Artificial Alpine Trees for Retail Environments

Artificial Alpine Tree

Alpine trees grows tall and narrow as they stretch high in the Swiss Alps. Artificial Alpine trees crafted by Commercial Silk Int'l are botanical replications of these stunning Evergreens. Windswept branches offer a stylized and unique appearance, as you won't find the same quality on another faux Alpine tree. Your project requirements can specifications the density of the foliage as well as the number of branches and the height of the tree. If a project calls for a forest of artificial Alpine trees, our team will be of service every step of the way. We can customize the design of the artificial trees and install the entire project with our specialized equipment. We have themed several north woods landscapes and offer several other large tree and artificial Pine varieties if you want to create a very distinct indoor faux landscape.

Artificial Alpine trees can be manufactured in many ways, and they are similar to our amazing Blue Spruce trees. We craft our Alpine trees with artificial Pine foliage and it has been used to create artificial landscapes for hotels, casinos, malls, and other commercial projects around the globe. Our artificial Alpine comes is many sizes and is hand crafted using natural wood trunks. We can even create a snow covered Alpine tree if you like the winter appearance of a fresh snowfall.

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