant, Janet Craig plant, mangrove plant, live oak bush, mountain birch plant and various others. Whether you wish to give your surroundings v, mystical forest type vibe or you wish to make the entire space look like a photo from a tropical island; you will find all the bushes you need to help you materialize your dream landscape.

Can Be Used For Both Exterior As Well As Interior Landscapes

An excellent and noteworthy feature of the faux bushes is that these gorgeous and lifelike landscaping products can be installed in both exteriors as well as interior landscapes. Here’s a list of spaces where purchasers commonly establish the artificial bushes:


  • Corporate buildings, restaurants, hotel lobbies, outdoor parking areas of malls and shopping arcades, a walkway of museums, lounges, bars, pubs, and cafeterias are some spaces where these bushes are commonly used for decorative purposes.
  • Coffee shops, government buildings, an outdoor poolside area in hotels and resorts, banquet halls, conference rooms, trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions can be livened up with the installation of the Commercial Silk Intl's bushes.
  • Apartment building lobbies, luxury villa porches, public gardens, private schools, art galleries, old age homes, hospitals and psychiatric facilities can also be decorated with the help of these lifelike silk bushes.


Fire Retardant Bushes For Your Safety

Are you apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products in your premises because your best friend’s office just recently got burnt down to ashes due to the faux plants that he had established that caught fire? You don’t need to be! The artificial bushes marketed by Commercial Silk come in a fire retardant variant. Special chemicals are injected directly into the raw materials of these landscaping products to ensure that the finished products are completely safe and fire retardant. You don’t need to panic and stress about any fires being caused by the bushes you install in any interior or exterior landscape. You can even install these fire retardant silk bushes in a child-friendly place without any worries.

Live In Harsh And Unpredictable Weather Conditions? CSilk Bushes Are Just What You Need For Your Surroundings!

Living in a city that has unpredictable weather conditions can be a plant lover’s nightmare. Unpredictability in weather conditions can lead to destroyed landscapes and damaged plants. In such situations, it is much more advisable to install faux landscaping products that are sturdy and durable. The Commercial Silk Intl's bushes are completely climate tolerant and weatherproof. When exposed to the harsh rays of the sun in tropical climates, these bushes do not fade or lose their color. When exposed to torrential rainfall, heavy snowfall or excessively dry weather conditions, the leaves of the faux bushes will not deteriorate in quality either. So, when you’re considering giving your home a makeover, keep in mind that the Commercial Silk bushes are a great and convenient option for your landscapes.

No Need To Replace The Bushes Every Few Years

Another reason why the Commercial Silk bushes are highly recommended is that of their extreme durability and long lasting life. Unlike the case of various other similar products on the market, the artificial bushes offered by Commercial Silk do not require regular replacement. While some faux landscaping products that are available tend to deteriorate in quality and spoil over the years, the faux bushes by Commercial Silk will last you for decades without getting ruined. As an investment towards the interior and exterior decorative products, these faux landscaping plants will prove to be high yielding.

Affordable Pricing And No Additional Maintenance Costs

Installing real plants in your surroundings can prove to be very expensive in the pockets. Not only will you need to provide proper and regular maintenance and care to real plants, but you may also need to hire a professional gardener to ensure that the plants receive the regular nutrition and trimming that they require. In the case of the artificial bushes, you don’t need to worry yourself about any care or maintenance. A simple water spray is enough to keep the faux bushes looking fresh and vibrant. Further, these bushes are priced very reasonably and affordable. They can be purchased in large quantities to fill up massively sized landscapes without costing you an arm and a leg.

Simple Installation Process For Your Convenience

The best part about the fake landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk is that the installation process for them is very easy. Upon delivery of your order, Commercial Silk will send a team of skilled and professional installers to ensure proper and visually pleasing installation of the bushes and plants. This installation team comes along with their installation tools to ensure that the installation is complete in a hassle free and swift manner.

So, the next time you’re wondering how to give your home or office a whole new décor, log onto the Commercial Silk website and place your order for these gorgeous artificial landscaping products.

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