Essential Features of Artificial Pine Tree Varieties

Artificial Pine

Pine trees are conifers and are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere, but Pines can also be found in subtropical areas of the Southern Hemisphere. There are approximately 100+ different living species. As a leading artificial tree manufacturer, Commercial Silk Int'l manufactures quite a few artificial Pine tree varieties. Living Pine trees range in height from 2 feet to 200 or more feet tall and have long life spans; we craft our artificial Pines up to 24' tall, and we are continually introducing new faux Pine collections. Check our our lastest artificial Pine, which can be used both inside and outdoors in commercial landscapes.

Some artificial Pine trees by Commercial Silk Int'l can be used to create artificial landscapes for both indoor and outdoor applications. But all of our Pines can be crafted with inherently fire retardant foliage to satisfy local and state fire codes. Some of our most popular artificial Pines include our artificial Scotch Pine and our artificial White Pine tree. In addition to these Evergreen collections, we also manufacture artificial Spruce trees, fake Cedar trees, and several outdoor Pine trees.

Our entire collection of artificial Pine and Evergreen trees are hand crafted using artificial Pine foliage and natural wood trunks. The bark properties of living Pine trees alter by variety; the bark may have a thick, non-destructive quality with a scaly texture, or may be thin and may peel or flake. Because we use natural wood stems to make our artificial trees, we utilize these different Pine bark textures amongst our different tree collections. While tree stems are a very important feature of a Pine tree, Pine needles should not be forgotten. Needles add even more personality to the tree; they range from short to long, and come in different thicknesses too. We even offer a Long Needle Pine foliage with frayed ends. Our artificial Pine foliage looks authentic because of the many colors of the needles and Pine branches. Our variety specific artificial foliage is available in many needle lengths.

Our Pine foliages and other fake trees are used around the globe in office buildings and atriums and also to theme and indoor projects such as water parks, amusement park attractions, even in hotel lobbys and in casinos. Our design team can create a specific fake evergreen tree such as White Pine trees, Scotch Pine and Long Needle Pine, and more for your project. Our design team has even built silk pine bonsai trees to meet project specifications, and they look amazing.

Fake Pine Needle Varieties

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