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A beautiful landscape is one of the most excellent ways to add grace as well as value to your property. Irrespective of whether its commercial or residential property, landscaping can make your complex appealing and exciting. But if you think about achieving an outstanding yard with living landscaping, it seems really difficult. As one needs a tremendous amount of time and efforts to be invested for perfect real landscaping. That's why people nowadays are preferring artificial plants and trees to create custom landscapes of any sizes. Artificial landscaping has opened countless options for trees and plants varieties that are even highly difficult to grow and maintain. So, if you are interested in developing a lush green landscape in your indoor or outdoor area, try experimenting with artificial greenery.

Commercial Silk Intl's Artificial Landscaping Products

Commercial Silk Intl is a division of Plantscape Inc and has been offering highest grade and authentic artificial plants and trees since 1986. They follow a comprehensive manufacturing process to ensure customers get highest quality landscaping solutions. They offer a vast catalog of landscaping solutions including silk trees, flowers, vines, artificial plants, boxwood and more. All of the products are available at reasonable rates and don't demand any maintenance and upkeep. Let's explore some most popular landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Intl's.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial boxwood hedges offered by Commercial Silk Intl's replicate the looks of real boxwood. Hedges are considered one of the most important parts in indoor as well as outdoor landscaping. As these offer a sense of organization and sequence to the area. These faux hedges vary in size and shapes. Most of the commercial complexes utilize hedges to create a boundary around their premises as well as create partitions of the space. Such partitioning can make your area look stunning.

Artificial Outdoor Flowers

If you are looking for stunning colorful options for your landscape, then artificial flowers offered by Commercial Silk Intl's are the ideal options for you. Ranging from outdoor hanging plants, flowery vines, desk flower plants, lilies, outdoor roses, daisies and many more, you can choose from limitless options of flowers that you see in the real world. The best part with these is that they are maintenance free. Whether you keep them in difficult to reach areas or shady spaces where living plants can't survive, these can stay healthy and graceful in all the conditions.

Artificial Green Carpets

A surface with lush green grass is of vital importance when you want to achieve a complete corporate landscape. This is possible in artificial landscaping as well with the help of Commercial Silk Intl's 's faux green mats that feature high-quality silk leaves crafted densely together to form lush green carpets. These are opted by most of the commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, corporates and more to create an entertaining and appealing landscape all around. Such carpets can form the basis of a beautiful landscaping theme, and you always have the option to add many kinds of plants, flowers and tree varieties over it.

Artificial Silk Foliage Varieties

Commercial Silk Intl's offers a broad selection of fake silk foliage varieties that is crucial to make your indoor and outdoor landscape look outstanding. They have an entire collection of artificial bushes, branches, grasses, garlands, vines, greenery, and flowers to suit any of your settings. In every kind of these lines, you can find numerous varieties that you can't even imagine growing if you consider living landscaping. All kinds of this artificial foliage can add a colorful blend to any type of your landscaping theme. These can be used conveniently for both indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Artificial Trees for A Realistic Landscape

If you are trying to achieve a realistic looking landscape, then it is crucial to include the fake trees in your landscaping theme to make it complete. Commercial Silk Intl offers a vast selection of artificial trees for outdoor as well as for indoor environment that make your lawn a perfectly well established and close to nature. Their range of faux trees includes fake palms, bonsais, maple trees, bananas, pine trees, bamboos, focus and many more. Their size may range from a 3 feet small tree for indoor to 10 feet tree for outdoor area. These trees can establish any kind of landscaping theme for your garden in combination with different varieties of flowers, greenery, and plants.

Attractive Artificial Form Topiaries

Topiaries have been in landscaping trends since Roman times when real plants were utilized to create beautiful topiaries. Even in this time, when artificial landscaping is so popular, artificial topiaries are considered as decorative landscaping products. With Commercial Silk Intl's, you can find countless topiary types including spiral topiaries, ball topiaries, cone topiaries and more. In addition to these standard contours, you can custom define the shape that you want to create for your landscape. For example, if you want to showcase an animal, your logo or your favorite character in topiary, Commercial Silk Intl's can offer that to you. IN topiaries, the limit is only your imagination.

In addition to these most popular landscaping products, Commercial Silk Intl's has much more to offer. They have a broad range of artificial plants, faux moss rolls, flowering, bushes, etc. They possess unique features and properties that make them preferable over living products as well as other artificial landscaping products available in the market.

Special Properties of Commercial Silk Intl's  Artificial Plants

Fire Retardant Products for Complete Safety

All the landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Intl's are manufactured with a special fire-retardant formula that makes them safest solution for the commercial environment. While manufacturing, the fire-retardant chemicals are combined with the raw material and infused within the plants. This way these plants prevent different kinds of a fire hazard to any space.

No Maintenance Requirements

The various Commercial Silk Intl's, artificial landscaping products don't require any maintenance like watering, pruning, cutting, fertilizing and all that is demanded by real plants. It means that you don't even need any gardening staff to take care of your plants. Thus, your maintenance cost also gets eliminated by these artificial landscaping products.

UV and Water Proof Products

All the line of Commercial Silk Intl's 's artificial plants and trees is weatherproof. These products can withstand UV sun rays, rainwater as well as other environmental conditions without getting any damage to look, color and various properties. It means your landscape will stay lush green and glowing for many years.

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