Flame Retardant Foliage for a Themed Landscape

Jungle Theme

What is Themed Foliage?
Themed foliage is the process by which a designer selects a pallet of artificial foliage from hundreds of foliage varieties in order to be used in combination together to create a desired theme.

Wilderness Theme What types of themes can be created with foliage?
The most typical theme is a tropical theme and is mostly seen at themed restaurants and entertainment venues. Additional themes include; north woods, wilderness, southwest, asian and more. For commercial settings and themes, a flame resistant foliage is usually a regulation. Our imported flame retardant artificial foliages are available in many varieties for all of your landscape design needs.

How are the foliages used to create the theme?
The artificial landscape designer will be experienced in the art of both design and manufacturing in order to create the desired theme. The designer must know both how a single fire retardant foliage branch can be used individually in the display as well as how the foliage branch can be used in the crafting of a larger themed custom tree or plant. Often times the designer will need to know how to use a multitude of different materials including epoxies, urethanes, foam and paint to manufacture the finished artificial plant on-site. In addition, the designer will need to be aware of the many crossover applications of trees, plants and foliages. Tropical Theme A Maple tree for example, depending upon its color, shape, and density, can be used in a residential boulevard setting, a forest diorama, a winter scene or a graveyard. Boxwood has been applied as ceiling and wall applications in this whimsical underground lounge as well as formed into topiary shapes that sculpt an English Garden. Customization of products, either by the manufacturer or on site is critical in achieving the desired effect. Commercial Silk's landscape design team has worked with architects as well as scenic fabricators to developer some of the most pronounced flame resistant wildlife themes to lush tropical themes with our fire retardant foliage varieties.

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