Enhancing Office Productivity With Silk Plants

Reduce Office Noise With Plants Privacy, noise, and design aesthetics are proven to influence workplace productivity. Silk plants, with their versatility and low maintenance, allow designers to shape office spaces to meet the needs of workers in a variety of industries and environments.

In an open office sound can echo, bounce off walls and create a distracting environment. Silk plants absorb sound waves, making private spaces more private and allowing for heightened concentration. While this may not be desirable for a sales office where phone calls and high energy are required to stimulate productivity, it makes sense for creative or research focused environments where quiet is essential for getting work done.

Many of today's cubicle arranged offices lack inspiration, unless that inspiration came from saving as much money as possible on office furniture and decor. The result is often a sterile atmosphere lacking character, one that can negatively affect workplace creativity and productivity.

Silk plants, in turn, can transform ho-hum cube culture into a buzz-worthy environment. An Azalea bush, with it's brightly colored flowers and textured foliage, can lighten and soften dead office corners and add flair to an otherwise mundane setting. A silk Laurel tree, which has a layered branching system is light and airy and can be used to lift or lighten atmosphere. Many trees, such as the silk Bamboo Palm, have enough character and texture to stand on their own as pieces of artwork, creating a thoughtful and stimulating office environment.

Silk plants can also be used to define and separate space. Cube wall dividers, for example, are great opportunities for hanging plants, bringing personality to an office while more clearly defining individual spaces for your workers. A Boxwood hedge topiary, meanwhile, can literally create a privacy screen and divide a space into multiple rooms.

When designing an interior to enhance productivity, make sure to select a silk plant and tree package that works with employees, not against them. In doing so, you may find that a lot more is getting done around the office.

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