How to Build an Outdoor Artificial Topiary Plant

Outdoor artificial topiary plants look vibrant and healthy without the ongoing maintenance that indoor live plants require. They are beneficial in hard-to-reach areas and in locations where live plants cannot grow. Be sure to use UV rated artificial plant material for all of your outdoor plant and topiary applications, as in this video demonstrating how to build an outdoor azalea topiary.

Products Used:

  • Artificial Azalea Topiary Swirl
Materials Needed: Instructions:
  • Cut the artificial plant into strips of flowering foliage that can be attached to the decorative topiary frame.

  • Wrap the foliage along the frame, keeping much of the flowers and artificial foliage on the topiary frame's outside.

  • Wire the foliage to the frame on both foliage ends, securing additional wires where needed. Cut any excess wire.

  • Gently shape the foliage so the topiary plant looks healthy and realistic from every angle.

  • Place the finished topiary plant into a decorative planter.

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